Harbin‘s Most Popular Neighborhood, known as Central Street, is a must-visit destination for any tourist visiting the city. The street, also known as Zhongyang Dajie, stretches for over 1.5 kilometers and is lined with European-style buildings, offering visitors a glimpse into Harbin’s history as a melting pot of cultures.

The history of Central Street

Central Street has a rich history dating back to the late 19th century, when it served as the city’s main commercial hub. The street was built by Russian traders and was heavily influenced by European architecture, with buildings featuring ornate facades and intricate details.

During the early 20th century, the street became a popular destination for foreigners, who came to the city to trade, work, or seek adventure. Many of the buildings on the street were used as banks, consulates, and department stores, and the street was bustling with activity.

Explore the Street

As you walk down Central Street, you’ll see a mix of architectural styles, including Art Nouveau, Baroque, and Gothic. Many of the buildings have been well-preserved and have been turned into museums, shops, and restaurants.

One of the most popular attractions on Central Street is the Harbin Architecture Museum, which is housed in a beautiful Art Nouveau building. The museum offers an in-depth look at the history of the street and the city’s architecture.

Another popular destination is the Central Street Church, also known as the St. Sophia Church. The church, which was built in 1907, is a beautiful example of Byzantine architecture and is a popular spot for tourists to take photos.

Shopping and Food

Central Street is also a great place to shop for souvenirs and local products. You’ll find a wide range of shops selling everything from traditional Chinese crafts and clothing to Russian dolls and fur hats.

When it comes to food, Central Street offers a diverse range of options. You can sample traditional Chinese dishes such as dumplings and hot pot, or try some Russian and Eastern European fare at one of the street’s many restaurants.

Experience the Nightlife

Central Street comes alive at night, with the street’s buildings and sculptures beautifully illuminated. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll down the street, admiring the lights and listening to street performers.

In addition, there are also a number of bars and clubs that stay open late, offering a chance to experience the city’s nightlife.


Central Street is a must-visit destination for any tourist visiting Harbin. The street’s rich history, diverse architecture, and vibrant atmosphere make it the perfect place to explore the city’s past and present. Whether you’re interested in history, shopping, or just enjoying a leisurely stroll, Central Street has something to offer. So, plan your trip to Harbin and don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore this popular neighborhood.