The best things to do in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province in southwestern China, are an eclectic mix of traditional and modern activities. From visiting ancient temples and pandas to sampling spicy Sichuan cuisine and shopping at trendy boutiques, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city.

Visit the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base

The Giant Panda Breeding Research Base is a must-see for any panda lover. The base, which is located just outside of Chengdu, is home to over 80 giant pandas and other endangered species such as red pandas and black-necked cranes. Visitors can see the pandas up close, learn about their habits and behavior, and even participate in a panda volunteer program.

Explore the Wenshu Monastery

The Wenshu Monastery is one of Chengdu’s most famous Buddhist temples. Originally built in the Tang Dynasty, the temple has undergone many renovations and expansion over the centuries. The monastery is home to many ancient Buddhist statues, as well as an impressive collection of calligraphy and traditional Chinese art. Visitors can also enjoy a traditional vegetarian meal at the monastery’s restaurant.

Experience Sichuan Cuisine

Sichuan cuisine is known for its bold flavors and fiery spices, and Chengdu is the perfect place to sample it. Some must-try dishes include kung pao chicken, hot pot, and mapo tofu. For a truly authentic experience, head to a local restaurant in the Jinli Street area where you can find traditional Sichuan dishes and street food.

Visit the Jinsha Site Museum

The Jinsha Site Museum is an archaeological site that was discovered in 2001. The museum features the remains of an ancient city that dates back to the Shu Kingdom (circa 12th century BCE). Visitors can see the excavation site, as well as a collection of artifacts, including gold and jade objects, pottery, and bronze weapons.

Take a Walk in People’s Park

People’s Park is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. The park features a lake, gardens, and a tea house where visitors can relax and enjoy a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. The park is also home to a number of cultural activities, such as calligraphy and painting classes, and traditional music performances.

Stroll Along Jinli Street

Jinli Street is a popular shopping and dining destination in Chengdu. The street is lined with traditional Sichuan-style shops and restaurants, and is a great place to find souvenirs such as traditional Chinese paper-cuts and Sichuan silk fabrics. Visitors can also enjoy a traditional Sichuan opera performance or watch a Sichuan-style shadow puppet show.

Visit Du Fu Thatched Cottage

Du Fu Thatched Cottage is a memorial to the famous Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu. The cottage, which is located on the outskirts of Chengdu, was built on the spot where Du Fu is believed to have lived and written many of his famous poems. Visitors can tour the cottage, as well as the surrounding gardens and fish ponds.

Take a Day Trip to Mount Qingcheng

Mount Qingcheng is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most important Taoist centers in China. The mountain is home to many ancient temples and monasteries, as well as beautiful natural scenery. Visitors can take a cable car to the top of themountain, hike along the scenic trails, or take a boat ride on the nearby rivers. One of the must-see temples on the mountain is the Tianshi Cave Temple, which is said to be the birthplace of Taoism. It is a great way to escape the city and enjoy some peace and tranquility.

Visit the Sichuan Museum

The Sichuan Museum is a great place to learn about the history, culture and art of Sichuan province. The museum has a wide collection of artifacts from the ancient Shu Kingdom, as well as a collection of bronze vessels, jade objects and pottery from the Han Dynasty. The museum also has a section dedicated to the famous Sichuan Opera, where visitors can see traditional costumes and masks.

Shop at Chunxi Road

Chunxi Road is one of the most popular shopping destinations in Chengdu, known for its trendy boutiques, department stores, and large shopping malls. Visitors can find a wide variety of products, ranging from traditional Chinese handicrafts to the latest fashion and electronics. The area is also home to many international brands and luxury stores.

In conclusion, Chengdu offers a lot of things to do, from visiting ancient temples and pandas to sampling spicy Sichuan cuisine and shopping at trendy boutiques. It is a city that blends the old and the new, and offers visitors a chance to experience traditional Chinese culture and modern city life. It is definitely worth a visit for anyone traveling to China.