Puebla‘s Most Popular Neighborhood, known as “Barrio del Artista” or “Artist’s Neighborhood”, is a charming and picturesque area located in the heart of the city, filled with colonial-style houses, cobblestone streets, and an abundance of art and culture, making it the perfect destination for tourists looking to immerse themselves in the history and beauty of Puebla.

Morning: Visit the Zócalo

The day begins with a visit to the Zócalo, the main square of Puebla and the center of the city’s social and cultural life. Surrounded by important historical buildings such as the Cathedral of Puebla and the Palafoxiana Library, the Zócalo is the perfect place to begin exploring the city. Visitors can take a stroll around the square, admire the colonial architecture, and take in the lively atmosphere of the street vendors and performers.

Afternoon: Explore the Calle de los Dulces

After a delicious traditional Mexican breakfast, it’s time to head to the Calle de los Dulces, or “Street of Sweets”, which is located just a few blocks from the Zócalo. This street is famous for its wide variety of traditional sweets and candies, such as camotes, dulces de leche, and raspados. Visitors can try some of these delicious treats and also buy some as souvenirs.

Evening: Visit the Artist’s Studios

As the afternoon comes to a close, it’s time to delve deeper into the cultural heart of the Barrio del Artista. The neighborhood is home to a large number of artist’s studios, galleries, and workshops, where visitors can see the work of local artists and even meet the artists themselves. Many of the studios open their doors to the public, offering a glimpse into the creative process and the opportunity to purchase unique works of art.

Night: Enjoy the Nightlife

As night falls, the Barrio del Artista comes alive with the sound of music and laughter. The neighborhood is home to a wide variety of bars, nightclubs, and restaurants, offering something for everyone. Visitors can enjoy a cold beer at a local cantina, dance the night away at a salsa club, or indulge in a delicious dinner at a traditional Mexican restaurant.


The Barrio del Artista is a must-see destination for any tourist visiting Puebla. The neighborhood’s charming colonial architecture, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant atmosphere make it the perfect place to experience the best of Puebla. From visiting the Zócalo and the Calle de los Dulces, to exploring the artist’s studios and enjoying the nightlife, there’s something for everyone in the Barrio del Artista.