Is Sintra dangerous? When it comes to Sintra safety, it is important to consider the various potential hazards that visitors may encounter. Sintra is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful palaces, castles, and gardens, as well as its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the Sintra-Cascais Nature Park. However, like any destination, it is important to be aware of the risks and take appropriate precautions.

Most Common Causes of Injury

When it comes to most common causes of injury in Sintra, the primary concern is likely to be slips, trips, and falls. The city is home to many historic sites and monuments that are not always easily accessible, and visitors should be aware of uneven surfaces and other hazards. Additionally, the hilly terrain of Sintra can make it challenging to navigate, especially in wet or slippery conditions.

Natural Dangers

In terms of natural dangers, the biggest concern in Sintra is likely to be the Atlantic Ocean. The beaches in the area can be dangerous for swimming and other water activities, especially during the winter months when the waves are larger and more powerful. Visitors should be aware of the conditions before entering the water and always swim with a buddy. Additionally, the Sintra-Cascais Nature Park is home to a variety of wildlife, and visitors should be mindful of the animals and their habitats to avoid any accidents.

Weather-related Risks

Sintra is known for its mild Mediterranean climate, with warm summers and mild winters. However, the weather can be unpredictable, and visitors should be prepared for changes in temperature and precipitation. The best time of year to visit Sintra in terms of weather is probably during the spring or fall, when the temperatures are milder and the crowds are smaller. However, in the summer it’s important to be aware of the heat and humidity.


When it comes to crime in Sintra, the city is generally considered to be safe. According to data from the Portuguese National Statistics Institute, the crime rate in Sintra is lower than the national average. However, as with any tourist destination, visitors should take precautions to protect themselves and their belongings. For example, it’s a good idea to avoid carrying large amounts of cash or valuables, and to be aware of pickpocketing in crowded areas. Additionally, visitors should avoid walking alone in poorly lit or isolated areas at night.

Overall, Sintra is a beautiful and safe destination for tourists. By being aware of the potential hazards and taking appropriate precautions, visitors can enjoy all that the city has to offer without any problems. From the historic palaces and castles to the natural beauty of the Sintra-Cascais Nature Park, there is something for everyone in Sintra.