Discovering the culinary delights of Edinburgh goes beyond haggis and shortbread. If you’re a sushi enthusiast, you’re in luck! This article is your guide to the Best Sushi Restaurants in Edinburgh, where traditional Japanese craftsmanship meets Scotland’s vibrant food scene. From melt-in-your-mouth sashimi to creatively crafted maki rolls, join us as we explore the top establishments that elevate raw fish and rice into art. Get ready to indulge in a fusion of flavors and cultures right in the heart of Edinburgh.

Kanpai Sushi

Address: 8-10 Grindlay St, Edinburgh EH3 9AS, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 131 228 1602
Details: $$$, Japanese restaurant

Nestled in a charming corner of Edinburgh, Kanpai Sushi offers an extraordinary dining experience that seamlessly combines Japanese culinary finesse with a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant has garnered a multitude of positive reviews, attesting to its exceptional staff, delightful ambiance, and tantalizing menu.

One recurring theme in these reviews is the commendable staff, described as kind, attentive, and efficient. Patrons have expressed their satisfaction with the service, highlighting the staff’s politeness and dedication to ensuring an enjoyable dining experience. The attentive service strikes a balance between attentiveness and subtlety, allowing guests to relish their meals without feeling rushed.

The atmosphere at Kanpai Sushi is consistently praised for its authenticity and pleasant vibe. The traditional Japanese decor and the restaurant’s tucked-away location create a sense of escapism, transporting diners to a different world. Whether it’s a cozy weekday dinner or a special celebration, the restaurant’s ambiance provides the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable dining occasion.

The menu offerings have left an indelible impression on patrons, showcasing the culinary prowess of the kitchen. Reviews laud the freshness and quality of the dishes, particularly the sushi and sashimi selections. From the melt-in-the-mouth tuna belly caviar maki to the artful presentation of the assorted sashimi salad, every dish captures the essence of authentic Japanese flavors. The attention to detail extends to the tempura, noted for its crispy perfection, and the intricately crafted handrolls.

Kanpai Sushi has undoubtedly secured its place as one of Edinburgh’s finest dining establishments. The restaurant’s commitment to excellence is reflected in the harmonious fusion of impeccable service, inviting atmosphere, and a menu that celebrates the artistry of Japanese cuisine. Whether you’re a seasoned sushi enthusiast or new to the world of Japanese flavors, Kanpai Sushi promises an exceptional dining journey that leaves a lasting impression.

Harajuku Kitchen Japanese Bistro

Address: 10 Gillespie Pl, Edinburgh EH10 4HS, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 131 281 0526
Details: $$, Japanese restaurant

Nestled within the heart of Edinburgh, Harajuku Kitchen Japanese Bistro stands out as a culinary gem, leaving diners enraptured by its exceptional offerings. The bistro has garnered an array of glowing reviews, spotlighting its delightful staff, serene atmosphere, and diverse menu.

The staff’s commitment to creating a memorable dining experience shines through in each review. Their warmth and attentiveness leave patrons feeling welcomed and valued. From accommodating last-minute reservations to offering complimentary dishes, their hospitality elevates the dining experience. The attentive service complements the bistro’s tranquil ambiance, creating an environment where guests can relish their meals in a relaxed and intimate setting.

The menu at Harajuku Kitchen Japanese Bistro is a testament to the bistro’s dedication to delivering outstanding flavors. Reviewers praise the sensational taste of dishes, applauding the perfectly executed Japanese cuisine. From meticulously presented sushi rolls to flavorful karaage, every dish demonstrates a mastery of culinary artistry. The extensive drinks menu, including a wide range of Japanese beers and spirits, complements the diverse flavors, ensuring a harmonious dining experience.

Harajuku Kitchen Japanese Bistro has successfully woven together exceptional service, a serene ambiance, and a tantalizing menu. With its commitment to delivering a memorable dining affair, it has become a cherished destination for those seeking an authentic taste of Japan in the heart of Edinburgh.


Address: 45 N Castle St, Edinburgh EH2 3BG, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 131 225 9384
Details: Restaurant

Nestled discreetly in Edinburgh, Hibiki captures the essence of a true Japanese dining experience. The establishment’s allure is augmented by its attentive staff, serene atmosphere, and a diverse menu that resonates with excellence.

Hibiki’s staff consistently garners praise for their attentive and warm service. Their friendly disposition and willingness to assist in menu choices contribute to the restaurant’s inviting ambiance. The attentive staff ensures a seamless dining experience, enhancing the tranquil atmosphere that envelops the restaurant.

The menu at Hibiki stands as a testament to its culinary excellence. Patrons have lauded the food’s stunning presentation, fresh flavors, and expert preparation. From delectable sushi to beautifully presented sashimi, every dish showcases the mastery of Japanese cuisine. The menu boasts a variety of options, including standout dishes like Teriyaki Eel and Katsu chicken. Additionally, the restaurant’s accommodating approach to customer preferences elevates the dining experience.

Hibiki, with its welcoming staff, peaceful ambiance, and impeccable menu, delivers an authentic Japanese dining escapade. The culinary delights and exceptional service make it a must-visit destination for both enthusiasts of Japanese cuisine and those seeking a unique and satisfying dining adventure in the heart of Edinburgh.


Address: 122 Rose St S Ln, Edinburgh EH2 4BB, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 131 629 3320
Details: $$, Japanese restaurant

Tucked away discreetly on a charming alley off Rose Street, Hakataya stands as a hidden culinary treasure in Edinburgh. With an inviting atmosphere and an impressive menu, the restaurant promises a remarkable dining experience that leaves an indelible mark.

Patrons commend Hakataya for its exquisite fare and welcoming staff. The restaurant’s menu boasts a fusion of flavors, from delectable ramen to mouthwatering sushi rolls. The gyoza, crafted with precision, receives praise for its handmade authenticity. The Japanese fried chicken and Chicken Katsu delight palates with their flavorful profiles. Complementing the superb cuisine, the staff’s friendly demeanor and attentive service create a warm and inviting environment.

The restaurant’s unassuming location adds to its allure, enhancing the cozy and intimate ambiance. Visitors appreciate the quality of the food, showcased through dishes like the matcha crème brûlée and potato noodles with prawns. The service consistently garners accolades for its promptness and attentiveness. For those seeking an authentic Japanese dining escapade, Hakataya promises an extraordinary journey of flavors and hospitality, making it a must-visit destination in Edinburgh.


Address: 13 Bread St, Edinburgh EH3 9AL, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 131 629 3993
Details: $$, Japanese restaurant

Nestled within the heart of Edinburgh, Bentoya offers a remarkable culinary experience that resonates with authenticity, top-notch service, and a diverse menu. Visitors rave about the delectable dishes, attentive staff, and inviting atmosphere, making Bentoya a standout destination for Japanese cuisine enthusiasts.

The restaurant’s diverse menu, encompassing sushi, sashimi, ramen, and more, delights patrons seeking an array of Japanese flavors. The sushi maki rolls are described as fresh and flavorful, reminiscent of dining in Tokyo itself. The skilled staff ensures a seamless dining experience, providing attentive service while promptly serving dishes that showcase the culinary expertise of the chefs. The interior ambiance exudes a calm and authentic Japanese feel, setting the stage for a truly immersive dining escapade.

Bentoya’s charm extends beyond its menu, as patrons praise the accommodating staff and attentive service. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the presentation of beautifully crafted dishes to the spotless environment. Whether enjoying sushi maki rolls, udon noodles, or katsu curry, patrons consistently highlight the restaurant’s commitment to offering exceptional food and value. Bentoya’s fusion of flavors, welcoming atmosphere, and attentive service create a harmonious dining experience that resonates with those seeking an exquisite taste of Japan in Edinburgh.


Address: 20 Forrest Rd, Edinburgh EH1 2QN, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 131 225 6555
Details: $$, Japanese restaurant

Situated in the vibrant city of Edinburgh, Koyama stands as a testament to exceptional Japanese cuisine, offering a delightful blend of delectable dishes, inviting ambiance, and attentive staff. The Asian-themed design immerses patrons in an authentic atmosphere that transports them to Japan, creating a captivating dining environment.

Koyama boasts a diverse menu that caters to a range of tastes, from sushi enthusiasts to those seeking hearty ramen bowls. Guests often praise the welcoming and friendly staff, who go the extra mile to ensure a memorable experience. The service is described as professional and attentive, with servers readily offering recommendations and accommodating dietary preferences, contributing to the restaurant’s reputation for excellent customer care.

The skillful chefs at Koyama expertly prepare dishes that showcase the richness of Japanese flavors. The presentation of dishes, such as sushi maki rolls, seafood Oden, and veggie Bibimbap, is visually appealing, embodying the attention to detail that permeates the dining experience. The fusion of traditional Japanese elements with modern touches in the decor creates a unique and inviting setting. Koyama’s commitment to providing top-notch Japanese cuisine, along with the warm and friendly atmosphere, positions it as a must-visit destination for those seeking an authentic and memorable dining experience in Edinburgh.

Maki & Ramen Fountainbridge

Address: 97-101 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh EH3 9QG, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 131 228 5069
Details: $$, Japanese restaurant

Nestled in the heart of Edinburgh, Maki & Ramen Fountainbridge captures the essence of Japanese cuisine with its delectable offerings, inviting atmosphere, and attentive staff. The restaurant stands out for its exceptional culinary creations and warm hospitality.

Guests consistently praise the friendly and welcoming demeanor of the staff, highlighting their attentiveness and eagerness to ensure a memorable dining experience. The combination of swift service and outstanding food presentation contributes to the overall enjoyment, with dishes arriving promptly and beautifully arranged. The menu boasts an array of options, from softshell crab rolls to tempura and ramen, showcasing the diversity of Japanese flavors available.

The restaurant’s ambiance adds to the allure, with a captivating wall adorned with post-it notes from delighted patrons, infusing the space with a playful and engaging vibe. Maki & Ramen Fountainbridge offers an authentic taste of Japanese cuisine, with dishes like tonkatsu ramen and octopus sashimi receiving rave reviews. The welcoming atmosphere and impeccable service, as noted by guests, contribute to making this dining establishment a must-visit for those seeking a remarkable Japanese culinary journey in Edinburgh.

Yes Sushi

Address: 89 Hanover St, Edinburgh EH2 1EE, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 131 220 1887
Details: $$, Japanese restaurant

Nestled within the heart of Edinburgh, Yes Sushi stands as a delightful haven for lovers of Japanese cuisine. The restaurant’s reputation for exceptional value and delectable dishes sets it apart as a must-visit culinary destination.

Patrons consistently commend the impressive value for money that Yes Sushi offers, a sentiment echoed across multiple visits. Whether opting for the 8-course tasting menu or the lunch selection, guests find themselves pleasantly surprised by the generous portions and affordable prices. The diverse menu showcases an array of sushi, sashimi, and hot dishes, ensuring something to delight every palate.

Beyond the sumptuous offerings, the staff’s warmth and attentiveness create a welcoming atmosphere. The attentive service enhances the overall experience, with servers accommodating dietary preferences and ensuring an enjoyable dining journey. The restaurant’s central location and charming ambiance provide a backdrop for memorable moments shared among friends and loved ones. Yes Sushi captures the essence of Japanese cuisine with flair, making it a cherished destination for those seeking quality food and impeccable service in the heart of Edinburgh.

Kenji Sushi

Address: 24 Deanhaugh St, Edinburgh EH4 1LY, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 131 226 5111
Details: $$, Japanese restaurant

Nestled within the vibrant streets of Edinburgh, Kenji Sushi offers an exceptional culinary experience that combines delightful flavors with friendly service. The restaurant’s dedication to providing an authentic Japanese dining experience is evident in both its diverse menu and welcoming atmosphere.

Guests consistently praise the restaurant’s commitment to accommodating dietary needs, ensuring that all diners can savor their meals without worry. The expansive menu features a range of meticulously prepared dishes, from sushi and ramen to other Japanese delights, capturing the essence of the cuisine. The attentive and courteous staff contribute to the welcoming ambiance, creating an environment where patrons can enjoy their meals in comfort.

Kenji Sushi’s reputation extends beyond its delectable offerings; it’s renowned for delivering value for money. Guests find themselves returning to the restaurant, drawn by the deliciousness of the dishes, efficient service, and reasonable prices. From the moment you step into Kenji Sushi, you’re invited to savor the intricate flavors of Japan, making it a standout dining destination in the heart of Edinburgh.

Umi Japanese Cuisine

Address: 12-14 Chapel St, Newington, Edinburgh EH8 9AY, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 131 629 3840
Details: Restaurant

Umi Japanese Cuisine stands as a delightful haven for aficionados of Japanese flavors, providing an enchanting culinary experience within its welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant’s commitment to delivering a harmonious blend of exceptional service and delectable cuisine is evident in the numerous accolades it garners from satisfied patrons.

With a diverse menu that features a plethora of authentic Japanese tapas and delicacies, Umi caters to a wide range of tastes. The staff’s warmth and attentiveness create a comfortable ambiance, allowing diners to relish their dining experience to the fullest. Beyond the savory dishes, the restaurant’s aesthetic charm captivates visitors, reflecting a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity.

Guests are quick to sing praises about the quality of the food, showcasing a variety of standout dishes. From perfectly executed sushi and sashimi to mouthwatering tapas, Umi Japanese Cuisine brings a unique blend of flavors to each plate. The well-coordinated service ensures that patrons receive their orders promptly, adding to the overall enjoyment of the dining experience. Amidst the vibrant dining scene of Edinburgh, Umi stands as a testament to authentic Japanese cuisine and warm hospitality.

Soul Sushi

Address: 126 Nicolson St, Newington, Edinburgh EH8 9EH, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 131 667 0200
Details: Sushi restaurant

Soul Sushi is a hidden gem in the heart of Edinburgh, offering a delectable array of sushi creations that are sure to tantalize taste buds. The restaurant prides itself on delivering an impressive variety of dishes that cater to a diverse range of preferences, making it an ideal destination for both casual diners and sushi enthusiasts.

Upon entering Soul Sushi, guests are welcomed into a relaxed yet inviting atmosphere, creating the perfect backdrop for savoring the delightful offerings. The menu boasts an impressive selection of sushi options, including standout choices like the miso soup and poke bowls. The attentive service ensures that diners feel cared for, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Notable reviews consistently highlight the restaurant’s commitment to quality and variety. From the tantalizing chicken katsu to the melt-in-your-mouth salmon poke bowl, the dishes are crafted with finesse and precision. This dedication to crafting flavorsome creations extends to the vegetarian options, ensuring that every palate is catered to. Soul Sushi’s exceptional service and top-notch cuisine make it a standout choice for anyone seeking an authentic Japanese dining experience in Edinburgh.

Sushi Stop

Address: Waverley Mall Unit L5, Edinburgh EH1 1BQ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 131 558 2588
Details: Sushi restaurant

Sushi Stop, nestled within the bustling Waverley railway station, stands out as a beacon of delectable delights for sushi enthusiasts and casual diners alike. The eatery offers an impressive range of fresh and delicious sushi options, making it a go-to destination for those seeking a taste of authentic Japanese cuisine in the heart of Edinburgh.

The sushi creations at Sushi Stop are not only visually appealing but also boast an exquisite blend of flavors that leave a lasting impression. The staff’s commitment to delivering exceptional service is evident through their warmth, professionalism, and attentiveness. Visitors consistently commend the staff’s helpfulness in providing recommendations and accommodating diverse preferences.

The menu’s diversity is a standout feature, catering to a variety of tastes and dietary choices. From the flavorful Tonkotsu Ramen to the artfully crafted salmon nigiri, every dish is a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to quality and taste. The sushi’s vibrant presentation and exquisite taste are accompanied by efficient service that ensures a delightful dining experience, even for those with time constraints.

Sushi Stop’s location within the Waverley Mall, along with its welcoming atmosphere and attentive staff, makes it an ideal spot for a quick bite or a leisurely meal. With its commitment to providing fresh and tasty sushi, Sushi Stop has carved a niche as a reliable destination for sushi aficionados seeking an authentic and delightful culinary experience in Edinburgh.

Yo! Edinburgh Princes St

Address: First Floor, 78 Princes St, Edinburgh EH2 2ER, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 131 341 2062
Details: $$, Japanese restaurant

Yo! Edinburgh Princes St is a captivating haven for sushi enthusiasts, offering a delightful culinary experience with a fusion of flavors and a welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant’s commitment to providing an exceptional dining experience is evident through the attentive staff, who showcase great dedication in delivering quality service.

The food at Yo! Edinburgh Princes St is a testament to the culinary craftsmanship that goes into every dish. From the delicious sushi rolls to the flavorful Tonkotsu Ramen, each dish is thoughtfully prepared with fresh ingredients that tantalize the taste buds. The menu’s diverse range ensures that there’s something for everyone, from traditional Japanese favorites to innovative creations that reflect the restaurant’s dedication to culinary excellence.

The conveyor belt system adds an element of fun and convenience, allowing diners to choose dishes as they pass by, or they can opt to order using QR codes for a contactless experience. The friendly and efficient staff are always ready to assist and ensure that guests have an enjoyable time. The restaurant’s central location and scenic views of Princes Street make it a perfect spot for both locals and visitors to savor delectable Japanese cuisine.

Yo! Edinburgh Princes St stands as a testament to exceptional culinary artistry and warm hospitality, making it an excellent destination for those seeking a memorable dining experience in the heart of Edinburgh.


Address: 160 Dundas St, Edinburgh EH3 5DQ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 131 558 8068
Details: Sushi takeaway

Oriento, a cherished gem nestled in Edinburgh, offers an exceptional Japanese dining experience that captivates the senses through its delectable menu, inviting atmosphere, and unwavering commitment to culinary excellence. As a family-owned establishment, Oriento takes pride in crafting dishes with care and dedication, resulting in a symphony of flavors that delights both the palate and the heart.

The menu at Oriento is a harmonious blend of traditional Japanese favorites and innovative creations, each dish crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The onigiri, curry, veggie rolls, gyoza, and sushi stand out as embodiments of quality and taste, each layer of flavor meticulously curated to create a delightful culinary journey. The restaurant’s commitment to freshness and presentation is evident in every bite, leaving patrons longing for more.

Stepping into Oriento is akin to entering a culinary haven, where the warm and inviting atmosphere complements the delectable offerings. Whether seated at the bar-style seating by the window or grabbing a takeaway, guests are welcomed with the same genuine hospitality that makes every visit a memorable experience. The dedication to service and passion for crafting exquisite dishes shines through, making Oriento a standout destination for those seeking authentic Japanese cuisine in Edinburgh.

Oriento’s dedication to offering the best Japanese culinary experience at affordable prices has earned it a special place in the hearts of both locals and visitors alike. Its commitment to freshness, exceptional flavors, and warm hospitality makes Oriento a must-visit for those in search of an unforgettable Japanese dining experience in the heart of Edinburgh.

Bento Asian Food Bar (south Bridge)

Address: 52 South Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1LL, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 131 629 5570
Details: $, Japanese restaurant

Nestled within the heart of Edinburgh, Bento Asian Food Bar (South Bridge) enchants patrons with its delightful blend of culinary excellence, welcoming atmosphere, and a diverse menu that caters to every palate. The warm bubble tea, a treat on chilly days, is just a glimpse into the flavorful offerings that await. The staff’s friendliness and efficiency, coupled with the café’s commitment to cleanliness and safety measures, create an inviting space for memorable dining experiences.

Renowned as the city’s premier sushi destination, Bento Asian Food Bar stands out for its impeccable sushi-making technique and exceptional variety. The culinary prowess extends beyond sushi, offering a plethora of choices ranging from dim sum to teriyaki and curry bowls. This oasis of flavors harmoniously balances taste and quality, making it a go-to spot for those seeking an unparalleled culinary adventure. The welcoming atmosphere, with seating options and massive windows overlooking Edinburgh’s vibrant cityscape, complements the scrumptious offerings.

Bento Asian Food Bar’s dedication to providing both quality and value is evident in its ready-made and freshly packaged selections. The fusion of traditional and innovative flavors, paired with the comfort of bubble tea and hot teas, creates a space where food meets satisfaction. The staff’s friendliness, coupled with the abundance of options, establishes Bento Asian Food Bar as a frequent haunt for students and visitors alike, a place where one can savor delicious dishes while immersing in a relaxing ambiance.

Cosmo Edinburgh

Address: Omni, Omni Centre, Greenside Pl, Edinburgh EH1 3AA, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 131 557 0808
Details: $$, Buffet restaurant

Cosmo Edinburgh stands as a testament to the concept of an all-you-can-eat buffet, where quality and variety merge seamlessly. From an expansive selection of dishes spanning the globe, including sushi, noodle creations, curries, and western offerings, to a dessert assortment that rivals the main courses in excellence, Cosmo Edinburgh ensures a delightful gastronomic experience. The value for money is apparent, with wallet-friendly options like bottomless soft drinks adding to the overall appeal.

The restaurant’s atmosphere exudes warmth, enhanced by a slightly dimmed dining room that exudes a cozy ambiance. The dining experience is punctuated by attentive staff who promptly clear used plates and keep the culinary stations well-stocked. The hygiene standards are impeccable, evident in the clean plates and cutlery. As a bustling hub, Cosmo Edinburgh accommodates a wide variety of preferences, ensuring a satisfying meal for even the fussiest of eaters.

Cosmo Edinburgh has elevated the all-you-can-eat concept by blending excellent quality with diverse offerings. From a rich selection of meats to a range of vegetarian options, the restaurant caters to every palate. With a commitment to promptly refilling dishes and maintaining a clean, welcoming environment, Cosmo Edinburgh stands out as a haven for diners seeking a flavorful journey across culinary landscapes.

In a city as vibrant and diverse as Edinburgh, the sushi scene offers a delightful culinary journey that’s worth exploring. From the traditional to the innovative, these sushi havens present a tapestry of flavors that cater to every palate. Whether you’re seeking a cozy ambience, top-notch service, or a menu that tantalizes your taste buds, Edinburgh’s best sushi restaurants have something special to offer. Embark on a sushi adventure in this historic city, and let your taste buds savor the artistry of flavors that these restaurants bring to the table.