Discovering the culinary treasures of a city often starts with exploring its finest dining establishments. In the enchanting city of York, food enthusiasts are in for a treat as we embark on a gastronomic journey to unearth the Best French restaurants in York. From classic bistro charm to gourmet excellence, these establishments offer a taste of France that transcends borders. Whether you’re a connoisseur of French cuisine or simply seeking a delectable dining experience, join us as we savor the flavors and ambiance of York’s top French culinary destinations.


Address: 2A Lendal, York YO1 8AA, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1904 622333
Details: Restaurant

Nola, one of York’s hidden culinary gems, offers a delightful dining experience for those seeking a taste of New Orleans in a Roaring Twenties ambiance. The attentive staff ensure your evening is impeccable, from the moment you step through the door. The menu boasts an array of delectable dishes, with highlights including the best calamari in town, mouthwatering chicken wings, and a divine iceberg wedge salad topped with blue cheese and bacon. For dessert, skip the conventional and dive into their impressive cocktail menu, featuring classics like the Margarita and innovative creations like the Hurricane.

The restaurant’s unique concept of smaller, shareable dishes allows diners to explore a broader spectrum of flavors. The Art Deco decor and live jazz performances transport you to a bygone era, creating a truly captivating atmosphere. Whether you’re a South African food enthusiast or simply in search of a memorable dining experience, Nola delivers with its flavorful dishes and lively ambiance. It’s no wonder this restaurant comes highly recommended, making it a must-visit destination in York. Don’t miss the chance to savor excellent food, soak in the chic atmosphere, and groove to the rhythm of jazz at Nola during your next visit to York.

Côte York

Address: 49-51 Low Petergate, York YO1 7HT, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1904 639994
Details: $$, Restaurant

Côte York, a delightful dining destination in the heart of the city, leaves a lasting impression with its exceptional staff, inviting atmosphere, and tantalizing menu. From the moment you step inside, the warm and attentive staff create a welcoming environment that sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. They go above and beyond, ensuring your needs are met with a smile, making solo visits or group gatherings equally enjoyable.

The diverse menu offers a range of delectable options, from the mouthwatering mussels to the gluten-free breakfast, ensuring there’s something for every palate. Dishes like crab starters, sirloin steak cooked to perfection, and delightful desserts like baked pear and cheese boards showcase the culinary prowess. The ambiance is perfect for a variety of occasions, whether it’s a cozy breakfast, a special celebration, or a casual night out.

Côte York’s commitment to top-notch service and delectable cuisine shines through in every aspect of your dining experience. From friendly staff and a charming atmosphere to a diverse and memorable menu, this restaurant consistently exceeds expectations, making it a must-visit dining destination in York. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, you’ll find Côte York’s food and hospitality to be truly exceptional.

Chopping Block Restaurant At Walmgate Ale House

Address: 25 Walmgate, York YO1 9TX, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1904 629222
Details: $$, French restaurant

The Chopping Block Restaurant at Walmgate Ale House in York offers a unique and inviting dining experience that beautifully blends the charm of the historic building with friendly and efficient service. The restaurant’s informal style mirrors the building’s rich history, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. What truly stands out is the exceptional food that consistently delights diners. From the savory Sunday roast, which is often a hit or miss in many places, to the mouthwatering Normandy Chicken and delicate panna cotta, the menu showcases a range of delectable options.

Visitors and locals alike are drawn to this central location, appreciating not only the delicious cuisine but also the attentive staff who add to the warm and welcoming ambiance. The Sunday roast, in particular, receives high praise for its tender roast beef, generous Yorkshire pudding, flavorful gravy, and delightful dessert options like sticky toffee pudding. For those seeking top-notch cuisine in a charming and friendly setting, Chopping Block Restaurant is a standout choice. Whether it’s a casual drink, a hearty meal, or a unique dining experience you’re after, this restaurant delivers on all fronts, making it a must-visit in York.


Address: Shambles Market Food Court, York YO1 7LX, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7498 443211
Details: Pancake restaurant

Krep, nestled within York’s bustling Shambles Market, is a gastronomic gem that consistently impresses with its delightful staff, vibrant atmosphere, and mouthwatering menu offerings. This eatery has mastered the art of crafting exquisite galettes and crepes that leave diners craving for more. From the savory delights like ham, cheese, and egg with Dijon mayo to the sweet temptations like the white chocolate crepe, each dish is a culinary masterpiece.

The attentive staff at Krep provide not only friendly service but also efficient guidance through the bustling market scene. The care they take in delivering quality and speed is truly appreciated by visitors and locals alike. The dining experience here is a delightful fusion of flavors and the vibrant Shambles Market ambiance.

Whether you’re a crepe aficionado or a first-time visitor, Krep promises a gastronomic journey that will leave your taste buds dancing with joy. With their dedication to top-quality ingredients and perfectly cooked pancakes, it’s no wonder that Krep has earned its reputation as a must-visit dining destination in York. So, whether you’re in the mood for a savory delight or a sweet treat, Krep awaits, ready to delight your senses with their delectable offerings.

22 Yards Wine Bar

Address: 21 High Petergate, York YO1 7EN, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1904 651215
Details: Wine bar

22 Yards Wine Bar in York is a wine lover’s haven that offers a delightful blend of exquisite food, exceptional wine, and top-notch service. The staff’s deep knowledge of wines is truly impressive, and their attentive and passionate service adds to the overall experience. The extensive wine list provides an array of options to suit various tastes, with recommendations like the Cada Nube red wine coming highly recommended by patrons.

The restaurant’s ambiance is a delightful mix of modern, quirky, and relaxed vibes, making it a perfect venue for a relaxed lunch or a memorable evening out. The cozy interior and friendly staff create a welcoming atmosphere that complements the superb wine selection and carefully prepared food. The menu boasts dishes that have left diners raving about the exceptional quality, making it one of the best dining experiences in the UK.

Whether you’re savoring the delicious cuisine, enjoying the fantastic wine selection, or soaking in the stylish and relaxed atmosphere, 22 Yards Wine Bar offers a memorable experience from start to finish. It’s a place where wine enthusiasts and food lovers alike can come together to savor the perfect blend of flavors, ambiance, and top-notch service. For those seeking a unique and exceptional dining experience in York, this wine bar is a must-visit.

Florian Poirot Ltd

Address: 2a Talbot Yard Yorkersgate, Malton YO17 7FT England
Phone: +44 7947 587382
Details: $$ – $$$, Bakeries, French

Florian Poirot Ltd in Malton is a hidden gem for those seeking exquisite macarons, cakes, and other delectable treats. Nestled in the charming Talbot Yard, this shop offers a delightful range of flavors that truly awaken the taste buds. The staff are not only warm and welcoming but also knowledgeable, eager to share insider tips about the local area.

For those looking to enhance their culinary skills, Florian Poirot offers classes where you can learn the art of making macarons and pastries. These classes provide valuable insights and hands-on experience, making it a must-visit for anyone with a passion for patisserie.

Whether you’re indulging in the heavenly macarons, savoring the daily cakes, or exploring the stunning jams and biscuits, Florian Poirot Ltd provides a delightful experience for all your sweet cravings. The attention to detail in both product and service ensures that every visit is a memorable one. So, if you find yourself in Malton, make sure to stop by this charming shop and treat yourself to a taste sensation like no other.

Bistro Du Vin

Address: Crescent Rd, Tunbridge Wells TN1 2LY, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1904 557352
Details: Restaurant

Bistro Du Vin in York offers a truly delightful dining experience, combining excellent cuisine, attentive service, and a warm and inviting atmosphere. Whether you’re indulging in a special occasion meal or just looking for a memorable dining experience, this restaurant stands out as a top choice.

The staff at Bistro Du Vin are both friendly and knowledgeable, ensuring that you feel welcomed and well taken care of throughout your visit. Their expertise extends to the extensive wine list, allowing you to pair your meal perfectly with the ideal wine selection. This attention to detail and customer-focused approach elevate the overall experience.

The menu boasts a diverse range of dishes, from sautéed mushrooms and moules to delectable desserts like the cheeseboard. With options to suit different tastes, it’s no wonder that guests frequently return to savor the culinary delights on offer. Whether you’re visiting as a couple or with a group of friends, Bistro Du Vin in York promises a memorable dining experience in a charming and comfortable setting.

Langton’s Brasserie & Restaurant

Address: 45 Main St, Fulford, York YO10 4PJ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1904 622099
Details: Restaurant

Langton’s Brasserie & Restaurant in York offers a fantastic dining experience characterized by excellent food, impeccable service, and a charming atmosphere. Nestled in the heart of York, it’s an ideal spot for a memorable meal.

The staff at Langton’s Brasserie & Restaurant are not only friendly but also efficient, ensuring that every guest feels warmly welcomed. Their knowledge and attentive service contribute to the overall pleasant dining experience.

The menu at Langton’s Brasserie & Restaurant boasts a variety of delectable options, with dishes like the Salmon and Crab Terrine and Slow-braised Pork Belly receiving praise for their delicious flavors. The restaurant also caters to different dietary preferences, making it an inclusive dining choice.

Langton’s Brasserie & Restaurant is the perfect place for a meal during a short break or special occasion. The combination of delightful dishes, courteous service, and a charming ambiance makes it a top choice for those looking to enjoy a memorable dining experience in York.

In conclusion, York is home to a delightful array of French restaurants, each offering its own unique blend of flavors and ambiance. Whether you’re craving classic French cuisine or modern interpretations of traditional dishes, the city has something to satisfy every palate. From the charming Langton’s Brasserie & Restaurant to the delectable offerings at Bistro Du Vin, York’s French dining scene is a testament to culinary excellence. So, the next time you find yourself in this historic city, be sure to indulge in the culinary delights these French restaurants have to offer. Your taste buds will thank you.