Addis Ababa events and festivals are a reflection of the city’s rich culture and history. The capital city of Ethiopia is home to a diverse population and a vibrant arts scene, and there are many festivals and events held throughout the year that celebrate the city’s heritage and culture.

Ethiopian Christmas

Ethiopian Christmas, or Genna, is celebrated on January 7th and is one of the most important holidays in Ethiopia. The holiday is celebrated with church services, traditional music, and dancing. Many people also gather with family and friends to share a special meal.


Timkat, or Ethiopian Epiphany, is celebrated on January 19th and marks the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River. The holiday is celebrated with colorful and lively processions, led by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, which carry replicas of the Ark of the Covenant throughout the streets. The processions are accompanied by music, dancing, and singing.

Ethiopian New Year

Ethiopian New Year, or Enkutatash, is celebrated on September 11th and marks the start of the new year in the Ethiopian calendar. The holiday is celebrated with traditional music, dancing, and feasting. Many people also exchange gifts and visit family and friends.


Meskel is a religious festival that is celebrated on September 27th and marks the discovery of the True Cross by the Empress Helena, the mother of Emperor Constantine. The festival is celebrated with colorful processions, traditional music, and dancing. Many people also gather around large bonfires to sing and dance.

Addis International Film Festival

Addis International Film Festival is held annually in December and is an important event for the Ethiopian film industry. The festival features films from around the world and is a great opportunity for the city’s residents and visitors to see some of the latest films and meet with filmmakers from around the globe.

Addis Fashion Week

Addis Fashion Week is held annually in the spring and is a celebration of Ethiopian fashion and design. The event features runway shows, exhibitions, and other events that showcase the work of some of the city’s most talented designers.

Addis Jazz Festival

Addis Jazz Festival is held annually in the fall and is a celebration of jazz music and culture. The festival features a lineup of local and international jazz musicians and is a great opportunity to hear some of the best jazz music in the city.

In conclusion, the city of Addis Ababa is known for its rich culture, history and diverse population, and the festivals and events that take place throughout the year reflect this. From religious celebrations to cultural festivals, the city truly has something to offer everyone, and it’s a great opportunity to experience the best of what Ethiopia has to offer.