Welcome to our guide on the Best Pizza restaurants in Vancouver! If you’re a pizza enthusiast searching for the ultimate culinary experience in this vibrant Canadian city, you’re in for a treat. Vancouver boasts a thriving food scene, and we’ve scoured every corner to bring you a curated list of the absolute Best Pizza restaurants in Vancouver. From traditional Neapolitan-style pies to inventive gourmet creations, get ready to indulge your taste buds and discover the top spots for pizza lovers in this Pacific Northwest gem. Let’s dive into the cheesy goodness!

Ludica Pizzeria

Address: 189 Keefer Pl, Vancouver, BC V6B 6L4, Canada
Phone: +1 (604) 669-5552
Website: ludica.ca
Details: $$, Pizza restaurant

Ludica Pizzeria in Vancouver offers an exceptional dining experience that combines delicious pizza with an exciting atmosphere. The staff at Ludica are friendly and attentive, providing excellent customer service that adds to the overall enjoyment of the visit. The restaurant’s unique concept of pairing board games with pizza makes it a fun place to eat, especially for families and friends looking for interactive entertainment. With over 800 games to choose from, guests can enjoy a variety of options while savoring their meals.

The ambiance at Ludica is cozy and inviting, creating a comfortable setting for guests to relax and have a great time. The extensive selection of pizzas ensures there is something for everyone, and the thin crust and flavorful toppings receive high praise from visitors. Alongside the pizza, the menu also offers well-prepared pasta dishes and appetizers that complement the overall dining experience. The affordability of the food is noted, making it a reasonable choice for those looking for a satisfying meal.

Ludica Pizzeria stands out not only for its tasty food but also for the opportunity it provides to engage with board games. From the knowledgeable game hostess who assists guests in choosing and learning games to the friendly service and efficient staff, Ludica offers an all-around enjoyable experience. Whether you’re seeking a unique dining experience, a fun outing with friends, or a family-friendly environment, Ludica Pizzeria is a must-visit destination in Vancouver.

Freshslice Pizza

Address: 2418 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3G6, Canada
Phone: +1 (604) 336-1310
Website: freshslice.com
Details: $, Pizza restaurant

Freshslice Pizza in Vancouver is undoubtedly one of the city’s top pizza destinations. Offering a delectable range of pizzas, their menu is sure to satisfy any craving. The staff at Freshslice Pizza is known for their exceptional friendliness and warm service, creating a welcoming atmosphere for every customer. Without fail, they go the extra mile to ensure a delightful dining experience.

Freshslice Pizza prides itself on consistently delivering fresh and delicious pizzas. The generous toppings are perfectly balanced, elevating each slice to new heights of flavor. Whether you’re a fan of classic options or crave innovative combinations, Freshslice Pizza has you covered. One must-try recommendation is their thin crust butter chicken pizza, a mouthwatering delight that will leave you wanting more.

In addition to the scrumptious pizzas, Freshslice Pizza offers fantastic deals and affordable prices, making it an excellent choice for a quick and convenient meal. The staff, including the friendly Kiran, is always ready to assist, providing helpful suggestions and ensuring a pleasant dining experience. If you’re searching for an outstanding pizza joint in Vancouver, look no further than Freshslice Pizza. Prepare yourself for a taste sensation and make sure to pay them a visit soon!

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Main Street

Address: 4186 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3P7, Canada
Phone: +1 (604) 566-9779
Website: rockymountainflatbread.ca
Details: $$, Pizza restaurant

Rocky Mountain Flatbread on Main Street in Vancouver is a true gem when it comes to pizza joints. With a wide variety of artisanal and unique pizzas, their menu is sure to impress even the most discerning taste buds. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, perfect for a delightful dining experience. The staff at Rocky Mountain Flatbread are incredibly hospitable and attentive, providing excellent service to ensure your visit is memorable.

One standout aspect of Rocky Mountain Flatbread is their commitment to catering to different dietary preferences. They offer an excellent selection of vegetarian and vegan options, using locally sourced produce to create dishes bursting with flavor. The thin crust pizzas are perfectly cooked, achieving a delightful balance of crispiness and chewiness. From the tangy goat cheese and sundried tomato pizza to the non-traditional yet refreshing bacon and potato pizza, each bite is a culinary adventure.

In addition to their delectable pizzas, Rocky Mountain Flatbread offers a range of mouthwatering dishes, including pasta and flatbreads. The restaurant’s dedication to sustainability is commendable, and their creative ideas contribute to a positive environmental impact. The ambiance is both charming and elegant, providing an exceptional fine dining experience. Whether you’re a first-timer or a regular, Rocky Mountain Flatbread is a treasure that will leave you eager to return.

Pacifico Pizzeria & Ristorante

Address: 970 Smithe St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 0A4, Canada
Phone: +1 (604) 408-0808
Website: pacificopizza.ca
Details: $$, Pizza restaurant

Pacifico Pizzeria & Ristorante in Vancouver is a must-visit destination for pizza lovers. With its authentic wood-fired pizzas, this restaurant offers a dining experience that is truly exceptional. The staff members are courteous and polite, providing friendly and attentive service that adds to the overall positive atmosphere of the place. Whether you choose to dine in or order takeout, Pacifico Pizzeria & Ristorante ensures that every pizza is bursting with flavors, making it a definite recommendation for pizza enthusiasts.

The quality of the food at Pacifico Pizzeria & Ristorante is consistently impressive. Customers rave about the delicious pizzas, with the crust being described as crispy and tasty. The menu features a variety of traditional Italian dishes, such as lasagna and cannelloni, which are equally delightful. The restaurant pays attention to individual preferences, accommodating requests and ensuring that each customer’s dining experience is enjoyable.

Beyond the food, Pacifico Pizzeria & Ristorante provides a pleasant ambiance that adds to the overall dining experience. The atmosphere is lively, and the staff members create a welcoming environment. From the moment you step in, you will feel the authentic charm of this place. Whether you’re a local or a visitor to Vancouver, Pacifico Pizzeria & Ristorante is the go-to spot for satisfying your cravings for authentic and delicious pizzas.

Via Tevere Pizzeria

Address: 1190 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 4G5, Canada
Phone: +1 (604) 336-1803
Website: viateverepizzeria.com
Details: $$, Pizza restaurant

Via Tevere Pizzeria in Vancouver is a hidden gem that delivers an authentic Neapolitan pizza experience. The staff members are dedicated to providing exceptional service, ensuring that every customer feels welcomed and well taken care of. The cozy atmosphere adds to the overall charm of the restaurant, creating a warm and inviting ambiance that enhances the dining experience. Whether you choose to dine in or opt for takeout, Via Tevere Pizzeria guarantees a delicious and satisfying meal.

The star of the menu is undoubtedly the Neapolitan pizza, which is often praised as the best in Vancouver. The perfect combination of thin and crispy crust, fresh toppings, and traditional techniques transport diners to Italy with each bite. Alongside the mouthwatering pizzas, the frittura appetizer is highly recommended for a delightful culinary experience. The menu offers a variety of options, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Located in a cozy neighborhood away from the tourist attractions, Via Tevere Pizzeria is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. The restaurant’s commitment to quality and authenticity shines through in every aspect of the dining experience. Whether you’re a pizza enthusiast or simply seeking a memorable culinary adventure, Via Tevere Pizzeria is a must-visit destination that will exceed your expectations.

Novo Pizzeria & Wine Bar

Address: 2118 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6J 3H6, Canada
Phone: +1 (604) 736-2220
Website: novopizzeria.com
Details: $$, Italian restaurant

Novo Pizzeria & Wine Bar in Vancouver is a delightful Italian restaurant that offers a memorable dining experience. The staff members are attentive and friendly, ensuring that every guest feels welcomed and well taken care of. The warm and inviting atmosphere creates a cozy ambiance that enhances the enjoyment of the meal. From the moment you step inside, you can expect excellent service and a pleasant dining environment.

The menu at Novo Pizzeria & Wine Bar is a true delight for Italian food enthusiasts. The Neapolitan-style pizzas are fantastic, boasting unique combinations of toppings that will tantalize your taste buds. The pasta dishes are equally impressive, with fresh and flavorful ingredients that make each bite a culinary delight. The portion sizes are generous, and the food is served piping hot, ensuring a satisfying dining experience.

Whether you choose to dine on their lovely patio or take advantage of their takeout options, Novo Pizzeria & Wine Bar guarantees a memorable meal. The restaurant’s commitment to quality and their imaginative offerings set them apart as one of the best Italian restaurants in Vancouver. If you’re in the mood for authentic Italian cuisine, delicious pizza, and exceptional service, Novo Pizzeria & Wine Bar is the perfect choice.


Address: 1525 Yew St, Vancouver, BC V6K 3E5, Canada
Phone: +1 (604) 734-3381
Website: nookrestaurant.ca
Details: $$, Italian restaurant

Nook is an exceptional Italian trattoria-style restaurant located in Vancouver. The staff members are welcoming and make you feel at home as soon as you walk through the door. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, perfect for a relaxed and enjoyable dining experience. The menu offers a range of delectable options, with classic Italian-style pizzas and pastas that are sure to satisfy your cravings. The mushroom pizza is a must-try, with its crispy crust, creamy cheese, and bold flavors. The dishes are expertly prepared, and the generous portions ensure a satisfying meal.

One of the highlights at Nook is their daily specials, which often feature a small-sized pizza at a reasonable price. This is ideal for solo diners looking to indulge in a delicious meal. The toppings are carefully chosen and create a harmonious blend of flavors. In addition to the pizzas, the pasta dishes are outstanding, with perfectly cooked al dente pasta that is fresh and not too heavy. The meatballs are exceptional, showcasing the culinary expertise of the kitchen.

The restaurant’s location in the Kits neighborhood adds to its appeal. Nook is a popular spot, and while they don’t accept reservations, the wait is well worth it. The extended patio provides an inviting outdoor dining area when the weather permits. Whether you’re a fan of Negronis on tap, good wine, or a well-executed menu, Nook has something to offer. The combination of flavorful dishes, friendly service, and a vibrant atmosphere make Nook a top choice for Italian cuisine in Vancouver.

Virtuous Pie

Address: 583 Main St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2V1, Canada
Phone: +1 (604) 620-0060
Website: virtuouspie.com
Details: $$, Vegan restaurant

Virtuous Pie, located in Vancouver, is a vegan pizza restaurant that offers an incredible dining experience. The staff members are attentive and provide excellent service. The atmosphere is welcoming, with an industrial-chic decor that adds to the overall charm of the place. The menu at Virtuous Pie is truly impressive, offering a wide range of delicious plant-based options.

The pizzas at Virtuous Pie are a highlight, with wood-fired dough that is both flavorful and satisfying. The crusts are thin and crispy, and the variety of toppings available is impressive. The Stranger Wings and Greece Lightning pizzas are particularly recommended, showcasing the creative and delicious combinations that Virtuous Pie offers. The restaurant also offers salads and garlic knots, which are highly recommended as starters.

One of the standout features of Virtuous Pie is their dedication to creating authentic flavors and textures with vegan ingredients. From their vegan cheese to their plant-based ice cream, the restaurant is able to deliver dishes that are remarkably close to their non-vegan counterparts. Whether you’re a vegan or not, the quality and taste of the food at Virtuous Pie are sure to impress.

Overall, Virtuous Pie is a must-visit for those seeking delicious vegan pizza and a memorable dining experience. The restaurant’s commitment to quality, innovative menu options, and friendly staff make it a standout choice for plant-based dining in Vancouver.


Address: 1190 W Cordova St, Vancouver, BC V6C 0E1, Canada
Phone: +1 (604) 891-1555
Website: jossvan.com
Details: Pizza restaurant

Jos, located in Vancouver, is a pizza restaurant that offers a memorable dining experience. The staff members are friendly and provide excellent service, ensuring that customers feel welcome and attended to. The atmosphere of the restaurant is cozy and inviting, with modern decor that adds to its charm.

The menu at Jos focuses on quality over quantity, with a selection of delicious salads and pizzas. The pizzas are the highlight, prepared with authentic Italian-style thin crusts and topped with high-quality ingredients. The wood-fired oven adds an extra layer of flavor, resulting in pizzas that are perfectly cooked and bursting with deliciousness. The salads are also noteworthy, with fresh ingredients and homemade dressings that complement the meal perfectly.

In addition to the exceptional food, Jos offers a selection of European beers, providing the perfect accompaniment to the pizza. The beer menu includes well-curated options, particularly Bavarian brands that are sure to impress beer enthusiasts. The combination of delicious food, great beer, and attentive service make Jos a standout choice for pizza lovers in Vancouver.

Whether you’re a local or just passing through, Jos is a must-visit for those seeking authentic Italian-style pizza and a welcoming atmosphere. With its focus on quality ingredients, friendly staff, and cozy ambiance, it’s no wonder that Jos has become a neighborhood favorite and a place that customers return to time and time again.

Straight Outta Brooklyn Pizzeria

Address: 350 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2B2, Canada
Phone: +1 (604) 559-3500
Website: straightouttabrooklynpizza.com
Details: $, Pizza restaurant

Straight Outta Brooklyn Pizzeria in Vancouver captures the essence of authentic New York-style pizza. The staff members provide excellent service, ensuring a delightful dining experience. The atmosphere is vibrant and casual, making it a perfect spot to enjoy a slice or a whole pie.

The menu at Straight Outta Brooklyn Pizzeria offers a variety of mouthwatering options. From meat options to veggie options, all the pizzas are delicious and made with fresh ingredients. The crust is soft and chewy, reminiscent of the classic New York-style crust that pizza lovers crave. Each slice is generously topped with flavorful ingredients, creating a satisfying and enjoyable meal.

Not only does Straight Outta Brooklyn Pizzeria excel in taste, but it also offers efficient service. The pizzas are served promptly, allowing customers to indulge in their favorite flavors without delay. The prices are affordable, providing great value for the quality and taste of the pizza. It’s a place where you can satisfy your pizza cravings without breaking the bank.

While there may be other pizza places in Vancouver, Straight Outta Brooklyn Pizzeria stands out as a favorite among many. With its fresh dough, flavorful ingredients, and fun decor, it captures the essence of a true New York-style pizzeria. Whether you’re craving a classic Margherita or something more adventurous like spicy salami, this pizzeria is sure to satisfy your taste buds. It’s the perfect spot for pizza enthusiasts seeking an authentic and delicious experience.

Marcello Pizzeria

Address: 1404 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 3X9, Canada
Phone: +1 (604) 215-7760
Website: marcellopizzeria.com
Details: $$, Italian restaurant

Marcello Pizzeria, located in the heart of Vancouver’s Little Italy, is a charming Italian restaurant that offers an exceptional dining experience. The staff members are attentive and welcoming, ensuring that guests feel right at home from the moment they step in. The warm and inviting atmosphere creates the perfect setting for a memorable meal.

The menu at Marcello Pizzeria showcases authentic Italian cuisine, with a focus on pizza and pasta. The wood oven pizzas are a highlight, featuring a delectable combination of fresh ingredients and a perfectly crisp crust. The pasta dishes are equally delightful, with a wide variety of options to suit every palate. From classic favorites like carbonara to unique specialties like curried-prawn linguini, each dish is prepared with care and expertise.

Whether you’re craving a heavenly pizza or indulging in a mouthwatering pasta, Marcello Pizzeria delivers a true taste of Italy. The dedication to quality and flavor is evident in every bite. The restaurant’s commitment to exceptional service and genuine hospitality ensures that guests have a truly enjoyable dining experience. Marcello Pizzeria is a neighborhood gem that captures the essence of Italian cuisine, transporting diners to the streets of Venice or Naples with its authentic flavors and warm ambiance.

Bibo Pizzeria Con Cucina

Address: 1835 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M4, Canada
Phone: +1 (604) 568-6177
Website: kitsilano.thebibo.com
Details: $$, Pizza restaurant

Bibo Pizzeria Con Cucina, situated in Vancouver, offers a delightful experience for pizza enthusiasts. The restaurant boasts a welcoming atmosphere and a friendly staff that provides exceptional service. The fresh and delicious ingredients used in their pizzas create a truly authentic taste that rivals those found in Italy. The value for money is outstanding, with generous portions and a focus on quality.

The menu features a variety of options, from classic Margherita to specialty pizzas like Diavola and Golosona. The wood-fired oven ensures a perfectly crispy crust, while the selection of toppings showcases the true essence of Italian cuisine. For those craving pasta, Bibo does not disappoint. The gnocchi, tagliolino, and lasagna are flavorful and beautifully presented.

Guests appreciate the genuine Italian experience provided by Bibo Pizzeria Con Cucina. The attentive and professional staff, some of whom are Italian themselves, add to the authenticity of the dining experience. The reasonable prices and warm atmosphere make it an ideal choice for a casual meal or a special occasion. Whether dining in or opting for delivery, Bibo guarantees a taste of Italy that will leave customers coming back for more.

Firecrust – Davie

Address: 808 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2S2, Canada
Phone: +1 (778) 379-9646
Website: firecrustpizzeria.com
Details: $, Pizza restaurant

Firecrust – Davie, located in Vancouver, is a must-visit destination for pizza lovers. The staff at this pizzeria are friendly and helpful, creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests. One of the highlights of Firecrust is the extensive options available to customize your own pizza, allowing you to create a unique and personalized culinary experience. The pizza itself is described as incredibly delicious, leaving a lasting impression on those who have had the pleasure of dining there.

The concept of Firecrust is highly praised, as customers appreciate the ability to watch their pizza being made right in front of them. The fast food-style approach coupled with authentic fired crust adds to the appeal of the restaurant. Visitors from the UK specifically mention the authenticity and quality of the Neapolitan-style pizza, comparing it favorably to other renowned establishments. The location in Yaletown is also noted as a great spot, conveniently situated for both locals and tourists.

Despite a few mixed reviews, Firecrust continues to garner positive feedback for its concept, friendly service, and delicious pizza. The build-your-own-pizza option provides a unique and enjoyable experience for customers, while the fast-cook oven ensures a perfectly cooked crust. With its convenient location and the opportunity to personalize your pizza with a wide range of ingredients, Firecrust – Davie is a recommended destination for anyone seeking a memorable pizza dining experience.

Pizzeria Farina

Address: 915 Main St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2V8, Canada
Phone: +1 (604) 681-9334
Website: pizzeriafarina.com
Details: $$, Pizza restaurant

Pizzeria Farina in Vancouver is a delightful pizza spot that offers a memorable dining experience. The staff is friendly and provides excellent service, ensuring that guests feel welcomed and taken care of. The atmosphere is cozy and quaint, creating a charming setting to enjoy their delicious pizzas. The thin crust is a standout feature, perfectly crispy on the outside while maintaining a soft and chewy texture inside.

The menu at Pizzeria Farina offers a range of unique and flavorful pizzas. Each pizza is made with top-quality ingredients, resulting in a mouthwatering taste experience. With a variety of options available, guests can find their perfect pizza match. Whether dining in or opting for takeout, the flavors and quality remain consistent.

In addition to their scrumptious pizzas, Pizzeria Farina also offers fresh dough for sale, allowing customers to recreate the experience at home. The limited quantity of dough available each day adds to the exclusivity and allure of this charming establishment. It is advisable to arrive early to secure a spot, as Pizzeria Farina tends to attract a crowd due to its well-deserved reputation as one of the best pizza spots in Vancouver.

Pizzeria Farina is a must-visit destination for pizza lovers seeking a unique and delicious culinary experience. With its friendly staff, cozy ambiance, and consistently mouthwatering pizzas, this little eatery on Main Street promises a delightful dining adventure. Whether you choose to dine-in or grab a pizza to go, Pizzeria Farina guarantees a memorable and satisfying meal.

R&b Ale & Pizza House

Address: 1-54 E 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 1E8, Canada
Phone: +1 (604) 336-0275
Website: randbbrewing.com/alehouse
Details: Brewery

R&B Ale & Pizza House in Vancouver is a must-visit destination for pizza and craft beer enthusiasts. The staff at R&B Ale & Pizza House is friendly and welcoming, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable dining experience. The atmosphere is lively and bustling, with dim lighting adding to the cozy ambiance. Whether you choose to sit at the bar or find a table, the relaxed and easy-going vibe is perfect for meeting friends and indulging in delicious food and drinks.

The menu at R&B Ale & Pizza House offers a tantalizing selection of pizzas, pretzels, salads, and charcuterie. Each dish is prepared with care and features fresh ingredients, resulting in delightful flavors. The pizzas, in particular, stand out, with creative combinations that leave a lasting impression. Accompanying the delectable food is an extensive list of craft beers, providing a diverse range of options to suit every palate. From IPAs to pale ales, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to the fantastic food and beer, R&B Ale & Pizza House offers a unique perk for guests. While waiting for their order during busy times, patrons can enjoy complimentary beer, with the establishment simply asking for a donation of their choosing. This gesture adds to the overall exceptional experience at R&B Ale & Pizza House. With its friendly staff, mouthwatering pizzas, and impressive craft beer selection, this lively spot is a must-visit for anyone looking to savor the vibrant East Van neighborhood.


Address: 5395 West Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6M 3W4, Canada
Phone: +1 (604) 267-7499
Website: bufala.ca
Details: $$, Pizza restaurant

Bufala, a charming pizzeria located on West Boulevard in Vancouver, offers an exceptional dining experience with its friendly staff, inviting atmosphere, and delectable menu. The service at Bufala is highly commendable, providing guests with attentive and polite assistance. The pizzas, served hot and bursting with flavor, are a true delight to the taste buds. With a variety of original creations, each pizza offers a unique and satisfying experience. The menu also features appetizers, salads, and specialty coffees that add to the culinary journey.

The energetic atmosphere at Bufala creates a vibrant and enjoyable ambiance for diners. Although it can get noisy when the restaurant is full, the lively atmosphere adds to the overall experience. The restaurant’s popularity is evident as it attracts both locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re enjoying a light evening meal or indulging in a family-style feast, Bufala caters to different dining preferences. The menu includes options such as beet salad, grilled asparagus, and a range of mouthwatering pizzas, all prepared to perfection.

Bufala has earned a reputation as one of Vancouver’s top pizza destinations. The restaurant’s commitment to quality and creativity shines through in each dish. From the poached peach appetizer with balsamic and hazelnut to the delectable ham, pea, and truffle oil pizza, the flavors are simply exceptional. The menu also features standout items like the kale Caesar salad, which receives high praise from patrons. With great pricing and a casual yet enjoyable environment, Bufala is a go-to spot for pizza lovers in Vancouver, ensuring a memorable dining experience with each visit.

Aj’s Brooklyn Pizza Joint

Address: 325 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5T 1W5, Canada
Phone: +1 (604) 428-5805
Website: ajsbrooklynpizzajoint.com
Details: $$, Pizza restaurant

Aj’s Brooklyn Pizza Joint in Vancouver is a place that truly understands the joy of pizza. The staff at this restaurant go above and beyond to provide fantastic service, always displaying a bubbly, happy, and supportive attitude. The atmosphere is cool and inviting, making it a perfect spot to enjoy a delicious slice or a whole pie. In addition, the establishment offers free WiFi for customers to stay connected.

When it comes to the pizza itself, Aj’s Brooklyn Pizza Joint takes it to the next level. Patrons rave about the mouthwatering options such as the Detroit Maui Wowie and the Brooklyn style Jim’s semi-spicy. The flavors are simply amazing and leave a lasting impression. Visitors are often pleasantly surprised when they arrive and witness the lively ambiance of the place, making it clear that they are in for a special dining experience.

The quality of the pizza at Aj’s Brooklyn Pizza Joint is unparalleled, earning it the reputation of serving some of the best pizza around. The crust is superb, and the toppings are well thought out and perfectly balanced. Customers appreciate the clean and cozy atmosphere of the restaurant, making it an ideal spot for a casual date or meeting up with friends. The attentive and friendly staff adds to the overall dining experience, ensuring that guests feel welcome and satisfied. Whether you’re a pizza lover or simply looking for a great place to enjoy good food and excellent service, Aj’s Brooklyn Pizza Joint is a must-visit destination.

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria

Address: 1380 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 3X6, Canada
Phone: +1 (604) 251-2292
Website: famoso.ca/locations/vancouver-commercial-drive
Details: $$, Pizza restaurant

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria in Vancouver is known for serving the best pizza in town. Customers rave about the delicious flavors and the quality of their pizzas. The BBQ wings are a must-try appetizer that perfectly complements the pizza experience. The staff at Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria is friendly, attentive, and provides excellent service, ensuring that every customer has a great dining experience.

The atmosphere at the restaurant is lively and captures the essence of Italy, making patrons feel like they’ve stepped into a true Italian pizzeria. The restaurant offers outdoor seating on the deck, allowing guests to enjoy their meal while people-watching. The vibe is welcoming and the staff goes above and beyond to make customers feel comfortable and satisfied.

In addition to their fantastic pizza, Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria also offers an extensive menu with options for pasta, salads, and gelato. The variety of choices ensures that there is something for everyone, and the quality of the food is consistently outstanding. Whether you’re a pizza lover or looking for a casual place to dine, Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria is highly recommended. The combination of great food, attentive service, and inviting atmosphere make it a go-to spot for pizza enthusiasts and those seeking a memorable dining experience.

Ignite Pizzeria Mount Pleasant

Address: 2588 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3E6, Canada
Phone: +1 (604) 564-2588
Website: ignitepizzeria.com
Details: Pizza restaurant

Ignite Pizzeria in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver, is renowned for serving the best pizza in town. Customers consistently rave about the excellent quality of their pizzas and consider it a cut above the rest. With a wide range of delectable toppings, including spinach pancetta, fresh ricotta, and pesto chicken, Ignite Pizzeria offers an exceptional dining experience that rivals the flavors of Italy.

The staff at Ignite Pizzeria is dedicated to providing excellent service. Customers appreciate their attentiveness and the friendly atmosphere they create. The restaurant’s modern decor adds to the overall ambiance, making it a pleasant and enjoyable place to dine. Whether you’re grabbing a quick slice or indulging in a customized individual pizza, Ignite Pizzeria ensures that every bite is fresh and satisfying.

In addition to their outstanding pizza, Ignite Pizzeria offers an extensive menu with a plethora of options to cater to various tastes. From gourmet wood-fired pizzas to other delicious selections, there is something for everyone. The prices are reasonable, making it an excellent value for the high-quality food and inviting atmosphere. Once you experience the taste of Ignite Pizzeria’s pizza, it’s hard to settle for anything less.

Overall, Ignite Pizzeria in Mount Pleasant stands as a standard-bearer for exceptional pizza. Its commitment to delivering top-notch flavors, reasonable pricing, and attentive service has earned it a dedicated following among pizza enthusiasts. If you’re in search of a memorable pizza experience that will leave you longing for more, Ignite Pizzeria is the place to visit.

Pizzeria Barbarella

Address: 654 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5T 1X7, Canada
Phone: +1 (604) 210-6111
Website: pizzeriabarbarella.com
Details: $$, Pizza restaurant

Pizzeria Barbarella, located in Vancouver, is known for its excellent pizzas and a good selection of local brews to complement your meal. The casual atmosphere and attentive service make it a delightful place to dine. The artisan crust of the pizzas is a standout feature, and the freshness of the ingredients shines through in every bite. Customers particularly enjoy toppings like honey picante, which add a unique and delicious twist to their pizzas. The green salad is also highly recommended, with a dressing that adds a burst of flavor. The restaurant exudes a hipster vibe, making it a popular choice among locals and visitors alike.

One of the highlights of Pizzeria Barbarella is its use of extremely fresh ingredients in their homemade pizzas. Customers rave about the mouth-watering flavors of the various pizzas on the menu, with the Campagna pizza often being a favorite. The caprese salad is another crowd-pleaser, prepared with utmost care. The service at the restaurant is prompt and friendly, ensuring a pleasant dining experience. The pizzas themselves are a standout, featuring a thin and crispy crust, high-quality toppings, and a balanced sauce. The attention to detail and commitment to using top-notch ingredients set Pizzeria Barbarella apart from other pizzerias in the city.

Pizzeria Barbarella has gained a loyal following, with customers willing to travel across town for their pizza. The fresh and hot pizzas are made right in front of your eyes, guaranteeing a delectable experience. While the service can be hit or miss depending on the server, the consistently excellent pizza keeps customers coming back for more. The restaurant offers a traditional Neapolitan pizza with unique flavor twists, satisfying a wide range of preferences. In addition to their flavorful pizzas, Pizzeria Barbarella surprises customers with a diverse selection of beers and cocktails, making it a complete dining destination.

With its thin and perfectly cooked crust, fresh ingredients, and authentic flavors, Pizzeria Barbarella is hailed as one of the best pizza places in Vancouver. From the moment you step inside, you’ll be captivated by the aroma and visual appeal of their pizzas. The friendly staff and good service add to the overall positive experience. Whether you’re a local looking for your go-to pizza spot or a visitor seeking an exceptional pizza adventure, Pizzeria Barbarella is a must-visit destination that will exceed your expectations.

In conclusion, Vancouver is a city that takes its pizza seriously, offering a range of exceptional pizzerias that cater to different tastes and preferences. From the authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas to innovative flavor combinations and fresh ingredients, these establishments have elevated the pizza scene in the city. Whether you’re craving a classic Margherita or adventurous toppings, Vancouver’s best pizza restaurants have got you covered. So, next time you find yourself in this vibrant city, be sure to indulge in a slice or two from these top-notch pizzerias and experience pizza perfection in Vancouver.