Is Santa Marta dangerous? When it comes to Santa Marta safety, it’s important to understand that like any city, there are certain areas and situations that may be more risky than others. However, with proper knowledge and precautions, visitors can have a safe and enjoyable experience in Santa Marta.

Common Causes of Injury

One of the most common causes of injury in Santa Marta is related to the city’s many beaches and water activities. Visitors should be aware of the potential risks of swimming in the ocean, such as strong currents and undertows. It’s important to swim in designated areas and to always be aware of posted warning signs.

Natural Dangers

Santa Marta is located in a seismically active area and there is a risk of earthquakes. However, most earthquakes in the region are small and do not cause significant damage. Visitors should familiarize themselves with emergency procedures and know where the nearest emergency shelters are located.


Santa Marta’s weather is generally warm and sunny year-round, with the rainy season running from May to October. During this time, heavy rainfall can cause flash floods and landslides in some areas. Visitors should be aware of weather conditions and take necessary precautions, such as avoiding low-lying areas during heavy rain.


Santa Marta has a relatively high crime rate, with the most common types of crime being theft and pickpocketing. Visitors should take precautions to protect their valuables, such as carrying a purse or bag that can be secured to the body and leaving expensive jewelry at home. It is also recommended to avoid carrying large amounts of cash and to use credit cards whenever possible.

The most dangerous areas in Santa Marta are typically considered to be low-income neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city. Visitors should avoid these areas, especially at night. The safest areas of Santa Marta are generally considered to be the city center, and the tourist areas such as El Rodadero beach, and the historic city center, where there is a high police presence.

Overall, Santa Marta is a beautiful and vibrant city that can be safely enjoyed by visitors with a little knowledge and preparation. It is important to be aware of potential risks and to take precautions to protect yourself and your belongings. With this in mind, visitors can have a safe and enjoyable experience in Santa Marta.