Jeonju weather is a topic that is of great interest to many, as the city is known for its diverse climate and beautiful scenery. Located in the Southwestern part of South Korea, Jeonju experiences four distinct seasons, each with its own unique characteristics. The city is known for its mild winters and warm summers, making it a popular destination for tourists throughout the year.

The spring season in Jeonju is a time of renewal and growth, as the city comes alive with the blooming of cherry blossoms and other flowers. The weather during this time of year is mild, with temperatures ranging from 10-20°C (50-68°F) and low levels of precipitation. This makes it an ideal time to visit for those who want to enjoy the beauty of nature without the heat of summer.

Summer in Jeonju is warm and humid, with temperatures reaching up to 30°C (86°F) and high levels of precipitation. This is the peak tourist season in the city, as many people come to enjoy the beautiful beaches, festivals, and outdoor activities. Despite the heat, the summer months are a great time to visit for those who enjoy being outdoors and experiencing the local culture.

Fall in Jeonju is a time of beautiful colors and cool weather, as the leaves on the trees change from green to red, orange, and yellow. The temperatures during this time of year range from 10-20°C (50-68°F), and the precipitation levels are low. This is the perfect time to visit for those who want to enjoy the natural beauty of the city without the crowds of summer.


Month Low (°C) High (°C) Low (°F) High (°F) Rain (%)
January -5 5 23 41 20
February -3 7 27 45 15
March 2 12 36 54 10
April 8 18 46 64 5
May 13 23 55 73 2
June 18 28 64 82 1
July 22 32 72 90 1
August 22 32 72 90 2
September 18 28 64 82 3
October 13 23 55 73 5
November 8 18 46 64 10
December 2 12 36 54 15

When it comes to deciding the best time to visit Jeonju, it ultimately depends on what you’re looking for in a trip. If you’re looking to experience the beauty of nature and the local culture, then spring or fall would be the best time to visit. The weather during these seasons is mild, and the crowds are not as heavy as they are in the summer. Additionally, the spring season is particularly beautiful as the cherry blossoms and other flowers are in bloom.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a beach vacation or to experience the local festivals and outdoor activities, then summer would be the best time to visit. The weather is warm and the city is bustling with activity. However, it’s important to note that the heat can be quite intense and the crowds can be heavy, so it’s best to plan accordingly.

For those who enjoy the cool weather, winter is also a great time to visit. The temperatures during this time of year are mild, and the city is decorated with beautiful holiday lights and decorations. Additionally, there are many winter sports and outdoor activities to enjoy.

Overall, there is no “bad” time to visit Jeonju. Each season has its own unique charm and offers something different for visitors. Whether you’re looking for a beach vacation or a chance to experience the local culture and nature, Jeonju has something to offer year-round. It’s important to keep in mind the weather, crowds, and activities you’re interested in when planning your trip, so you can make the most of your visit to this beautiful city.