Discovering the culinary delights of Glasgow‘s diverse food scene is a treat for any food enthusiast. For those seeking exceptional Halal dining experiences, look no further than this guide to the Best Halal restaurants in Glasgow. From sizzling kebabs to tantalizing curries, these establishments are sure to excite your taste buds and leave you craving for more. Embrace the city’s rich cultural tapestry as we embark on a gastronomic journey, exploring the top spots that cater to the discerning Halal palate.

Madras Cafe

Address: 82 Howard St, Glasgow G1 4EE, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 237 1819
Details: $$, Indian restaurant

Madras Cafe, a Halal restaurant in Glasgow, has earned a well-deserved reputation for its amazing food and warm hospitality. With an incredible menu that boasts some of the best Indian dishes in the area, it’s no wonder patrons find it hard to choose just one favorite. The waiting staff here are attentive and polite, ensuring a pleasant dining experience for every guest. They take notice of their customers’ needs and are quick to inquire about the satisfaction with the food, making sure everyone feels well-cared for throughout the meal.

Booking ahead is recommended, as this popular spot often fills up quickly, especially on busy evenings. But fear not, the booking process is easy and efficient, ensuring your table is ready for you upon arrival. The ambiance of Madras Cafe adds to the overall charm of the place, with its cozy and inviting atmosphere making diners feel right at home.

The quality of the food here is consistently praised, with dishes being described as delicious and outstanding. The menu offers a variety of options, including delightful choices for vegetarians and vegans. Whether you try their flavorsome lamb tandoori, tempting biryani, or explore their vegan curry selection, you’re in for a treat. The friendly and helpful servers add to the overall pleasant experience, making sure you have everything you need to enjoy your meal to the fullest.

Madras Cafe is not just a place to have a great meal; it’s also a spot where the staff goes above and beyond to create a wonderful vibe for their customers. With excellent service, scrumptious dishes, and a welcoming atmosphere, it’s no wonder this restaurant comes highly recommended. So, if you’re seeking a taste of authentic Indian cuisine coupled with top-notch hospitality, Madras Cafe should be at the top of your list.

Turkiye Efes Restaurant

Address: 97-99 Candleriggs, Glasgow G1 1NP, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 553 1577
Details: Turkish restaurant

Nestled in a great location, Turkiye Efes Restaurant in Glasgow offers an exceptional dining experience characterized by friendly staff and impeccable service. The attentive team, always sporting warm smiles, goes the extra mile to accommodate every guest’s needs, ensuring a delightful visit. The restaurant’s spotless ambiance adds to the overall appeal, creating a welcoming space for patrons to enjoy a relaxed meal.

The menu at Turkiye Efes boasts a tempting array of dishes, making it a challenge to decide on just one favorite. With a delectable selection of Turkish delights, guests find themselves eager to explore the diverse flavors. From the fabulous express lunch menu to generously portioned sharer plates, the food never fails to impress. Complemented by a well-stocked bar and complimentary treats, the restaurant ensures that guests have a memorable time with family, friends, or loved ones.

Turkiye Efes is not only known for its outstanding food but also for its lively atmosphere. On certain nights, the restaurant comes alive with Turkish dancing, adding a fun touch to the dining experience. Whether you’re looking for a night out with loved ones or a cozy dinner for two, this charming spot offers a perfect blend of delectable cuisine and attentive service. With top-quality meat dishes like the mouthwatering Lamb Shish Iskender, guests are treated to an unforgettable culinary journey. Friendly, polite staff add to the overall charm, making Turkiye Efes a place you’ll want to visit again and again.


Address: 74 Trongate, Glasgow G1 5EP, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 221 9251
Details: $$, Restaurant

Charcoals, a beloved Halal restaurant in Glasgow, has earned its reputation for exceptional service, inviting atmosphere, and a tantalizing menu that delights even those who may not typically enjoy Indian or Pakistani cuisine. From the moment you step inside, you are greeted with a warm welcome, making you feel right at home. The staff, led by the affable Ali, goes above and beyond to provide fantastic service, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

The restaurant’s recent renovation and expansion have created a spacious and well-decorated environment, perfect for hosting larger parties or intimate gatherings. The food at Charcoals is simply to die for. The curries are mixed to perfection, and the dishes never disappoint. Whether you’re a curry lover or a first-timer, the wide range of dishes caters to all tastes. The succulent meat is always perfectly cooked, and the flavorful sauces add an extra touch of delight to every meal.

Aside from the delectable food, Charcoals stands out for its charitable efforts, actively going out of its way to feed the homeless and making a positive impact in the community. This dedication to service is reflected in every aspect of the restaurant, making it a favorite among locals and visitors alike. With a friendly and welcoming ambiance, delicious dishes, and exceptional hospitality, Charcoals is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an authentic and unforgettable Indian dining experience in Glasgow.

Ashoka – Southside

Address: 268 Clarkston Rd, Muirend, Glasgow G44 3EA, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 637 0711
Details: $$, Indian restaurant

Ashoka – Southside, a renowned Halal restaurant in Glasgow, is a hidden gem that surprises guests with its lovely atmosphere, friendly staff, and tantalizing menu. Despite its unassuming location, once inside, you are greeted with charming decor and a warm, caring service that sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. The food at Ashoka – Southside is simply superb, with a diverse menu offering both traditional northern Indian dishes and more unique southern Indian options. From the flavorful Dhaba Curry to the tangy and spicy Reshmi, each dish is prepared to perfection, leaving diners thoroughly satisfied.

The highlight of the restaurant is its 7-course tasting menu, allowing patrons to explore a variety of delightful dishes. The knowledgeable staff assists guests in navigating the menu, making recommendations based on individual tastes. The portions are generous, ensuring no one leaves the table hungry. With prompt service and a relaxed ambiance, Ashoka – Southside provides an ideal setting for a delightful meal. Vegetarians, in particular, will appreciate the ample selection of delectable dishes available.

Diners consistently praise the exceptional quality of the food, emphasizing the fresh flavors and well-cooked meat. The restaurant’s high standards, spotless environment, and welcoming atmosphere contribute to its popularity. With attentive and friendly servers like Farah and Eleanor, Ashoka – Southside stands out as a place where guests feel well cared for and eagerly return to enjoy the exquisite culinary offerings. Whether you’re a seasoned Indian food enthusiast or someone eager to explore new tastes, this restaurant’s unique taster menu promises to delight and surprise you with a truly memorable dining experience.

Ashoka Finnieston

Address: 1284 Argyle St, Glasgow G3 8AB, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 339 3371
Details: $$, Indian restaurant

Ashoka – Finnieston, a Halal restaurant in Glasgow, stands the test of time with its delightful staff, inviting atmosphere, and a menu that boasts the finest Indian cuisine. Despite its unassuming exterior, once inside, diners are treated to a feast of flavors that leave a lasting impression. The food here is simply phenomenal, with each dish bursting with freshness and a depth of flavor rarely found elsewhere. From the crispy chicken pakora to the perfectly balanced korma, every bite is a delight.

The friendly and attentive staff contribute to the overall warm and welcoming ambiance, ensuring guests have a memorable dining experience. The restaurant offers a 7-course taster menu that allows diners to explore an array of delectable dishes, making it an excellent option for those seeking to try new flavors. With reasonable prices and ample portions, Ashoka – Finnieston offers great value for money. Whether you’re attending a concert at the Hydro or seeking a cozy date night spot, Ashoka’s intimate setting and attentive service make it a must-visit destination for Indian cuisine enthusiasts.

This hidden gem has garnered praise for its fantastic food, authentic Indian drinks selection, and vegetarian-friendly options. The restaurant’s ability to impress even those who aren’t usually fans of Indian cuisine showcases its exceptional culinary prowess. The staff’s dedication to providing impeccable service further elevates the dining experience, ensuring guests leave with a smile. For those seeking a truly outstanding Indian meal in Glasgow, Ashoka – Finnieston promises a delightful journey of flavors that will undoubtedly satisfy any craving for Indian-style food.

Charcoals Cafe

Address: 74 Trongate, Glasgow G1 5EP, United Kingdom
Phone: +447894966979
Details: $$, Restaurant

Charcoals Cafe in Glasgow is a must-visit Halal restaurant, praised for its excellent service, inviting atmosphere, and delectable menu. The friendly waiting staff ensure a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience, making guests feel warmly welcomed. The menu offers a wide range of dishes, from traditional Indian favorites to innovative and delicious new options, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Visitors rave about the fantastic food and generous portions, leaving with satisfied and happy bellies. The dishes are well-spiced, striking a perfect balance of flavors without overwhelming heat. Charcoals Cafe caters to both meat eaters and vegetarians, providing plenty of choices to suit all preferences.

The restaurant’s dedication to customer satisfaction is evident through the attentive and polite service. Even during busy times, the staff maintain their high standards, ensuring every guest feels valued and attended to. Charcoals Cafe goes the extra mile, providing complimentary treats that delight diners and add to the overall exceptional dining experience.

This award-winning restaurant not only offers delightful meals but also actively contributes to the community. With excellent food, friendly staff, and reasonable prices, Charcoals Cafe has become a favorite among locals and visitors alike. From the flavorsome South Indian Garlic Chilli Chicken to the mouthwatering Chicken Tikka Masala, Charcoals Cafe delivers an unforgettable culinary journey. Whether you’re a seasoned Indian cuisine lover or a first-timer, this restaurant promises a memorable and satisfying dining experience.


Address: 109 Candleriggs, Glasgow G1 1NP, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 552 2777
Details: $$, Indian restaurant

Koolba, a gem in Glasgow’s culinary scene, offers an exceptional dining experience with its intimate and sophisticated atmosphere. The restaurant boasts a menu that combines Indian and Persian culinary delights, promising a delightful journey for the taste buds. From the spicy kick in the hummus to the mouthwatering kebabs and flavorful masala chips, every dish impresses with its complexity and taste.

The attentive and knowledgeable staff at Koolba contribute to the overall welcoming ambiance, ensuring that guests feel right at home. Their friendly and polite service adds to the enjoyment of the meal, making every visit memorable. Whether it’s a quick appetizer and beverage or a full-fledged dinner, the staff goes above and beyond to exceed expectations.

The beautifully presented dishes, like the Keralan-influenced seabass with chili and garlic, are a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to serving high-quality and flavorful food. Diners appreciate that the flavors of the dishes are not overpowering, allowing the individual ingredients to shine through. Moreover, the reasonable prices make Koolba an excellent choice for those seeking an unforgettable culinary experience without breaking the bank.

With its outstanding food, friendly and attentive staff, and relaxed atmosphere, Koolba is indeed a must-visit in Glasgow. From special occasions to casual dining, the restaurant consistently delivers sensational curries and delightful treats, leaving guests impressed and eagerly anticipating their next visit.

Obsession Of India

Address: 25 High St, Glasgow G1 1LX, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 552 0700
Details: $$, Indian restaurant

Obsession Of India, a hidden gem in Glasgow’s culinary scene, offers a delightful and memorable dining experience. The restaurant boasts a warm and friendly family-style atmosphere, making guests feel welcomed and at ease. The staff’s genuine happiness to serve and assist with order suggestions adds to the overall positive vibe of the place.

The star of the show at Obsession Of India is undoubtedly the food. With an extensive menu, the dishes are wonderfully prepared and fabulously executed. From the mouthwatering Lamb Handi to the flavorful Butter Chicken Masala and the delightful Vegetarian Smoke Karahi, every dish impresses with its taste and quality. The portions are generous, and the prices are moderate, offering great value for money.

The attentive and friendly service further enhances the dining experience, leaving guests feeling well taken care of. The cleanliness and pride shown in the restaurant’s presentation also contribute to the overall positive impression. Whether you’re a curry enthusiast or seeking something tasty and exotic, Obsession Of India is a must-visit in Glasgow. Highly recommended by its satisfied patrons, this restaurant promises an unforgettable and enjoyable culinary journey.


Address: 146-148, Nelson St, Glasgow G5 8EJ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 418 0796
Details: $$, Persian restaurant

Sholeh restaurant in Glasgow offers an outstanding Persian dining experience that leaves guests impressed and eager to return. The family-run restaurant creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making patrons feel valued and well taken care of. The staff is attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable, offering excellent recommendations and ensuring a delightful dining experience.

The menu at Sholeh is a highlight in itself, boasting a wide variety of flavorful Persian dishes. From the delicious lamb wrap to the exquisite mixed grill, every dish is prepared to perfection and bursts with authentic flavors. Vegetarians and vegans are also well catered for, with ample options to choose from. The meze starter is particularly outstanding, showcasing the restaurant’s commitment to quality and diverse flavors.

Portion sizes are generous, ensuring diners leave satisfied and with the opportunity to take home some of the delectable cuisine. Whether visiting for lunch or dinner, the food at Sholeh consistently impresses, making it a top choice for Persian cuisine in Glasgow. The restaurant’s dedication to excellent food, friendly service, and a pleasant atmosphere has earned it a loyal following and high recommendations from satisfied customers.

Kebabish Grill

Address: 323-325 Victoria Rd, Glasgow G42 7SA, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 424 1879
Details: $$, Pakistani restaurant

Nestled in Glasgow, Kebabish Grill offers a delightful culinary experience that keeps diners coming back for more. The staff at this restaurant goes above and beyond to ensure guests feel welcome and attended to, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere. With efficient and courteous service, they make dining at Kebabish a memorable experience.

The menu boasts an impressive array of dishes that cater to diverse tastes. From the mouthwatering lamb chops to the flavorful mixed grill, each dish is prepared with care and bursting with authentic flavors. The portion sizes are generous, providing excellent value for money. The restaurant’s commitment to using fresh ingredients is evident in the delectable flavors that delight every bite.

Visitors are treated to an exceptional dining experience, with the option to enjoy the vibrant fish tank while savoring their meal. The staff is always ready to offer helpful recommendations, ensuring diners have a wonderful culinary adventure. Whether indulging in the delicious curries or savoring the scrumptious kebabs, Kebabish Grill delivers a consistently outstanding experience. For those seeking an authentic Indian and Pakistani dining experience, Kebabish Grill is a must-visit destination in Glasgow.

Ashoka Ashton Lane

Address: 19 Ashton Ln, Hillhead, Glasgow G12 8SJ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 337 1115
Details: $$, Indian restaurant

Ashoka Ashton Lane in Glasgow offers an exceptional dining experience with its quick and friendly service, creating a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. The menu boasts a wide selection of delicious Indian dishes, from flavorful small plates to delectable curries, satisfying every palate. The attentive staff, such as Savi, Uditi, and Kiran, go above and beyond to make each guest feel well taken care of and provide helpful recommendations, enhancing the overall dining experience.

The food at Ashoka Ashton Lane is consistently excellent, with generous portion sizes and beautifully presented dishes. Guests praise the slow-cooked beef Madras, prawn poori, and tofu pakora, which have become favorites for many. The restaurant’s commitment to traditional Indian flavors shines through in every dish, making it a popular choice for both locals and visitors alike.

In addition to the mouthwatering food, the warm and courteous service provided by the staff, especially Savi, Uditi, and Kiran, leaves a lasting impression on diners. Their attention to detail and friendly demeanor create a memorable experience for all guests. Whether it’s a family celebration, a casual lunch, or an impromptu dinner, Ashoka Ashton Lane is the go-to destination for an enjoyable and satisfying dining experience in Glasgow.

Nakodar Grill

Address: 13 Annfield Pl, Glasgow G31 2XQ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 556 4430
Details: $$, Indian restaurant

Nakodar Grill in Glasgow offers an unforgettable dining experience with its outstanding Indian cuisine, making it a go-to destination for food enthusiasts. The restaurant boasts a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, complemented by attentive and hospitable staff who ensure a memorable dining experience for every guest. The food is exceptional, with a variety of flavorful dishes prepared to perfection, leaving diners craving for more.

The menu offers a wide selection of delectable dishes, from the aromatic curries to the mouthwatering naan bread and succulent grilled meats. Each dish is packed with flavors, and the portions are generous, providing excellent value for money. The chicken pakora and tandoori chicken are especially praised, along with the delightful garlic naan and paneer butter masala. Whether dining in or ordering a takeaway, Nakodar Grill consistently delivers delicious and well-presented meals.

Guests often describe Nakodar Grill as the best Indian restaurant they’ve visited, surpassing even other renowned Indian eateries. The flavors of the curries are rich and well-balanced, leaving a lasting impression on diners. The restaurant’s popularity is evident, with a bustling atmosphere even on weekdays. From the warm ambiance to the delightful dishes, Nakodar Grill stands out as a top choice for those seeking an exceptional Indian dining experience in Glasgow.

Masala Twist

Address: 261-263 Hope St, Glasgow G2 3PS, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 332 6002
Details: $$, Indian restaurant

Masala Twist in Glasgow offers a delightful dining experience with its exceptional Indian cuisine, warm atmosphere, and attentive staff. Upon entering, guests are warmly greeted and made to feel welcome by the friendly team. The staff is attentive and knowledgeable, assisting diners in navigating the menu and providing excellent recommendations for a memorable meal.

The restaurant’s menu features an array of mouthwatering dishes, from traditional Indian favorites to unique street-food options, ensuring there’s something to please every palate. Diners are delighted by the freshness and flavor of the food, which is skillfully prepared and generously portioned. The variety of dishes caters to both adventurous eaters and those seeking classic Indian flavors.

Masala Twist stands out for its authenticity, drawing not only locals but also diners of Indian origin, a testament to the restaurant’s genuine and flavorful offerings. The restaurant’s inviting ambiance, accompanied by tasteful decor and soothing music, creates the perfect setting for a memorable dining experience. Whether visiting for lunch or dinner, Masala Twist promises outstanding Indian cuisine, impeccable service, and a welcoming atmosphere, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking exceptional Indian food in Glasgow.


Address: 411-413 Great Western Road, Glasgow G4 9JA Scotland
Phone: +44 141 339 2170
Details: $$ – $$$, Middle Eastern, Persian, Vegetarian Friendly

Paradise restaurant in Glasgow offers an exceptional Middle Eastern dining experience, boasting a warm and welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff, and a diverse and flavorful menu. The restaurant’s Persian cuisine delights diners with its generous portions and delectable taste, making it a popular choice among locals and visitors alike.

Upon entering Paradise, guests are greeted with authentic Middle Eastern decor, setting the tone for a memorable dining experience. The staff, known for their warmth and efficiency, ensure that diners feel comfortable and well taken care of throughout their visit. The menu offers a wide array of traditional Middle Eastern dishes, from succulent grilled meats to flavorful stews and mezze-style starters, all prepared with utmost care and attention.

The restaurant’s highlight is the mixed grill for two, a delightful assortment of marinated and grilled meats that leaves guests with a lasting impression. Not only does the food impress, but the BYOB policy adds to the dining experience, allowing diners to pair their favorite beverages with the delectable dishes.

For those seeking an authentic Middle Eastern feast in Glasgow, Paradise restaurant is a hidden gem that delivers delightful flavors, friendly service, and an ambiance that transports diners to the heart of the Middle East. Whether for a special occasion or a casual gathering with friends and family, Paradise promises an unforgettable culinary journey.

Bombay Blues Fine Indian Cusine

Address: 41 Hope St, Glasgow G2 6AE, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 221 0817
Details: $$, Indian restaurant

Bombay Blues Fine Indian Cuisine in Glasgow offers an outstanding dining experience with its sumptuous buffet lunch and delectable à la carte menu. The staff at the restaurant are friendly, accommodating, and attentive, ensuring guests feel welcomed and well-cared-for throughout their visit. The buffet, priced reasonably and inclusive of a variety of starters, main courses, and desserts, delights diners with its extensive selection and fresh, flavorful dishes. Additionally, the à la carte menu offers a range of authentic Indian flavors, prepared to perfection and served by the attentive staff.

The restaurant’s location near Glasgow Central Station makes it convenient for both locals and travelers to savor their delicious offerings. With a warm and comfortable ambiance, Bombay Blues creates an inviting setting for guests to enjoy their meals. The Tandoori Chicken Tikka Sizzler is a standout dish, boasting authentic charcoal flavor that captivates taste buds. Furthermore, the restaurant’s buffet is highly recommended, providing ample options for curry lovers, vegetarians, and vegans alike.

Whether visiting for a buffet lunch, à la carte dinner, or to celebrate with a large group, Bombay Blues consistently delivers excellent food, exceptional service, and a hospitable atmosphere. The restaurant’s commitment to customer satisfaction and a diverse menu make it a must-visit for Indian food enthusiasts in Glasgow.

Mister Singh’s India

Address: 149 Elderslie St, Glasgow G3 7JR, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 204 0186
Details: $$, Indian restaurant

Mister Singh’s India, a renowned Halal restaurant in Glasgow, offers a truly delightful dining experience with its exceptional staff, inviting atmosphere, and delectable menu. The warm and friendly service ensures that guests feel welcome and well-cared-for, creating a memorable experience for all. The Scottish twist to traditional Indian cuisine adds a unique touch, enhancing the overall dining experience.

The menu boasts a wide variety of dishes that impress diners with their authentic flavors and high-quality ingredients. From Chicken Chasni to Chicken Tikka, the food is top-notch and full of flavor. The restaurant also offers a delightful selection of beverages, including Mr. Singh’s own draft beer, adding to the dining pleasure.

The outstanding service provided by Mister Singh’s India is highly praised, with staff members going above and beyond to make guests feel special. Personalized attention and thoughtful gestures, like taking pictures of diners and presenting them in frames, add a touch of elegance to the experience. Whether attending a special event or simply enjoying a meal with friends and family, Mister Singh’s India promises a wonderful time filled with exceptional food and service. The restaurant’s unique blend of Scottish and Indian influences, along with the warm hospitality of its staff, make it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a delightful Indian dining experience in Glasgow.

Pasha Glasgow

Address: 48 North Frederick Street, Glasgow G1 2BS, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 237 6750
Details: $, Middle Eastern restaurant

Pasha Glasgow is a hidden gem that offers a delightful dining experience with its authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, friendly staff, and generous portions. Despite its unassuming exterior, the restaurant surprises diners with the love and care evident in each dish served. From fresh and delicious vegan and vegetarian options to mouthwatering lamb and chicken dishes, Pasha’s menu caters to all tastes and preferences.

The warm and attentive service provided by the staff adds to the overall charm of the restaurant. Guests are made to feel welcome and valued, and the owner’s genuine care for the customers’ dining experience shines through. Whether visiting with family or friends, Pasha Glasgow promises a fantastic culinary journey with its mouthwatering shawarma, hummus, and other authentic Arabic and Persian delicacies.

The restaurant’s cozy and family-run ambiance makes it an ideal spot for any occasion, be it a casual lunch or a gathering with loved ones. With its fabulous food, welcoming atmosphere, and excellent service, Pasha Glasgow is a must-visit for anyone seeking an unforgettable Middle Eastern dining experience in the heart of Glasgow.

Al Sultan

Address: 61 Bridge St, Glasgow G5 9JB, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 429 2223
Details: $$, Mediterranean restaurant

Al Sultan is a culinary gem that continues to impress its patrons with delectable dishes and warm hospitality. Returning to the restaurant after a few years, guests are delighted to find that the food is as delicious as they remember. From the flavorful shawarma chicken hummus to the mouthwatering baclava, every item on the menu is a delightful treat for the taste buds. The restaurant’s attentive staff ensures a pleasant dining experience, making guests feel welcomed and valued.

With generous portions and a wide selection of dishes, Al Sultan offers a perfect dining option for families and groups. The Chilli Garlic Chicken and Chicken Tikka with rice are just a few of the mouthwatering options that leave diners craving for more. The attentive and friendly service further enhances the dining experience, adding to the restaurant’s welcoming ambiance.

Guests appreciate the attention to detail in both the food presentation and the restaurant’s decor, creating a delightful feast for both the eyes and the palate. Whether visiting for lunch or dinner, Al Sultan’s affordable prices and delicious offerings make it an ideal spot for a memorable dining experience. Located near the O2 Academy, it’s a convenient choice for those looking for a satisfying meal before a show. Al Sultan’s commitment to exceptional food and service makes it a must-visit restaurant in Glasgow.

Shish Mahal

Address: 60-68 Park Rd, Glasgow G4 9JF, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 334 7899
Details: $$, Indian restaurant

Shish Mahal, a renowned and well-established Indian restaurant in Glasgow, has garnered praise for its exceptional staff, inviting atmosphere, and diverse menu offerings. Stepping into the restaurant, guests are welcomed by suited and attentive senior staff who ensure that every aspect of the dining experience is to their satisfaction. The warm and inviting ambiance sets the stage for a delightful culinary journey.

The menu at Shish Mahal offers an extensive array of dishes, and guests are pleased with the generous portions that leave them satisfied. The Chicken Tikka Masala, a specialty of the restaurant, is a crowd favorite, receiving accolades for its delicious flavor. The attentive and helpful service provided by the staff adds to the overall positive experience, making guests feel valued and well-cared-for during their visit.

With a long-standing legacy in Glasgow since its inception in 1964, Shish Mahal continues to maintain its reputation for delivering high-quality Indian cuisine. From flavorful starters like poppadoms and pakoras to mouthwatering main courses like lamb biryani, each dish is prepared with care and precision. Whether it’s a casual lunch or an exquisite dinner, Shish Mahal remains a top choice for those seeking a high-quality Indian dining experience in the west end of Glasgow.

Byblos Cafe – Glasgow

Address: 6 Park Rd, Glasgow G4 9JG, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 339 7980
Details: $, Lebanese restaurant

Byblos Cafe in Glasgow is a hidden gem offering authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for its diners. As a family-run establishment, the owners take pride in ensuring their guests feel at home and enjoy their dining experience to the fullest. The menu boasts a variety of mouthwatering dishes, including chicken shawarma wraps and traditional Lebanese delicacies like baklava, maamoul, and kanafeh with cheese. The café’s warm hospitality and pride in their cuisine are evident, making visitors feel like they’re experiencing the true flavors of the Fertile Crescent.

Customers rave about the generous portions and reasonable prices, making Byblos Cafe a popular spot for those seeking a taste of Lebanon in the West End. The extensive menu offers a wide selection, catering to vegetarians as well with options like hummus, falafel, and stuffed vine leaves. The friendly and accommodating staff contribute to the welcoming ambiance, providing excellent service that leaves a lasting impression on guests.

With its unpretentious and cozy setting, Byblos Cafe creates an authentic dining experience reminiscent of being in someone’s dining room. Guests are encouraged to try the delightful Chicken Tawook, Mix Grill Set with rice, Shawarma, and Kebabs, followed by the superb dessert, Kanafe. The restaurant’s reputation for delicious food, laid-back atmosphere, and charming service make it a must-visit for both fans of Lebanese cuisine and those seeking a unique dining experience in Glasgow’s West End.

In conclusion, Glasgow offers a delightful array of Halal restaurants that cater to diverse palates and preferences. From the authentic Middle Eastern flavors of Byblos Cafe to the longstanding legacy of Shish Mahal, each restaurant brings its own unique charm to the city’s culinary scene. Whether you’re craving succulent shawarmas, flavorful curries, or delectable baklavas, these top-notch establishments are sure to leave you with a memorable dining experience. So, if you find yourself in Glasgow and looking to savor the best of Halal cuisine, be sure to explore these fantastic restaurants that promise a delightful gastronomic journey.