Is Sittwe dangerous? When it comes to Sittwe safety, it is important to consider a range of potential hazards and risks. Sittwe is the capital of Rakhine State in Myanmar, and while it is a relatively small city, it is also a major port and transportation hub. As with any destination, it is important to be aware of the potential risks and to take appropriate precautions.

Common Causes of Injury

One of the most common causes of injury in Sittwe is traffic accidents. The city’s roads can be busy and chaotic, and many drivers are not used to following traffic laws or rules. Pedestrians, in particular, should be very careful when crossing the street, as many drivers do not stop for them. Additionally, it is important to be aware of the potential for motorcycle and bicycle accidents, as they are quite common in the city.

Natural Dangers

Sittwe is located in a coastal area, and as such, there is a risk of flooding and landslides during the monsoon season, which typically runs from June to September. Additionally, the city is located in an earthquake-prone region, so it is important to be aware of the potential for seismic activity.

Weather-Related Risks

The best time to visit Sittwe is during the dry season, which typically runs from November to February. During this time, the weather is generally mild, and there is less risk of flooding or landslides. The worst time to visit is during the monsoon season, when heavy rains can make it difficult to get around and can increase the risk of flooding and landslides.


Sittwe is generally considered to be a safe city, but there is a risk of crime, particularly in certain areas. The city center and main tourist areas are generally considered to be safe, but it is important to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Pickpocketing and purse-snatching are common, and it is important to keep your valuables secure. Additionally, it is wise to avoid walking alone at night in less-travelled areas of the city.

It is also important to note that the situation in Rakhine state is complex and can be volatile. It is important to stay informed and follow the advice of local authorities and tour operators.

Overall, Sittwe is a city with a lot to offer, and while there are some risks and hazards to be aware of, with proper precautions, visitors can have a safe and enjoyable trip.