The best things to do in Jeju City

Jeju City is a beautiful destination located in the Jeju Island of South Korea. Known for its stunning natural beauty, delicious seafood, and unique culture, there is no shortage of things to see and do in this vibrant city. Whether you’re a history buff, a food lover, or an adventure seeker, you’re sure to find something that appeals to your interests in Jeju City.

Explore the Jeju Folklore and Natural History Museum

The Jeju Folklore and Natural History Museum is a must-see for anyone interested in learning more about the island’s unique culture and history. The museum features exhibits on the island’s traditional customs, legends, and folklore, as well as information on the island’s unique flora and fauna.

Take a Stroll Along the Jeju Olle Trail

The Jeju Olle Trail is a series of hiking paths that wind through the island’s beautiful countryside. The trail offers breathtaking views of the island’s rugged coastline, lush forests, and picturesque villages. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just looking for a leisurely stroll, the Jeju Olle Trail is the perfect way to explore the island’s natural beauty.

Visit the Mysterious Manjanggul Cave

Manjanggul Cave is a must-see for anyone visiting Jeju City. This massive lava tube is over 13 km long and is home to a wide variety of unique rock formations and cave creatures. Visitors can take guided tours of the cave to learn more about its history and geology.

Sample the Local Cuisine

Jeju City is known for its delicious seafood, and there are plenty of great restaurants where you can sample the local fare. Some of the island’s most popular dishes include haemul pajeon (seafood pancake), jangeo gui (grilled eel), and Jeju black pork. Be sure to also try some of the island’s famous citrus fruits like Jeju tangerine and Jeju mandarin oranges.

Relax at Hamdeok Beach

Hamdeok Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Jeju City. The beach features crystal clear water and white sandy shores, making it the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun. There are also plenty of water sports and activities available, such as jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides.

Visit the Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak

Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak is an extinct volcano that offers breathtaking views of the island and the sea. Visitors can hike to the summit to see the crater and enjoy the panoramic views. The hike is relatively easy and takes about 1 hour.

Experience the Jeju Stone Park

Jeju Stone Park is a park located in Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo City. The park features over a hundred different varieties of stone sculptures, including a large collection of dolmens and standing stones. The park offers a unique opportunity to learn about the island’s rich history and culture.

Visit the Jeju Glass Castle

Jeju Glass Castle is an interactive art gallery featuring a wide variety of glass art. The gallery has a number of exhibits that showcase the beauty and versatility of glass, including sculptures, paintings, and installations. Visitors can also participate in glass-blowing workshops and classes.

Take a Day Trip to Udo Island

Udo Island is a small island located just off the coast of Jeju City. The island is known for its beautiful beaches, delicious seafood, and laid-back atmosphere. Visitors can take a ferry to the island and spend the day exploring the beaches, hiking the trails, and trying the local cuisine.

Experience the Jeju Loveland

Jeju Loveland is an adult-themed sculpture park that features over 140 sculptures and artworks that depict various aspects of human sexuality. The park is intended for adults only and is not suitable for children.

Explore the Jeju Teddy Bear Museum

The Jeju Teddy Bear Museum is a unique museum that features a wide variety of teddy bears from around the world. The museum has a collection of over 2,000 bears and visitors can see bears from different countries, historical periods, and even movie characters.

Visit the Jeju Love Land

Jeju Love Land is an outdoor sculpture park that features a wide variety of sculptures and artworks that depict various aspects of human sexuality. The park is intended for adults only and is not suitable for children.

In conclusion, Jeju City offers a wide range of activities and attractions that cater to different interests. From the natural beauty of the island, the rich culture and history, delicious local cuisine to the interactive art galleries, there is something for everyone to explore and enjoy in Jeju City.