Welcome to Birmingham, where coffee and tea lovers can rejoice in the abundance of choices. In this blog article, we will explore the best coffee and tea shops in Birmingham, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for all caffeine enthusiasts. From cozy, artisanal coffee houses serving the perfect cup of joe to charming tea emporiums offering an array of exquisite flavors, Birmingham has it all. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful ambiance or a bustling atmosphere, join us as we delve into the top spots that make Birmingham a paradise for coffee and tea aficionados.

Boston Tea Party Harborne

Address: The School Yard, 106 High St, Birmingham B17 9NJ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 121 427 8722
Website: bostonteaparty.co.uk/our_cafes/harborne.php
Details: $$, Cafe

Boston Tea Party Harborne is a local gem in Birmingham that promises a delightful experience for coffee and tea enthusiasts. The staff members are consistently praised for their friendliness and helpfulness, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. From families and friends enjoying a cozy brunch to solo visitors seeking a peaceful retreat, the café caters to all. The extensive menu offers a wide range of breakfast, brunch, and lunch items, accompanied by an impressive selection of drinks and delectable cakes.

The café boasts multiple seating options, including indoor and outdoor patio areas, perfect for soaking up the summer vibes. The recent introduction of their summer range has received high praise, adding a refreshing touch to the already diverse menu. Visitors highly recommend this establishment, highlighting the impeccable service and the staff’s dedication to ensuring a memorable experience. With compliments pouring in for the coffee quality, it’s no surprise that Boston Tea Party Harborne is hailed as the go-to place for the best coffee in town.

Regulars and newcomers alike appreciate the cool, youthful vibe that permeates the café, even during busy hours. The waiting time remains reasonable, allowing guests to indulge in their favorite brew without excessive delays. The café values its customers and expresses gratitude for their support, emphasizing the importance of supporting local independent businesses. Whether you’re in for a quick coffee during a bustling event or looking for a relaxing coffee and cake experience, Boston Tea Party Harborne is a must-visit destination that guarantees exceptional service, a vibrant atmosphere, and, of course, the finest coffee and tea in town.

Coffee Tales

Address: 17-21 Heritage Court 15 Warstone Lane Unit 2, Heritage Court, Birmingham B18 6HP England
Phone: +44 121 212 3531
Website: coffeetalesjq.com
Details: $, Dessert, Cafe, British

Coffee Tales, nestled in the vibrant Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham, is a charming café that leaves a lasting impression on its patrons. The staff consistently receive praise for their friendly and welcoming nature, ensuring a delightful experience for all visitors. The atmosphere exudes a kind and easy vibe, creating a cozy and relaxed ambiance where guests can unwind. The café strikes the perfect balance between professionalism and warmth, making every visit a pleasant one.

The menu at Coffee Tales offers a wide array of options to suit all tastes and preferences. From hearty cooked breakfasts to scrumptious bacon and brie toasties, the portion sizes impress, leaving diners satisfied. The café takes pride in its excellent coffee, complemented by a range of milk alternatives. The extensive selection of food also includes vegan, vegetarian, and meat options, catering to diverse dietary needs. With fabulous cakes that tempt the taste buds and a variety of delicious choices, Coffee Tales stands out as a culinary gem.

Customers appreciate the attentive service and buzzing atmosphere that permeates the café. Whether enjoying a leisurely Sunday breakfast, savoring a chai latte, or indulging in a slice of lotus Biscoff cake, Coffee Tales delivers an outstanding experience. The dedication of the staff, coupled with the delightful food and beverages, creates an atmosphere that keeps customers coming back for more. It’s no wonder that this hidden gem in the Jewellery Quarter receives high praise and recommendations from both locals and visitors to Birmingham.

Coffee Tales is a haven for coffee lovers, food enthusiasts, and those seeking a warm and welcoming environment. With its delectable menu, friendly staff, and cozy ambiance, it’s the perfect place to relax, enjoy a cup of coffee, and indulge in the delicious treats on offer. Whether stumbling upon it or making a special visit, Coffee Tales guarantees an exceptional experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Boston Tea Party Birmingham

Address: 190 Corporation St, Birmingham B4 6QD, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 121 716 5222
Website: bostonteaparty.co.uk
Details: $$, Cafe

Boston Tea Party Birmingham is a haven for coffee and food enthusiasts in the heart of Birmingham city center. The friendly and efficient staff consistently provide excellent service, ensuring a warm and welcoming experience for every customer. The café exudes a peaceful and tranquil ambiance, offering a perfect escape from the bustling city. The menu boasts a wide variety of options, with delicious choices for vegans, vegetarians, and meat lovers alike. The high-quality ingredients and generous portion sizes make every dish a delight.

Coffee lovers will be pleased with the smooth and flavorsome brews on offer, while the extensive cake selection provides a sweet treat for those with a craving. The café takes pride in catering to various dietary preferences, ensuring that everyone can find something delicious to enjoy. The attention to detail and consistency in both food and service contribute to the exceptional experience at Boston Tea Party Birmingham.

Customers appreciate the COVID-safe measures implemented by the café, as well as the convenience of ordering through QR codes for a seamless experience. The affordability of the menu, considering the quality and portion sizes, is also noteworthy. Whether stopping by for a quick coffee or enjoying a leisurely meal, Boston Tea Party Birmingham is a highly recommended destination. The attentive staff, delectable food, and inviting atmosphere combine to create a memorable and satisfying visit for all who walk through its doors.

Boston Tea Party Edgbaston

Address: 30 Edgbaston Village Walk, Harborne Rd, Birmingham B15 3AA, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 121 455 6506
Website: bostonteaparty.co.uk/our_cafes/edgbaston.php
Details: $$, Cafe

Boston Tea Party Edgbaston is a standout café in Birmingham, offering a delightful experience for coffee and food lovers. Situated in beautiful historic buildings, this exception to the chain café rule is known for its great food, excellent coffee, and friendly staff. The café’s commitment to sustainability is evident, with fresh plants adorning the space instead of plastic ones, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

The café staff, including Nyah and Amelia, provide warm and attentive service, ensuring every customer feels welcome and well-cared for. The relaxed vibe and fantastic coffee make it a favorite spot for visitors. The extensive menu, which includes vegan options, satisfies diverse palates, while the QR code ordering system simplifies the process. The team’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident, as they go above and beyond to accommodate guests’ needs.

Customers praise the attention to detail and consistency at Boston Tea Party Edgbaston. The vegan breakfast, guest coffee blend, and delicious food options receive high accolades. The café’s commitment to COVID safety protocols, such as contactless ordering, further enhances the dining experience. The combination of quality food, friendly service, and a cozy atmosphere makes Boston Tea Party Edgbaston a must-visit destination.

Rainy days are brightened at Boston Tea Party Edgbaston, where excellent food, superb coffee, and friendly service await. The café’s dedication to providing an enjoyable experience shines through every interaction, leaving customers satisfied and eager to return.

Gorilla Coffee Cafe

Address: 1a, 1b Drayton Rd., King’s Heath, Birmingham B14 7LP, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 121 247 4838
Website: gorillacoffee.co.uk
Details: $$, Breakfast restaurant

Gorilla Coffee Cafe in Kings Heath is a hidden gem that offers an exceptional dining experience. Whether you’re looking for breakfast, coffee, or a refreshing beer, this cafe has it all. The menu is diverse and satisfying, with delicious meals that both adults and children can enjoy. The cafe prides itself on serving great coffee and the spotless cleanliness adds to the overall positive atmosphere.

The friendly and welcoming staff make every visit to Gorilla Coffee Cafe a delightful experience. Whether you’re a cyclist or not, this cafe caters to everyone, serving quality food and drinks with a smile. The cafe’s dedication to customer satisfaction is evident, and they even offer a bike repair service for those in need. It’s the perfect place to relax, enjoy a cup of coffee, and indulge in delectable cakes and pastries.

The warm and inviting atmosphere of Gorilla Coffee Cafe creates a sense of community, making it a local favorite in Kings Heath. The cafe offers a wide selection of craft beers, perfect for enjoying a quick drink or taking a break from shopping. Families are also welcomed with open arms, as the cafe provides a kids’ play area for little ones to enjoy. With its well-run operations and excellent coffee and food, Gorilla Coffee Cafe is a go-to destination for locals and visitors alike.

200 Degrees Coffee Shop, Colmore Row, Birmingham

Address: 21 Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2BH, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 121 448 2626
Website: 200degs.com/pages/location-birmingham-colmore-row
Details: $$, Coffee shop

Located in Colmore Row, Birmingham, 200 Degrees Coffee Shop is a haven for coffee enthusiasts. With a stunning cafe setting and a dedicated team, it offers an exceptional coffee experience. Even for non-coffee lovers, the quality of their Americano is a game-changer, leaving a lasting impression. The coffee is so delightful that it’s worth seeking out 200 Degrees wherever you go.

The staff at 200 Degrees Coffee Shop are known for their friendliness and excellent service. Even during busy times, they make an effort to acknowledge every customer. The cafe itself is visually stunning, featuring a mix of bare brick walls and stylish furniture. Whether visiting in the morning or afternoon, the service remains consistently outstanding. The breakfast options, such as the sausage ciabatta and porridge, are delicious and pair perfectly with the brilliant coffee. The inviting atmosphere and fast, friendly service make it a perfect stop before catching a train or simply enjoying a cup of coffee.

Visitors to 200 Degrees Coffee Shop in Birmingham rave about the exceptional cappuccino they serve. It’s often considered the best in town. The cafe’s attention to detail extends beyond coffee, as their chocolate orange muffin and vegan breakfast options also receive high praise. The staff’s warmth and kindness further enhance the overall experience, creating a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere. The clean and tidy interior adds to the charm, making it a place you’ll want to visit again and again. The team, including Angus, stands out for their attentiveness and sunny disposition, making every customer feel valued.

200 Degrees Coffee Shop is not just a coffee destination, but also a hub of productivity. With a fun atmosphere and comfortable seating, it becomes an ideal spot for work or relaxation. Customers appreciate the efficient and friendly service, even in the face of difficult customers. It’s the dedication of the staff, like Angus, that truly shines and elevates the overall experience. The positive energy and exceptional service provided by the team contribute to making 200 Degrees Coffee Shop the go-to place for coffee lovers in Birmingham.

Elio Café

Address: 65 Wharfside St, Mailbox B1 1RE, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 121 714 0194
Website: eliocafeuk.com
Details: Cafe

Elio Café, located in Birmingham, stands out as a destination for coffee lovers seeking the best brew in town. With a deep understanding and passion for coffee, Elio serves exceptional blends that leave a lasting impression. The menu goes beyond standard offerings, with creative flatbreads and an array of gourmet cake options. The recently introduced vegan breakfast buns have also garnered praise. The friendly and attentive staff provide great service, creating a welcoming atmosphere that keeps customers coming back for more.

The coffee at Elio is consistently exceptional, receiving a well-deserved 10 out of 10 rating from enthusiasts. From the sumptuous hot chocolate to the unique Matcha and Beetroot lattes, there are options to satisfy every palate. Even tea lovers are pleasantly surprised by the quality here. The thoughtfully crafted food menu tempts visitors with delectable choices such as the Cinnamon bun, Pecan Pie, Italian Flatbread, and Mezze. The relaxed atmosphere, soothing music, and beautifully decorated interior make Elio Café a true visual delight, akin to an art gallery dedicated to coffee and cake.

As an independent coffee shop, Elio Café stands out for its meticulous attention to detail. The impeccable service, high-quality ingredients, cleanliness, and meticulous décor all contribute to a remarkable experience. Customers appreciate the friendly and helpful team, whose dedication adds an extra touch of excellence. The cafe’s commitment to providing a fantastic coffee experience sets it apart from other establishments. Elio Café comes highly recommended as the go-to place in Birmingham for exceptional coffee and a memorable time.

Visiting Elio Café guarantees not only excellent coffee and delicious cakes but also warm hospitality. The staff’s friendliness and willingness to accommodate customers’ needs make for a truly welcoming environment. With a focus on high-quality ingredients and attention to customer satisfaction, Elio ensures that every visit is a delightful experience. The clean and well-decorated space further enhances the overall ambiance. Whether you’re in the mood for a leisurely coffee break or a satisfying meal, Elio Café is the perfect choice.

Centenary Lounge

Address: Moor St Station, Birmingham B4 7UL, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 121 633 4274
Website: centenarylounge.com/moor-street-station
Details: $, Cafe

Centenary Lounge, situated in Birmingham’s Moor Street Station, offers a truly unique coffee shop and restaurant experience. Stepping into the cafe feels like stepping back in time, with its art deco style and carefully selected vintage music that creates a nostalgic atmosphere. The staff, including Jackie, Jasmine, Mia, and Mona, provide exceptional customer service and make guests feel truly valued.

Preserving the classic railway ambience, Centenary Lounge immerses visitors in a retro-inspired setting that complements the station’s architectural charm. Whether enjoying a leisurely coffee on a Friday afternoon or seeking a welcoming retreat from the bustling city, this cafe stands out as a welcoming oasis. The attention to detail, right down to the coffee cups, adds to the authentic railway experience.

The cafe’s interior is well-designed, with a cool-looking serving bar and ample seating options both inside and outside, providing views of the busy platforms. The quality of the coffee and homemade cakes is consistently outstanding, showcasing the cafe’s commitment to using high-quality ingredients. The friendly and helpful staff contribute to the overall appeal of Centenary Lounge, ensuring that every visit is a delightful experience.

Centenary Lounge is a hidden gem within Moor Street Station, offering a memorable pit stop for coffee lovers and anyone seeking a charming ambiance. The cafe’s commitment to maintaining a classic railway atmosphere and providing a diverse menu of casual foods at reasonable prices makes it an excellent choice. With its friendly staff, excellent beverages, and quality offerings, Centenary Lounge is a must-visit destination for those in the area.

Urban Cafe – Bar – Kitchen

Address: The Big Peg, Warstone Ln, Birmingham B18 6NF, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 121 233 1599
Website: urbanemporiums.com
Details: $$, Cafe

Urban Cafe – Bar – Kitchen, located in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, offers a delightful coffee shop and restaurant experience. The cafe is known for its friendly and fast service, making guests feel welcomed and valued. The coffee is delicious, and the menu features a variety of breakfast options, including vegetarian and vegan choices. The quality ingredients and perfectly cooked dishes, such as the urban brekie, make every visit worthwhile.

The cafe boasts a light and airy ambiance, with a mix of seating options that include long wooden benches and outdoor seating. It is a popular spot for younger adults and the hipster crowd, providing a vibrant and relaxed atmosphere. The extensive menu offers modern takes on breakfast dishes, with plenty of vegetarian options available. The coffee is of excellent quality, and other drink choices are also varied and satisfying.

Urban Cafe – Bar – Kitchen is more than just a coffee shop. It is a gathering place where people can study, work, socialize, or simply enjoy a relaxing break. The cafe is known for being dog and child-friendly, and its welcoming environment appeals to a diverse range of customers. The staff is attentive, the service is quick, and the atmosphere is warm and comfortable.

With its great food, excellent coffee, and friendly staff, Urban Cafe – Bar – Kitchen is a fantastic choice for a satisfying breakfast, brunch, or coffee break. Whether you’re visiting the Jewellery Quarter for shopping or exploration, this cafe is a must-visit destination. The cozy decor, tasty food, and pleasant atmosphere will make you want to return again and again.


Address: 138 Alcester Rd, Birmingham B13 8EE, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 121 449 8949
Website: facebook.com/cafephiliamoseley
Details: $, Coffee shop

Cafephilia, situated in Birmingham’s Moseley area, is a beloved coffee shop that offers a fantastic experience to its customers. The staff at Cafephilia are known for their friendliness and attentiveness, making guests feel welcome and valued. The cafe has created a warm and inviting atmosphere, with trendy and funky decor that adds to its unique charm.

One of the highlights of Cafephilia is their exceptional coffee. Customers rave about the quality and taste of the coffee, describing it as creamy, sublime, and free from bitterness. The cafe also offers a wide range of food options, including delicious paninis and mouthwatering cakes. With vegan options available and staff who are knowledgeable about the menu, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Cafephilia has become a gathering place for friends and families, where they can relax, socialize, and create lasting memories. The cafe’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the attentive service provided and the willingness to accommodate individual preferences. Whether you’re seeking a quiet spot to work or a vibrant venue to catch up with friends, Cafephilia offers the perfect blend of excellent coffee, delectable food, and a welcoming ambiance.

The Coffee Bar

Address: The Oasis 110-114 Corporation Street Oasis Market, Birmingham B4 6SX England
Phone: +44 7510 924313
Website: facebook.com/thecoffeebarbrum
Details: $, Cafe

The Coffee Bar, located in Birmingham, is a beloved spot for coffee enthusiasts. Visitors praise the knowledgeable and friendly staff who are passionate about their craft. The coffee itself is hailed as some of the best in Birmingham, with a wide range of options to suit different tastes. Tea drinkers also appreciate the attention to detail, as the cafe serves delicious teas beyond the usual offerings.

The atmosphere at The Coffee Bar is described as welcoming and cozy, making it a perfect place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. The interior design adds to the charm, while the small size of the cafe adds to its hidden gem appeal. Customers appreciate the independent vibe and the opportunity to have a chat with the baristas. Additionally, the cafe offers a selection of cakes and baked treats, including vegan-friendly options, enhancing the overall experience.

Apart from the exceptional coffee and inviting atmosphere, The Coffee Bar is also known for its high-quality sandwiches. The friendly staff goes above and beyond to provide excellent customer service, ensuring that visitors have a memorable experience. The cafe’s commitment to delivering top-notch coffee, creating a warm ambiance, and offering tasty treats make it a must-visit destination for coffee lovers and those in search of a delightful break in the bustling city.

Yorks Cafe And Coffee Roasters

Address: 29 / 30 Stephenson St, Birmingham B2 4BH, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 121 643 4331
Website: yorkscafe.co.uk
Details: $$, Cafe

Yorks Cafe And Coffee Roasters, located in Birmingham, is a beloved destination for coffee lovers. The staff is known for their friendly and warm service, creating a welcoming atmosphere. Customers appreciate the efficiency of the service, allowing for quick take-away orders. The coffee itself is hailed as the best in Birmingham, with a smooth and rich flavor profile that is not bitter. Tea drinkers also have options beyond the usual brews, adding to the cafe’s appeal.

The food at Yorks Cafe And Coffee Roasters is highly praised, with standout dishes like Arabian buttered eggs and grana padano mushrooms on toast. The menu offers a variety of flavorful options, catering to different tastes. The cafe’s commitment to quality extends to their cakes, which are fresh and delicious. Dog-friendly policies are seen as a big plus by visitors, enhancing the overall experience.

The cafe’s popularity can lead to busy periods, especially on weekends, but the staff remains friendly and efficient. Customers appreciate the attention to detail, such as proper table wiping between customers. The combination of fantastic coffee, great food, and friendly service makes Yorks Cafe And Coffee Roasters a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike.

Karibu Coffee House

Address: 110 Digbeth, Birmingham B5 6DT, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7506 357160
Website: karibucoffeehouse.co.uk
Details: Coffee store

Karibu Coffee House, located in Birmingham’s Digbeth area, is a family-run coffee house known for its friendly staff and pleasant atmosphere. Customers appreciate the warm welcome and the inviting ambience of the cafe. The coffee is highly praised, with guests describing it as great and delicious. The cafe goes above and beyond by sharing birthday cake with customers during special occasions, creating a lovely gesture that adds to the overall experience.

The food at Karibu Coffee House exceeds expectations, with fresh and flavorful dishes. The menu offers a range of options, including all-day breakfasts, sandwiches, and lunches with an African twist. Guests appreciate the attention to detail in the preparation and presentation of the food, and there are plenty of choices to cater to different tastes and dietary preferences. The cafe is also commended for its fair prices and offers additional discounts through the Independent Birmingham App.

The cafe itself is clean, comfortable, and adheres to COVID-19 safety measures. Outside seating is available, and the staff is described as lovely. While Karibu Coffee House may be slightly off the beaten track, it is well worth the short walk from the Bullring. Its status as an independent business and its commitment to quality make it a standout choice for coffee and food enthusiasts in Birmingham.

Waterstones Cafe

Address: 24-26 High St, Birmingham B4 7SL, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 121 633 4353
Website: waterstones.com/bookshops/birmingham-high-stre
Details: $$, Bookstore in Birmingham, England

Waterstones Cafe in Birmingham offers a serene and peaceful atmosphere amidst the bustling city center. Visitors appreciate the absence of loud music, allowing for a calm and enjoyable experience. The cafe’s focus is on delivering exceptional coffee, surpassing expectations and rivaling larger chain establishments in terms of quality. The friendly staff further contribute to the welcoming atmosphere, creating a quiet space for conversations and relaxation away from the noise of the city streets.

The menu at Waterstones Cafe boasts a variety of delicious snacks, complemented by a great selection of tea and coffee. Customers can enjoy their refreshments in the tranquil area of the shop, surrounded by books and art. The cafe provides a comfortable environment with ample seating, ensuring guests don’t have to worry about finding a place to sit. The attentive staff members are not only knowledgeable about their beverages but are also happy to engage in discussions about books, catering to the desires of bibliophiles.

Waterstones Cafe is a hidden gem, ideal for people-watching and providing a haven for those seeking a quiet spot. With student discounts available and an assortment of delightful cakes, including locally sourced options, the cafe appeals to a range of tastes. It’s a favored destination for book lovers and aspiring writers, providing a peaceful setting to enjoy a drink, study, or unleash their creativity. Whether visiting for a quick caffeine fix or a more extended stay, Waterstones Cafe offers a warm welcome and a satisfying experience to its patrons.


Address: 115 Grove Ln, Birmingham B17 0QT, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 121 572 1211
Details: Brunch restaurant

Tasteology in Birmingham is a hidden gem that offers an exceptional dining experience. From the moment guests enter, they are greeted with a welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff. The menu is diverse and tantalizing, with options such as the delicious shakshouka, vegan brunch, Algerian breakfast, and MC2 burger, all prepared with care and attention to detail. The quality of the food is outstanding, leaving customers impressed and eager to return.

The exceptional service provided at Tasteology sets it apart from other establishments. The staff members go above and beyond to accommodate guests, making them feel comfortable and at ease. They are attentive and understanding, even accommodating the needs of a child with autism, allowing him to freely explore and providing entertainment. This level of personalized service creates a warm and inviting environment for families and friends to enjoy their meal.

The ambiance of Tasteology is delightful, with a fusion of functional science-themed decor and a touch of the Middle East. It provides a relaxed and calming space where visitors can unwind and savor their dining experience. The cafe offers a variety of quality drinks, including well-crafted mochas and chai lattes, ensuring that each sip is a delight. The reasonably priced menu, complemented by the welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff, makes Tasteology a perfect choice for individuals dining alone, families, or friends seeking a satisfying meal.

Tasteology is a true gem in Harborne, Birmingham, offering outstanding food, great service, and an inviting atmosphere. With their exceptional breakfast options and flavorsome dishes, it is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a memorable dining experience. The friendly staff members are knowledgeable about the menu and take pride in delivering a personalized service to ensure guests feel relaxed and well-cared for. Tasteology’s commitment to providing delicious food, top-notch service, and a cozy ambiance make it a highly recommended establishment that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits.

Coffee#1 Kings Heath

Address: 13-15 Alcester Rd S, King’s Heath, Birmingham B14 7JJ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 121 444 0594
Website: coffee1.co.uk
Details: $$, Coffee shop

Coffee#1 Kings Heath in Birmingham is a delightful coffee shop that offers a warm and inviting atmosphere. Guests feel as though they are sitting in someone’s cozy living room, creating a comfortable and relaxed environment. The coffee served at Coffee#1 Kings Heath is among the best in town, impressing visitors with its exquisite taste and quality. The customer service is exceptional, with friendly and attentive staff who go above and beyond to make guests feel welcome and cared for. Their genuine hospitality and personal interactions set them apart from other baristas. Coffee#1 Kings Heath is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee with friends and family, and visitors are eager to return and bring more loved ones along.

What sets Coffee#1 Kings Heath apart is not only the exceptional coffee but also the welcoming and friendly service provided by the staff. The manager, along with baristas like Abdul, Shazad, and Carlie, create a warm and inviting atmosphere where customers feel like regulars. The cleanliness of the establishment is also notable, with a strong emphasis on hygiene and a well-presented staff. Customers appreciate the attentive and accommodating staff who strike the perfect balance between attentiveness and allowing customers to enjoy their time without being overwhelmed. The coffee shop is hailed as the best in Kings Heath, offering a relaxing space to enjoy a drink or lunch.

The decor of Coffee#1 Kings Heath is rustic and inviting, with a warm and homely feel. The cleanliness and pristine condition of the establishment are immediately noticeable and add to the overall positive experience. The menu offers a wide selection of hot beverages, soft drinks, pastries, and snacks to satisfy different preferences. The seating options, including chairs and sofas, provide comfort and convenience, making it an ideal place for individuals looking to study or work on their laptops. The attentive staff, delicious coffee, and reasonable prices make Coffee#1 Kings Heath a top choice among coffee shops in the area. Visitors are consistently impressed by the quality of the coffee, the friendly staff, and the relaxed ambiance, and they eagerly recommend it to others.


Address: 35 Sycamore Rd, Birmingham B30 2AA, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 121 472 5855
Website: facebook.com/Kafenion-766639426853710
Details: $$, Coffee shop

Kafenion is a charming and eclectic Greek cafe located in Bournville, Birmingham. The atmosphere inside is lovely, providing a calming and inviting ambiance for visitors. The service is exceptional, with friendly and accommodating staff who go out of their way to ensure a pleasant experience. The menu offers a delightful combination of cafe favorites and Greek classics, catering to both vegetarians and meat eaters. From delicious salmon and scrambled eggs to flavorful Greek coffee, the food and drinks at Kafenion are superb. The cafe is known for its high-quality artisan fare, including gluten-free cakes that are a real treat. Visitors appreciate the small and intimate setting, both indoors and outdoors in the charming coffee garden. The friendly and knowledgeable staff contribute to the overall positive experience, making Kafenion a must-visit cafe in Bournville.

Customers are consistently impressed with the quality of food and drinks at Kafenion. From mouthwatering dishes like feta and smashed avocado on sourdough to delectable vegan carrot cake, the cafe offers a range of options that satisfy different tastes. The coffee, endorsed by self-proclaimed coffee connoisseurs, is exceptional and pairs perfectly with the delicious food. The interior of Kafenion is cozy and welcoming, and the staff ensures a safe and comfortable environment by following necessary precautions, including wearing masks. Visitors are eager to return for a second trip, having found a hidden gem in Birmingham. The service, atmosphere, and menu at Kafenion all contribute to a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Kafenion stands out for its amazing staff and warm hospitality. Customers appreciate the attentive and friendly service provided by the staff, who go above and beyond to make guests feel welcome and well taken care of. The cafe is known for catering to various needs, including those of the elderly and young guests, ensuring a pleasant experience for everyone. The clean and tidy facilities add to the overall positive impression of the cafe. Regular customers attest to the popularity of Kafenion, often visiting with friends or for work. The coffee is consistently praised, and customers are delighted with their decision to give this place another try. Kafenion is highly recommended for those seeking a fantastic coffee and dining experience in Birmingham.

Coffee #1

Address: Edmund House, 12 Newhall St, Birmingham B3 3EW, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 121 233 4684
Website: coffee1.co.uk
Details: $$, Coffee shop

Coffee #1 is a delightful coffee and tea shop located in Birmingham. Visitors are delighted by the high-quality coffee and a variety of special coffees that change with the seasons. The friendly and helpful staff provide exemplary service, ensuring a positive experience for customers. The atmosphere at Coffee #1 is calm and welcoming, making it a great place to start the day or take a break. The shop is clean and tidy, and the spacious interior offers plenty of seating for guests.

Customers appreciate the consistency of the coffee and the extensive selection of cakes available at Coffee #1. The mocha is particularly praised for its deep flavor and rich taste. The shop’s interior is well-designed and creates a pleasant environment for enjoying a drink or reading. Visitors are impressed by the quick service and the staff’s attention to detail. The café’s calm and relaxed atmosphere, combined with great service, contribute to its popularity among both regulars and newcomers.

Coffee #1 stands out among coffee shops in Birmingham for its excellent coffee, friendly staff, and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re stopping by for a quick espresso or enjoying a leisurely coffee break with friends, Coffee #1 is sure to provide a memorable experience.

In conclusion, Birmingham offers a vibrant coffee and tea scene with a range of exceptional shops to choose from. Whether you’re seeking a cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, or a diverse menu, there’s a café to suit every taste. From the oasis of calm at Waterstones Cafe to the eclectic charm of Kafenion, each establishment has its unique offerings that make it stand out. Coffee #1 impresses with its high-quality brews and efficient service, while Tasteology delights with its innovative menu options. No matter which coffee or tea shop you visit in Birmingham, you’re sure to find a memorable experience and a delicious cup of your favorite brew.