The best things to do in Cebu
Cebu is a beautiful island located in the central Visayas region of the Philippines. Known for its crystal-clear beaches, rich culture, and delicious food, Cebu is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. Whether you’re interested in history, adventure, or relaxation, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Cebu. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best things to do in Cebu, from exploring the city’s rich history to taking in the natural beauty of the island.

Explore the City of Cebu

Cebu City is the oldest city in the Philippines and has a rich history that dates back to the 16th century. The city is home to several historical landmarks, including Magellan’s Cross, which marks the spot where the Portuguese explorer first set foot on Cebu in 1521. The Basilica del Santo Niño is another must-see destination, as it houses the oldest religious relic in the Philippines, the Santo Niño de Cebu. Other historical landmarks to visit include the Casa Gorordo Museum and the Fort San Pedro.

Visit the Magellan’s Cross

Magellan’s Cross is a historical landmark located in the center of Cebu City. It marks the spot where the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan planted a cross to signify the arrival of Christianity in the Philippines. The original cross is housed in a small chapel next to the replica that stands in the center of the city. Visitors can take a look at the cross and learn about the history of its significance to the Philippines.

Visit the Taoist Cemetery

The Taoist Cemetery is a unique and interesting place to visit in Cebu City. It is a colorful and ornate cemetery that is home to many elaborate and colorful tombs. The cemetery is a popular spot for tourists and photographers, as it offers a glimpse into the unique blend of Chinese and Philippine cultures that can be found in Cebu.

Relax on the Beaches

Cebu is known for its beautiful beaches, and there are plenty to choose from. Some popular options include Mactan Island, which is known for its clear waters and great snorkeling and diving spots, and Bantayan Island, which is known for its white sandy beaches and laid-back atmosphere. Another popular option is Moalboal, which is known for its sardine run, a phenomenon where thousands of sardines swim close to the shore, making it a popular spot for snorkeling and diving.

Visit the Osmeña Peak

Osmeña Peak is the highest peak in Cebu and offers panoramic views of the island. The peak can be accessed via a steep hike and the trail is well-maintained, making it accessible to most hikers. The peak is a great spot to watch the sunset and offers a great spot for nature lover.

Go Island Hopping

Cebu is surrounded by a number of small islands that are perfect for island hopping. Some popular options include Camotes Island, which is known for its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, and Malapascua Island, which is known for its diving spots and beautiful beaches. Other options include Sumilon Island, which is known for its sandbar and beautiful coral gardens, and Olango Island, which is known for its bird sanctuary.

Take a Food TourCebu is known for its delicious food and there are many options to choose from. A food tour is a great way to experience the local cuisine and try a variety of dishes. Some popular options include lechon, a roast pig dish that is a local specialty, and Cebu-style dried fish. Other popular dishes include puso, a type of rice cake wrapped in banana leaves, and kinilaw, a type of raw fish dish similar to ceviche. You can also try halo-halo, a popular Filipino dessert made with shaved ice, milk, and various sweet toppings.

Experience Local Culture

Cebu is known for its rich culture and there are many ways to experience it. One popular option is to visit the Casa Gorordo Museum, which is a 19th-century house that has been converted into a museum showcasing the local culture and way of life. Another option is to attend a traditional dance performance, such as the Sinulog Festival, which is held annually in January and features colorful costumes, music, and dancing.

Go Shopping

Cebu is known for its shopping options and there are many places to explore. Some popular options include the Magellan’s Cross, which is known for its traditional crafts, and the Colon Street, which is the oldest street in the Philippines and is known for its local shops and street vendors. Other options include the Taboan Public Market, which is known for its dried fish and other local products, and the IT Park, which is known for its electronic stores.

In conclusion, Cebu is a beautiful island with much to offer, from its rich history and culture, to its natural beauty, delicious food and adventures. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach, explore the city, or experience local culture, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Cebu.