Banjarmasin events and festivals showcase the vibrant and diverse culture of the city. From traditional celebrations to modern events, Banjarmasin has a lot to offer for visitors and locals alike.

Banjarmasin Cultural Festival

The Banjarmasin Cultural Festival is an annual event that takes place in the city’s main square, Taman Siring. The festival features traditional dance and music performances, as well as displays of local handicrafts and foods. Visitors can also witness the traditional Dayak and Banjar customs and costumes during the festival. This festival is held every year in the month of September.

Banjarmasin Food Festival

The Banjarmasin Food Festival is an event that showcases the city’s delicious and unique culinary offerings. Visitors can sample a wide variety of traditional dishes and delicacies, such as ikan bakar (grilled fish), sate kambing (lamb skewers), and karedok (a traditional vegetable salad). This festival is held every year in the month of August.

Banjarmasin Traditional Boat Race

The Banjarmasin Traditional Boat Race is a popular event that takes place on the Barito River. The race features traditional wooden boats called “perahu” that are decorated with colorful ornaments and flags. Visitors can watch the boats race against each other while enjoying traditional music and dances. This event is held every year in the month of June.

Banjarmasin International Folklore Festival

The Banjarmasin International Folklore Festival is an annual event that brings together traditional dance and music groups from around the world. Visitors can witness the diverse cultural performances from different countries and enjoy the traditional costumes, music and dances. This festival is held every year in the month of November.


Banjarmasin is a city that is rich in culture and tradition. The city is home to many annual events and festivals that showcase the diverse customs and traditions of the people. From traditional dance and music performances to delicious local cuisine, Banjarmasin is a destination that offers a wide range of experiences for visitors and locals alike.