Beirut events and festivals are a reflection of the city’s diverse culture, history and traditions. The city is known for its vibrant nightlife, delicious food and rich history, and these festivals and events showcase all of that and more.

Beirut International Film Festival

The Beirut International Film Festival is an annual event that showcases the best of international and Arab cinema. The festival features a selection of films from around the world, including feature films, short films and documentaries. In addition to screenings, the festival also includes workshops, panel discussions and other events. The festival takes place in the fall and attracts thousands of film enthusiasts from all over the world.

Beirut Marathon

The Beirut Marathon is an annual event that takes place in the fall. The marathon is one of the most popular in the region, and attracts runners from all over the world. The race starts and finishes at the Beirut International Exhibition & Leisure Center and passes through some of the city’s most iconic landmarks. In addition to the full marathon, there are also shorter races for those who prefer a shorter distance.

Beirut Holidays

Beirut Holidays is an annual event that takes place in the summer. The festival includes a variety of activities, including music concerts, dance performances, theater shows, and cultural events. The festival takes place in various locations throughout the city, including parks, squares and other public spaces. It is a great opportunity to enjoy the city’s vibrant atmosphere and to experience its rich cultural heritage.

Beirut Art Fair

The Beirut Art Fair is an annual event that showcases the best of contemporary art from the Middle East and North Africa. The fair features a wide variety of works by emerging and established artists, including paintings, sculptures, installations and photography. The fair takes place in the fall, and attracts art lovers from all over the world.

Beirut Design Week

Beirut Design Week is an annual event that celebrates design in all its forms. The week includes a variety of events and exhibitions, including workshops, lectures, and panel discussions. It also features a selection of local and international designers, showcasing their work and providing a platform for them to connect with industry professionals and the public.

These are just a few examples of the many festivals and events that take place in Beirut each year. They reflect the city’s diverse culture and history, and provide a great opportunity to experience the city’s vibrant atmosphere and rich cultural heritage. Whether you’re interested in film, art, design, or just looking for a good time, Beirut has something to offer for everyone. The city offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity, making it an exciting destination for visitors and locals alike.