Welcome to the vibrant world of Newcastle‘s culinary delights! In this article, we’re on a quest to uncover the Best Coffee and Tea shops in Newcastle, where delightful aromas and rich flavors blend to create a haven for caffeine aficionados and tea connoisseurs alike. From cozy nooks serving artisanal brews to trendy cafes dishing out unique concoctions, we’ll navigate the city’s bustling streets to find the perfect spots that cater to every discerning palate. So, prepare to embark on a delightful journey of sips and savor!

The Staiths Cafe

Address: 1 Autumn Dr, Gateshead NE8 2BZ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7733 335313
Website: thestaithscafe.co.uk
Details: $$, Cafe

Nestled in the heart of Newcastle, The Staiths Cafe stands out as a delightful haven for coffee and tea enthusiasts alike. As you step inside this charming establishment, you are welcomed by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the sight of lovely cakes that promise a delectable experience. The staff’s attentive service shines through, even on the busiest of rainy days, ensuring every customer feels valued and well taken care of.

The cafe’s warm and inviting atmosphere beckons both locals and visitors, making it a favorite pit stop for morning bike rides or leisurely strolls along the quayside. Whether you opt for the delightful scones during takeaways or indulge in a Lebanese night experience with their excellent food, the menu boasts a variety of mouthwatering options that never fail to impress.

The Staiths Cafe’s commitment to quality and COVID safety is commendable, with a seamless pre-ordering system using the Nobly App, making every visit smooth and enjoyable. Additionally, the cafe’s location right next to the river and terrace provides a picturesque setting to relish their sumptuous offerings while basking in the sun’s warmth. The friendly staff’s attention to detail and helpful explanations of the menu add an extra layer of charm to the dining experience.

For those seeking a hidden gem tucked away in Newcastle, The Staiths Cafe undoubtedly fits the bill. With its excellent coffee, scrumptious food, and friendly atmosphere, it’s no surprise that both regulars and newcomers find themselves captivated by the cafe’s allure. Whether you’re on a quest for the perfect cup of coffee or a delightful meal, The Staiths Cafe is a must-visit destination that promises to leave you craving for more.

Mog On The Tyne

Address: 24 Pudding Chare, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1UE, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7470 262685
Website: mogonthetyne.com
Details: $$, Cafe

Mog On The Tyne, a delightful cat cafe nestled in Newcastle, offers a unique and heartwarming experience for cat lovers. From the moment you step in, you are greeted with friendly and attentive staff who ensure your visit is filled with warmth and joy. The cafe’s serene and relaxed atmosphere creates the perfect setting to interact with a variety of rescue cats, each with their own charming personalities.

The cafe’s menu boasts an array of delectable treats, from delicious scones to mouthwatering brownies. You can indulge in quality coffee, complete with an adorable cat’s paw print on the latte, making every sip a delight. The attention to the cats’ welfare is commendable, as they are well-cared-for and given a new lease on life. With informative staff who provide insights into each cat’s background, the experience becomes all the more endearing.

Mog On The Tyne offers a haven for cat enthusiasts, providing a space to share an hour with these fluffy bundles of happiness. The cats’ friendly demeanor and willingness to engage with visitors make every visit unforgettable. The cafe’s loyalty card rewards frequent visitors, making it even more appealing to return and spend more time in the company of these charming feline friends. For cat lovers seeking a heartwarming and soul-soothing experience, Mog On The Tyne is the purrfect destination that promises to leave you with cherished memories.

Pedalling Squares

Address: Quality Row Rd, Swalwell, Newcastle upon Tyne NE16 3AQ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 191 597 2245
Website: pedallingsquarescafe.com
Details: $, Cafe

Pedalling Squares in Newcastle boasts a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it a must-visit spot for locals and travelers alike. The friendly and efficient staff ensures a delightful experience, whether you’re seeking a relaxing coffee break or a satisfying meal. The menu offers a plethora of delectable options, from epic full English breakfasts to mouthwatering cakes that are sure to please any palate. And speaking of coffee, their Barista-standard brews are a true delight, sourced from a local roastery in Newcastle.

This charming cafe, designed with a rustic touch and adorned with vintage cycling jerseys and pictures, caters not only to coffee lovers but also to cyclists seeking a pit stop during their rides. Dog owners will be pleased to know that it’s a dog-friendly spot too. The unique ambiance and quirky decor add to the overall charm of Pedalling Squares, creating a laid-back and enjoyable environment.

The cafe’s reputation for excellent coffee, scrumptious food, and friendly service is well-deserved, attracting regulars who find solace in its homely and relaxed setting. Whether you’re looking for a mid-ride coffee break or a cozy place to unwind with friends, Pedalling Squares promises an exceptional experience that’s worth every visit. From the inviting atmosphere to the mouthwatering dishes, this delightful cafe captures the essence of Newcastle’s hospitality and caters to the diverse tastes of its patrons.

Cake Stories

Address: 12 Brentwood Ave, West Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 3DH, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 191 908 6812
Website: cakestories.com
Details: $$, Coffee shop

Cake Stories in Newcastle is a true delight for cake enthusiasts and coffee lovers alike. With a vast array of delicious cakes to choose from, including the mouthwatering caramel smash and salted caramel options, this cozy cafe offers a warm and inviting atmosphere that keeps customers coming back for more. The friendly staff are always ready to provide excellent service, making every visit a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Beyond the delectable cakes, Cake Stories also impresses with their top-notch coffee, which is sure to please even the most discerning coffee connoisseurs. The cafe’s dedication to using fresh, homemade cakes and offering vegan and gluten-free options ensures that everyone can find a delightful treat to savor. Moreover, the cafe’s commitment to ethical packaging and local delivery demonstrates a genuine concern for the community and the environment.

The cafe’s unique charm and bohemian atmosphere make it a favorite among students and locals alike. With its central location and warm ambiance, Cake Stories is the perfect spot for catching up with friends or indulging in a moment of sweet indulgence. Whether you’re seeking a delightful cake, a comforting cup of coffee, or a relaxing place to unwind, Cake Stories is the go-to destination for a memorable and scrumptious experience.

Hatch Coffee

Address: car park, Ellison Pl, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 8XS, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7713 820905
Website: hatchcoffee.com
Details: Coffee store

Hatch Coffee in Newcastle is a hidden gem that stands out for its exceptional coffee and delightful take-away range. As a friendly small business, it offers a wonderful selection from coffees to milkshakes, and even porridge. The coffee is renowned for its high quality and flavor, making it a top choice for locals and visitors alike. The kiosk’s open-air setting ensures a safe and pleasant experience, perfect for those seeking a relaxing cup of cappuccino while minimizing the risk of exposure.

The baristas at Hatch Coffee are highly knowledgeable and passionate about their craft, evident in the care and attention they put into every cup. Whether you opt for the classic latte or explore the seasonal menu, the coffee experience is surprisingly pleasing and enjoyable. The welcoming atmosphere and friendly service make each visit to Hatch Coffee a delightful and memorable one. The cafe’s commitment to using local, organic dairy for their coffee adds to the overall quality and excellence of their offerings.

For coffee enthusiasts in Newcastle, Hatch Coffee is a must-visit spot. With its unbeatable coffee, delectable cakes, and the genuine care the staff puts into their craft, Hatch Coffee is a haven for those seeking the perfect cup of joe. Whether you’re stopping by for a quick caffeine fix or a leisurely coffee break, Hatch Coffee is sure to leave you with a lasting impression and a desire to return for more of their delicious offerings.

Les Petits Choux

Address: 11 Leazes Cres, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4LN, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 191 222 0349
Website: les-petits-choux.co.uk
Details: $$, Cafe

Les Petits Choux in Newcastle is a charming and welcoming coffee shop that offers a delightful experience for visitors. Despite its small size, the cafe’s cozy atmosphere adds to its European cafe charm. The staff is friendly and provides quick and efficient service, making customers feel at home. The cafe’s outdoor seating area offers a pleasant spot to enjoy a cup of coffee and indulge in their delicious pastries and cakes.

The menu at Les Petits Choux impresses with its excellent food and coffee offerings. From mouthwatering croissants to delectable cakes, every item is freshly made on-site, adding to the overall appeal of the cafe. Their coffee is made to perfection, ensuring a delightful caffeine fix for coffee enthusiasts. Whether it’s a breakfast treat or a lunchtime meal, the cafe’s homemade dishes leave a lasting impression on guests.

Visitors to Les Petits Choux praise the variety of food choices, with options like flatbreads and salads making the cafe an excellent choice for a satisfying lunch. The selection of pastries, cakes, and specialty coffees further enhances the dining experience. The cafe’s friendly staff and reasonable prices make it a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike, offering a refreshing break from the usual chain coffee shops. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing coffee break or a tasty meal, Les Petits Choux is a delightful destination in Newcastle.

Cat Pawcino Cat Cafe

Address: 77 Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3DE, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 191 903 5085
Website: catpawcinocatcafe.com
Details: $$, Cafe

Cat Pawcino Cat Cafe in Newcastle is a delightful haven for cat lovers and coffee enthusiasts alike. The cafe offers a warm and friendly atmosphere, allowing visitors to relax and enjoy the company of the adorable resident cats. The staff are welcoming and attentive, ensuring a pleasant experience for all guests.

The cat cafe provides a unique and enjoyable setting, with lovely views over the Tyne. Visitors can unwind while sipping on a good cup of coffee and watching the cats play and bask in the sunshine. The cats are well cared for and seem happy and content, adding to the overall charm of the cafe.

The menu offers a variety of options, from tasty paninis to delicious cakes, making it a perfect spot for a leisurely afternoon tea. With an entrance fee that includes a cup of coffee or tea, the cafe provides a fantastic opportunity to indulge in some feline affection while enjoying a relaxing break from the bustling city. For cat lovers looking for a special and serene experience, Cat Pawcino Cat Cafe is an ideal destination on the Quayside in Newcastle.

The Cycle Hub

Address: Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 1BU, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 191 276 7250
Website: thecyclehub.org
Details: $$, Cafe

The Cycle Hub in Newcastle offers a wonderful experience for both cyclists and coffee lovers alike. The cafe is beautifully decorated with an eclectic and inviting atmosphere, providing plenty of seating options both indoors and outside, offering picturesque views of the River Tyne. The coffee served here is of top-notch quality, made with pride and using premium ingredients, ensuring a delightful and satisfying experience with every sip.

The staff at The Cycle Hub are friendly and accommodating, providing excellent customer service to both cyclists and cafe visitors. The cafe menu offers a great selection of hot and cold drinks, delectable cakes, sandwiches, and even bottled beers. Whether you’re stopping by after a bike ride or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll along the quayside, The Cycle Hub’s coffee shop provides a perfect pit stop with its charming location and welcoming environment.

Aside from the exceptional coffee and cakes, The Cycle Hub also offers bike repair and rental services, making it a convenient and practical destination for cyclists. The cafe’s dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in their willingness to go the extra mile in assisting their patrons, making it a favorite spot for both locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast or just looking for a fantastic coffee with a view, The Cycle Hub is a must-visit destination in Newcastle.

Pink Lane Coffee

Address: 1 Pink Ln, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5DW, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7841 383085
Website: pinklanecoffee.com
Details: $$, Coffee shop

Pink Lane Coffee in Newcastle offers a delightful experience with its friendly and efficient staff, creating a welcoming atmosphere that sets it apart from typical coffee chains. The coffee served here is exceptional, with a perfect balance of flavors and a natural sweetness that eliminates the need for additional sugar. The menu features a range of delicious options, from brilliant Lattes to refreshing cold coffee, complemented by a tempting selection of flavorful cakes.

The cafe’s knowledgeable staff demonstrate their expertise through in-depth discussions on coffee, showcasing their passion for the art of coffee-making. The establishment’s minimalist atmosphere adds to the charm, providing a relaxing space to enjoy a good cup of coffee while watching the world go by. Pink Lane Coffee’s location opposite Newcastle Central rail station makes it conveniently accessible to travelers seeking a fantastic coffee experience.

Regular customers can attest to the consistently excellent coffee and warm service, making Pink Lane Coffee a preferred destination for locals and visitors alike. With a dedication to sourcing exceptional coffee beans and using quality ingredients, this coffee shop offers a unique and memorable coffee experience that stands out in the bustling city of Newcastle. Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or simply looking for a place to unwind, Pink Lane Coffee is a must-visit destination for a delightful coffee experience.

Jj’s Kitchen

Address: Saltmeadows Rd, Gateshead NE8 3AH, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 191 490 0870
Website: facebook.com/JJsKitchen
Details: $, British restaurant

Nestled in an industrial area, Jj’s Kitchen offers a delightful surprise with its inviting and clean ambiance. The friendly staff provide excellent service, making guests feel welcome and at ease. The extensive menu caters to all tastes, from mouthwatering breakfast options to delectable sandwiches, quiches, and hot meals. The Full English Breakfast, complete with tea or coffee and toast, is a popular favorite, while the poached eggs on toast are a treat for those seeking a lighter option. The cafe’s attention to detail and quality cooking ensure a satisfying dining experience.

Despite its unassuming location, Jj’s Kitchen stands out for its remarkable decor, making it an unexpected gem within the industrial setting. The cafe’s cozy sofas provide a perfect spot to relax with a cup of locally-sourced coffee from Pumphreys after enjoying a hearty meal. The homemade dishes, such as the tempting Corned Beef and Potato Pie, showcase the cafe’s commitment to delicious, filling food. For those looking to catch up with friends or enjoy a leisurely lunch, Jj’s Kitchen offers a tranquil atmosphere with ample seating options.

With its friendly staff, delicious food, and charming decor, Jj’s Kitchen has become a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The clean and bright interior adds to the pleasant dining experience, ensuring customers return for more of their hearty breakfasts and delightful lunches. Whether you’re on a quick stopover or looking for a relaxing spot to enjoy a satisfying meal, Jj’s Kitchen is the place to be, proving that great food and warm hospitality can be found in the most unexpected places.

Hedleys Riverside Coffee Shop

Address: Grange Rd, Newburn, Newcastle upon Tyne NE15 8ND, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 191 264 8555
Website: hedleysriversidecoffeeshop.co.uk
Details: $, Cafe

Hedleys Riverside Coffee Shop, situated on the scenic banks of the Tyne, offers a delightful retreat for both locals and visitors. The cafe’s warm and friendly atmosphere, coupled with the picturesque setting, makes it an ideal spot to relax and enjoy a cup of their excellent coffee. The staff are attentive and polite, providing top-notch service to all patrons. Moreover, the cafe’s dog-friendly policy and provision of complimentary treats for furry friends add to the welcoming ambiance.

The menu at Hedleys Riverside Coffee Shop boasts a variety of delectable options to suit every taste. From their well-loved all-day breakfasts to freshly made sandwiches and a tempting array of cakes and scones, there’s something for everyone. Customers praise the quality of the food, particularly the sausage and fried egg sandwich, and the delightful home-baked goods like the lemon drizzle cake and cheese scones. The cafe’s commitment to maintaining a clean and spacious environment ensures a pleasant experience for families and groups.

Open seven days a week throughout the year, Hedleys Riverside Coffee Shop stands as a charming haven where visitors can unwind with a steaming cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful views of the river. The cafe’s dedication to excellent coffee, great service, and a relaxing ambiance makes it a popular choice for locals and travelers seeking a delightful spot to indulge in delicious treats while savoring the tranquil setting.

Pumphreys Coffee Centre & Brewing Emporium

Address: 50 – 53, Grainger Market, Grainger St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5JE, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 191 232 7865
Website: facebook.com/pages/Pumphreys-Coffee-Centre-and-Brewing-Emporium/363672793797069
Details: $$, Coffee shop

Pumphreys Coffee Centre & Brewing Emporium is a coffee lover’s paradise, offering an exceptional experience from the moment you step in. The knowledgeable and friendly staff guide customers through the extensive range of brewing and serving products, making it a delightful place for both novices and aficionados. Their expertise extends to recommending various coffee blends with distinct flavor profiles, ensuring that each visitor finds the perfect match to suit their taste preferences.

Nestled inside the bustling Grainger Market, Pumphreys exudes a cozy and inviting atmosphere, making it an ideal pit stop during a shopping spree in Newcastle. Their beautifully presented and delicious coffee creations, adorned with latte art, provide an unforgettable sensory experience. The coffee beans, roasted just a few miles away in Blaydon, are available for purchase, allowing patrons to relish the same exceptional quality at home.

With a commitment to exceptional coffee and personalized service, Pumphreys stands out as a cherished local company. As a haven for coffee enthusiasts, it offers a respite from the mainstream coffee chains, providing an oasis for those seeking genuine, top-notch coffee. Whether you’re savoring a moment of relaxation in the market or grabbing some freshly ground coffee for your home brewing, Pumphreys leaves a lasting impression with its delightful coffee offerings and welcoming ambiance.

Camber Coffee

Address: 33-35 Market St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6JE, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7581 423982
Website: facebook.com/cambercoffee
Details: Coffee shop

Camber Coffee is a hidden gem in the heart of Newcastle, offering an amazing coffee experience that keeps customers coming back for more. Their flat white is expertly crafted, with a perfect balance of flavors that leave coffee enthusiasts delighted. The menu boasts a delectable selection of treats, including a must-try eggs Benedict and a mouthwatering gluten-free carrot cake that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

One of the standout features of Camber Coffee is their welcoming and dog-friendly environment. The friendly staff go above and beyond to make both two-legged and four-legged guests feel right at home. The cafe’s cozy interior space creates a pleasant atmosphere for meeting friends or getting work done, while the chill vibe adds to the overall relaxing experience.

Camber Coffee’s dedication to accommodating various dietary preferences is evident in their excellent selection of vegan and gluten-free options. Customers with dairy allergies can rejoice in the abundance of vegan cake choices, making it a haven for those with specific dietary needs. Whether you’re seeking a quick pit stop or a leisurely breakfast, Camber Coffee’s expanding menu and warm ambiance make it an ideal spot to enjoy quality coffee and scrumptious delights.

Tiny Tiny

Address: Tru Knit House 9-11 Carliol Square Ground Floor, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6UF England
Phone: +44 191 261 5748
Website: tiny-tiny.co.uk
Details: $$ – $$$, Quick Bites, Cafe, Vegetarian Friendly

Tucked away behind the old Worswick Street bus station, Tiny Tiny is a hidden gem in Newcastle that has earned a well-deserved reputation for its amazing coffee and delicious food. The coffee here is considered the best in town, and patrons rave about the decaf ice latte and Turkish eggs, which are simply phenomenal. The menu offers a great selection of wholesome and flavorful dishes, including the Huevos Rancheros, which is a definite must-try. The relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff create a welcoming environment that keeps customers coming back for more.

Tiny Tiny’s commitment to excellent service and quality food is evident in the attention to detail displayed by the staff. The owner takes great pride in the cafe and ensures that everything is well-maintained and ship-shape. The dedication to customer satisfaction is further demonstrated by the accommodating and dog-friendly atmosphere, making it a perfect spot to enjoy a meal with furry companions. Whether you’re looking for a cozy spot to read or work or a place to meet friends, Tiny Tiny’s charming decor and ample seating options cater to various needs.

Conveniently located just a short walk from the city center, Tiny Tiny’s spacious and semi-subterranean premises provide a calming and bright ambiance for social gatherings, business meetings, or personal work sessions. With an extensive menu of both coffee and food, there’s something to delight everyone’s taste buds. Overall, Tiny Tiny has earned its place as a favorite among locals and visitors alike, and it’s definitely worth a visit for anyone seeking an exceptional coffee and dining experience in Newcastle.

Estate Tea Co

Address: High Level Parade 12 Wellington Street, Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 5HL England
Phone: +44 191 618 1709
Website: ordertab.menu/estateteaco/bookings
Details: $$ – $$$, Chinese, Japanese, Asian

Estate Tea Co is a hidden gem located along Heaton Road in Newcastle, offering a refreshing and unique experience for tea enthusiasts and coffee lovers alike. The atmosphere exudes a calm and relaxed Japanese/hipster vibe, providing a perfect oasis to escape from the bustle of the city. The knowledgeable staff exhibit a deep passion and understanding of tea, ensuring that each brew is brought to your table at the perfect temperature and brewed to perfection. With an extensive variety of teas sourced from the finest gardens around the world, it’s a haven for those seeking high-quality tea.

Apart from the impressive tea selection, Estate Tea Co also serves Pink Lane Coffee, delighting coffee enthusiasts with an excellent flat white. The menu goes beyond beverages, featuring a range of delectable cakes, brownies, pastries, and freshly made Japanese food prepared in their kitchen. Whether you’re a tea aficionado or a casual coffee drinker, this charming establishment has something to satisfy your taste buds.

The cozy and clean ambiance coupled with the welcoming staff makes Estate Tea Co a delightful spot to enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee with some scrumptious sourdough toast, jam, and butter. With the option for both cash and card payments, it’s easy to enjoy their offerings. For tea lovers and coffee connoisseurs in Newcastle and Gateshead, this one-of-a-kind tea house is a highly recommended destination to indulge in an unparalleled tea experience.

Coffee On The Corner

Address: 1 Rokeby Street, Newcastle upon Tyne NE15 8RR England
Phone: +44 191 264 4837
Website: facebook.com/1ROKEBYSTREETNE158RR
Details: $, Dessert, Cafe, British

Coffee On The Corner is a delightful coffee shop located in the heart of Lemington, Newcastle. With its beautifully simplistic design and super clean environment, the atmosphere exudes warmth and welcomes customers with open arms. The staff at Coffee On The Corner are known for their friendliness and excellent service, making every visit a pleasurable experience.

The menu at this coffee shop is truly impressive, offering a wide range of options, from delectable scones to scrumptious cheesecakes that are simply to die for. The food is freshly prepared on the premises, ensuring a delightful and flavorsome experience for each customer. Whether you’re in the mood for a hot and hearty sandwich or a refreshing cold drink, Coffee On The Corner has something to satisfy your cravings.

The coffee served here is top-notch, with proper coffee brewed to perfection, leaving customers with a smile on their faces. Regulars love the sophisticated ambiance, often comparing it to a city center café, making it a standout gem in the Lemington suburb. The staff’s friendliness and the mouthwatering homemade cakes further add to the appeal of this charming coffee shop. For a warm and inviting atmosphere, delicious food, and great coffee, Coffee On The Corner is the perfect spot to brighten up your day.

In conclusion, Newcastle boasts an array of outstanding coffee and tea shops that cater to every taste and preference. From quaint and cozy hideaways to trendy and bustling cafes, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado seeking the perfect brew or a tea enthusiast in search of unique flavors, Newcastle’s coffee and tea scene has it all. So, the next time you find yourself in this charming city, be sure to explore these best coffee and tea shops for an unforgettable and delightful experience. Happy sipping!