Welcome to our guide to the Best Bars in Ottawa! Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor exploring Canada‘s vibrant capital city, Ottawa offers an exciting and diverse bar scene that caters to every taste and preference. From cozy and intimate lounges to lively sports bars and trendy cocktail joints, this article will take you on a journey through Ottawa’s finest establishments. So grab a drink, sit back, and join us as we uncover the hidden gems and popular hotspots that make up the Best Bars in Ottawa. Cheers!

Chateau Lafayette The Laff

Address: 42 York St, Ottawa, ON K1N 5S6, Canada
Phone: +1 (613) 241-4747
Website: thelaff.ca
Details: $, Bar

Chateau Lafayette, known as The Laff, is an iconic bar nestled in Ottawa’s Byward Market, and it offers an unforgettable experience. The staff’s attentiveness and friendliness create a welcoming atmosphere from the moment you step inside. The bar boasts ample seating, including a spacious bar area and cozy tables near the stage. Catching the “Open Mic” nights is a must, as talented performers take the stage, providing enjoyable entertainment in a laid-back and mellow vibe.

Apart from the fantastic ambiance, Chateau Lafayette serves up delectable meals that leave taste buds satisfied. The homemade burgers are a standout, showcasing the bar’s commitment to quality. For a unique twist, the bobo balls are a delightful choice. While indulging in the delicious food, patrons can savor live music, further enhancing the experience. The bar staff, working diligently and attentively, create a warm and inviting environment for guests.

As the oldest pub in Ottawa, Chateau Lafayette captures the essence of the city’s history while providing a vibrant setting. With an impressive selection of local craft beers, visitors can immerse themselves in the rich flavors Ottawa has to offer. The helpful bartenders are always ready to recommend the perfect drink to complement your taste. The simple yet satisfying menu features delectable snacks and light meals, such as the mouthwatering smoked meat sandwich and crispy fries.

Overall, Chateau Lafayette, The Laff, is a hidden gem in Ottawa’s bar scene. It’s a place where friendly staff, an inviting atmosphere, and a diverse menu come together to create an exceptional experience. Whether you’re enjoying the live music, sampling local beers, or savoring the delicious food, this historic pub is a must-visit destination that will leave you with cherished memories of your time in Ottawa.

Industria Pizzeria + Bar

Address: 225 Marché Way #107, Ottawa, ON K1S 5J3, Canada
Phone: +1 (613) 695-1222
Website: industriapizzeria.com/ottawa
Details: $$, Restaurant

Industria Pizzeria + Bar, located in Lansdowne Park, offers an exceptional dining experience with its friendly staff, lively atmosphere, and diverse menu. Despite the busy crowds during the CIS Basketball weekend, the service remained prompt and welcoming. The tuna sliders were particularly tasty and satisfying. The attentive and customer-focused staff ensured a great time for a group of 10 people, making it a perfect pre-event gathering spot. The pizzas at Industria are top-notch, receiving high praise from patrons who also loved the vibrant ambiance. Waiters like Andres went above and beyond to fulfill customer requests, creating a memorable experience.

With fantastic ambiance, delicious food, and commendable service, Industria Pizzeria + Bar is a go-to destination. The live jazz music adds to the overall charm, and the staff’s cheerful demeanor creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. The menu offers mouthwatering options, and the pizza, served with scissors for a unique twist, is a definite highlight. The accommodating nature of the restaurant allows for larger groups, and the attentive servers, such as Jordan, ensure a delightful experience. From the eggplant Parmesan to the calamari and tuna tartar, the appetizers impress with their flavors and quality.

Industria has established itself as a favorite spot at Lansdowne Park, drawing guests in with its friendly hosts, professional servers, and superb pizza. The excellent weekday specials and free refills on drinks are additional perks that patrons appreciate. With Libby’s outstanding service, the restaurant creates a truly enjoyable dining experience. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax with friends, enjoy delicious drinks, or indulge in delectable pizzas, Industria Pizzeria + Bar delivers on all fronts. The combination of great food, a lively atmosphere, and attentive service makes it a standout choice in the area.

Clocktower Brew Pub Elgin

Address: 200 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1L5, Canada
Phone: +1 (613) 724-4561
Website: clocktower.ca
Details: $$, Restaurant

Clocktower Brew Pub Elgin is a must-visit destination for beer enthusiasts in Ottawa. With an extensive selection of beers, including unique options like the pumpkin brew, this pub offers a delightful experience. The menu impresses with its variety and delectable dishes, such as the flavorful quinoa bowl and the surprising Peanut Bowl with its perfectly balanced heat and tasty peanut sauce. The craft brews, like the Red beer, complement the meals perfectly, creating a memorable dining experience worth repeating.

At Clocktower Brew Pub Elgin, the combination of an extensive menu, reasonable prices, and excellent food makes it a standout among other pubs. While sitting near the windows during winter may not be ideal, the overall experience is exceptional. Guests can indulge in delicious wings paired with their favorite pint, like the refreshing raspberry wheat. The attentive and friendly staff ensure prompt service, creating a welcoming atmosphere for all patrons. Whether enjoying the Flying Pig sandwich, the guacamole dip, or any other item on the menu, Clocktower Brew Pub guarantees high-quality food and drink.

Clocktower Brew Pub Elgin is a hidden gem offering a step above the typical pub experience. With their own range of delicious beers, attentive staff providing helpful recommendations, and an array of mouthwatering dishes, this gastropub exceeds expectations. From the Supreme burger to the fish and chips, the menu caters to various tastes, ensuring a satisfying meal for all. The welcoming environment, live entertainment, and outstanding service add to the overall appeal. Whether you’re a beer lover, a food enthusiast, or simply seeking a casual spot to enjoy a quick bite, Clocktower Brew Pub Elgin is a must-try destination in Ottawa.

Patty’s Pub

Address: 1186 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3X9, Canada
Phone: +1 (613) 730-2434
Website: pattyspubonbank.wix.com/pattys-pub-ottawa#
Details: $$, Pub

Patty’s Pub, located in a great part of town, offers a delightful dining experience with its friendly staff, cozy atmosphere, and diverse menu. Known for their delicious vegetarian boxty with salad, this dish is a must-try and keeps customers coming back for more. The serving staff has shown improvements recently, ensuring attentive service to patrons. With the arrival of summer, the patio becomes a popular spot, adding to the overall charm of the pub.

When other establishments couldn’t accommodate guests due to a sick chef, Patty’s Pub came to the rescue. The super-friendly server, Jo, provided excellent service, promptly bringing condiments and ensuring a pleasant dining experience. The Irish dish, Boxty, stood out as a delicious choice with its creamy chicken and mushroom filling wrapped in a tender potato pancake. Alongside the Boxty, the smoked meat sandwich and wings with fries made for decent pub fare. The lobster traps used as decor and the antique sewing machine add a unique touch to the pub’s ambiance.

Patty’s Pub offers an authentic pub feel with a welcoming atmosphere that makes guests feel at home. From their mouthwatering fish sandwich, which rivals the best, to their delectable burgers, the menu provides satisfying options. The pub’s rustic charm, accompanied by friendly and attentive staff, creates a genuine neighborhood vibe. Families will appreciate the dedicated seating area for children, and the variety of options on the menu ensures there’s something for everyone’s taste. With an excellent beer selection and reasonable prices, Patty’s Pub is a reliable choice for a satisfying meal and a great place to relax and enjoy a drink.

The Royal Oak – Kent Street

Address: 180 Kent St, Ottawa, ON K1P 0B6, Canada
Phone: +1 (613) 422-8269
Website: royaloakpubs.com/kent.html
Details: $$, Restaurant

The Royal Oak – Kent Street is a highly recommended bar and restaurant in Ottawa, offering a welcoming atmosphere, attentive staff, and a delicious menu. Despite being the only person working at the front, Liz provided exceptional service, managing the bar, restaurant, and patio with ease. Her attentiveness and professionalism were commendable, making the experience memorable. Alongside the outstanding service, the food itself was of high quality, further enhancing the recommendation for this location.

Situated at a street intersection, The Royal Oak on Kent Street offers the perfect spot to enjoy drinks and meals while watching the world go by. Whether sitting indoors with comfortable air conditioning or opting for the warm outdoors, the experience is enjoyable. The character and charm of the staff make the visit even more delightful, as they engage in friendly banter and provide excellent recommendations. The availability of lobster and the assistance provided in selecting beers and wines add to the overall satisfaction.

The Royal Oak – Kent Street impresses with its great service, delicious food and drinks, and reasonable prices. The staff ensures that guests are not rushed, allowing for a relaxed dining experience. With excellent menu choices and a vibrant atmosphere, it is a go-to place for both drinks and meals. The welcoming and helpful servers contribute to the enjoyable ambiance. Whether it’s a Saturday brunch, a quick drink with friends, or a solo dinner, The Royal Oak offers a memorable experience with its delectable cuisine, friendly service, and relaxed setting.

Heart & Crown

Address: 3161 Strandherd Dr #300, Nepean, ON K2J 5N1, Canada
Phone: +1 (613) 440-3906
Website: heartandcrown.pub/barrhaven
Details: $$, Irish pub

The Heart & Crown is a chain pub that provides an authentic and enjoyable Irish pub experience. Despite being a chain, the pub maintains a traditional pub feel, making it a great choice for lunch or dinner. The staff, including the friendly and attentive waitresses, contribute to the enjoyable atmosphere. The meals are fresh, tasty, and served in generous portions, with dishes such as fish and chips, club sandwiches, French onion soup, and chipotle wraps receiving high praise from visitors. The quality of the food, along with the excellent service, ensures a satisfying dining experience.

The Heart & Crown in Barrhaven offers consistently good food, great service, and a cozy atmosphere. Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, the pub has maintained its quality, although with reduced staff and a simplified menu. The lunchtimes are particularly enjoyable, and visitors have had positive experiences with the attentive and delightful servers. The pub is known for its flavorful pub food, such as lamb pot pie, grilled salmon, Guinness beef stew, and smoked salmon sandwiches. The combination of excellent food, prompt service, and a relaxed ambiance makes it a go-to place for a satisfying dining experience.

While situated in a suburban strip mall, the Heart & Crown surprises visitors with its authentic Irish pub atmosphere. The warm and friendly ambiance is enhanced by the inviting interior, featuring mahogany wooden tables, chairs, and bar imported from Ireland, stained glass panels, and a variety of suspended lighting fixtures. The spaciousness and tasteful decor contribute to a comfortable dining experience. The friendly and informative servers provide excellent recommendations from the menu, which includes dishes like Guinness Irish stew and curry-spiced chicken. Overall, the Heart & Crown offers a charming and welcoming environment, making it a gem among the pubs in Barrhaven.

Clocktower Brew Pub

Address: 140 Rideau St, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 5X6 Canada
Phone: +1 (613) 695-9955
Website: clocktower.ca/Locations/RideauNEW/tabid/118125/Default.aspx
Details: $$ – $$$, Bar, Pub, Canadian

Clocktower Brew Pub is a fantastic destination for beer enthusiasts, offering an excellent selection of beers, including some unique and novel options. The pub has a great atmosphere that captures the essence of a traditional corner bar, with plenty of televisions for sports fans to enjoy. The craft beers are a highlight, and the service from the friendly and attentive staff adds to the overall experience.

Visiting Clocktower Brew Pub for a meal is a delightful experience. The food is very good, with options like wings, burgers, pasta, and fish and chips. The service is top-notch, ensuring a pleasant dining experience. The prices are reasonable, and the cleanliness of the restaurant is commendable. The pub also offers happy hour specials, making it a great choice for refreshments during specific time slots. The indoor and patio seating options provide flexibility, and the lovely patio is particularly enjoyable.

One of the standout features of Clocktower Brew Pub is their own brews, providing a unique taste experience. The service is amazing, the food is great, and the presentation of the dishes is impressive. Whether you’re visiting alone or with a group of friends, the pub offers a welcoming environment. Its convenient location near the Rideau Centre and the Market makes it easily accessible. Clocktower Brew Pub is a must-visit spot for beer lovers looking for something special. The friendly staff, delicious food, and appealing ambiance make it a place worth returning to.

Standard Luxury Tavern

Address: 360 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1M8, Canada
Phone: +1 (613) 232-6274
Website: thestandardtavern.com/home/tabid/2932/default.aspx
Details: $$, Bar & grill

Standard Luxury Tavern is a neighborhood bar and restaurant that offers a typical pub menu with a variety of delicious options. Alongside a decent beer selection, you can enjoy Detroit-style pizza, wings, burgers, and nachos. It may be a typical watering hole, but it stands out for its impressive service and mouthwatering food. The $6 appetizers and drink specials before 6 pm are a definite highlight.

Customers at Standard Luxury Tavern rave about the exceptional service and express their intention to return. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure a memorable experience, making it a great choice for a night out with friends or a special date. The martini special on Tuesday nights is highly recommended, with a range of choices and generous portions of well-crafted cocktails for a great price. However, some customers suggest toning down the volume of the music after 10 pm to enhance the overall experience.

The atmosphere at Standard Luxury Tavern is inviting, and the window seats offer a nice view for people-watching. Whether you stumble upon it by chance or plan a visit, the welcoming ambiance, attentive service, and tasty food will make you want to return. It’s no wonder this establishment is regarded as one of the best in Ottawa, with delicious food, excellent drinks, and entertaining staff that create an enjoyable pub experience.

The Barley Mow Stittsville

Address: 1160 Carp Rd, Stittsville, ON K2S 0T2, Canada
Phone: +1 (613) 435-2669
Website: barleymow.com
Details: $$, Pub

The Barley Mow Stittsville is a pleasant surprise located in a box store parking lot. Despite its unassuming exterior, the bar offers impressive service and delicious food. The menu features a variety of options, including half-priced wings on Thursdays, which are flavorful and enjoyable. The attentive service at the bar ensures a great dining experience.

With its extended hours until 2 am, The Barley Mow Stittsville is a go-to spot for late-night drinks and snacks, especially for those looking for a place to unwind after an evening game. The menu may include classic pub dishes like nachos and zucchini sticks, but customers rave about their exceptional taste. The ambiance is lively, with classic rock playing in the background, creating a suburban bar atmosphere.

The Barley Mow Stittsville is not only a favorite for lunch and dinner, but it also offers a delightful breakfast experience. The outdoor patio is a highlight, providing a fabulous setting for friends to gather and enjoy the wide selection of beers on tap. The service is outstanding, with attentive and helpful staff who make customers feel like part of the family. Overall, The Barley Mow Stittsville offers a great environment, delicious food, and excellent service, making it a popular choice for various occasions.

Corner Bar And Grill

Address: 1779 10th Line Rd, Orléans, ON K1E 3X2, Canada
Phone: +1 (613) 424-7305
Website: cornerbarandgrill.com
Details: $$, Pub

The Corner Bar And Grill is a hidden gem in the heart of Orleans, offering a delightful dining experience with a focus on delicious food and craft beer. Their menu features a variety of mouthwatering dishes, including the highly recommended Chicken Marsala with butter and fresh thyme fettuccine. The homemade pizza and tacos are also standout options, accompanied by a sweet selection of craft beers that cater to different tastes. The generous portions and great flavors make it a must-try for locals and visitors alike.

The staff at The Corner Bar And Grill are known for their excellent service and friendly demeanor. Whether you’re dining in or ordering takeout, they ensure a pleasant and efficient experience. The restaurant’s commitment to supporting the local community during the pandemic is appreciated by customers, who value the convenience of curbside pickup and the quality of the food. The fish and chips are a standout dish, with flavorful fish and perfectly crispy fries. The variety of craft beers available, both on draft and in bottles, adds to the appeal of this establishment.

Located just a short walk from the Ray Friel arena, The Corner Bar And Grill is a go-to spot for those seeking a unique pub experience. The extensive beer selection and the exceptional food go beyond typical pub fare, satisfying the cravings of customers. The friendly and welcoming bar staff, known for their exceptional service, contribute to the enjoyable atmosphere of the establishment. Whether you’re looking for a satisfying meal or a refreshing pint, The Corner Bar And Grill is a must-visit destination in Orleans.

The Royal Oak – Barrhaven

Address: 4110 Strandherd Dr, Nepean, ON K2J 0V2, Canada
Phone: +1 (613) 825-8251
Website: royaloakpubs.com
Details: $$, Restaurant

The Royal Oak – Barrhaven is a popular destination known for its attentive staff, inviting atmosphere, and diverse menu. Whether you’re enjoying the outdoor seating or opting for indoor dining, the attentive and efficient servers ensure a pleasant experience. The butter chicken, burgers, and fresh salads are among the highlights of the menu, offering a range of flavors to satisfy different palates. The prices are reasonable, making it a great choice for both casual outings and special occasions.

The Royal Oak – Barrhaven also goes beyond being just a restaurant, actively supporting the community through initiatives such as donations to the Barrhaven Food Cupboard and Canada Day celebrations. The outdoor seating is a great option on sunny days, providing a pleasant atmosphere for enjoying drinks with friends. While the pub can get lively during peak hours, the friendly staff and good service make up for any potential noise. The selection of craft beers adds to the enjoyment of the visit, catering to beer enthusiasts and those looking for a refreshing drink.

Customer service is a standout aspect of The Royal Oak – Barrhaven. The staff are consistently friendly, efficient, and welcoming, making guests feel valued and ensuring a positive dining experience. The dedication of the staff is evident in their attentiveness to customers’ needs, accommodating requests, and providing a high level of service. Despite being part of a chain, The Royal Oak – Barrhaven stands out for its quality food, good beer selection, and a focus on customer satisfaction.

Hometown Sports And Grill

Address: 1525 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1H 7Z1, Canada
Phone: +1 (613) 733-0808
Website: hometownsportsbar.ca
Details: $$, Bar & grill

Hometown Sports And Grill is an awesome spot for sports enthusiasts and food lovers alike. The friendly servers create a welcoming atmosphere, making it a great place to catch the game. What sets Hometown apart is their incredible Vegan menu, offering a delicious selection of plant-based dishes that even non-vegans can enjoy. The food strikes the perfect balance between home-style cooking and a modern sports bar atmosphere, providing a unique and satisfying dining experience.

Visitors to Hometown Sports And Grill rave about the surprising and exceptional vegan options available. From mouthwatering cauliflower wings to the popular Beyond Burger, the vegan menu offers a variety of flavorful dishes. While the vegan poutine may not have been a standout for everyone, the overall food quality and taste make up for it. The reasonably priced meals cater to diverse tastes, ensuring there’s something for everyone in the family.

The venue itself is well-equipped for sports enthusiasts, with TVs strategically placed throughout the bar, guaranteeing that you won’t miss a moment of the game. The patio is a good size, offering a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor dining experience. The friendly and attractive wait staff add to the positive atmosphere, ensuring that patrons feel well taken care of. Whether you’re visiting for breakfast, a casual meal, or a large group event, Hometown Sports And Grill provides delicious food, attentive service, and a hometown feel that keeps customers coming back for more.

Liam Maguires

Address: 1705 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1G 3V4, Canada
Phone: +1 (613) 737-7801
Website: liammaguires.com
Details: $$, Restaurant

Liam Maguires is a local pub that offers a fantastic dining experience. The staff, including the bartender Shannon, are known for their friendliness and professionalism, making guests feel welcome and remembered. The zucchini sticks are a highlight on the menu, and the cold beer selection adds to the enjoyment of the overall experience. The daily specials, such as the Friday appetizers, are not only delicious but also provide great value, ensuring that both families and friends feel satisfied with their meals. With reasonable pricing, good service, and tasty food, Liam Maguires is a go-to destination for many.

The pub atmosphere at Liam Maguires is lively and inviting. The restaurant caters to a diverse clientele, including businesspeople for lunch and after-work gatherings. The club sandwich and Caesar salads are highly recommended, and the selection of beers and wines, particularly the beers, is extensive. The patio, although located on a busy street, offers a pleasant outdoor dining option during the summer months. With great service and consistently good food, Liam Maguires has established itself as a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.

Customers often have positive experiences at Liam Maguires, praising the attentive and accommodating servers. The variety of meals, from burgers to macaroni dishes, cater to different tastes, and the hot and tasty meals are served promptly. With a good selection of drinks and TVs showcasing sporting events, Liam Maguires creates an enjoyable atmosphere for customers. The continuous improvements in food quality, craft beer selection, and amenities like upgraded TVs contribute to its ongoing success. Overall, Liam Maguires ticks all the right boxes, making it a reliable choice for a satisfying pub dining experience.

In conclusion, Ottawa offers a vibrant and diverse bar scene that caters to a range of preferences. Whether you’re seeking a cozy pub with a wide selection of craft beers, a sports bar to catch the game with friends, or a trendy spot with creative cocktails, Ottawa has it all. From the friendly staff and inviting atmospheres to the delicious menus and impressive drink selections, the best bars in Ottawa provide memorable experiences for locals and visitors alike. So, grab a drink, enjoy the lively ambiance, and explore the thriving bar culture that Ottawa has to offer. Cheers to the best bars in the city!