Welcome to our guide on the Best Korean Restaurants in Ottawa! If you’re a fan of Korean cuisine or simply looking to embark on a delightful culinary adventure, Ottawa has a vibrant dining scene that won’t disappoint. From sizzling barbecues to delectable bibimbap and mouthwatering kimchi, this city offers a range of authentic and top-notch Korean dining options. Join us as we explore the diverse flavors, cozy atmospheres, and exceptional service provided by the Best Korean restaurants in Ottawa, where every bite takes you on a memorable journey through Korean gastronomy.


Address: 266 Preston St, Ottawa, ON K1R 7R5, Canada
Phone: +1 (613) 236-0000
Website: kochu.ca
Details: $$, Sushi restaurant

Located in Ottawa, Kochu is a Korean restaurant that offers a delightful fusion of Korean and Japanese cuisine. With its bright flavors, delicious dishes, and reasonable prices, it has become a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The restaurant’s simple yet inviting atmosphere, featuring rail/countertop seating and an open kitchen, allows guests to witness the culinary magic in action.

One of the standout aspects of Kochu is its friendly and knowledgeable staff. They are always willing to explain the menu and showcase their passion for the work they do. The dedication of the staff is reflected in the impeccable taste and presentation of the food, which is a perfect blend of freshness and quality ingredients.

Kochu’s menu boasts an extensive selection, ranging from gyoza and maki rolls to octopus balls and tempura squid. However, the gochujang chicken steals the show with its exceptional blend of flavors, heat, and succulent chicken. Each dish is prepared with care and attention to detail, ensuring that every ingredient shines on its own.

Apart from the outstanding food, Kochu offers a sparse but sufficient beverage lineup, accompanied by self-serve barley tea. Whether dining in or ordering for delivery, guests can expect beautiful presentation and a culinary experience that will leave them eager to explore other hidden delights on the menu. Kochu is a must-visit restaurant for anyone seeking the best Korean and Japanese cuisine in Ottawa.

Sapporo Sushi Ottawa

Address: 1671 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON K2A 0Y2, Canada
Phone: +1 (613) 729-6018
Website: sapporosushiottawa.com
Details: $$, Sushi restaurant

Located in Ottawa, Sapporo Sushi is a hidden gem that offers an exceptional sushi experience. With talented and creative sushi chefs, this restaurant has quickly gained a reputation for its high-quality and delicious food. The Love Platter, with its generous portions, is highly recommended for those seeking a satisfying meal. The rolls, especially the unique Cultus roll with its rice wrap, impress with their flavors and the excellent quality of the fish. For those craving something beyond sushi, the beef and short ribs cooked to perfection on a sizzling platter are a must-try.

The staff at Sapporo Sushi goes above and beyond to ensure a pleasant dining experience. Even during the challenging times of COVID, they remain accommodating and friendly, providing quick and efficient service for takeout orders. The Tempura Dinner, Sashimi Special, and Family Dinner are highly praised for their freshness and great flavors. In addition, the restaurant welcomes families with young children and offers an authentic Japanese kids menu, showcasing their commitment to catering to diverse needs.

With a cozy atmosphere, friendly service, and excellent sushi at a good price, Sapporo Sushi stands out as a go-to destination for sushi lovers. Visitors appreciate the convenient location with free parking, making it an ideal spot for lunch or dinner. The extensive menu offers a range of options, from salmon sashimi to geisha rolls and tempura appetizers, all served with generous portions and great taste. The restaurant’s attention to detail, prompt service, and availability of gluten-free options make it a gem that keeps patrons coming back for more.

Food Mood: Korean Kitchen

Address: 178B Rideau St, Ottawa, ON K1N 5X6, Canada
Phone: +1 (613) 789-0009
Website: facebook.com/FoodMood178
Details: $, Korean restaurant

Food Mood: Korean Kitchen is a charming family-run restaurant located near Ottawa’s Byward Market. Although it may appear modest and lacking in seating, this hidden gem offers an outstanding culinary experience. The staff members are known for their friendly and welcoming nature, always ready to assist and provide helpful descriptions of the dishes. The menu boasts a variety of options, including vegan choices, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy.

When it comes to the food, Food Mood truly delivers. The dishes are prepared with care, using fresh ingredients, and bursting with authentic flavors. From the Vegan Yaki Udon, which features saucy and spicy stir-fried udon with smoked tofu and vegetables, to the perfectly spiced Bibimbap rice bowl, each bite is a delightful explosion of taste. The portions are incredibly generous, ensuring that diners leave satisfied without breaking the bank.

Although the ambiance may not be the main draw, with its student graffiti decor and limited seating, Food Mood compensates with its outrageously delicious and affordable meals. Whether you choose to dine in or opt for takeout, the experience promises to be a memorable one. So, for those seeking a flavorful and relatively healthy Korean meal in Ottawa, Food Mood: Korean Kitchen is the ideal destination.

In conclusion, Ottawa boasts a diverse and thriving culinary scene, and its Korean restaurants are no exception. From the authentic flavors of Sapporo Sushi Ottawa to the no-frills yet delicious offerings of Food Mood: Korean Kitchen, there is something for every palate. These restaurants stand out for their attentive staff, inviting atmospheres, and delectable menus that showcase the best of Korean cuisine. Whether you’re a seasoned Korean food lover or new to the cuisine, exploring these top Korean restaurants in Ottawa is sure to leave you with a memorable dining experience that will satisfy your cravings for bold and flavorful dishes.