Is San Juan dangerous? When it comes to San Juan safety, it’s important to understand that, like any city, there are certain areas and situations that can pose a greater risk than others. However, with the right knowledge and precautions, visitors to San Juan can feel confident and secure while exploring all that this beautiful city has to offer.

Common Causes of Injury

One of the most common causes of injury in San Juan is related to the city’s natural environment. The city is located in a tropical climate and is susceptible to hurricanes and heavy rainfall, which can lead to flooding and landslides. Visitors should be aware of weather conditions and take necessary precautions during the hurricane season, which runs from June to November.

Natural Dangers

San Juan is also home to a variety of natural hazards, such as the risk of sun exposure, jellyfish stings, and mosquito-borne illnesses. Visitors should take care to protect themselves from the sun by wearing sunscreen and protective clothing, and be aware of jellyfish warnings posted on beaches. Additionally, visitors should take precautions to protect themselves from mosquitoes, such as using insect repellent and wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants.


When it comes to crime in San Juan, the city has some areas that are considered to be more dangerous than others. According to data from the Puerto Rico Police Bureau, the neighborhoods with the highest rates of crime are Santurce, Hato Rey, and Río Piedras. Visitors should take extra caution when visiting these areas, especially at night. Additionally, certain types of crime, such as car theft and burglary, are more prevalent in San Juan than in other parts of the island.

On the other hand, the safest areas in San Juan are Old San Juan and Condado, as well as beach areas such as Isla Verde and Ocean Park. These areas are well-patrolled by law enforcement and have lower crime rates compared to other parts of the city.


Overall, San Juan is a relatively safe city, but visitors should take certain precautions to ensure their safety. By being aware of the natural hazards and crime hotspots, and taking appropriate measures to protect yourself, you can enjoy all that San Juan has to offer while staying safe and secure. Despite the areas of concern and natural hazards, San Juan is a beautiful city with a rich culture and history, and we encourage you to visit and experience it for yourself.