Welcome to a delectable journey through the Best Dessert Places in Glasgow! If you have a sweet tooth and find yourself in this vibrant Scottish city, you’re in for a treat. From artisanal bakeries offering mouthwatering pastries to charming cafes serving indulgent gelato, Glasgow has a dessert scene that will satisfy any dessert lover’s cravings. Join us as we explore the top spots to satisfy your sugary desires and discover the hidden gems that make Glasgow a paradise for dessert enthusiasts. Let the sweet adventure begin!

Cup Tea Rooms

Address: 71 Renfield St, Glasgow G2 1LP, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 353 2959
Website: cuptearooms.co.uk
Details: $$, Tea house

Cup Tea Rooms in Glasgow is a dessert haven that leaves visitors delighted with its top-notch staff, charming atmosphere, and delectable menu. On multiple visits, patrons have been impressed with the warm and efficient service provided by the friendly staff. Notably, one male staff member even remembered a returning visitor, showcasing the establishment’s attentiveness without being intrusive.

The highlight of Cup Tea Rooms is undoubtedly its mouthwatering afternoon tea. With a delightful assortment of sandwiches, moist fruit cakes, scones served with clotted cream and jam, and an array of cupcakes and desserts, it’s a dessert lover’s dream come true. Moreover, Cup goes the extra mile to accommodate dietary requirements, ensuring that all guests can indulge in the scrumptious offerings.

The ambiance at Cup Tea Rooms is as appealing as the food itself. The interior boasts beautiful ornate tiling, exuding a Victorian charm that perfectly complements the modern furnishings. The tearoom’s location in the central area of Glasgow makes it easily accessible for both locals and visitors.

Cup Tea Rooms takes pride in its thoughtful attention to detail, which extends to its wide selection of teas available for unlimited sampling during the afternoon tea experience. The cocktails are expertly crafted, and the combination of old-world charm and contemporary touches creates an inviting and enjoyable dining experience. Whether you’re seeking a delightful afternoon tea or a cocktail and dessert evening, Cup Tea Rooms is sure to impress with its delectable treats, friendly service, and stunning ambiance.

Sugarfall Patisserie

Address: 153 Byres Rd, Glasgow G12 8TS, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 370 1920
Website: Sugarfall.co.uk
Details: Patisserie

Sugarfall Patisserie in Glasgow is a dessert haven that has earned an excellent reputation for its artful sugarcraft and delectable treats. The patisserie’s team crafts desserts that rival those found in five-star hotels, making it a standout among dessert shops in the city.

The delightful menu at Sugarfall Patisserie offers a wide range of delicious treats, each beautifully presented and bursting with flavors. From the Pink Latte, flavored with strawberry syrup, to the Vegan Dark Chocolate & Raspberry with its intense chocolate and fruity raspberry combination, every dessert is a true delight. The Coconut & Passionfruit cake stands out with its light and airy dacquoise, complemented by a flavorful passion fruit curd.

The patisserie’s pleasant atmosphere and lovely presentation of desserts add to the overall experience. With accommodating and friendly staff, Sugarfall Patisserie ensures that every visit is a delightful one. Whether you choose to savor your dessert at one of their tables or take it away to enjoy elsewhere, the experience at Sugarfall Patisserie is sure to leave a lasting impression.

The Hidden Lane Tearoom

Address: Unit 8, 1103 Argyle St, Finnieston, Glasgow G3 8ND, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 237 4391
Website: hiddenlanetearoom.com
Details: $$, Cafe

Nestled within the enchanting Hidden Lane, The Hidden Lane Tearoom in Glasgow offers an unforgettable experience with its delightful staff, charming atmosphere, and scrumptious menu. Despite its discreet location, word of mouth has spread, making reservations highly recommended. The tearoom’s quaint and intimate setting exudes bohemian charm, making it an ideal spot for afternoon tea enthusiasts.

Their afternoon tea, a standout highlight, features a generous selection of sweet and savory treats. From fluffy pancakes with maple syrup and bacon to delectable Victoria Sandwiches, every item is a delightful indulgence. The tearoom’s assortment of teas adds to the experience, allowing patrons to savor a diverse range of flavors.

The tearoom’s mis-matched chairs and vintage china set the stage for a delightful experience. The menu caters to various preferences, offering both vegetarian and traditional options. For those seeking a luxurious yet affordable afternoon tea, The Hidden Lane Tearoom is a true gem waiting to be discovered. The delightful cakes, sandwiches, and warm hospitality make every visit memorable and leave guests eager to return for another delightful tea experience.

Tantrum Doughnuts

Address: 27 Old Dumbarton Rd, Glasgow G3 8RD, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 339 9319
Website: tantrumdoughnuts.com
Details: $$, Donut shop

Tantrum Doughnuts in Glasgow’s city center is a must-visit sweet haven. The staff greets visitors with a warm smile and offers excellent service throughout the visit. With their wide array of flavors, including vegan options, Tantrum Doughnuts caters to diverse tastes, delighting even those who aren’t vegan. The doughnuts are described as light and fluffy, making them an exceptional treat.

The doughnut shop’s prime location, just minutes away from the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, makes it easily accessible to locals and tourists alike. Customers praise the variety of flavors, with standouts like the peanut butter and jelly doughnut and the pistachio and hibiscus doughnut. The doughnuts are thoughtfully crafted with unique toppings, making them a delightful experience for the taste buds.

Visitors also appreciate the friendly and efficient staff, adding to the overall enjoyment of the visit. The doughnuts are highly recommended for their delicious flavors and perfect balance of sweetness. Whether you’re a doughnut enthusiast or just looking for a delectable treat, Tantrum Doughnuts is a hidden gem that should not be missed during a visit to Glasgow.

Cottonrake Bakery

Address: 497 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G12 8HL, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7910 282040
Website: cottonrake.com
Details: $$, Bakery

Cottonrake Bakery, located in the West End of Glasgow, stands out as one of the UK’s finest bakeries. With a loyal customer base, it’s no surprise that people queue patiently to savor their delectable offerings. The friendly and attentive staff add to the enjoyable experience, providing helpful recommendations and making visitors feel welcome. Their menu boasts an impressive selection of sweet and savory treats, making it difficult to resist trying a variety of their offerings.

The bakery’s specialties include the almond croissant, peach tart, quiche, and sausage roll, which receive high praise from customers. For coffee enthusiasts, the flat white and hot chocolate are highly recommended, with the latter served with a delightful handmade marshmallow. While the space inside can get crowded, it doesn’t dampen the pleasure of indulging in the bakery’s delicious creations.

From scrumptious sweet pastries to savory quiches and freshly baked bread, Cottonrake Bakery is a haven for those seeking top-notch baked goods. Their lemon meringue, white chocolate raspberry, and pecan tarts are described as amazing, and their cakes are a true delight. With everything made from scratch, the bakery exudes quality and offers a variety of options to cater to different tastes. Visitors are not only impressed by the mouthwatering treats but also by the friendly and helpful staff.

Cottonrake Bakery’s commitment to excellence in baking and customer satisfaction makes it a treasure in Glasgow’s food scene. Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely breakfast or grabbing a takeaway lunch, this bakery’s delightful offerings will leave you eager to return for more of their exceptional creations.

Broken Clock Cafe & Patisserie

Address: 10 Park Rd, Glasgow G4 9JG, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7380 220272
Website: brokenclockcafe.co.uk
Details: Bakery

The Broken Clock Cafe & Patisserie in Glasgow is a hidden gem that delights visitors with its exquisite French patisserie creations. Whether celebrating a special occasion or simply indulging in unique and delicious desserts, this place delivers in every way. The friendly owners and staff create a warm and inviting atmosphere, making every visit a memorable experience.

The cafe’s cake display is a sight to behold, showcasing a mouthwatering array of beautifully crafted desserts. From brioche to cinnamon buns, each treat is made with passion and effort, resulting in desserts that are light, flavorful, and utterly delightful. Fruit teas, like the refreshing citrus and apple cinnamon tea, complement the desserts perfectly, providing a delightful accompaniment to the sweet treats.

Beyond the delectable desserts, the Broken Clock Cafe & Patisserie offers a charming and minimalistic aesthetic, creating a pleasant ambiance for patrons. The cafe is dog-friendly, welcoming furry friends with massive gravy biscuit treats. Whether visiting alone, on a date, or as a family, this vibrant cafe near Kelvingrove Park and Glasgow University is a must-visit destination for dessert lovers and coffee enthusiasts alike. With each bite, customers are treated to a unique and unforgettable experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Kember & Jones

Address: 134 Byres Rd, Glasgow G12 8TD, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 337 3851
Website: kemberandjones.co.uk
Details: $$, Cafe

Kember & Jones in Glasgow is a must-visit destination for those seeking delectable delights in a warm and inviting atmosphere. The cafe’s menu boasts an array of mouthwatering options, from flavorful flatbread boards to hearty mushroom soups, all served with fresh and delicious bread. The themed platters for two are a highlight, featuring superb combinations of cooked meats, cheeses, and antipasti.

The baked goods at Kember & Jones are simply divine, and even gluten-free options are equally delicious. Whether enjoying a quick coffee to go or indulging in a leisurely lunch and dessert, guests are treated to a wide variety of delectable treats. The cafe’s offerings cater to all palates, with options for the health-conscious as well as those seeking slightly naughty but incredibly satisfying desserts.

While the cafe may get busy, the attentive and efficient service ensures that patrons are well taken care of. Whether dining with family or friends, or enjoying a quiet dinner with a glass of wine, Kember & Jones offers a delightful experience. With a selection of takeaway items available and a well-stocked deli counter, guests can take a taste of Kember & Jones home with them. Overall, the cafe is a treasure in Glasgow, attracting visitors and locals alike with its delicious food, friendly atmosphere, and delightful desserts.

Time Out Cafe

Address: 167 Dumbarton Rd, Partick, Glasgow G11 6AA, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 337 7023
Website: facebook.com/timeoutcafee
Details: $, Coffee shop

Time Out Cafe in Glasgow is a hidden gem that offers fantastic Egyptian food and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The staff is known for their friendliness and helpfulness, always ready to assist with menu choices or offer recommendations. The cafe provides a cozy and relaxing space, making it an ideal spot to enjoy a meal or just a cup of their delicious coffee. The vegan options are particularly impressive, catering to a variety of dietary preferences.

The menu features a mouthwatering selection of dishes, including the must-try hawawshi and aubergine offerings, which transport diners to the authentic flavors of Egypt. The falafels are homemade and bursting with flavor, and the pita bread is a delightful complement to the dishes. Whether you opt for a hearty breakfast or a satisfying lunch, Time Out Cafe ensures that each item is perfectly prepared and presented.

Apart from the delectable food, Time Out Cafe’s attentive service and friendly staff add to the overall dining experience. The cafe has become a favorite among locals and visitors alike, and its central location in Glasgow’s Partick area makes it easily accessible. For those looking to embark on a culinary adventure filled with Egyptian delights, Time Out Cafe is a must-visit destination that guarantees a delightful and delicious time.


Address: 570 Maryhill Rd, Glasgow G20 7EE, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 946 1124
Website: facebook.com/pages/Jaconellis-Cafe/160604993961522
Details: $, Cafe

Jaconelli’s in Glasgow is a charming and nostalgic dessert haven that will transport you back in time. Stepping into the cafe feels like a delightful journey to the past with its 1930s decor, glittering chrome counter, and jukebox. The friendly and helpful staff contribute to the warm atmosphere, making you feel right at home. The cafe is adorned with jars filled with an array of sweets, tempting visitors to indulge and take some home.

This vintage gem offers a delectable menu that caters to various tastes. From the all-time favorite macaroni cheese to the heavenly bacon rolls, every dish is freshly cooked and served piping hot. The real star of the show, however, is the authentic Italian ice cream, a must-try delight that has earned Jaconelli’s a well-deserved reputation. The cafe’s ice cream, coupled with their sweet raspberry sauce, is a perfect combination that leaves customers craving for more.

Besides the delicious food, the cafe’s proximity to Queen’s Cross Church, a masterpiece of Mackintosh’s design, makes it an even more enticing destination. Whether you’re enjoying a casual cup of tea or savoring the delectable food, Jaconelli’s is a place where conversations flow easily, and everyone feels like a part of the friendly atmosphere. With its timeless ambiance, exceptional staff, and scrumptious offerings, Jaconelli’s is a cherished spot in Glasgow where sweet memories are created and cherished.


Address: 1003 Shettleston Rd, Glasgow G32 7PB, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 778 2130
Website: facebook.com/nellosglasgow
Details: Dessert shop

Nello’s in Glasgow is a delightful Italian dessert haven that has captured the hearts of many with its authentic flavors and warm atmosphere. Visitors are treated to a scrumptious selection of Italian-style pasta dishes, delectable cakes, and woodfired pizzas that rival any high-end restaurant. The prices are surprisingly affordable, offering exceptional value for the quality of food and service.

The friendly and welcoming staff create a pleasant dining experience, making customers feel right at home. Nello’s boasts a charming ambiance, making it an ideal spot to indulge in weekly treats or enjoy a family lunch. The range of desserts, including the must-try caramel cheesecake and rainbow cones, ensures that everyone finds their sweet delight.

This hidden gem is more than just an ice cream and dessert shop; it has become a beloved spot for locals and visitors alike. From the flavorful coffee to the delicious crepes and waffles, Nello’s offers a mouthwatering array of treats to satisfy all palates. With its impeccable service and mouthwatering offerings, Nello’s is a true gem in Glasgow’s culinary landscape, drawing customers back again and again for an unforgettable dining experience.

The Coffee Cup

Address: 189 Clarkston Rd, Glasgow G44 3BS, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 562 8685
Website: facebook.com/TheCoffeeCupGlasgow
Details: $, Cafe

The Coffee Cup in Glasgow is a charming local cafe that has won the hearts of many with its warm and friendly atmosphere. The staff are always welcoming and helpful, creating a comfortable and relaxed environment for visitors. The cafe offers a variety of delectable homemade cakes, scones, and pastries that are simply mouthwatering. The coffee is exceptional, rivaling those of higher-priced chains, making it the go-to spot for coffee enthusiasts.

Customers are treated to a delightful menu, featuring fresh and made-to-order dishes, including lentil soup, baguettes, toasties, and a delightful full breakfast. The cafe’s specialty lies in its homemade cakes and scones, drawing patrons back for more. The owner, Gillian, and her team take great pride in providing top-notch service and catering to the needs of each customer, making them feel like a part of the Coffee Cup family.

The Coffee Cup is more than just a cafe; it is an oasis of friendliness and comfort. Located in Muirend on Clarkston Road, it has become a hidden gem loved by the locals. The cafe’s dedication to quality, fresh food, and excellent service sets it apart from the rest. Whether one seeks a quick coffee and cake treat or a leisurely meal, The Coffee Cup has it all, making it a must-visit spot for anyone craving a delightful culinary experience in a warm and inviting ambiance.

Newlands Cafe

Address: 262 Kilmarnock Rd, Shawlands, Glasgow G43 2XS, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 649 7222
Website: facebook.com/Newlands-Cafe-1443203452599154
Details: Ice cream shop

Newlands Cafe in Glasgow is a delightful old-school cafe that holds a special place in the hearts of both locals and visitors alike. Renowned for serving the best homemade Italian ice cream in Glasgow, their selection of sweet treats is truly amazing. The family-run business has stood the test of time, even surviving the challenges of the Covid pandemic, and continues to spread joy with their delectable ice cream creations. The warm and friendly atmosphere, along with the small cones specially made for children, makes it a welcoming spot for families.

The cafe’s commitment to tradition is evident in their age-old recipe for their Italian ice cream, which has been passed down through generations, ensuring that each bite is filled with nostalgia and authenticity. While the decor might have a classic feel, the ice cream’s taste is what truly steals the show. Customers appreciate the lovely staff, who provide top-notch service and create a wonderful ambiance. Newlands Cafe offers more than just ice cream; their menu features a variety of options, from classic filled rolls to coffee and tea, providing a delightful experience for every guest.

Whether you visit for a trip down memory lane or to indulge in their scrumptious ice cream, Newlands Cafe guarantees a delightful time. The love and dedication of the family-run business shine through, making it a favorite destination for those seeking the taste of genuine Italian ice cream and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. So, if you’re in Glasgow, make sure to stop by and savor the delightful offerings of Newlands Cafe, where tradition, fantastic service, and delicious treats await.

Heavenly Desserts – Glasgow City Centre

Address: 257 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G2 3EZ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 332 1710
Website: heavenlydesserts.co.uk/our-stores/glasgow-glasgow-city-centre
Details: $$, Dessert restaurant

Heavenly Desserts in Glasgow City Centre is a true gem, offering a delightful experience for dessert enthusiasts. The staff is known for their warm and welcoming demeanor, ensuring a pleasant visit for all patrons. With comfortable seating and a charming atmosphere, it’s the perfect spot to indulge in the wide array of mouthwatering desserts available. The menu is a dessert lover’s dream, boasting a huge selection of delectable treats, catering to different dietary requirements, including delightful options for vegans.

Visitors praise the top-notch service and appreciate the attentive and friendly staff, making the experience all the more enjoyable. The range of desserts sets this place apart, offering a unique and diverse selection that sets it apart from other dessert destinations in Glasgow. From their signature kenefe to sumptuous cookie dough and decadent sundaes, every dessert is a treat for the taste buds.

Whether you’re craving classic favorites or seeking more adventurous dessert options, Heavenly Desserts has something to satisfy every sweet tooth. Despite its central location in Glasgow, the cafe’s interior exudes a high-class ambiance, making every visit a special occasion. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, Heavenly Desserts is a must-visit destination that promises a delightful experience filled with heavenly delights.

In conclusion, Glasgow boasts a vibrant dessert scene, offering a delectable array of sweet treats that cater to every taste and preference. From charming cafes with traditional homemade ice cream to trendy dessert parlors with innovative creations, the city has something to satisfy every sweet tooth. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor exploring Glasgow’s culinary delights, be sure to indulge in the city’s best dessert places. From heavenly cakes to mouthwatering sundaes, these dessert destinations promise a delightful and unforgettable experience for dessert enthusiasts of all ages.