Transportation in Banjarmasin is a vital aspect of daily life for locals and visitors alike, as the city serves as a major hub for trade, tourism, and transportation in South Kalimantan, Indonesia. Located on the banks of the Barito River, Banjarmasin is accessible by both land and water, making it a unique destination for travelers.

To get to Banjarmasin from other major cities in Indonesia, one can take a flight to Syamsudin Noor Airport, located just outside the city. Direct flights are available from Jakarta, Surabaya, and Makassar. Alternatively, one can also take a bus or train to the city, with several bus companies operating routes from Jakarta, Surabaya, and other major cities. The train journey is a scenic one and is a good option for those who enjoy traveling by rail.

Once in the city, one can choose from a variety of transportation options to move around. The most popular mode of transport is the traditional boat known as “klotok”, which is a wooden boat that plies the Barito river and its tributaries. These boats can be rented for sightseeing or to get to the city’s floating market. Another option is to take a “Becak”, a three-wheeled pedicab that is commonly used for short distances.

For longer distances, one can take a “angkot”, a minibus that plies the city’s main roads, or rent a car or motorbike. Taxis and ride-hailing services like Grab and Gojek are also available in the city.

The cost of transportation in Banjarmasin is relatively affordable, with fares for public transportation and taxis being relatively cheap. Renting a car or motorbike is also reasonably priced, making it a great option for those who want to explore the city and surrounding areas at their own pace.

Safety is generally not a concern when it comes to transportation in Banjarmasin, as the city is relatively safe and crime rates are low. However, as with any city, it’s always a good idea to be aware of your surroundings and take basic precautions to ensure your safety.

Overall, transportation in Banjarmasin is diverse and convenient, making it easy for visitors to explore the city and its surroundings. Whether you prefer to take a leisurely boat ride down the river or prefer the convenience of a taxi or ride-hailing service, there is a transportation option to suit every traveler’s needs.