Welcome to the ultimate guide to the Best American restaurants in Portland! As a culinary hub brimming with diverse flavors, Portland offers a vibrant dining scene that celebrates American cuisine in all its glory. Whether you’re a local food enthusiast or a visitor seeking gastronomic adventures, this article will unveil the city’s top-notch establishments that redefine the essence of American dining. From contemporary twists on classic favorites to regional specialties bursting with creativity, prepare to embark on a tantalizing culinary journey through the Best American restaurants in Portland.

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Pine State Biscuits

Address: 2204 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211
Phone: +1 (503) 477-6605
Website: pinestatebiscuits.com
Details: $, Breakfast restaurant

Located in Portland, Pine State Biscuits is a beloved American restaurant that has earned its reputation as a local favorite. Renowned for its exceptional food, friendly staff, and inviting atmosphere, this eatery has become a staple in the city’s culinary scene. The menu offers a wide range of options, from classic favorites to creatively crafted dishes, ensuring there’s something for every palate.

One of the highlights of Pine State Biscuits is its signature flaky and buttery biscuits, which serve as the foundation for many delectable creations. Guests can enjoy a front-row seat at the bar, witnessing the skilled biscuiteers at work, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to their dining experience. Despite the restaurant’s popularity, the staff remains friendly and provides attentive service, making diners feel welcome and appreciated.

The restaurant’s inviting atmosphere adds to the overall charm. While it may be a small space, the bustling energy and the aroma of freshly prepared food create an ambiance that is both lively and engaging. Whether sitting inside or outside, patrons can savor their meals in a relaxed setting, immersing themselves in the flavors of Southern-inspired cuisine.

Pine State Biscuits has become a must-visit destination in Portland, drawing both locals and visitors alike. With its exceptional food, attentive staff, and warm atmosphere, this American restaurant continues to delight diners with its generous portions and delicious offerings. Whether indulging in their famous biscuits and gravy or exploring other menu options, guests are guaranteed a memorable and satisfying culinary experience at Pine State Biscuits.

Screen Door Eastside

Address: 2337 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214
Phone: +1 (503) 542-0880
Website: screendoorrestaurant.com
Details: $$, Southern restaurant (US)

Situated in Portland, Screen Door Eastside is a highly acclaimed American restaurant that captivates diners with its exceptional offerings. Boasting a friendly and attentive staff, the service provided at this establishment is both welcoming and efficient, ensuring a pleasant dining experience. The atmosphere exudes chic charm, complemented by the stylish attire of the staff, adding to the overall appeal.

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The menu at Screen Door Eastside is a delight for the taste buds. Guests rave about the mouthwatering dishes, such as the black-eyed pea fritters and the pecan pie, which leave a lasting impression. From the light and flavorful batter-dipped okra to the delectable jambalaya with smoked oysters and sausage, each item is prepared with precision and attention to detail. Not to be missed is the famous chicken and waffles, a standout dish that leaves patrons craving for more.

Amid the bustling atmosphere and the restaurant’s popularity, the service remains sharp and prompt. Despite the occasional wait, the attentive staff ensures that guests are taken care of and their orders are promptly delivered. The large portions and excellent value further enhance the dining experience, providing a satisfying and memorable visit.

Screen Door Eastside has rightfully earned its reputation as a must-visit establishment in Portland. From the outstanding service and chic ambiance to the unforgettable dishes, including the renowned chicken and waffles, this American restaurant offers an unforgettable culinary journey. Whether you’re a local or a traveler, a visit to Screen Door Eastside promises to be a memorable experience that will leave you yearning for another delightful meal at this exceptional eatery.

Tin Shed Garden Cafe

Address: 1438 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211
Phone: +1 (503) 288-6966
Website: tinshedgardencafe.com
Details: $$, American restaurant

Tin Shed Garden Cafe, located in Portland, is a highly acclaimed American restaurant that promises an exceptional dining experience. The staff is friendly and attentive, ensuring that guests feel welcome and well taken care of. With both indoor and outdoor seating options, the atmosphere is inviting and provides a pleasant ambiance for enjoying a meal.

The menu at Tin Shed Garden Cafe is a culinary delight, offering an array of delicious options. Guests rave about the Spike-ish breakfast burrito, filled with perfectly seasoned ingredients such as eggs, black beans, onions, peppers, arugula, and salsa. The dish is satisfying without being overly heavy, making it an ideal choice for fueling up before exploring the natural wonders of Oregon.

The restaurant’s commitment to accommodating canine companions is commendable, as it welcomes dogs and provides a dog-friendly environment. The self-serve coffee bar adds a nice touch, allowing guests to enjoy their favorite hot beverages at their own pace. The large portions, delectable flavors, and charming atmosphere make Tin Shed Garden Cafe a must-visit for brunch or lunch in North Portland.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Tin Shed Garden Cafe promises a memorable dining experience. From the friendly staff to the enticing menu options, this restaurant consistently delivers exceptional food and service. Indulge in their creative brunch dishes, savor the flavors, and embrace the welcoming atmosphere at Tin Shed Garden Cafe.

Pip’s Original

Address: 4759 NE Fremont St, Portland, OR 97213
Phone: +1 (503) 206-8692
Website: PipsOriginal.com
Details: $, Donut shop

Pip’s Original, an American restaurant located in Portland, stands out in the competitive doughnut market with its exceptional offerings. Made to order, the doughnuts at Pip’s are a true delight, being hot, flavorful, and simply marvelous. What sets this place apart is not just the incredible doughnuts but also the wonderfully friendly staff who create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Upon visiting Pip’s, one can’t help but be amazed by the fresh and tasty treats that are handmade to order. With a wide variety of flavors to choose from, it’s worth trying them all, including the seasonal options like the coconut cream doughnut. The bite-sized doughnuts are creative and bursting with flavor, making each visit a delightful treat.

The positive experiences at Pip’s are not limited to the doughnuts alone. The chai tea offerings are highly recommended, offering intense flavors that are sure to please. The friendly and efficient service, despite the occasional wait, adds to the overall satisfaction. Pip’s is more than just a doughnut shop—it’s a destination where the owner promotes collaboration and community, making it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

From the divine doughnuts to the fantastic chai tea, Pip’s Original offers a fun and hip atmosphere where patrons can indulge in a memorable dining experience. The inviting atmosphere, friendly staff, and delectable treats make Pip’s a must-visit destination for doughnut lovers in Portland. Whether you’re craving classic flavors or unique creations, Pip’s Original will leave you wanting to come back for more.

Mother’s Bistro & Bar

Address: 121 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR 97204
Phone: +1 (503) 464-1122
Website: mothersbistro.com
Details: $$, Bistro

Mother’s Bistro & Bar, located in Portland, is a go-to destination for breakfast or brunch, offering a great selection of meals and drinks. The staff is fabulous, providing excellent service even on busy occasions like Mother’s Day. Guests can choose to dine at the bar to avoid waiting and enjoy a delightful meal. With breakfast available until 2 pm and comfort food options like meatloaf, Mother’s Bistro & Bar is also a fantastic choice for a weekday lunch with friends. The extensive menu ensures that everyone will find something they love, and convenient street parking, city garages, and public transportation options make it a convenient and enjoyable outing.

The food at Mother’s Bistro & Bar is not only good but also accompanied by strong and enjoyable drinks. The fun atmosphere and charming decor enhance the dining experience, creating a pleasant ambiance for guests. The friendly staff adds to the positive experience, ensuring that orders are served hot and in a timely manner. The portions are generous, making each meal satisfying and the service wonderful. With a lovely menu, cozy atmosphere, and attentive staff, Mother’s Bistro & Bar provides a delightful dining experience from the moment guests are greeted by the hostess to the moment they are served by the server.

Visiting Mother’s Bistro & Bar is a delightful experience for patrons, whether for dinner or brunch. The fluffy pancakes with fresh blueberries are a standout, and the biscuits are delicious and melt in your mouth. The menu offers a wide range of options, including a meatball special and chicken and dumplings, with portions that are sure to satisfy. The lovely decor and kind attention from the servers contribute to a memorable dining experience. Prices are reasonable, and the chef’s personal touch, including checking on guests, adds to the overall charm of the restaurant. Mother’s Bistro & Bar is a must-visit location near the Portland Theater District, offering delicious food that feels like home.


Address: 1212 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214
Phone: +1 (503) 241-2490
Website: lardosandwiches.com
Details: $$, Sandwich shop

Lardo, located in Portland, offers amazingly delicious food that will leave you wanting more. The menu features creative and unique options like the Pho’rench Dip and Korean sandwich with pork and kimchi, which are described as fabulous and genius. The flavors and textures are perfectly balanced, resulting in absolute juicy deliciousness. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, every visit to Lardo is great, and the staff provides a wonderful dining experience. The atmosphere is vibrant, attracting a diverse group of customers, from twenty-somethings to young families and seniors.

While the order line may sometimes be long and the wait for food may be a bit lengthy, it is well worth it. Customers have the option to take out their sandwiches and enjoy them at a nearby park, adding to the overall experience. Lardo is praised for its wonderful food, staff, and atmosphere. It has become a favorite spot for locals and a must-visit for those visiting Portland. The menu may change and may not always be accurately reflected online, but the quality of the food remains consistently great. Lardo offers a variety of sandwiches and sides that are flavorful and satisfying, leaving customers eager to return for more.

The sandwiches at Lardo are hailed as some of the best in town, with customers raving about the Mortadello, Philly Roast Turkey, and Chefwich. The ingredients are fresh, the flavors are amazing, and the portions are plentiful. Alongside the sandwiches, the fries are also a standout, receiving praise for their impressive taste. While Lardo may not be the fastest place to grab a sandwich, the quality and taste make it worth the wait. Whether you’re a local or willing to go out of your way, Lardo is a destination that promises to deliver a memorable and delectable dining experience with its exceptional sandwiches.

Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House

Address: 210 NW 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97209
Phone: +1 (503) 296-4906
Website: deschutesbrewery.com/visit-us/portland-public-house
Details: $$, Pub

Located in Portland, Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House is a fantastic place to enjoy great beer and food. Customers rave about the delicious elk burger, spicy shrimp salad, and loaded fries. The menu offers a variety of options, including pub appetizers and full meals, satisfying diverse tastes. The atmosphere is fun and welcoming, with friendly and knowledgeable staff who provide excellent service.

Deschutes Brewery is highly regarded for its outstanding beers, and customers appreciate the opportunity to create their own beer flights and sample different flavors. The garlic fries are particularly popular, complementing the wide selection of beers available. The brewery has a unique vibe, with captivating wood carvings adding to the ambiance. The portions are generous, and the menu surprises customers with its outstanding quality and variety.

The experience at Deschutes Brewery is enhanced by its cabin-in-the-woods decor, which creates a cozy and enjoyable atmosphere. The staff is known for being super friendly, and the cocktails and cheesecake are highly recommended. Despite the common perception that breweries may not offer good food, Deschutes Brewery breaks that stereotype with quality meals that surpass expectations. The large space provides ample seating options, including a bar area and an expansive dining area. Customers can also enjoy outdoor seating during suitable weather conditions. With great service, an extensive beer selection, and delicious food, Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House is a must-visit destination for beer enthusiasts and food lovers alike.

Ringside Steakhouse

Address: 2165 W Burnside St, Portland, OR 97210
Phone: +1 (503) 223-1513
Website: ringsidesteakhouse.com
Details: $$$$, Steak house

Located in Portland, Ringside Steakhouse is a top choice for special occasions and celebrations. Customers rave about the exceptional service, exquisite food, and charming decor. The onion rings are particularly outstanding and a must-try. The restaurant offers valet parking, adding to the convenience and overall experience.

With a cozy and romantic atmosphere, Ringside Steakhouse has become a classic traditional steakhouse in Portland. The menu offers a wide selection of steaks, seafood, and chicken dishes, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Customers appreciate the generous portion sizes and the high-quality of the food. From the Crispy Octopus to the King Salmon and the 20 oz Bone-in Ribeye, each dish is prepared to perfection. The lobster mashed potatoes and glazed mushrooms are highly recommended, complementing the flavorful meals.

The staff at Ringside Steakhouse is known for their attentiveness and knowledge. They provide excellent customer service, making each visit enjoyable and memorable. The restaurant has been a local favorite for over 50 years, earning a reputation as an institution in the city. Ringside Steakhouse stands out for its exceptional food, warm ambiance, and dedicated service, making it a must-visit destination for a quality and memorable dining experience.

Killer Burger

Address: 510 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR 97204
Phone: +1 (503) 946-8946
Website: killerburger.com
Details: $$, Hamburger restaurant

Killer Burger in Portland is a popular spot for burger lovers. The counter service ambiance adds to the casual and laid-back atmosphere, making it a great place to grab a delicious meal. The juicy and well-accessorized burgers, accompanied by automatic fries, are a definite highlight. Customers appreciate the creative burger options, as well as the availability of traditional choices. The special sauces and toppings add to the flavor experience. The staff is friendly and attentive, providing fast and delicious service.

The bar area at Killer Burger offers a great experience for those looking to enjoy a meal and drinks. The servers, like Josh, are personable and knowledgeable, providing excellent recommendations. The craft beer list is impressive, complementing the flavors of the burgers perfectly. The Teemah burger, with its bacon and blue cheese dressing, is a crowd favorite. The fries are also a hit, and the cool atmosphere makes it a great spot to catch a game.

Customers rave about the quality of the burgers at Killer Burger. The seasoning and spices are on point, and the burgers are cooked to perfection. The ingredients are fresh and of high quality, resulting in delicious and satisfying meals. The generous portions and friendly service add to the overall experience. Whether you’re a picky eater or a burger connoisseur, Killer Burger is a must-visit destination for mouthwatering burgers and a wide selection of beer.

Urban Farmer Portland

Address: 525 SW Morrison St, Portland, OR 97204
Phone: +1 (503) 222-5700
Website: urbanfarmersteakhouse.com
Details: $$$, Steak house

Urban Farmer Portland, located in The Nines hotel, offers a delightful dining experience with its attentive staff and inviting atmosphere. The “living room” seating area provides a comfortable and relaxed setting, perfect for enjoying drinks and light fare. The menu showcases creative dishes, such as the housemade English Muffin and Cherry chicken sausage, that are sure to satisfy brunch cravings. The coffee is also highly praised for its quality.

As a steakhouse, Urban Farmer offers a selection of well-prepared steaks, with a focus on farm-to-table practices. The tasting option, featuring different feed types for the NY strips, allows guests to appreciate the impact of feed on the meat’s flavor. The attention to detail extends to the presentation of the beautifully plated meals. Whether it’s breakfast or dinner, the food is prepared expertly and simply, using the freshest and finest ingredients.

The service at Urban Farmer Portland is top-notch, with friendly and knowledgeable staff members. The whiskey selection is impressive, and the craft cocktails, like the popular FARM no.3, are highly recommended. The restaurant’s commitment to farm-fresh ingredients is evident in the delicious dishes, such as the grilled octopus and the steak and eggs. The inviting decor and friendly atmosphere create a memorable dining experience for guests.

Overall, Urban Farmer Portland offers a fantastic dining experience with its attentive staff, inviting atmosphere, and delectable menu. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing spot for drinks and light fare or a satisfying steakhouse meal, this restaurant is a must-visit in downtown Portland.

Island Cafe

Address: 250 NE Tomahawk Island Dr #22, Portland, OR 97217
Phone: +1 (503) 283-0362
Website: islandcafepdx.com
Details: $$, American restaurant

Located on the waterfront, Island Cafe offers a fantastic dining experience with its friendly and helpful staff and picturesque atmosphere. The cafe provides a delightful view, making it a must-visit spot when in town. The food is consistently amazing, with a wide range of options to satisfy all taste buds. Guests rave about the shrimp ceviche, fish and chips, and clam chowder, praising the flavors and generous portions. The menu features island-themed dishes and seafood specialties, creating a unique dining experience.

The ambiance at Island Cafe is fun and casual, perfect for a relaxed meal by the water. The outdoor seating area adds to the experience, allowing guests to enjoy the scenic surroundings. The cafe’s organization and efficiency are commendable, despite being busy, ensuring that guests are promptly seated and served. The attentive and friendly staff enhance the overall dining experience, providing excellent service. The decor of the cafe adds to its charm, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

For those seeking a different kind of dining experience, Island Cafe is the ideal choice. The combination of great food, top-notch service, and beautiful waterfront location make it a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Whether enjoying a delicious teriyaki chicken bowl or indulging in fish tacos, guests are guaranteed a memorable meal. The cafe’s short seasonal closure allows anticipation for the next visit, making it a must-try when it reopens. Comfortable footwear is recommended due to the slightly steep ramp leading to the restaurant, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all patrons.

Q Restaurant & Bar

Address: 828 SW 2nd Ave, Portland, OR 97204
Phone: +1 (503) 850-8915
Website: q-portland.com
Details: $$$, Restaurant

Q Restaurant & Bar offers an exceptional culinary experience with its amazing menu, attentive staff, and delightful atmosphere. From the moment you step inside, you’ll be captivated by the warm and inviting decor, with wooden beams and beautiful flower arrangements adorning each table. The restaurant provides a perfect setting for a memorable dining experience.

The food at Q Restaurant & Bar is truly outstanding. Guests rave about the bacon-wrapped dates, Osso Buco, and unique desserts like the piña colada tres leches cake. Each dish is expertly prepared and bursting with flavor. The attention to detail and creativity in the menu selection make Q a must-visit restaurant in Portland.

The service at Q Restaurant & Bar is impeccable. The staff is friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable, ensuring that every guest feels welcomed and taken care of. Whether you’re sitting at the chef’s table or enjoying a drink at the bar, the attentive service enhances the overall dining experience. With its excellent cuisine, inventive drinks, and impeccable service, Q Restaurant & Bar is a food lover’s paradise that comes highly recommended.

Higgins Restaurant And Bar

Address: 1239 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205
Phone: +1 (503) 222-9070
Website: higginsportland.com
Details: $$$, Pacific Northwest restaurant (US)

Higgins Restaurant And Bar in Portland is a comfortable and welcoming establishment that delivers a special and delicious dining experience. The restaurant’s commitment to sustainable food practices is reflected in their interesting menu choices. The dishes, including a salmon dish and a unique fried clam dish featuring tender razor clams, are excellent and showcase the chef’s creativity. The attentive and professional service adds to the overall enjoyment of the meal.

The restaurant’s ambiance is elegant yet relaxed, with an old-world feel that creates a delightful dining atmosphere. The friendly and knowledgeable wait staff further enhance the experience with their warm welcome and impeccable service. The extensive food choices and delicious offerings cater to various preferences, ensuring that every guest finds something to enjoy. Whether seated in the bar area or the outdoor courtyard, diners can expect a great time and a taste of Portland’s culinary excellence.

Higgins Restaurant And Bar is a Portland classic and a highly recommended dining destination. From the outstanding food and superb service to the convivial setting and top-quality ingredients, every aspect of the experience is memorable. Whether indulging in their coveted bread, trying their creative vegan options, or savoring delectable desserts, guests are treated to an exceptional culinary journey. Higgins is the perfect choice for those seeking a special dining experience in the Pacific Northwest.

Von Ebert Brewing Pearl

Address: 131 NW 13th Ave, Portland, OR 97209
Phone: +1 (503) 820-7721
Website: vonebertbrewing.com
Details: $$, Restaurant

Von Ebert Brewing Pearl is a must-visit brewery in Portland for beer enthusiasts. With a wide variety of beers on offer, including their standout IPAs, guests can expect a fantastic selection to choose from. The friendly and knowledgeable staff, like Aaron, contribute to the welcoming vibe of the place. The spacious indoor and outdoor seating areas provide ample space for guests to enjoy their brews.

In addition to their impressive beer selection, Von Ebert Brewing Pearl also offers a menu of delectable pub food. From pulled pork to hamburgers and mac and cheese, the dishes exceed expectations and complement the brews perfectly. The smoked wings, in particular, are a standout, smoked to perfection and available with a flavorful sauce. The attentive servers, like Carol, help guests navigate the extensive beer menu and make recommendations based on their preferences.

The atmosphere at Von Ebert Brewing Pearl is inviting and enjoyable, making it a great spot to relax and enjoy a drink. The vaulted ceilings and spacious bar create an expansive feel, while the large TV screens make it an ideal place to catch a game. Whether stopping by for a quick drink or settling in for a meal, guests can expect excellent service, delicious food, and superb beers at Von Ebert Brewing Pearl.

Elephants Delicatessen

Address: 115 NW 22nd Ave, Portland, OR 97210
Phone: +1 (503) 299-6304
Website: elephantsdeli.com/locations/nw-22nd
Details: $$, Restaurant

Elephants Delicatessen is a delightful eatery in Portland that offers a wide array of delicious food options. Whether you’re looking to sit down for lunch or grab a prepared meal to go, Elephants Delicatessen has something for everyone. The menu boasts traditional cheeseburgers, flavorful sandwiches like the roast beef with tangy horseradish, and a variety of salads and hot dishes. They even cater to different dietary preferences, making it a great choice for those with specific needs.

The atmosphere at Elephants Delicatessen is fun and inviting. The spacious layout allows for ample seating, both in the front and back of the establishment. They also have a room in the back with a fireplace, providing a quieter dining experience. The deli’s extensive offerings include a cheese section that could easily captivate cheese enthusiasts, as well as a seasonal decor that adds to the visual appeal of the place.

The staff at Elephants Delicatessen is friendly, helpful, and patient, ensuring that guests have an exceptional dining experience. They are knowledgeable about the menu and are happy to make recommendations. The deli also offers a wide selection of beverages, including beer and ciders on tap, to complement the diverse food options available. With its diverse and delectable offerings, Elephants Delicatessen is a must-visit destination in Portland.

Papa Haydn

Address: 701 NW 23rd Ave, Portland, OR 97210
Phone: +1 (503) 228-7317
Website: papahaydn.com
Details: $$, Pacific Northwest restaurant (US)

Papa Haydn is a renowned restaurant in Portland that is famous for its outstanding desserts and delectable menu offerings. Whether you’re stopping by for a sweet treat or a full meal, Papa Haydn delights with its exceptional staff, cozy atmosphere, and diverse menu options.

The dessert selection at Papa Haydn is truly impressive, with a wide array of cakes, pies, and other delightful creations to choose from. The Mango Passion Fruit Cake is a particular favorite among patrons, with its luscious and exotic flavors. The restaurant’s commitment to creating exquisite pastries is evident, making it a must-visit for dessert enthusiasts.

Beyond desserts, Papa Haydn also offers a full menu featuring sumptuous main courses and delectable seasonal cocktails. Whether you’re craving a burger, salad, or a flavorful soup, there’s something to satisfy every palate. The cozy and inviting atmosphere, complete with soft jazz music, adds to the overall dining experience.

The staff at Papa Haydn is attentive, friendly, and provides impeccable service. From making helpful recommendations to ensuring that orders are accurately taken, the staff members contribute to a flawless dining experience. Whether you’re visiting for a special occasion or a casual lunch, Papa Haydn delivers exceptional food and service that keeps patrons coming back time and time again.

Cheryl’s On12th

Address: 1135 SW Washington St, Portland, OR 97205
Phone: +1 (503) 595-2252
Website: cherylson12th.com
Details: $$, New American restaurant

Cheryl’s On12th is a highly recommended restaurant in Portland, known for its friendly staff, inviting atmosphere, and diverse menu options. It is particularly popular for breakfast, offering an extensive menu with large portions that cater to various dietary preferences. The staff members are attentive and efficient, ensuring a pleasant dining experience.

The food at Cheryl’s On12th is exceptional, with a wide range of delicious dishes to choose from. The Portuguese Fried Rice and Eggs Benedict are highly recommended options that showcase the restaurant’s flavorful and satisfying offerings. Additionally, the restaurant boasts an ever-evolving and eclectic menu, thanks to the owners’ catering business that allows for continuous innovation and beta testing of new dishes.

Beyond the exceptional food and service, Cheryl’s On12th creates a welcoming and engaging atmosphere. From accommodating guests with bags to providing information about the restaurant’s history, the staff goes above and beyond to ensure a memorable visit. The lively and vibrant atmosphere, coupled with attentive service, adds to the overall dining experience at Cheryl’s On12th.

Whether you’re looking for a delightful breakfast, a fun lunch, or a superb brunch experience, Cheryl’s On12th is a must-visit destination in Portland. The combination of friendly staff, delectable food, and lively atmosphere makes it a top choice for locals and tourists alike. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the exceptional dishes and warm hospitality that Cheryl’s On12th has to offer.

Jake’s Famous Crawfish

Address: 401 SW 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97205
Phone: +1 (503) 226-1419
Website: jakesfamous.com
Details: $$$, Seafood restaurant

Jake’s Famous Crawfish is a highly recommended restaurant in Portland, known for its exceptional staff, inviting atmosphere, and phenomenal food. The restaurant offers a unique dining experience with its mellow ambiance and considerate staff members who provide attentive and friendly service. The menu features generous portions and a wide variety of dishes, from salads to main courses, cocktails to wine, ensuring a delightful culinary journey.

The seafood at Jake’s Famous Crawfish is particularly well done, with fresh and delicious options that satisfy every palate. From perfectly cooked fish dishes to mouthwatering lobster tails and grilled halibut, the food exceeds expectations. The desserts, such as chocolate fudge cake and cheesecake with a berry sauce, are also delectable and make for a memorable sweet ending to the meal.

The restaurant has a rich history and an old-time elegant atmosphere, offering a charming and nostalgic dining experience. It has garnered a loyal following over the years, with many customers returning for the exceptional food and service. The staff members, including attentive servers and engaging bartenders, contribute to the overall enjoyment of the dining experience. Whether it’s a special occasion or a casual outing, Jake’s Famous Crawfish is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a delightful meal in a classic setting.

Salty’s On The Columbia River

Address: 3839 NE Marine Dr, Portland, OR 97211
Phone: +1 (503) 288-4444
Website: saltys.com/portland
Details: $$$, Seafood restaurant

Salty’s On The Columbia River is a fantastic restaurant in Portland that offers a memorable dining experience. The staff members are attentive, knowledgeable, and friendly, providing exceptional service to ensure a pleasant visit. The restaurant’s atmosphere is both spacious and beautifully decorated, featuring sea-life and seafaring motifs, creating an attractive ambience. The oversized windows provide stunning views of the neighboring yacht marina and the Columbia River, enhancing the overall dining experience.

The menu at Salty’s emphasizes seafood, offering a wide selection of delicious and fresh dishes. From calamari appetizers to trout and fish tacos, the food is fantastic and consistently receives praise from diners. Additionally, the restaurant provides vegetarian and vegan options, ensuring there is something for everyone. The dessert selection is also impressive, offering a delightful finish to the meal.

The attentive and courteous service at Salty’s adds to the overall enjoyment of the dining experience. The staff members are respectful and knowledgeable, providing recommendations and ensuring that guests have a memorable time. The restaurant’s popularity is evident, and reservations are recommended to secure a table at this waterfront establishment. With its picturesque location, knowledgeable staff, and delectable menu, Salty’s On The Columbia River is a must-visit restaurant that guarantees a wonderful dining experience.

Jake’s Grill

Address: 611 SW 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97205
Phone: +1 (503) 220-1850
Website: jakesgrill.com
Details: $$$, Restaurant

Jake’s Grill is a remarkable restaurant in Portland that offers an exceptional dining experience. The staff members provide extraordinary service, ensuring that guests feel welcome and well taken care of throughout their visit. The atmosphere of the restaurant is top-notch, with a lovely room in an old-fashioned building that adds to the overall charm and character of the establishment.

The menu at Jake’s Grill is extensive, offering a wide variety of delicious dishes that are beautifully prepared and presented. From succulent oysters to horseradish-crusted redfish and mouthwatering crab cakes, every item ordered exceeds expectations. The portions are generous, satisfying even the heartiest appetites. The drinks menu is also impressive, providing a great selection of beverages to complement the meal.

The restaurant’s attention to detail extends to the service, with knowledgeable and attentive servers who enhance the dining experience. Whether recommending the perfect pairing for a dish or ensuring prompt and efficient service, the wait staff at Jake’s Grill consistently excels. The combination of outstanding food, extraordinary service, and a classic theatrical building creates an unforgettable dining experience. Jake’s Grill is a highly recommended destination for anyone looking to enjoy a memorable meal in a beautiful setting.

Milo’s City Cafe

Address: 1325 NE Broadway, Portland, OR 97232
Phone: +1 (503) 288-6456
Website: miloscitycafe.com/Pages/default.aspx
Details: $$, Cafe

Milo’s City Cafe is a delightful restaurant located within walking distance of Lloyd Center and Convention Center in Portland. The staff provides consistently good service, ensuring that guests have a pleasant dining experience. The atmosphere is clean and inviting, with plenty of seating available for patrons.

The menu at Milo’s City Cafe offers a variety of delicious options to satisfy different tastes. From the fabulous veggie Bennie with delicious hollandaise sauce to the pepper Benedict that receives rave reviews, the food is amazing and leaves customers wanting to come back for more. The chef at Milo’s City Cafe is excellent, and dishes like the salmon dinner and smoked salmon omelet are particularly outstanding.

Under new ownership for about six months, Milo’s City Cafe has maintained its reputation for good food and service while enhancing the quality of the food preparation. The menu has remained similar, but the improved food quality is remarkable. Prices have slightly increased, but the increase is justified by the substantial improvement in the overall dining experience. Milo’s City Cafe has earned its place among the top restaurants in Portland and continues to delight both regulars and newcomers.

Swine Restaurant, Moonshine & Whiskey Bar

Address: 808 SW Taylor St, Portland, OR 97205
Phone: +1 (503) 943-5844
Website: facebook.com/swinemoonshine
Details: Bar

Swine Restaurant, Moonshine & Whiskey Bar in downtown Portland is a true gem that offers great food, excellent service, and a welcoming atmosphere. Situated within walking distance of Lloyd Center and Convention Center, it is a convenient dining option for locals and visitors alike. The staff at Swine Restaurant is friendly and attentive, ensuring that guests have a memorable experience.

The ambiance of Swine Restaurant adds to its appeal, making it an ideal spot to enjoy a hot meal on a rainy or chilly day. With extended hours until 10 pm, it caters to those looking for a late-night dining experience. The menu offers a range of flavorful options, from the excellent salmon to the well-prepared cheeseburger and pork belly sandwich. The service is attentive, and food is promptly served, creating an enjoyable dining atmosphere.

The dedication and teamwork of the staff at Swine Restaurant are commendable. They maintain a balance between providing great service and engaging in friendly dialogue with patrons. From Liza, the main server, to bartenders Aaron, Joe, and others, the entire team works together to ensure a pleasant dining experience. The sommelier’s knowledge and recommendations enhance the dining experience, and the bartenders are skilled at crafting delicious cocktails. With great food, drinks, and a friendly staff, Swine Restaurant, Moonshine & Whiskey Bar is a must-visit destination in Portland.

In conclusion, Portland is a haven for food enthusiasts, offering a wide range of American restaurants that cater to diverse tastes. From the seafood delights of Jake’s Famous Crawfish and Salty’s On The Columbia River to the classic charm of Jake’s Grill and the contemporary flair of Milo’s City Cafe, there is something for everyone. Swine Restaurant, Moonshine & Whiskey Bar stands out with its exceptional service and tasty eats, while embracing the city’s vibrant atmosphere. These top American restaurants in Portland showcase the culinary excellence and innovative spirit that make the city a culinary destination worth exploring. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these establishments promise unforgettable dining experiences that celebrate the rich flavors of American cuisine.