Algiers‘s Most Popular Neighborhood, known as the Casbah, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the heart of the city, and is a must-see destination for any tourist visiting Algiers.

A Brief History of the Casbah

The Casbah, also known as the “old city,” was built in the 16th century by the Ottoman Deys of Algiers, and has a rich history intertwined with the city’s past as a major port and cultural crossroads. Over the centuries, the Casbah has been home to a diverse mix of cultures and religions, including Arabs, Berbers, Jews, and Europeans.

Explore the winding streets of the Casbah

The Casbah is a maze of narrow, winding streets and alleyways, lined with traditional white-washed houses adorned with intricate tilework. As you explore the streets, you’ll be struck by the sense of history and culture that pervades the area. Take the time to visit the many palaces, mosques, and other historic buildings that dot the landscape.

Discover the local art and culture

The Casbah is home to a vibrant arts and culture scene, and visitors can find a variety of local artisans selling their wares in the markets and shops throughout the area. You can find everything from traditional Berber textiles and jewelry to contemporary paintings and sculptures. Be sure to also visit the National Museum of Fine Arts of Algiers, located in the Casbah, which features a wide range of art and artifacts from across the region.

Relax in one of the Casbah’s traditional cafes

After a day of exploring the streets and sights of the Casbah, take a break in one of the neighborhood’s traditional cafes. Enjoy a cup of sweet mint tea and some traditional Algerian pastries while you take in the hustle and bustle of the streets.

End the day with a panoramic view of the city

As the sun sets over the city, make your way up to the the Ketchaoua Mosque, for a panoramic view of Algiers and the Mediterranean Sea. This mosque is a great spot to end the day, and to reflect on all the sights and experiences you’ve had in the Casbah.


The Casbah is a must-see destination for any tourist visiting Algiers, offering a unique blend of history, culture, and art. From its winding streets and historic buildings to its vibrant arts and culture scene, the Casbah is a neighborhood that truly captures the essence of the city. So, take the time to explore the Casbah and discover all it has to offer.