Discovering the Best Dessert places in Leeds is an irresistible journey for every sweet tooth enthusiast. From delectable patisseries to charming cafes, this vibrant city offers an array of delightful treats to satisfy your dessert cravings. Join us as we embark on a delectable adventure, exploring the most divine and indulgent desserts Leeds has to offer. Whether you’re a fan of heavenly cakes, mouthwatering pastries, or luscious ice creams, Leeds has something to tantalize every taste bud. Get ready to indulge in a sugar-coated escapade like no other!

Ice Scoop Gelato

Address: 43-45 Station Rd, Cross Gates, Leeds LS15 5DT, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 113 264 5355
Details: $$, Ice cream shop

Indulge in a divine dessert experience at Ice Scoop Gelato, a hidden gem in Leeds that promises to satisfy every sweet craving. Located in LS15, this dessert haven delights its customers with a wide variety of options, ensuring there’s something delightful for everyone. The staff’s warm and attentive service adds to the charm, making sure you leave with a smile. Despite arriving late, the team goes the extra mile to ensure perfection, leaving no room for disappointment.

Upon entering, you’ll be greeted with a friendly atmosphere and a well-kept restaurant that sets the stage for a delightful dining experience. The desserts served here are top-notch, and the menu offers delectable treats that will leave you craving for more. Whether it’s their scrumptious milkshakes or the mouthwatering cookie dough and brownies, every item on the menu is a masterpiece.

The staff at Ice Scoop Gelato are always eager to provide the best possible service, ensuring you have a memorable time with your friends or family. Their attentiveness and caring nature make dining here a joyous affair. With prompt service and an inviting ambiance, this place is perfect for a fun dessert outing.

For those with little ones, Ice Scoop Gelato is accommodating and considerate, making it an ideal spot for families. Children are treated with special care, adding a touch of warmth and hospitality that sets this dessert place apart from the rest.

In conclusion, Ice Scoop Gelato stands out as the best dessert spot in Leeds, offering delightful treats, friendly staff, and an inviting ambiance. Whether you’re in the mood for a heavenly dessert with friends or a delightful family outing, this gem in LS15 has it all. Don’t miss the chance to relish their top-tier desserts and superb service; a visit here is truly worth it!

Just Grand! Vintage Tearoom

Address: 8-9 Grand Arcade, New Briggate, Leeds LS1 6PG, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 113 243 1306
Details: $$, Cafe

Step into a world of vintage charm and delightful treats at Just Grand! Vintage Tearoom in Leeds. This gem offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, transporting you to simpler times with its thoughtfully decorated interior. The staff is friendly and accommodating, ensuring you have a pleasant experience from the moment you step in. They take pride in serving a unique selection of Afternoon Teas, combining their multi-cultural heritage with the beloved British tradition.

Indulge in their delightful homemade food, both savory and sweet, crafted from the heart. The menu offers a variety of treats, from sandwiches with the crust cut off to light and fluffy fruit scones, complemented by ample strawberry jam and clotted cream. The cakes are a true masterpiece, with generous portions that leave you feeling satisfied. For tea enthusiasts, the Tearoom boasts an extensive selection of teas, including unusual flavors like pomegranate tea.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking a sweet escape, Just Grand! Vintage Tearoom promises a scrumptious experience. Their attention to detail, vintage decor, and delectable offerings make it a must-visit spot in Leeds. So, gather your friends and treat yourself to an unforgettable afternoon in this sweet and charming Tearoom.


Address: 2 Trevelyan Sq, Leeds LS1 6ED, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7730 063615
Details: Bakery

Step into a doughnut lover’s paradise at Doh’hut, a delightful dessert haven in Leeds that serves some of the fluffiest and most delectable doughnuts you’ll ever taste. The doughnuts here are light and fluffy, practically melting in your mouth with every bite. The shop exudes a charming ambiance, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere that enhances the overall experience.

The menu boasts an impressive array of doughnut flavors, from classic favorites like vanilla and OG to unique combinations like raspberry jam and lemon meringue. Each doughnut is generously filled with delicious flavors, and the dusting of sugar adds the perfect finishing touch. The quality of ingredients shines through, making each doughnut a true treat for the taste buds.

Beyond the delectable treats, Doh’hut offers exceptional customer service, with friendly and easy-going staff who are always ready to assist with a smile. Whether you’re a doughnut connoisseur or simply seeking a delightful snack, Doh’hut is the place to be. From the outstanding doughnuts to the great coffee and inviting atmosphere, this independent coffee shop stands out as a top-notch destination for doughnut enthusiasts in Leeds. Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience at Doh’hut, where you’ll find the perfect combination of fluffy doughnuts and warm hospitality.


Address: 1 Ninelands Ln, Garforth, Leeds LS25 1NX, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 113 287 0055
Details: $$, Bakery

Experience the exquisite delights of Dumouchel, a hidden treasure nestled in Leeds. This delightful patisserie and bakery offers an impressive array of pastries, cakes, and artisan breads that will leave you craving for more. Their madeleines and sponge fingers are perfect for a quick treat, while the cheese bread and onion bread are a divine delight. The birthday gateaux is a sublime creation that will leave you wanting to celebrate every day.

The atmosphere at Dumouchel is warm and inviting, with friendly staff who are always pleased to serve you. Thierry and his team take pride in offering top-quality service and a vast selection of delectable treats. Their vegan croissants and pain au chocolat cater to diverse tastes, ensuring there’s something for everyone to savor.

Whether you’re looking for a lunchtime treat or special occasion desserts, Dumouchel has it all. From the heavenly opera cake to the outstanding bread and croissants, everything is crafted with genuine passion and skill. If you’re seeking a taste of authentic French pastries and bread in the heart of Leeds, this is the place to be. Treat yourself to a gastronomic experience like no other at Dumouchel and support this local gem.

Sunshine Bakery

Address: 182 Harrogate Rd, Chapel Allerton, Leeds LS7 4NZ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 113 268 0656
Details: $$, Bakery

Nestled in Leeds, Sunshine Bakery is a delightful haven for those seeking exquisite treats and a charming atmosphere. The sandwiches, served in a variety of wonderful rolls, are a true delight. From the mouthwatering Mozzarella sandwich with roasted red peppers, rocket, and tomato to the spicy chicken in a sunflower seed and honey roll, each bite is a burst of flavor. The cheese scones and an array of scrumptious desserts, including peanut butter brownies, white chocolate brownies, and cherry and ginger scones, are simply splendid.

Stepping into the bakery feels like entering a fairytale, with adorable vintage decor, gorgeous patterned tea sets, and lovely wallpaper. The welcoming staff goes above and beyond to ensure a delightful experience for every guest. Despite its cozy size, the bakery’s quaintness adds to the charm, making it a perfect spot for a relaxing lunch. Customers also have the opportunity to order customized cakes for special occasions, adding a touch of magic to any celebration.

The Supper Club at Sunshine Bakery offers a delightful culinary experience, perfect for celebrating special occasions. The small, but thoughtfully crafted menu ensures a quality dining experience. From the spicy chicken goujons with Thai dressing to the delectable beef dishes, every course is a celebration of flavors. The attentive and friendly staff adds to the warmth of the experience, making it a place to return to time and time again. Sunshine Bakery is a true gem for cake aficionados and those seeking a friendly and quaint cafe to savor delicious meals and treats.

Ice Boujee

Address: 7 The Crescent, Woodhouse, Leeds LS6 2NW, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 113 345 7965
Details: Dessert shop

Ice Boujee is a top-notch dessert spot in Leeds, impressing customers with their exquisite presentation, exceptional service, and mouthwatering treats. Whether you visit with family or friends, the staff ensures a 10/10 experience, making you feel welcome from the moment you step in. The desserts, waffles, and drinks are a definite must-try, with flavors that will leave your taste buds dancing in delight.

Visitors from Bradford also rave about this luxurious dessert haven, describing the food as “banging” and the service as top-notch. The talented staff members, like artists, craft delectable treats that are both visually appealing and delicious. The menu boasts a wide range of options, including pancakes, waffles, doughnuts, and various flavors of ice cream, allowing everyone to find their sweet haven.

At Ice Boujee, the focus is on providing excellent customer service, ensuring each guest feels valued and appreciated. The desserts are made fresh, allowing you to savor the delightful flavors while indulging in the cozy atmosphere. Whether you’re craving a kinder bueno cookie dough or the best hot chocolate in Leeds, this dessert place promises an unforgettable experience. So, if you have a sweet tooth and seek a delightful and sweet treat, Ice Boujee is the perfect spot for you.


Address: 40 Bridge End, Leeds LS1 4DJ England
Phone: +44 113 244 2994

Dough, a delightful dessert haven in Leeds, is a paradise for donut enthusiasts and those seeking scrumptious treats. The menu boasts a wide array of delectable options, with donuts and waffles stealing the show. The donuts are hailed as the best in Leeds, made fresh to order, ensuring a soft and mouthwatering experience with every bite. Customers are spoiled for choice with various toppings and sauces that add a nostalgic touch to the donuts, reminiscent of funfair nights or weekends at the beach.

The staff at Dough are not only friendly but also go the extra mile to provide excellent service, making each visit a pleasant and memorable one. The warm and inviting atmosphere adds to the overall experience, making it the perfect spot to top off a day out in Leeds. Whether you opt for their signature Lemon donut or indulge in the Biscoff flavor, each treat is crafted with perfection, leaving customers eager to return for more.

Dough’s milkshakes are also a standout highlight, described as divine and one of the best in Leeds. The quality of the desserts and shakes, coupled with the outstanding service, makes Dough a must-visit destination for anyone craving fresh and delicious treats. So, for a delightful journey into sugary bliss and a taste of the best donuts in Leeds, Dough is the go-to place that promises an unforgettable experience.

Crepe Affaire

Address: K25, Albion St, Leeds LS1 5AT, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 113 247 1588
Details: $$, Creperie

Crepe Affaire, located in Leeds Trinity Centre, is a delightful haven for crepe lovers offering a diverse menu of both sweet and savory options. The all-day breakfast crepes are a highlight, with dishes like eggs benedict and eggs royale receiving high praise from satisfied customers. The crepes themselves are skillfully made, and the addition of tea pigs’ tea before 11:30 is a delightful surprise for patrons.

The cafe’s inviting atmosphere and wide selection of crepes and waffles make it a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The loyalty cards add to the appeal, and despite slightly higher prices, the delicious food justifies the expense. The friendly and helpful staff contribute to the overall positive experience, creating a warm and bustling ambiance within the cozy cafe.

With an extensive menu and reasonably priced coffee, Crepe Affaire caters to various preferences, making it an ideal spot for friends, families, and even romantic dates at any time of the day. The Crepe Supreme, a mouthwatering combination of cheese, ham, tomato, and spinach, stands out among the savory options, while the Nutella sweet crepe tantalizes the taste buds for those seeking a delightful dessert. Crepe Affaire is a must-visit destination for crepe enthusiasts, offering a delectable culinary experience in the heart of Leeds.

Haute Dolci Leeds

Address: Haute Dolci Unti 20A The Light, The Headrow, Leeds LS1 8TL, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 113 244 6566
Details: Dessert restaurant

Haute Dolci Leeds is a delightful dessert haven, offering an array of delectable treats that are sure to please every palate. The menu boasts an extensive variety of ice cream choices, sweet crepes, waffles, and more, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The dedicated and friendly staff, including Eesa, Ryan, Abel, and Ben, provide exceptional customer service, making every visit a memorable and enjoyable experience.

The cafe’s elegant decor and welcoming ambiance create a pleasant setting to savor the delightful desserts. Whether one prefers a sweet or savory indulgence, Haute Dolci Leeds delivers with high-quality desserts that are beautifully presented and highly satisfying. The cafe also offers cozy private rooms, perfect for accommodating larger groups, ensuring everyone can relish the culinary delights in a comfortable setting.

The desserts at Haute Dolci Leeds receive glowing reviews, with customers praising the flavors and presentations. The establishment’s commitment to excellent customer service and top-notch desserts makes it a top-notch choice for families, friends, or couples seeking a truly delightful dessert experience in Leeds. Whether it’s a quick treat or a full dining experience, Haute Dolci Leeds offers a taste of heaven in every bite and a service that leaves a lasting impression on its patrons.

In conclusion, Leeds is undoubtedly a haven for dessert enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of sweet delights to satisfy every craving. From artisanal donuts to decadent crepes, the city boasts an impressive lineup of dessert places that never fail to impress. Whether you’re a local looking to satisfy your sweet tooth or a visitor seeking a delightful culinary experience, the dessert spots in Leeds will leave you in awe. So, indulge yourself in the city’s finest desserts and savor the flavors that make Leeds a true paradise for dessert lovers.