Kagoshima‘s Most Popular Neighborhood, known as Terukuni Shrine, is a must-see destination for tourists visiting the city, offering a glimpse into the rich history and culture of Kagoshima while also providing ample opportunities for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Early Morning: Terukuni Shrine

The day starts early at Terukuni Shrine, as locals and tourists alike gather to pay their respects and offer prayers at the shrine, which is dedicated to the spirit of Shimazu Nariakira, a powerful feudal lord who played a major role in the modernization of Kagoshima in the 19th century. The shrine’s main hall, built in 1932, is a stunning example of traditional Japanese architecture, with its intricate woodcarvings and brightly painted details. Visitors can also explore the many smaller shrines and gardens within the complex, which are dotted with cherry blossom trees and offer beautiful views of the surrounding area.

Morning: Shopping and Dining

After visiting the shrine, it’s time to explore the neighborhood’s many shopping and dining options. Kagoshima is famous for its black pork, and there are plenty of local restaurants that specialize in dishes made with this delicious ingredient. Be sure to try the traditional Kagoshima dish “Tonkotsu” (pork belly) ramen or “Satsuma age” (deep-fried fish cake).

The area around Terukuni Shrine is also home to a number of traditional craft shops and souvenir stores, where visitors can purchase local pottery, textiles, and other handcrafted items. One of the most popular shopping destinations is the “Kagoshima-kamado” (Kagoshima pottery) store, which has been in business for over 100 years and offers a wide selection of high-quality ceramics.

Afternoon: Kagoshima Castle and History Museum

In the afternoon, head to Kagoshima Castle, also known as Tsurumaru Castle, a beautiful reconstructed castle, which was originally built in 1602. The castle offers a great view of the city and the active volcano Sakurajima. Visitors can explore the castle’s many exhibits and learn about the history and culture of Kagoshima, from the days of the powerful Shimazu clan to the modern era.

Next, head to Kagoshima City History Museum located nearby the castle. The museum features a variety of exhibits that cover the history of Kagoshima from prehistoric times to the present day. Visitors can see a replica of the castle, a traditional merchant’s house, and many artifacts that have been excavated from the area.

Evening: Night View of Sakurajima

As the day comes to a close, head to one of the many observation decks or parks in the area to take in the beautiful night view of Sakurajima. The volcano, which is still active, provides a spectacular backdrop to the city, and on clear nights, visitors can even see the orange glow of lava flowing from the crater.


Kagoshima’s Most Popular Neighborhood, Terukuni Shrine, offers a unique blend of history, culture, and modern amenities that make it a must-see destination for visitors to the city. From the beautiful shrines and gardens of the shrine complex to the delicious local cuisine and traditional craft shops, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this vibrant neighborhood. With so many sights and activities to choose from, visitors will have no trouble filling an entire day in Terukuni Shrine and surrounding areas. Whether you’re a history buff, a food lover, or just looking for a glimpse into traditional Japanese culture, this neighborhood has something to offer. Be sure to take the time to explore the castle and the history museum, and don’t forget to catch a glimpse of the stunning night view of Sakurajima. With its rich history, cultural heritage, and vibrant atmosphere, Terukuni Shrine is sure to be a highlight of any visit to Kagoshima.