Is Kyoto dangerous? When it comes to Kyoto safety, it is important to note that the city is generally considered to be safe for tourists. However, as with any city, it is important to be aware of potential dangers and take precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

Common Causes of Injury

One of the most common causes of injury in Kyoto is slips, trips, and falls. The city is home to many temples and shrines, which often have uneven surfaces and steps. Additionally, during the rainy season, which typically runs from June to July, the streets can become slippery. To avoid injury, it is important to wear comfortable and sturdy shoes and pay attention to your surroundings when visiting temples and shrines.

Natural Dangers

Kyoto is not known for having significant natural dangers. However, during the summer months, there is a risk of heat stroke due to high temperatures and humidity. It is important to stay hydrated and take breaks in the shade or indoors to avoid heat stroke.

Weather-Related Dangers

The best time to visit Kyoto is during the spring and fall seasons, when the weather is mild and the scenery is beautiful. The worst time to visit is during the summer months, when temperatures can reach above 30 degrees Celsius and humidity is high. During the winter months, temperatures can drop below freezing, so it is important to dress warmly.


Kyoto has a relatively low crime rate compared to other major cities in Japan. However, as with any city, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and take precautions to protect yourself and your belongings. One of the most common crimes in Kyoto is pickpocketing, which tends to occur in crowded areas such as train stations and tourist hotspots. To avoid becoming a victim of pickpocketing, it is important to keep your belongings close and be aware of your surroundings. It’s also recommended to carry a photocopy of your passport and other important documents, rather than the original.

Kyoto is a city with a rich history and culture, and is a popular destination for tourists. By being aware of potential dangers and taking precautions, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable trip to this beautiful city.