If you have a sweet tooth and find yourself in the enchanting city of Aberdeen, you’re in for a treat! Aberdeen is not only known for its picturesque landscapes but also for its delectable dessert scene. In this guide, we’ll take you on a mouthwatering journey through the Best Dessert Places in Aberdeen. From charming cafes serving up artisanal treats to hidden gems dishing out unique desserts, get ready to satisfy your cravings and explore the city’s most indulgent sweet spots.


Address: 7 Marischal Square Broad Street, Aberdeen AB10 1BL Scotland
Phone: +44 1224 518252
Website: mackies.co.uk/where-to-buy-article/where-to-buy-ice-cream/ice-cream-parlour.html
Details: $, Dessert, Cafe, British

Mackies19.2, one of Aberdeen’s finest dessert establishments, promises a delightful experience that will leave your taste buds craving for more. The ambiance is simply inviting, making it the perfect place to unwind and indulge in sweet treats. The staff here are exceptional, offering friendly and quick service, ensuring your visit is nothing short of delightful.

When it comes to their menu, Mackies19.2 truly shines. Their waffles are legendary, featuring unique toppings like fresh strawberries and white chocolate curls, banana and chocolate sprinkles, honeycomb pieces, and marshmallows. The delectable combinations are endless, and each quarter of their whole waffle offers a different flavor adventure. Plus, the generous portions ensure you won’t leave disappointed.

Not just waffles, Mackies19.2 boasts an impressive array of ice cream flavors, from classic favorites to exclusive creations like Butteries & Jam, a true Aberdeen specialty. Whether you’re into cones, floats, milkshakes, sundaes, or even cookie cakes and ice cream cakes, they’ve got you covered. Top it all off with hot or cold drinks, including beer and wine, to complement your dessert experience. Mackies19.2 is more than a dessert destination; it’s a sweet paradise you won’t want to miss in Aberdeen.


Address: 50-52 Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen AB25 1NT, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1224 641520
Website: thebreadmaker.org.uk
Details: Bakery

The Breadmaker in Aberdeen offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere that invites guests to savor not only the delightful menu but also the inclusive spirit of the place. The staff here are both attentive and polite, ensuring a pleasant dining experience. Whether you’re stopping by for coffee and cake or a hearty lunch, you’ll find that their menu is excellent, offering a variety of options to satisfy diverse tastes.

Coffee enthusiasts will appreciate the quality of their lattes, while those with a sweet tooth can indulge in a tempting selection of tarts and cakes. The strawberry tart and gluten-free tart both received high praise for their deliciousness. The cafe itself exudes a lovely ambiance, characterized by cleanliness and care, making it a comfortable and inviting spot to enjoy your meal.

Beyond the delectable treats, the Breadmaker’s commitment to quality extends to their gluten-free bread, widely regarded as the best in town. The dedication to crafting delicious sandwiches with fresh ingredients is evident in every bite. Whether you’re dining in or grabbing a takeaway, you can expect top-notch sandwiches, a testament to their commitment to excellence. Plus, knowing that the Breadmaker supports individuals with learning disabilities adds an extra layer of appreciation to the experience, making it a must-visit spot in Aberdeen for both the culinary delights and the heartwarming mission it embodies.

Bev’s Bistro

Address: 123 Holburn St, Aberdeen AB10 6BP, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7957 599155
Website: bevsbistro.co.uk
Details: $, Bistro

Bev’s Bistro, a hidden gem in Aberdeen, promises an exceptional dining experience characterized by exquisite food, warm hospitality, and attention to detail. The staff here are not only welcoming but also highly knowledgeable about food intolerances, making it an ideal choice for those with dietary restrictions. Whether you’re visiting for an afternoon tea or a private party, Bev’s Bistro ensures that every guest feels right at home.

Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by a beautifully decorated table, setting the tone for the culinary delights to come. The menu boasts an impressive array of options, including a delectable selection of sandwiches and mouthwatering sweet treats like brownies and strawberry tarts. Each dish is prepared with passion and love, using high-quality local ingredients, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

Bev’s Bistro’s commitment to quality extends beyond the food; they also pay close attention to COVID safety measures, creating a safe and welcoming environment for guests. Bev herself is a gracious host, sharing the origins of her food and the local producers she sources from, adding a personal touch to the dining experience. Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing afternoon tea or a multi-course meal, Bev’s Bistro is a destination that promises outstanding food and service, making it a must-visit in Aberdeen for those seeking a delightful culinary adventure.

Little Molly’s Cheesecake

Address: Esplanade, Aberdeen AB11 5DN, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7498 988555
Website: littlemollyscheesecake.co.uk
Details: Bakery

Little Molly’s Cheesecake in Aberdeen is a dessert haven where quality, flavor, and exceptional service come together to create a delightful experience. The staff here go the extra mile to accommodate customers, ensuring their needs are met, whether it’s a special order or a friendly recommendation. Whether you’re a cheesecake enthusiast or a newcomer, Little Molly’s is sure to leave you impressed.

The cheesecakes themselves are nothing short of perfection. Creamy and not overly sweet, they strike the right balance, with each bite bursting with delightful flavor. The variety of flavors and toppings add to the appeal, making it easy to find a favorite. Whether it’s the mouthwatering chocolate-covered strawberries or the delectable eclairs, there’s something to satisfy every craving.

Beyond the cheesecakes, Little Molly’s Cheesecake is known for its impeccable cleanliness and attention to detail, reflecting the pride they take in their creations. Their consistent quality and friendly service have earned them a loyal customer base, and it’s no wonder they’re often sold out. From special occasions to everyday treats, Little Molly’s Cheesecake is a must-visit dessert destination in Aberdeen, where every cheesecake lover can find a slice of paradise.

The Tartan Pig

Address: 34 Hollybank Pl, Aberdeen AB11 6XS, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1224 212633
Website: facebook.com/thetartanpig
Details: $$, Cafe

The Tartan Pig in Aberdeen stands out as a charming and inviting eatery, tucked away in the quiet corners of the city. The atmosphere here is cozy and friendly, making it an ideal spot for a relaxing meal or a cup of excellent coffee. The staff are accommodating, always ready to serve with a smile and provide recommendations, adding to the overall warmth of the place.

The menu at The Tartan Pig boasts a delightful variety of dishes, each prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. From bacon and avocado bagels to cheese and ham toasties, the food here is not only appetizing but also offers great value. For those with dietary preferences or special requests, the staff are more than willing to cater to your needs. The sweet treats, particularly the brownies, are highly recommended and pair perfectly with their well-brewed coffee.

One of the standout features of The Tartan Pig is its support for local makers and brands, evident in the range of gifts and coasters available. The cafe’s commitment to sourcing quality ingredients locally ensures every bite leaves you craving more. Whether you’re a regular visitor, a dog lover looking for a pet-friendly spot, or simply in search of a hidden gem in Aberdeen, The Tartan Pig offers an unpretentious and delightful dining experience that’s sure to leave you satisfied and eager to return.

Krispy Kreme Aberdeen

Address: Kiosk R2 , Union Square, Guild St, Aberdeen AB11 5RG, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1276 601170
Website: krispykreme.co.uk
Details: $$, Donut shop

Krispy Kreme Aberdeen stands out as a haven for doughnut lovers, offering an array of delectable treats to satisfy every palate. The menu boasts a wide variety of flavors, ensuring that there’s something to please everyone. Whether you’re a fan of classic glazed doughnuts, indulgent chocolate varieties, or innovative creations like the Reece’s peanut doughnut, Krispy Kreme Aberdeen has it all. The doughnuts are not only delicious but also known for their freshness, even when enjoyed the next day.

The staff at Krispy Kreme Aberdeen are friendly, knowledgeable, and always ready to provide assistance and recommendations to enhance your doughnut experience. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident, making each visit a delight. Moreover, the shop’s prime location in a bustling shopping mall ensures that you can easily grab a box of these delightful treats while on the go.

Whether you’re picking up a dozen doughnuts to share with friends and family or indulging in a personal favorite, Krispy Kreme Aberdeen offers a range of flavors that will leave you craving for more. The quality, variety, and friendly service make this doughnut destination a must-visit in Aberdeen, where every visit promises a delicious and satisfying treat for all ages.

Crolla’s Gelateria – Aberdeen

Address: 60 Rosemount Pl, Aberdeen AB25 2XJ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1224 467260
Website: crollasgelateria.com/contact/locations
Details: $$, Ice cream shop

Crolla’s Gelateria in Aberdeen is a delightful haven for dessert enthusiasts, offering a delectable array of sweet treats that are sure to satisfy your cravings. The staff at Crolla’s are not only friendly but also incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. They go the extra mile to ensure your experience is enjoyable and memorable. Whether you’re seeking advice on flavor combinations or navigating the extensive menu, the team is there to assist.

The menu boasts a wide variety of options, from build-your-own waffles to rich and creamy ice creams with a multitude of flavors to choose from. One highlight is the cookie dough, served in generous portions that are perfect for sharing or indulging on your own. The atmosphere at Crolla’s is inviting and cozy, making it an ideal spot for friends and family to gather for a sweet treat.

Crolla’s Gelateria prides itself on quality, offering top-notch ice cream and desserts at reasonable prices. The portions are generous, ensuring that you leave fully satisfied. Whether you’re a regular visitor or trying Crolla’s for the first time, you’re in for a delightful experience with friendly service, a diverse menu, and delicious desserts that will keep you coming back for more.

Baskin Robbins

Address: 9F Holyrood Rd, Edinburgh EH8 8FQ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1224 640662
Website: baskinrobbins.co.uk/store_locator/default.aspx
Details: $$, Ice cream shop

Baskin Robbins in Aberdeen is a delightful haven for ice cream enthusiasts, offering a mouthwatering variety of flavors that will leave you craving for more. The staff is friendly and provides excellent service, making your visit a pleasurable experience from start to finish. Despite the occasional challenge of finding parking, the effort is undoubtedly worthwhile once you indulge in their delicious ice cream.

The generous size of their scoops ensures that you get your money’s worth, even if the prices are a bit steep. From classic flavors like vanilla and strawberry to unique options like American Dream and Biscoff Delight, Baskin Robbins has something to satisfy every palate. You can even enhance your ice cream experience with delightful toppings like the new Marshmallow sauce, which arrives warm and adds an extra layer of indulgence to your treat.

Whether you’re in the mood for a spontaneous ice cream craving or planning a special occasion, Baskin Robbins is the perfect destination for a sweet escape. With a wide selection of multi-colored, crazy-looking ice creams, sorbets, and frozen yogurt, this ice cream parlor has something to delight everyone. Don’t hesitate to visit and explore their 31 varieties of ice cream, and you’ll surely leave with a smile on your face, ready to return for more of their delightful treats.

Krepes N Kones

Address: 249-251, George St, Aberdeen AB25 1ED, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1224 631010
Website: krepesnkones.com
Details: Dessert shop

Krepes N Kones in Aberdeen is a delightful dessert destination that consistently delivers a fantastic experience. The staff is not only welcoming but also attentive, ensuring that your visit is a pleasurable one. Whether you’re dining in or taking dessert to go, their service is prompt and accommodating.

The menu at Krepes N Kones offers a wide range of delectable treats, from pancakes and waffles to cookie dough and sundaes. Their desserts are beautifully presented, and you can customize your own creation if you’re feeling creative. With an extensive selection of toppings and sauces, the possibilities are endless. The Biscoff-flavored crepe is particularly delightful, and the prices are reasonable for the quality and quantity of dessert you receive.

Located conveniently in the heart of Aberdeen, this clean and tidy restaurant is also very child-friendly, with baby changing facilities and highchairs available. Whether you’re looking for a family outing or a sweet indulgence for yourself, Krepes N Kones is the ultimate destination for delicious desserts in Aberdeen. Their well-trained staff, delightful atmosphere, and top-notch food and desserts make it a must-visit for anyone with a sweet tooth.

In conclusion, Aberdeen boasts a delectable array of dessert destinations that cater to every sweet craving imaginable. From traditional Scottish sweets to international delights, this city has it all. Whether you’re indulging in artisanal gelato at Crolla’s Gelateria or savoring a delightful crepe at Krepes N Kones, the dessert scene in Aberdeen is a culinary adventure waiting to be explored. So, the next time you find yourself in this charming Scottish city, be sure to save room for dessert and treat yourself to the sweet pleasures it has to offer.