Welcome to a delectable culinary journey through the vibrant city of Glasgow! If you’re a seafood enthusiast, you’re in for a treat as we explore the Best Seafood Restaurants in Glasgow. From the freshest catches of the day to expertly crafted dishes, Glasgow’s seafood scene is brimming with flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, join us as we uncover the hidden gems and must-visit hotspots that showcase the finest seafood delights this charming city has to offer.

Gamba Seafood Restaurant

Address: 225A W George St, Glasgow G2 2ND, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 572 0899
Website: gamba.co.uk
Details: $$$, Fish and seafood restaurant

Nestled in the heart of Glasgow, Gamba Seafood Restaurant stands as a beacon of excellence, delighting both locals and visitors alike for over a decade. Boasting a chic and inviting atmosphere, it has remained consistently outstanding throughout the years. Gamba’s dedication to serving delicious seafood is apparent in every carefully crafted dish, offering a delightful balance of quality produce and rich flavors.

From the moment you step foot in the restaurant, the staff’s attentiveness and professionalism elevate the dining experience. The welcoming cocktails add a touch of sophistication, setting the stage for a memorable meal. The menu is a seafood lover’s dream, featuring highlights such as tantalizing tartare, succulent oysters, and indulgent lobster thermidor. Mouthwatering options like halibut and monkfish are always spot-on, leaving diners craving for more.

The culinary journey continues with beautifully presented dishes that not only please the eyes but also excite the taste buds. Gamba’s dedication to innovation shines through in every plate, and their expertly paired wine list complements each meal perfectly. Offering exceptional value for money, Gamba stands as a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an extraordinary seafood dining experience in Glasgow.

In conclusion, Gamba Seafood Restaurant in Glasgow is a haven for seafood enthusiasts, offering a chic ambiance, an array of delectable dishes, and attentive staff that add to its allure. Whether celebrating a special occasion or looking for a remarkable culinary adventure, Gamba promises an unforgettable dining experience that will leave a lasting impression on all seafood lovers who step through its doors.


Address: 1114 Argyle St, Finnieston, Glasgow G3 8TD, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 334 6127
Website: crabshakk.com
Details: $$, Fish and seafood restaurant

Located in the heart of Glasgow, Crabshakk is a hidden gem for seafood lovers seeking a delightful dining experience. From the moment you step inside, the warm and welcoming staff set the tone for a memorable meal. The cozy and laid-back atmosphere creates the perfect ambiance to savor the fresh and delicious seafood offerings.

The menu at Crabshakk is a testament to their commitment to simple yet exquisite seafood preparations. Dishes like the mouthwatering crab cakes and perfectly cooked langoustines showcase the restaurant’s dedication to letting the flavors of the seafood shine through. Their daily specials offer a delightful surprise to tantalize your taste buds further.

The friendly and attentive service adds to the overall charm of the place. The knowledgeable staff is always ready to offer suggestions and explanations about the dishes, enhancing the dining experience. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast or trying seafood for the first time, Crabshakk’s diverse menu ensures there’s something to please every palate.

Overall, Crabshakk stands as a must-visit seafood haven in Glasgow, offering a cozy and relaxed setting, delectable dishes, and top-notch service. It’s the perfect spot to indulge in fresh and beautifully prepared seafood that will leave you craving for more.

The Finnieston Bar & Restaurant

Address: 1125 Argyle St, Finnieston, Glasgow G3 8ND, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 222 2884
Website: thefinniestonbar.com
Details: $$$, Seafood restaurant

Experience the epitome of Scottish seafood indulgence at The Finnieston Bar & Restaurant in Glasgow. This charming establishment offers an ambiance that warmly embraces its guests, setting the stage for a truly memorable dining experience. The marvellous and friendly staff go above and beyond to ensure every patron feels valued and well-cared for, providing attentive service and helpful suggestions.

The menu at The Finnieston is a seafood lover’s dream come true. From fresh oysters to crispy scallops and sumptuous seafood curries, each dish is thoughtfully prepared and presented beautifully. The attention to detail in cooking is evident, allowing the flavors of the seafood to shine through, making every bite a delightful experience.

With a cozy and inviting atmosphere, the restaurant is perfect for a relaxed evening out or a special celebration. The well-sourced seafood and the outstanding service make The Finnieston a top choice for seafood enthusiasts. Whether you’re savoring the delicious monkfish tail or enjoying the mouthwatering crab claws, The Finnieston Bar & Restaurant is sure to leave a lasting impression and beckon you to return for more of their outstanding seafood delights.


Address: 114 Cowcaddens Rd, Glasgow G4 0HL, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 332 4032
Website: kelp-restaurant.com
Details: Seafood restaurant

Experience an unforgettable seafood culinary journey at Kelp, a hidden gem in Glasgow that celebrates the best of Scottish sourced seafood. With a warm and relaxed ambience, Kelp offers a unique dining experience where you can savor a variety of small plates bursting with incredible flavors. The attentive and knowledgeable staff ensure that every guest feels valued and well-cared for throughout their visit.

The menu at Kelp is a delightful showcase of imaginative and creative dishes that will leave you craving for more. From the mouthwatering sole, langoustines, and scallops to the halibut with leek, prunes, and toasted barley, each plate is thoughtfully crafted to perfection. The restaurant’s small plates concept allows you to explore a variety of dishes, making it an ideal choice for foodies and seafood enthusiasts.

The culinary genius displayed at Kelp is nothing short of extraordinary, making it a must-visit seafood haven in Glasgow. Whether you’re indulging in the Whipped Smoked Scallop Roe with Kettle Chips or savoring the unique Brown Crab Doughnut, every bite is a delightful revelation. The delightful desserts, like the buckthorn and white chocolate tart, add a perfect touch of sweetness to the dining experience. Embrace the exquisite combination of flavors and enjoy the friendly service in the beautiful surroundings of Kelp, a restaurant that will surely become a favorite seafood destination.

Catch Fish & Chips – Giffnock

Address: 186 Fenwick Rd, Giffnock, Glasgow G46 6XF, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 638 9169
Website: facebook.com/catchgiffnock
Details: $$, Fish and chips takeaway

Experience the ultimate seafood delight at Catch Fish & Chips – Giffnock, a hidden gem in Glasgow that offers a perfect fusion of traditional chip shop meals and more exotic seafood dishes. Situated on the main road in Giffnock, the restaurant boasts comfortable seating and a drinks license, creating a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere. The friendly and attentive staff make every guest feel valued and well-cared for during their visit.

The menu at Catch offers a wide array of fresh and delicious seafood options, from classic haddock suppers and cod and chips to more adventurous choices like lobster mac and cheese and salt and chilli calamari. Each dish is thoughtfully prepared, bursting with flavors, and served in generous portions, leaving diners thoroughly satisfied. The restaurant’s quirky decor and maritime mezzanine floor add to the delightful dining experience.

Whether you’re craving traditional fish and chips or looking to explore unique seafood creations, Catch has something for everyone. With reasonable prices and impeccable service, Catch Fish & Chips – Giffnock is a must-visit destination for seafood lovers seeking a memorable dining experience in Glasgow.


Address: 26A Renfield St, Glasgow G2 1LU, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 473 1966
Website: scampglasgow.co.uk
Details: Seafood restaurant

Experience culinary perfection at Scamp, a hidden gem in Glasgow that offers a unique and delightful dining experience. The restaurant boasts a contemporary and fun ambiance, complemented by attentive and friendly staff who are passionate about their craft. The menu is a gastronomic adventure, featuring a carefully curated selection of dishes that showcase the finest seafood with bold and subtle flavors, perfectly executed to create a taste sensation.

Each dish at Scamp is a work of art, intelligently constructed and bursting with flavor and texture. From the scallop ceviche to the BBQ monkfish goan curry, every plate is a marvel that leaves diners craving for more. The small plates arrive one by one, ensuring that each dish is cooked to perfection and allowing guests to savor every moment of their dining experience.

Scamp’s wine list includes intriguing curiosities that perfectly complement the creative and original dishes on offer. The restaurant offers a tapas-style serving, allowing guests to indulge in a variety of flavorful options. The friendly and knowledgeable staff take the time to explain each dish, ensuring that guests feel welcome and at ease throughout their visit. With its relaxed and warm vibes, Scamp is a must-visit destination for seafood enthusiasts and those seeking a delightful culinary adventure in Glasgow.

Fat Lobster

Address: 157 Hope St, Glasgow G2 2UQ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 237 3270
Website: fatlobsterglasgow.com
Details: Seafood restaurant

Indulge in a culinary adventure at Fat Lobster, a fantastic seafood restaurant in Glasgow that offers a delightful array of dishes prepared in unique and mouthwatering ways. The small plates tapas-style menu allows guests to try a variety of flavors, and each dish is executed to perfection. Highlights include the octopus with satay, crispy cauliflower, and the delectable lobster mac & cheese with generous portions of succulent lobster.

The staff at Fat Lobster excel in providing excellent service from the moment you arrive until the end of your dining experience, ensuring you never have to wait for assistance. The warm and attentive atmosphere, coupled with the classy laid-back decor, creates a relaxing ambiance for guests to enjoy their meals. The menu offers something for everyone, even for those who might have been previously hesitant about seafood. Dishes like the fish tacos, monkfish curry, and scallops are highly recommended and are sure to impress even the most discerning palates.

The restaurant’s well-crafted wine list and inventive cocktails perfectly complement the scrumptious seafood offerings. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast or looking to expand your culinary horizons, Fat Lobster promises a dining experience that will leave you eager to return for more of their delightful creations. The value for money is exceptional, making this gem of a restaurant a must-visit for seafood lovers and anyone seeking a memorable dining experience in Glasgow.

Pescado Tapas, Glasgow

Address: 39 -41 Hyndland St, Partick, Glasgow G11 5QF, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 337 3135
Website: pescadotapas.com
Details: Seafood restaurant

Step into the charming and relaxing atmosphere of Pescado Tapas, a delightful seafood restaurant located in Glasgow’s West End. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be greeted by friendly and attentive staff who are dedicated to providing a memorable dining experience. The restaurant boasts a tastefully decorated interior that exudes a holiday-like feel, transporting you to a coastal getaway.

Pescado Tapas offers an impressive menu of homemade and freshly prepared tapas, with a focus on seafood delicacies. However, fear not if seafood isn’t your preference, as there are ample non-seafood options available as well. The extensive selection of dishes ensures that there’s something for everyone to enjoy. From salt cod and oysters to monkfish and chorizo, each dish is expertly cooked and presented to perfection. The seafood soup, with its rich lobster bisque base, stands out as a particular triumph.

The restaurant also offers great value for money, and they have several tempting deals and a fantastic wine list to complement the delightful flavors of their tapas. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast or seeking a taste of Spain in the heart of Glasgow, Pescado Tapas is a must-visit destination. The warm and authentic service, coupled with the delicious and diverse menu, makes this hidden gem a new favorite in the West End, leaving you eager to return and explore more of its culinary delights.


Address: 168 Hyndland Rd, Glasgow G12 9HZ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 473 0080
Website: shucksglasgow.com
Details: Seafood restaurant

Experience the delights of Shucks, a friendly and modern seafood restaurant nestled in Glasgow. From the moment you step in, you’ll be enchanted by the warm ambiance and welcoming atmosphere. The menu boasts an array of inventive and mouthwatering seafood dishes, from the Smokey linguine starter with mussels and smoked fish cream to the perfectly cooked John Dory with anchovy and caper butter. Each course is impeccably prepared and presented, leaving you with a superb lunch experience.

The knowledgeable and attentive staff add to the overall enjoyment, offering friendly and accommodating service. Their expertise extends to creating impeccable cocktails, making your dining experience even more delightful. The restaurant also boasts a fine selection of quality wines, conveniently served in half carafes for those looking to pair different wines with various courses.

Shucks’ innovative and delicious seafood tapas are a must-try for seafood enthusiasts and non-seafood lovers alike. The “BuckaShuck” deal offers exceptional value at £1/oyster, allowing you to savor these delectable treats without breaking the bank. From the sashimi to the halibut and oysters, every dish is a delight to the taste buds. The relaxed atmosphere and charming decor add to the overall allure of this hidden gem, making it an ideal destination for a memorable dining experience.

Merchant Chippie

Address: 155 High St, Glasgow G1 1PH, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 552 5789
Website: facebook.com/MerchantChippieGlasgow
Details: $, Fish & chips restaurant

Merchant Chippie, nestled in the heart of Glasgow, is a delightful seafood restaurant that serves up the best fish and chips in the west of Scotland. The friendly and attentive staff make every visit a pleasure, ensuring that each dish is cooked to perfection. The haddock is fresh and meaty, encased in a light and flavorful batter that leaves you wanting more. The chips are crispy and perfectly seasoned, making them an irresistible accompaniment to the delicious fish.

The chippy offers a diverse menu with options for everyone, from freshly cooked haddock and chips to calamari, pasta, chicken, and burgers. The portions are generous, and the prices are reasonable, making it a great value for a satisfying meal. Whether you dine in or opt for takeaway, the service is efficient, and the atmosphere is welcoming.

The Merchant Chippie’s reputation as the best fish and chips in Scotland is well-deserved, attracting both locals and visitors alike. With the option to enjoy your meal at the cozy seating area or grab your food to go, it’s no surprise that this gem of a chippy is a popular choice for seafood lovers in Glasgow. Whether you’re a student exploring the city or a traveler on the lookout for an authentic Scottish dining experience, Merchant Chippie promises to leave a lasting impression with its delectable seafood offerings.


Address: 1 Fenwick Rd, Giffnock, Glasgow G46 6AU, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 328 8461
Website: cutlerglasgow.co.uk
Details: Restaurant

Cutler, a hidden gem in the south side of Glasgow, stands out as one of the best restaurants in the area, offering exceptional food and a warm ambiance. The market menu is a must-try, providing great value for a delightful dining experience. The staff at Cutler are attentive and friendly, making every guest feel welcome and well taken care of. The wine list caters to all tastes and budgets, complementing the scrumptious dishes perfectly.

The restaurant’s three-course deal for £20 is a hit among diners, featuring delicious options like catch-of-the-day mains and delectable chocolate fondant desserts. The conservatory area provides a charming setting with a lovely view of the local surroundings. Cutler’s attention to detail and attentive service make it a top choice for families and friends to gather for a memorable meal.

The food at Cutler is expertly prepared and beautifully presented. From the mouthwatering mussels marinière to the perfectly cooked steaks and fish and chips, each dish leaves a lasting impression on diners. The friendly and efficient staff, led by the attentive and knowledgeable waiters, elevate the dining experience, ensuring guests feel cared for and valued. With a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, delicious food, and impeccable service, Cutler promises an unforgettable culinary journey that will keep guests coming back for more.

Catch Fish And Chips – West End

Address: 27 Gibson St, Glasgow G12 8NU, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 370 8181
Website: catchfishandchips.co.uk
Details: $$, Fish & chips restaurant

Catch Fish And Chips – West End is a delightful seafood restaurant with a vegan-friendly menu that caters to a diverse range of tastes. The macaroni balls and cullen skink are highly recommended dishes, showcasing the restaurant’s commitment to delivering tasty and filling food. The main course options, especially the fresh and flavorsome fish, leave a lasting impression on diners.

The restaurant boasts a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for a delightful meal with loved ones. The attentive and friendly staff enhance the overall dining experience, ensuring that guests feel well taken care of from the moment they step in. The bright and spacious decor adds to the pleasant ambiance, creating a comfortable and enjoyable setting for diners.

Catch Fish And Chips – West End has quickly become a favorite among visitors, attracting rave reviews for its quality food and reasonable prices. The mussels, salt and chilli squid, and haddock supper are just a few examples of the delectable options available on the menu. With generous portions and fresh ingredients, this restaurant promises a memorable culinary journey for seafood enthusiasts and those looking to explore a variety of flavors. Whether you’re craving fish and chips or want to venture into the realm of seafood delicacies, Catch Fish And Chips – West End is the perfect destination for a satisfying and delightful dining experience.

Blue Lagoon Fish & Chips (queen St)

Address: 151 Queen St, Glasgow G1 3BJ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 248 1026
Website: bluelagoonfishandchips.co.uk
Details: Fish and chips takeaway

Blue Lagoon Fish & Chips – Queen St in Glasgow stands out as an exceptional seafood restaurant, attracting numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers. The courteous and attentive staff contribute to the delightful dining experience, ensuring guests feel welcomed and well taken care of. The ambience is inviting and fresh, providing a comfortable setting to savor the mouthwatering menu offerings.

The food at Blue Lagoon is consistently praised for its quality and taste. The fish and chips are particularly popular, with crispy batter that remains perfect throughout the meal. Portion sizes are ample, leaving diners satisfied and eager to return for more. The gluten-free options also receive special mention, with a perfect balance of crisp and light batter that melts in the mouth.

Visitors appreciate the warm and friendly service, as well as the accommodating nature of the staff, who patiently answer questions and ensure guests’ needs are met. The restaurant’s cleanliness and adherence to safety protocols add to the overall positive experience. The dedication to customer satisfaction makes Blue Lagoon Fish & Chips – Queen St a highly recommended choice for anyone seeking a delightful seafood meal in Glasgow.

Hooked Fish & Chips

Address: 1027 Cathcart Rd, Mount Florida, Glasgow G42 9XJ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 649 3994
Website: hookedtogo.co.uk
Details: $$, Fish and chips takeaway

Hooked Fish & Chips in Glasgow stands out as a top-notch seafood restaurant, highly praised for its delectable menu and friendly atmosphere. Patrons rave about the exceptional fish and chips, expertly prepared with thin and crispy batter, leaving diners wanting more. The variety of fish options, from haddock to cod and hake, are all fresh and perfectly cooked, with choices of traditional batter, panko breaded, or tempura styles.

The modern twist on classic fish and chips is a hit with customers, offering unique options like pesto baked panko for those seeking a healthier alternative. The generous portions and extensive menu, including vegetarian options, cater to diverse preferences. The staff’s friendliness and efficient service add to the overall dining experience, making customers feel welcome and valued.

The restaurant’s dedication to using quality ingredients and changing oil daily reflects its commitment to providing excellent food. The clean and spotless ambiance contributes to the inviting atmosphere. Hooked Fish & Chips showcases how a traditional chip shop can evolve, introducing new flavors and variety while still offering beloved classics. Whether craving traditional fish and chips or exploring innovative dishes, Hooked Fish & Chips promises a satisfying and memorable dining experience in Glasgow.

The Loveable Rogue

Address: 333 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G4 9HS, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 339 3701
Website: theloveablerogue.co.uk
Details: Gastropub

The Loveable Rogue in Glasgow offers an exceptional seafood dining experience, with a warm and inviting atmosphere that complements the delectable menu. Visitors are impressed by the variety of dishes, from the spectacular fish, pork belly, and hummus to the mouthwatering monkfish scampi, fish and chips, and ox cheek pie. The generous portions and excellent quality of the food make it a standout dining destination.

The staff at The Loveable Rogue are highly praised for their attentiveness, fast and polite service, and friendly banter, creating a welcoming and enjoyable dining experience for all guests. The restaurant’s cozy and charming decor adds to the overall ambiance, making it an ideal spot for both intimate dinners and gatherings with friends and family.

Customers appreciate the restaurant’s ability to cater to different preferences, including vegetarian and gluten-free options, ensuring that everyone can indulge in the delicious offerings. The Loveable Rogue also impresses with its drink selection and delectable desserts, leaving diners satisfied and eager to return. Whether visiting for a casual lunch or a special evening out, The Loveable Rogue promises a memorable and delightful dining experience in Glasgow.

Ardnamurchan Scottish Restaurant & Bar

Address: 325 Hope St, Glasgow G2 3PT, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 353 1500
Website: ardnamurchan.biz
Details: $$, Country food restaurant

Ardnamurchan Scottish Restaurant & Bar in Glasgow offers a reliable and enjoyable dining experience with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant’s extensive menu impresses diners with a variety of delicious dishes, such as the hand-dived Barra scallops, market seafood stew, and haggis bon bons. The seafood is fresh and flavorful, and the haggis is a standout dish. The staff at Ardnamurchan are attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable, providing impeccable service that adds to the overall dining experience.

The restaurant’s ambiance is lovely, with a mix of clientele, creating a pleasant and comfortable environment for all guests. The dishes are well presented, and the portions are generous, offering excellent value for money. From the scrumptious Cullen Skink to the velvety risotto with lobster, each dish is a taste sensation, leaving diners thoroughly satisfied. Ardnamurchan also offers a market menu, providing a range of delectable options at a great price.

Overall, Ardnamurchan is a gem in Glasgow, offering a truly memorable dining experience with its delicious food, friendly service, and charming ambiance. Whether celebrating a special occasion or enjoying a casual lunch, this Scottish restaurant is a must-visit for locals and visitors alike.


Address: 1185 Argyle St, Finnieston, Glasgow G3 8TQ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 248 8880
Website: hanamifinnieston.co.uk
Details: $$, Japanese restaurant

Hanami, a charming Japanese restaurant located near the SWG3, offers a delightful dining experience with its fresh and delectable dishes. The gyoza, sushi, and hot meals are particularly noteworthy, showcasing the restaurant’s commitment to high-quality and flavorful Japanese cuisine. The staff at Hanami are friendly and attentive, providing excellent service that adds to the overall enjoyment of the dining experience.

The menu at Hanami is extensive, offering a wide variety of options for both meat-lovers and vegetarians alike. The restaurant is accommodating to dietary preferences, making it a great choice for those with specific requirements. The salmon teriyaki and lamb cutlets are standout dishes that leave diners thoroughly impressed.

The restaurant’s ambiance is lively and bustling, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests. While the space is relatively small, the staff efficiently handle the crowd, ensuring that each table receives timely and attentive service. Hanami is a must-visit for those seeking high-quality Japanese cuisine in Glasgow, whether it’s for a casual lunch with friends or a pre-gig dinner near the Hydro. With delicious food and a friendly staff, Hanami promises a memorable dining experience for all.

In conclusion, Glasgow is a city that boasts a vibrant seafood dining scene, with a variety of restaurants offering fresh and flavorful dishes. From traditional fish and chips to exotic seafood delicacies, there’s something to satisfy every seafood lover’s palate. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to the city, exploring the best seafood restaurants in Glasgow is a culinary adventure worth embarking on. So, if you’re craving the taste of the ocean, don’t hesitate to dive into Glasgow’s seafood delights and indulge in a truly unforgettable dining experience.