Alexandria events and festivals are a true celebration of the city’s rich history, culture and diversity. From music and food festivals to cultural events and parades, there’s always something happening in Alexandria. Here are some of the most popular and recurrent festivals and events held in the city:

Alexandria Film Festival

The Alexandria Film Festival is an annual event that showcases the work of emerging filmmakers from around the world. Held in the spring, the festival features a mix of short and feature-length films, as well as workshops and panel discussions with industry professionals. The festival also includes a special focus on films from the Middle East and North Africa.

Alexandria Carnival

The Alexandria Carnival is an annual event that brings the city’s streets to life with music, dance and colorful costumes. Held in the summer, the carnival features a parade of floats and performers, as well as live music and dance performances. The carnival is a true celebration of Alexandria’s vibrant culture and is a must-see event for visitors and locals alike.

Alexandria International Food Festival

The Alexandria International Food Festival is a food lover’s paradise. Held in the fall, the festival features a wide variety of international cuisines, as well as local specialties. Visitors can sample dishes from all over the world, including Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, African, Asian and Latin American cuisine. The festival also features cooking demonstrations, food and wine pairings, and other culinary events.

Alexandria Book Fair

The Alexandria Book Fair is a cultural event that takes place every year in the city. Held in the winter, the fair attracts thousands of visitors who come to browse the latest books, attend author readings and talks, and participate in cultural activities. The fair features both Arabic and English books, and visitors can find a wide variety of genres, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and children’s literature.

These are just a few examples of the many festivals and events that take place in Alexandria throughout the year. The city truly has a rich cultural heritage, and these events provide an opportunity for visitors and locals to experience the best of Alexandria’s history, culture, and diversity. Whether you’re interested in music, food, or literature, there’s always something happening in Alexandria that will capture your interest.