The best things to do in Kairouan Medina are:

Visit the Great Mosque of Kairouan

The Great Mosque of Kairouan, also known as the Mosque of Uqba, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the fourth holiest city in Islam. This magnificent structure was built in the 8th century and has undergone several renovations and additions throughout its history. Visitors can admire the intricate geometric designs and calligraphy on the walls and ceilings, as well as the beautiful courtyards and minarets.

Explore the Medina

The medina of Kairouan is a maze of narrow, winding streets filled with shops, markets, and other interesting sights. Visitors can stroll through the streets, admiring the traditional architecture and soaking up the atmosphere. Some of the highlights include the souks (markets) where you can buy a wide variety of goods, the impressive palaces and houses, and the many public fountains.

Visit the Aghlabid Basin

The Aghlabid Basin is a beautiful public garden located in the heart of the medina. The garden was built in the 9th century and features a large pond, surrounded by lush greenery, palm trees and colorful flowers. Visitors can take a stroll around the garden, relax on one of the benches, or even take a boat ride on the pond.

See the Mausoleum of Sidi Sahbi

The Mausoleum of Sidi Sahbi is a beautiful and important religious site located just outside the medina. The mausoleum is the tomb of Sidi Sahbi, a companion of the Prophet Muhammad, and is considered one of the holiest places in Kairouan. Visitors can admire the intricate decoration and architecture of the mausoleum, and also take a look at the many other tombs and shrines that are located in the area.

Visit the Museum of Islamic Art

The Museum of Islamic Art is a fascinating place to visit for anyone interested in the art, culture and history of the Islamic world. The museum is housed in a beautiful traditional building, and features a wide variety of exhibits on topics such as Islamic calligraphy, ceramics, textiles, and metalwork. Visitors can also see some of the many ancient manuscripts and books that are kept in the museum’s collection.

Take a Day Trip to El Djem

El Djem is a small town located about 30 km from Kairouan, and is home to one of the most impressive Roman ruins in Tunisia: the Colosseum of El Djem. The Colosseum is an exact replica of the Colosseum in Rome, but on a smaller scale, and is considered one of the most well-preserved Roman ruins in Africa. Visitors can admire the impressive structure, as well as the other Roman ruins that are located in the area, such as the Roman Forum, the Capitolium and the House of the Mosaics.

Learn about Kairouan’s history

Kairouan has a rich history, and visitors can learn more about it by visiting some of the many historical sites and monuments that are located throughout the city. Some of the highlights include the Kairouan Archaeological Museum, which has a wide variety of exhibits on the history of the city, the Great Mosque of Kairouan, which is one of the oldest and most important Islamic buildings in the world, and the Aghlabid Basin, which was built by the Aghlabid dynasty who ruled over Kairouan in the 9th century. Visitors can also take a walk through the medina and see the traditional architecture and learn about the history of the city through the many public fountains and palaces.

Experience Kairouan’s culture

Kairouan is a city rich in culture, and visitors can experience it through its traditional music, dance, and food. Visitors can attend a traditional music concert or dance performance, or try some of the local dishes such as couscous, brik (a type of pastry), and harissa (a spicy sauce). Visitors can also shop for traditional Tunisian crafts and souvenirs such as pottery, textiles, and jewelry.

Relax in a Hammam

A Hammam is a traditional Arabic bathhouse, and Kairouan has several of them. Visitors can relax in the warm, steamy rooms, and get a traditional massage or scrub. It’s a great way to unwind and experience a bit of local culture.

Visit the Kairouan Cultural Center

The Kairouan Cultural Center is a great place to learn more about the culture and history of Kairouan. The center features a variety of exhibits, workshops, and events that focus on the city’s heritage and culture. Visitors can also attend lectures, watch films, or participate in other educational activities.

Overall, Kairouan Medina is a city rich in history, culture, and architecture. Visitors can explore the medina, admire the ancient buildings and monuments, and learn about the history and culture of the city. From the Great Mosque of Kairouan to the Hammam, Kairouan Medina offers a wide range of activities that will keep visitors busy and entertained.