Indulge your sweet cravings as we embark on a delectable journey through the Best Dessert Places in Hull. From heavenly confections to mouthwatering delights, Hull offers a haven for dessert enthusiasts. Join us as we explore a curated selection of dessert destinations that promise to tantalize your taste buds and satisfy your sugary desires. Whether you’re a devoted dessert lover or simply seeking a delightful treat, these culinary gems are sure to leave you craving for more.

Wilson 26 Café Bar

Address: 26 Wilson St, Anlaby, Hull HU10 7AN, United Kingdom
Phone: +441482230149
Details: $$, Cafe

Nestled in the heart of Hull, Wilson 26 Café Bar stands out as a delightful dessert haven, gaining immense popularity for its captivating blend of a café and bar ambiance. The welcoming atmosphere, paired with the friendly bar staff, creates a warm and relaxed setting that draws patrons in. As dusk descends, the café transitions seamlessly into a vibrant bar, making evenings between Thursday and Saturday a charming retreat.

Upon entering, a fresh change of ownership is palpable, bringing with it a brighter and airier feel. The staff’s affable nature adds to the charm, making guests feel right at home. From the well-presented dishes to the inviting menu, Wilson 26 boasts a delectable selection catering to various palates. The carefully curated menu strikes the perfect balance, offering an array of choices that captivate the taste buds of every diner.

Whether you’re craving a hearty breakfast, a satisfying lunch, or a scrumptious dessert, Wilson 26 Café Bar impresses with its consistently exceptional food quality. The extensive menu is accompanied by the staff’s attentive service, ensuring each visit is an exquisite culinary experience. With each bite, whether it’s the mouthwatering full English breakfast or the exquisite Panini, the cafe’s dedication to crafting delectable dishes is evident. Wilson 26 Café Bar effortlessly shines as a treasured destination, beckoning both locals and visitors to indulge in its flavorful offerings, warm ambiance, and hospitable staff.

Frizza Caffe Gelato

Address: Newland caffe gelato, 92 Newland Ave, Hull HU5 3AB, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1482 345336
Details: $$, Cafe

Nestled in the heart of Hull, Frizza Caffe Gelato emerges as a culinary gem renowned for its exceptional food and dessert offerings. With a global palette, the café presents an array of delectable options that tantalize taste buds and satisfy sweet cravings. Guests are pleasantly surprised to discover an extensive menu boasting not only home-made desserts but also a range of savory delights.

The welcoming ambiance envelops visitors in a lively atmosphere, further enhanced by the cheerful and accommodating staff. The establishment effortlessly transitions from a hub of activity to a serene haven for those seeking delectable treats. Whether indulging in savory chicken crepes or savoring Ferrero Rocher Cake, the flavors are impeccable and portions ample.

Frizza Caffe Gelato’s popularity stems from its commitment to serving generous portions of gelato and an array of desserts that suit various preferences. From the mouthwatering Nutella Crepe to the scrumptious Ferrero Rocher Gelatto, each creation showcases attention to detail. Beyond desserts, the menu includes a diverse selection of savory items, catering to a range of tastes. This dessert haven welcomes patrons with its bustling atmosphere, impeccable service, and a menu that promises an unforgettable dining experience.

Del Gelato

Address: 4 Courtney St, Hull HU8 8SR, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1482 212721
Details: $$, Dessert restaurant

Situated in the heart of Hull, Del Gelato emerges as a haven for dessert enthusiasts, enticing visitors with its delectable offerings and inviting atmosphere. With a reputation that precedes it, this dessert haven has garnered a loyal following, thanks to its sumptuous creations and impeccable service.

The café exudes an ambiance of warmth and comfort, setting the stage for delightful culinary experiences. Welcoming both regulars and newcomers, the staff offers a genuine and friendly welcome, making patrons feel right at home. The ample seating arrangements ensure that visitors can relish their treats in a relaxed and spacious environment.

Del Gelato’s menu is a symphony of sweet delights, showcasing a diverse selection of desserts that cater to various palates. From perfectly presented waffles adorned with a variety of gelato to exquisitely crafted cakes, each creation reflects a commitment to quality and flavor. The attention to detail extends beyond the food, as the café’s cleanliness and presentation stand out, creating an all-encompassing positive experience.

Whether you’re seeking a delightful afternoon treat or planning a special celebration, Del Gelato promises an unforgettable experience, where delectable desserts, friendly staff, and an inviting ambiance seamlessly come together to create cherished memories.

Cocoa Chocolatier

Address: Trinity Market, Trinity House Ln, Hull HU1 2JH, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7719 121249
Details: Chocolate shop

Nestled in Hull’s heart, Cocoa Chocolatier delights visitors with its delectable treats and warm ambiance. This haven for chocolate lovers offers a diverse range of handmade chocolates, each a testament to the artistry and passion that goes into crafting them. From gooey salted caramel chocolate brownies to irresistible gluten-free cheesecakes, the desserts reflect a dedication to quality and flavor that leaves patrons coming back for more.

The café exudes a cozy charm, providing a welcoming escape from the bustling city. The friendly staff, including a welcoming blonde-haired lady, makes each visit memorable with their attentive service. Upstairs seating offers a tranquil retreat to savor the indulgent treats, while a location near Hull Marina adds to the café’s allure.

Cocoa Chocolatier is not just about chocolates – it offers a variety of treats, from brownies and cookies to cakes. The creative offerings are made even more special by the changing menu, ensuring there’s always something new to explore. From the delightful hot chocolates to the tempting selection of cakes, this café promises an unforgettable experience for those seeking a taste of indulgence.


Address: 6-8 Paragon St, Hull HU1 3QT, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1482 212016
Details: $$, Dessert shop

Nestled in the heart of Hull, Kaspa’s beckons dessert enthusiasts with its delectable offerings and friendly ambiance. The cafe’s charm lies in its diverse menu, showcasing a variety of sumptuous desserts that cater to every palate. Whether it’s the hot cookie dough or the indulgent sundaes, each creation is a testament to the passion and creativity that the establishment brings to its treats.

The staff’s warm and accommodating nature adds to the enjoyable experience, ensuring that each visit is a delight for patrons. The cafe’s American diner-style interior provides a comfortable setting to relish their dessert delights. Kaspa’s prides itself on offering generous portions, making it a perfect stop for those seeking sweet satisfaction.

While its prices may be perceived as slightly high, the quality and size of the portions more than justify the experience. From gooey banoffee cookie dough to delectable waffles adorned with a choice of toppings, every dessert is crafted with attention to detail and flavor. Kaspa’s is a haven for those with a sweet tooth, offering a cozy environment, courteous staff, and a tempting array of desserts that promise a memorable indulgence.

Wingfield Farm – Dining & Carvery

Address: Boothferry Rd, Hessle HU13 0JL, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1482 421092
Details: $, Pub

Nestled in Hull, Wingfield Farm – Dining & Carvery stands out as a dining haven for families and individuals alike. The eatery offers a delightful experience with its great food, reasonable prices, and exceptional customer service. The inviting atmosphere and the delectable desserts are certain to make each visit memorable.

Patrons consistently praise the attentive staff, singling out their friendly and helpful demeanor. The accommodating and professional service adds to the overall enjoyment of the dining experience. The diverse menu, featuring a mouthwatering carvery and an array of dessert options, caters to a wide range of tastes.

The establishment’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the positive reviews it receives. Guests often mention the generous portions and the high quality of the meals. From the well-cooked carvery to the delectable desserts, each dish is crafted with care. Whether it’s the tempting Eton mess ice cream or the selection of veg that receive rave reviews, Wingfield Farm ensures that every detail contributes to a pleasant and satisfying dining outing.

Zachary’s Ice Cream

Address: 29 Main Street, Willerby HU10 6BP England
Phone: +44 1482 655112
Details: $$ – $$$, Dessert, British

Nestled in Hull, Zachary’s Ice Cream stands as a delightful treat haven that receives high praise from its patrons. With a warm and inviting atmosphere, this charming establishment offers an array of delectable ice cream flavors and desserts that cater to a diverse range of preferences.

Visitors often highlight the friendly and attentive staff, describing their interactions as welcoming and helpful. The cheerful atmosphere coupled with the assortment of flavors creates an enjoyable experience for both individuals and families. The outdoor seating area is particularly appreciated, providing a spacious and pleasant spot to savor the sweet treats.

Zachary’s Ice Cream is lauded for its top-quality ice cream made from fresh ingredients. The menu boasts a wide range of flavors and dessert options, from bubble waffles to Knickerbocker Glories. Guests find the prices reasonable, especially considering the generous portion sizes and high-quality offerings. The establishment’s commitment to providing a welcoming environment and scrumptious ice cream delights makes it a must-visit destination for those seeking a delightful dessert experience.

In conclusion, Hull is a city that takes its dessert game seriously, offering a plethora of delightful options for those with a sweet tooth. From the cozy ambiance of Zachary’s Ice Cream to the diverse flavors at Kaspa’s and the delectable creations at Del Gelato and Cocoa Chocolatier, dessert enthusiasts are truly spoiled for choice. Whether you’re seeking classic favorites or innovative creations, these dessert destinations in Hull are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings and leave you with memorable experiences of indulgence and delight.