“Craving the most delectable pizzas in Liverpool? Look no further! In this mouthwatering guide, we’re serving up the very best pizza restaurants in Liverpool that will leave you yearning for more. Whether you prefer traditional Neapolitan-style pies with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients or innovative and unique gourmet creations, this city has it all. From cozy family-run pizzerias to trendy hotspots, we’ve scoured every corner to bring you the ultimate pizza experience. Get ready to embark on a taste adventure through the Best Pizza restaurants in Liverpool!”

Rudy’s Albert Dock

Address: Unit 6, Britannia Pavilion, Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4AD, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 161 274 3103
Website: rudyspizza.co.uk/albertdock
Details: $, Pizza restaurant

Discover a true slice of pizza heaven at Rudy’s Albert Dock, the acclaimed pizza restaurant in Liverpool that leaves guests raving about their unforgettable experiences. The staff at this branch are a shining example of hospitality, going above and beyond to ensure every visit is met with a cheerful smile and attentive service. The atmosphere is simply enchanting, with a beautifully decorated, open space that allows diners to witness the skilled chefs crafting their mouthwatering pizzas firsthand.

Speaking of the pizzas, they are nothing short of extraordinary. Diners are left amazed by the generous portions, so delicious that some even return for a second visit during their short stay in Liverpool. From the flavorsome pepperoni to the enticing carbonara special, each pizza is a culinary masterpiece. The crusts are equally delightful and pair perfectly with the recommended dips, such as the highly-praised aioli.

The overall experience at Rudy’s Albert Dock is a true delight. The venue exudes warmth and charm, making it an ideal spot for a gathering with friends or a special date night. The staff, including the accommodating waiter Cosmin, consistently deliver exceptional service, adding to the pleasure of dining here. As a bonus, the restaurant welcomes furry friends, being dog-friendly and inviting.

Whether you’re in the area or planning a visit to Albert Dock, Rudy’s is an absolute must-try. The delectable pizzas, coupled with the friendly staff and lovely ambiance, create an experience worth cherishing. From delicious food to quick and efficient service, this pizza haven is sure to leave a lasting impression on every pizza lover who steps through its doors. So, if you’re seeking an unforgettable pizza escapade, look no further than Rudy’s Albert Dock, your new go-to place for a truly delightful dining experience.

Rudy’s Pizza Napoletana – Castle Street

Address: 3-7 Castle St, Liverpool L2 4SW, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 151 909 5109
Website: rudyspizza.co.uk/liverpool
Details: $, Pizza restaurant

Indulge in a taste of Italy at Rudy’s Pizza Napoletana on Castle Street, where pizza perfection meets exceptional customer service. Step into a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, complete with an open kitchen where skilled pizzaiolos craft the most authentic Napoletana pizzas. Made on-site with quality ingredients, the pizzas are well-seasoned, boasting fluffy yet slightly chewy dough for that true Napoli experience. With a range of mouthwatering options, including the fiery Calabrese and the delightful Tarantina, there’s a pizza for every palate.

While the star of the show is undoubtedly the delectable pizza, the exceptional customer service deserves its own applause. During a recent visit, the staff’s warmth and compassion shone through as they offered a complimentary meal to a celebrating duo who had just completed breast cancer treatment. This thoughtful gesture showcases Rudy’s Pizza’s dedication to creating a memorable dining experience that goes beyond delicious food. The staff’s friendliness and attentiveness, like that of Luke and the rest of the team, elevate the already exceptional visit.

Whether you’re stumbling in after a day of shopping or planning a night out with friends, Rudy’s Pizza Napoletana promises an unforgettable culinary journey. The flavors of Italy come alive in every bite, accompanied by a superb atmosphere and a team that makes you feel like family. For an authentic taste of Napoli, a slice of heartwarming service, and a truly delightful dining experience, look no further than Rudy’s Pizza Napoletana on Castle Street.

Rudy’s Pizza Napoletana – Bold Street

Address: 105, 107 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4HL, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 151 909 5505
Website: rudyspizza.co.uk/boldstreet
Details: $, Pizza restaurant

Experience pizza perfection at Rudy’s Pizza Napoletana on Bold Street, where the authentic taste of Napoli meets top-notch service. Step into this vibrant and inviting pizza bar, complete with an open-plan kitchen where talented pizzaolas work their magic. The menu boasts an array of superb pizzas, including the mouthwatering white porchetta with rosemary potatoes and the scrumptious triple pepperoni. Each pizza is made with care, using fresh dough crafted on the premises, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience.

The staff at Rudy’s Bold Street are a standout, offering attentive and friendly service without being overbearing. Whether you’re on a sightseeing trip, a pre-theatre outing, or just looking for a quick eat, the team ensures you feel welcome and relaxed. The atmosphere is bright and airy, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a leisurely lunch or a delightful pre-theatre meal. The restaurant’s pet-friendly policy adds to the charm, as you can bring your furry friends along for the pizza fun.

The rave reviews for Rudy’s Bold Street keep pouring in, and it’s no surprise why. With their mouthwatering pizzas, excellent drinks selection, and top-notch service, this pizza joint is a true gem in the heart of Liverpool. Whether you’re a local or a visitor to the city, Rudy’s Pizza Napoletana on Bold Street is a must-visit destination for pizza enthusiasts seeking an authentic taste of Italy in a warm and welcoming setting.

1931 Restaurant

Address: 38b Hope St, Liverpool L1 9DA, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 151 705 2223
Website: hopestreethotel.co.uk/dining/1931
Details: Pizza restaurant

Step into the culinary haven of 1931 Restaurant, where exceptional food, a welcoming atmosphere, and attentive staff combine to create an unforgettable dining experience. Nestled in the heart of Liverpool, this pizza paradise delights guests with its scrumptious pizzas, freshly made with a variety of mouthwatering toppings. Whether you opt for the fiery Turkish Pide or the authentic Margherita with extra mushrooms, each pizza is crafted to perfection, leaving a lasting impression on your taste buds.

The friendly and efficient staff at 1931 Restaurant go above and beyond to ensure guests feel valued and catered to. From checking for allergies upon arrival to offering thoughtful menu recommendations, the service is top-notch. For those with specific dietary requirements, the extensive gluten-free and vegan menu is a true gem, providing a plethora of delicious options. The restaurant’s welcoming ambience, along with the attentive service, makes it an ideal destination for family gatherings, pre-theatre meals, or a delightful night out with friends.

The accolades for 1931 Restaurant continue with praise for its excellent wine selection, generous portion sizes, and delightful dessert offerings. The indulgent Nutella Pizza and refreshing mango sorbet are just a glimpse of the delightful treats in store. Located near the Philharmonic, this hidden gem is perfectly situated for a pre-show meal or a leisurely evening with loved ones. With its delectable pizzas, charming atmosphere, and dedicated staff, 1931 Restaurant is a true standout and a must-visit destination for anyone seeking the best pizza experience in Liverpool.

Pizza Punks

Address: Bold St, Liverpool L1 4LF, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 151 312 8777
Website: pizzapunks.co.uk
Details: Restaurant

Step into the vibrant world of Pizza Punks, a haven for pizza enthusiasts seeking a taste of pure delight. From the moment you step through the doors, the friendly staff greets you with warm smiles and impeccable service, ready to make your dining experience truly memorable. The menu offers an array of mouthwatering pizzas, each carefully crafted with fresh, high-quality toppings and a delectable choice of sauces. Whether you indulge in the Hawaiian with its delightful combination of ham hock, grilled pineapple, and spicy honey drizzle or create your own masterpiece with unlimited toppings, every bite is a burst of flavor.

The atmosphere at Pizza Punks is electric, and the restaurant’s playlist adds a touch of excitement to the dining experience. Whether you visit with friends, family, or on a solo trip, the engaging staff ensures that everyone feels welcomed and cared for. Their knowledgeable recommendations add an extra touch of delight to your meal, making each visit a unique and enjoyable adventure. The restaurant’s spacious and trendy setting allows for a comfortable dining experience, perfect for savoring their scrumptious offerings.

Proudly located in Liverpool, Pizza Punks stands out as a top destination for pizza lovers. The delicious pizzas, friendly atmosphere, and efficient service make it a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike. Don’t miss the chance to relish their sensational food and create unforgettable memories with family and friends. Whether you’re a traditionalist or a pizza rebel, Pizza Punks has the perfect slice for you.

Bella Italia

Address: 39 Ranelagh Street, Liverpool L1 1JP England
Phone: +44 151 459 8133
Website: bellaitalia.co.uk/italian-restaurant/liverpool
Details: $$ – $$$, Italian, Pizza, Vegetarian Friendly

Indulge in a delightful culinary experience at Bella Italia, a restaurant that exudes warmth and charm. The attentive staff, like the friendly and efficient Antony, ensures that every guest feels welcomed and well taken care of. With quick service and smiles all around, the atmosphere is inviting, making it a perfect spot for family gatherings or a night out with friends.

The menu boasts an array of scrumptious Italian dishes, from creamy pasta carbonara to mouthwatering truffle pizzas. Whether you opt for the delectable garlic mozzarella dough balls, the flavorful prosciutto buffalo pizza, or the delectable salmon and cookie dough dessert, each dish promises to delight your taste buds. For a unique experience, try your hand at pizza making, guided by the fun and engaging hosts Antony and Ste, who make sure everyone has a blast while crafting their own pizzas.

Bella Italia’s authentic Italian cuisine and impeccable service leave a lasting impression, as guests like James and his companion discover. The restaurant’s excellent prices, combined with the quality of food, make it a true gem in Liverpool. From the moment you enter and are greeted by the lovely staff, like Aaron and Marco, to the end of your meal, the experience at Bella Italia is nothing short of superb.

Casa Italia

Address: 36-40 Stanley St, Liverpool L1 6AL, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 151 227 5774
Website: thecasaitalia.com
Details: $$, Italian restaurant

Casa Italia, a gem in Liverpool, promises an authentic Italian experience that will leave you coming back for more. Upon arrival, you may find a short queue, but fear not, the wait is worth it. As soon as you’re seated, the efficient and friendly staff take charge, ensuring prompt service and a delightful dining experience. The restaurant’s warm atmosphere and bustling ambiance create the perfect setting for a memorable meal with loved ones.

With an impressive menu of classic Italian dishes, Casa Italia delivers delectable flavors and generous portions at great value. Whether you indulge in the mouthwatering lasagna, flavorful pizza, or creamy tortellini, each dish is a masterpiece. Gluten-free diners can also delight in various allergen-aware options, served with the utmost respect and care. The well-trained staff’s knowledge of the menu and attentive service make you feel valued and at ease.

The authenticity and charm of Casa Italia extend beyond the delectable food to the staff’s genuine hospitality. From correcting an accidental error on the bill to accommodating seating preferences, the team goes the extra mile to ensure your experience is exceptional. As the restaurant buzzes with the essence of Italy, you’ll savor the delicious food, great company, and impeccable service, making Casa Italia a must-visit Italian haven in Liverpool.

Trattoria 51

Address: 25-31 Old Hall St, Liverpool L3 9BS, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 151 236 4739
Website: trattoria51.com/oldhallstreet.html
Details: $$, Italian restaurant

Trattoria 51 in Liverpool is a delightful Italian gem that offers a wonderful dining experience. The friendly staff and inviting atmosphere immediately make you feel at home. Whether you choose their delectable pasta dishes, flavorful vegan cheese with vegetable pizzas, or classic bruschetta, each bite is a taste of Italy that leaves you wanting more. The restaurant’s attentive service ensures that your food arrives quickly and hot, and they are happy to accommodate dietary preferences, including gluten-free options.

The authentic feel of Trattoria 51 impresses even those with Italian roots, as the dishes are prepared with care and without unnecessary complications. The quality and taste of the food, along with the excellent service, make it a top-notch Italian restaurant. From the savory pizzas to the creamy carbonara, the menu offers a wide variety of dishes, making it suitable for families and groups alike. Whether you’re enjoying a meal inside the restaurant or opting for delivery, Trattoria 51’s commitment to providing a fantastic dining experience remains unmatched.

Their dedication to inclusive dining shines through, with an array of options for those with gluten intolerance and dietary restrictions. No matter the occasion, Trattoria 51 is the perfect destination to savor the flavors of Italy and indulge in warm hospitality. Whether you’re a local or a visitor to Liverpool, this restaurant is a must-visit for an authentic taste of Italy.

Little Furnace Wood Fired Pizzas

Address: 178 Smithdown Rd, Liverpool L15 3JR, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7592 471281
Website: littlefurnace.co.uk
Details: $, Pizza restaurant

Little Furnace Wood Fired Pizzas in Liverpool offers a terrific Neapolitan pizza experience in an intimate and welcoming environment. The staff is friendly and accommodating, creating a brilliant place to dine. The pizza is simply incredible, with a perfect balance of dough thickness and delightful toppings. Each bite is a flavor explosion, and the fresh, fluffy dough feels like eating a cloud. Little Furnace surpasses the expectations of expensive franchises, providing an authentic taste of Neapolitan pizza that leaves a lasting impression.

The restaurant’s friendly staff and swift service add to the relaxed and cool vibe of the place. Whether you dine in or opt for takeaway, the food remains superb, with top-quality ingredients and carefully crafted pizzas cooked individually by a skilled pizzaiolo. The menu offers a variety of mouthwatering options, including truffle toppings that are particularly recommended. The wood-fired pizzas are the best in Liverpool, earning praise for their tasty and properly made crust. Little Furnace’s commitment to using top-notch ingredients and providing an engaging dining experience makes it a go-to spot for pizza lovers seeking authentic Italian flavors.

With the warm ambiance, engaging team members, and excellent value for money, Little Furnace Wood Fired Pizzas is the place to be for an unforgettable pizza experience in Liverpool. The dedication to delivering top-quality pizzas in a cozy setting sets this restaurant apart, making it a must-visit for anyone craving a true Neapolitan pizza adventure.

Tribeca Smithdown

Address: 336-338 Smithdown Rd, Liverpool L15 5AN, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 151 733 6366
Website: tribeca-liverpool.co.uk
Details: Pizza restaurant

Tribeca Smithdown in Liverpool is a must-visit for pizza enthusiasts seeking the best in town. With a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere, the restaurant offers a great vibe and outrageous cocktails, making it an ideal spot to chill and enjoy. The team at Tribeca is simply amazing, from the attentive staff to the efficient manager, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable dining experience.

The pizzas at Tribeca are described as some of the best in Liverpool, cooked from scratch with delicious bases and a wide selection of mouthwatering toppings. The restaurant also provides vegan cheese for those looking for plant-based options. Families find Tribeca to be a lovely place, with friendly staff and a kids’ menu that includes games to keep the little ones entertained.

The ambiance at Tribeca is welcoming, and the outdoor area is a perfect choice for sunny days. Guests can expect good drinks and tasty food, such as sweet potato fries and delectable pizzas. The staff is praised for their thoughtfulness and hard work, adding to the overall positive experience of dining at Tribeca Smithdown.

Amalia Italian Restaurant

Address: 2 Campbell Square, Liverpool L1 5FB, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 151 709 0402
Website: amalialiverpool.co.uk
Details: $$, Italian restaurant

Amalia Italian Restaurant in Liverpool is a hidden gem that offers an excellent dining experience. With friendly and attentive staff, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, making it perfect for families, couples, and friends alike. The restaurant has a wheelchair-friendly venue with clean tables and menus, and guests can also enjoy sitting outside under fairy lights.

The menu at Amalia boasts a delicious selection of Italian dishes, with their pizzas receiving special praise for being the best in town. The wood-fired pizzas have a fluffy and chewy crust that adds a delightful texture to each bite. Customers also appreciate the various pasta options and flavorsome seafood dishes. The restaurant offers a lunchtime special that includes pizza and wine, making it a great value for money.

Amalia’s staff receives high praise for their excellent service and attentiveness to guests, enhancing the overall dining experience. The energetic Italian team ensures that visitors feel well taken care of throughout their visit. The restaurant’s friendly ambiance, top-notch food, and reasonable prices make it a highly recommended spot for a delightful Italian meal in Liverpool.

The Italian Club

Address: 85 Bold Street, Liverpool L1 4HF England
Phone: +44 151 708 5508
Website: theitalianclubfamily.com
Details: $$ – $$$, Italian, Pizza, Mediterranean

The Italian Club in Liverpool offers an exceptional dining experience with its friendly and attentive staff and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant’s traditional Italian ambiance sets the perfect backdrop for enjoying their delectable menu offerings. From warm bread with balsamic vinegar to mouthwatering garlic bread, their starters are a great beginning to a memorable meal. The pizzas are hailed as some of the best in town, cooked to perfection with a variety of tempting toppings.

The Italian Club caters to all types of diners, making it an ideal spot for families, couples, and groups. The service is prompt and efficient, ensuring that guests feel well taken care of. The extensive wine list adds to the overall dining experience, allowing patrons to find the perfect pairing for their meal. The restaurant’s dedication to using fresh, homemade ingredients shines through in each dish, leaving customers satisfied and eager to return.

Whether indulging in the lobster ravioli, the delectable tiramisu, or the delightful pasta dishes, visitors can expect a delicious and authentic Italian meal at The Italian Club. The attention to detail, warm hospitality, and flavorsome dishes make this restaurant a standout choice for anyone seeking an exceptional Italian dining experience in Liverpool.

Cose Buone

Address: 3 Cheapside, Liverpool L2 2DY, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7865 648780
Website: facebook.com/cosebuoneliverpool
Details: Sicilian restaurant

Cose Buone in Liverpool is a hidden gem that offers some of the best Italian food in town. The friendly and passionate owners create a warm and inviting atmosphere, making guests feel right at home. The menu boasts a wide selection of Sicilian street food and traditional Italian dishes, all made with authentic and tasty ingredients. From mouthwatering arancina to delectable cannoli, every item on the menu is a treat for the taste buds.

Their pizza is particularly noteworthy, being hailed as some of the best in Liverpool. The pre-made pizzas are heated to perfection, maintaining their delicious flavors. For those looking for a quick and affordable meal, the £5 meal deal, including pizza, chips, and a drink, is a fantastic option. The value for money and quality of the food make Cose Buone a must-visit spot for Italian cuisine enthusiasts.

Despite its unassuming location in St John’s Market, Cose Buone surprises diners with its authentic and home-cooked Italian delicacies. The passionate staff, fantastic coffee, and delightful view over Clayton Square add to the overall experience. Whether it’s a quick lunchtime pit stop or a relaxed day of enjoying fresh homemade Italian foods, Cose Buone ensures a delightful and satisfying dining experience.

Aldente Restaurant & Bar

Address: 1 Lark Ln, Liverpool L17 8UN, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 151 727 2111
Website: aldenterestaurant.co.uk
Details: $$, Restaurant

Aldente Restaurant & Bar in Liverpool offers a delightful dining experience with its warm and lively atmosphere. The staff is praised for their friendliness and attentiveness, providing excellent service to ensure guests feel welcomed and well taken care of. The menu is extensive, offering a wide variety of classic Italian dishes, including delectable pizzas and pasta options.

Diners have raved about the quality of the food, from the perfectly cooked meatballs and calamari to the mouthwatering lobster and crayfish ravioli. The wood-fired oven pizzas are especially noteworthy, receiving praise for their perfect thickness and flavorful toppings. Each dish is presented beautifully, adding to the overall dining experience.

The restaurant’s interior and exterior are both charming and well-designed, creating an inviting ambiance for guests. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner or a family-friendly meal, Aldente caters to all with its extensive menu options and welcoming staff. If you’re in Liverpool and seeking an authentic Italian culinary experience, Aldente Restaurant & Bar is a must-visit destination.


Address: 3 Allerton Rd, Woolton, Liverpool L25 7RA, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 151 428 2071
Website: crustliverpool.co.uk
Details: $$, Italian restaurant

Crust, a pizza restaurant in Liverpool, offers a delightful dining experience with its wonderful pizzas, friendly service, and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant boasts a wide selection of pizzas, catering to various preferences with different bases available. Additionally, they offer a variety of pasta dishes and sandwiches for those looking for alternatives to pizza.

Customers have praised the quality and value of the food, with the pizzas receiving particular acclaim. The restaurant’s Nutella pizza is hailed as a must-try, while gluten-free options are also available, ensuring a welcoming dining experience for all. The staff has been highly commended for their attentive and helpful service, making guests feel well taken care of.

The atmosphere at Crust adds to the overall experience, with friendly and happy staff contributing to a positive dining environment. The spacious venue makes it ideal for families and larger groups, and the restaurant has received rave reviews from customers of all ages. Whether you’re a pizza enthusiast or looking for a variety of Italian dishes to enjoy, Crust is highly recommended for its delicious food, reasonable prices, and excellent service.

Il Forno

Address: 132 Duke St, Liverpool L1 5AG, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 151 668 0006
Website: ilforno.co.uk
Details: $$, Italian restaurant

Il Forno, a charming pizza restaurant in Liverpool, stands out for its delectable menu, pleasant atmosphere, and attentive staff. Guests have praised the restaurant for its outstanding food, with pizzas, pasta dishes, and desserts receiving high acclaim. The innovative take on the quattro formagi pizza is particularly noteworthy. The gluten-free menu is appreciated by those with dietary restrictions, and the staff ensures a safe dining experience for guests with allergies.

The restaurant’s beautiful decor and elegant ambiance contribute to a delightful dining experience. Many customers have complimented the staff’s friendliness and attentiveness, making them feel welcome and well-cared for. The service is praised for being beyond expectations, adding to the overall enjoyment of the visit.

Il Forno’s pizzas, cooked in a traditional Italian pizza oven, have been hailed as some of the best in Liverpool, with delicious flavor pairings that showcase the chef’s skill and thoughtfulness. The restaurant’s commitment to authenticity and quality is evident, making it a must-visit for those seeking an authentic Italian dining experience. Whether it’s a celebration or a casual meal with family and friends, Il Forno promises a memorable dining experience with its top-notch food, welcoming ambiance, and attentive service.


Address: 16 Liverpool Rd, Crosby, Liverpool L23 5SF, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 151 281 8326
Website: facebook.com/Franchettiscrosby
Details: Southern Italian restaurant

Franchetti’s, a delightful pizzeria in Liverpool, has garnered praise for its fantastic pizzas, warm atmosphere, and friendly staff. The restaurant has become a favorite spot for families and friends, offering excellent value for money and also providing take-out options. The menu features a variety of mouthwatering pizzas, pastas, and delectable desserts.

Customers have raved about the high-quality pizzas, with some claiming it to be the best outside of Naples. The unique “Mike’s Hot Honey” pizza, featuring a blend of pepperoni, chili, and honey, has been a standout favorite. The attentive and welcoming staff add to the overall dining experience, ensuring guests feel comfortable and well-cared for throughout their visit.

Franchetti’s boasts a welcoming ambiance, making it an ideal location for gatherings of all ages. With doors opened wide to the outside patio, guests can enjoy a lovely dining experience in a relaxed setting. The freshly prepared food, from garlic bread to epic pizzas, along with stunning cannoli desserts, receives high praise from satisfied diners.

The restaurant’s dedication to authentic flavors and friendly service has created a gem of a local spot, with patrons eagerly recommending and returning to Franchetti’s for the taste of Italy right in the heart of Liverpool.

The Quarter

Address: 7 Falkner St, Liverpool L8 7PU, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 151 707 1965
Website: thequarteruk.com
Details: $$, Mediterranean restaurant

The Quarter, a charming and dog-friendly pizza restaurant in Liverpool, has garnered praise for its delectable pizzas, excellent pasta dishes, and friendly staff. Guests have commended the restaurant for its top-notch gluten-free pizza options, with a separate menu to cater to special dietary needs. The pizza bases have received particular acclaim for their authentic taste and quality, making them stand out among other gluten-free options available.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, with a Mediterranean-inspired menu offering a variety of choices, from tapas to pasta to pizza. The staff have been described as attentive and efficient, ensuring that guests’ dining experiences are enjoyable and hassle-free. With a mix of indoor and outdoor seating, including a little suntrap outside, The Quarter provides a lovely setting for diners to savor their meals.

The menu’s simplicity allows the restaurant to focus on delivering quality food, with proper thin Italian pizzas, homemade pastas, and flavorful salads. The dining experience at The Quarter is described as casual yet intimate, thanks to its cleverly divided space. Whether it’s a romantic dinner or a gathering with friends, The Quarter’s delectable food, friendly service, and charming ambiance make it a favorite choice for many visitors to Liverpool.

Crazy Pedro’s Liverpool

Address: 25 Parr St, Liverpool L1 4JN, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 161 359 3000
Website: crazypedros.co.uk
Details: $$, Bar

Crazy Pedro’s Liverpool is a vibrant and lively pizza restaurant that leaves visitors raving about their experience. From the moment guests arrive, the friendly and attentive staff create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The service is efficient and quick, ensuring that customers enjoy their delicious pizzas without any delays. With a wide variety of pizza options and drinks to choose from, Crazy Pedro’s offers excellent value for money compared to other establishments in Liverpool.

The restaurant is particularly popular for its bottomless brunch, where pizza and drinks keep coming, making it an unforgettable experience. Guests praise the quality and taste of the pizzas, which some even claim are the best they’ve had outside of Italy. The lively ambiance, accompanied by great music, adds to the fun and enjoyment of dining at Crazy Pedro’s. Customers appreciate the attentive service, with servers like Stuart, Tommy, Phoebe, Natalia, and Danny standing out for their exceptional service and friendly demeanor.

With a fabulous outdoor seating area, perfect for soaking up the sun, Crazy Pedro’s caters to all ages and tastes, offering a mix of pizza slices and a fantastic drinks menu. Whether it’s a lively Saturday night or a relaxing Sunday brunch, the staff’s dedication to providing a top-notch experience ensures that visitors always leave Crazy Pedro’s with happy memories and the desire to return for more delicious pizza and fantastic service.

Wildwood Kitchen

Address: Filters and Topics
Phone: +44 151 541 2900
Website: wildwoodrestaurants.co.uk/restaurant/liverpool
Details: $$, European restaurant

Wildwood Kitchen in Liverpool is a delightful restaurant that leaves diners impressed with its wonderful staff, inviting atmosphere, and diverse menu. The attentive and friendly service is a standout feature, making guests feel welcome and comfortable from the moment they arrive. The staff goes above and beyond to accommodate special requests and ensure a memorable dining experience.

The restaurant’s cozy ambiance adds to the overall charm, making it an ideal spot for a variety of occasions, from casual lunches to special celebrations. With an extensive menu that includes delectable pizzas, pastas, and appetizers, there’s something to please every palate. Diners especially appreciate the vegan options, which are plentiful and exceptionally tasty.

Customers also praise the thoughtfulness of the staff, who make sure that everyone’s needs are met, including dietary preferences. Whether it’s a group of friends, a family gathering, or a romantic meal for two, Wildwood Kitchen offers delicious food, friendly service, and a warm atmosphere, making it a top choice for dining in Liverpool.

Pizza Express

Address: Unit P1, 13b Paradise Street Liverpool One, Liverpool L1 8JQ England
Phone: +44 151 707 9977
Website: pizzaexpress.com
Details: $$ – $$$, Italian, Pizza, Vegetarian Friendly

Pizza Express in Liverpool offers a delightful dining experience with its friendly and attentive staff, inviting atmosphere, and diverse menu. Whether it’s a school trip or a family outing, the staff go above and beyond to ensure a memorable and enjoyable visit. Diners have praised the delicious pizzas and the creative choices on the menu, making it a great option for both adults and children.

The restaurant’s prime location in Liverpool One provides a lovely vista from the balcony, making it an ideal spot to relax and enjoy a meal. Service is prompt and efficient, even during busy periods, ensuring that diners have a pleasant dining experience. The staff’s friendly and accommodating nature creates a welcoming environment, making guests feel special and valued.

Pizza Express is known for its consistently good food, and this Liverpool branch is no exception. Diners can expect freshly cooked and tasty meals, such as the pollo pesto pasta and the mouth-watering pizzas. The restaurant offers a wide range of options, including vegan choices, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. With great food, friendly service, and an excellent atmosphere, Pizza Express at Liverpool One is a top choice for a delicious and enjoyable dining experience.

Capeesh Bar & Grill

Address: Pacific Chambers 11-13 Victoria Street, Liverpool L2 5QQ England
Phone: +44 151 236 5614
Website: capeeshrestaurant.com

Capeesh Bar & Grill in Liverpool offers a fantastic dining experience with its vibrant atmosphere, attentive staff, and diverse menu. The restaurant’s decor creates a funky and welcoming vibe, setting the stage for a memorable meal. The pizzas are a standout, generously sized and delicious, making it a top recommendation for pizza lovers. Alongside the mouthwatering pizzas, the starters and desserts also impress, with options for both meat eaters and vegetarians.

The service at Capeesh is outstanding, with staff going above and beyond to ensure a pleasant dining experience. Friendly and helpful servers make guests feel valued and appreciated, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the restaurant. The wood-fired pizzas add an authentic touch, reminiscent of the flavors enjoyed in Italy. The restaurant’s attention to detail, from the delicious food to the beautifully decorated interior, makes it a must-visit spot in Liverpool.

With a diverse menu and exceptional service, Capeesh Bar & Grill provides a delightful dining experience for both locals and visitors alike. Guests have praised the courteous and accommodating staff, creating a warm and enjoyable ambiance. Whether it’s a romantic date night or a family celebration, Capeesh offers a welcoming and memorable dining experience that is sure to leave guests planning their next visit.

In conclusion, Liverpool is home to a diverse array of pizza restaurants that cater to all tastes and preferences. From traditional Italian flavors to innovative and unique creations, these pizza spots offer a delightful culinary experience for locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re a fan of classic Margherita or adventurous with exotic toppings, the best pizza restaurants in Liverpool have something to satisfy every palate. So, the next time you’re in the city, don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in the mouthwatering delights offered by these top pizza destinations. Buon Appetito!