Welcome to our guide on the Best Bars in Orange County! If you’re looking for the perfect spot to unwind, socialize, or enjoy a night out with friends, you’ve come to the right place. Orange County is home to a vibrant and diverse bar scene, offering a wide array of experiences to suit every taste. From trendy cocktail lounges to laid-back neighborhood pubs, we’ve curated a list of the absolute best bars in Orange County, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable time for all. Let’s dive in and discover the hidden gems that await you!

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Rock & Brews

Address: 7777 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620
Phone: +1 (714) 266-0314
Website: rockandbrews.com/buena-park
Details: $$, American restaurant

Located in Orange County, Rock & Brews is a must-visit bar that offers an exceptional experience. Stepping inside, you’ll be captivated by the great rock atmosphere that permeates the venue. The ambiance is lively and fun, with music and videos playing all around, creating the perfect backdrop for an enjoyable evening.

When it comes to the menu, Rock & Brews doesn’t disappoint. From their tasty food to their impressive selection of beers on tap, there’s something for everyone. Try the Alice Cooper’s Poison Burger if you’re up for a flavorful and spicy treat. They even cater to vegans and vegetarians, ensuring that everyone finds a delectable option to satisfy their cravings.

One aspect that sets Rock & Brews apart is their friendly and attentive staff. The servers are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and polite, going above and beyond to ensure a memorable dining experience. Whether it’s recommending dishes, engaging in pleasant conversations, or providing efficient service, the staff at Rock & Brews truly excel.

The bar also offers a welcoming environment for families and friends. The portion sizes are generous, leaving you with leftovers to enjoy later. The atmosphere can get lively, but that only adds to the overall experience. And if you have a furry friend with you, Rock & Brews even has a dog menu, making it a pet-friendly establishment that caters to everyone’s needs.

Rock & Brews is a haven for music enthusiasts, food lovers, and those seeking a fantastic time. With its top-notch staff, vibrant atmosphere, and delectable menu options, this bar in Orange County guarantees an unforgettable visit. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, make sure to include Rock & Brews in your itinerary for a truly rockin’ experience.

Hq Gastropub

Address: 155 5th St Suite F-183, Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Phone: +1 (714) 369-2155
Website: hqgastropub.com
Details: $$, Gastropub

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Situated in Orange County, HQ Gastropub is a go-to destination that combines the best of a Hard Rock Cafe with a vibrant bar atmosphere. The menu boasts intriguing items, and the burgers are nothing short of exceptional. The cool and inviting ambiance, along with its prime beachfront location, offers a memorable dining experience. Whether you’re indulging in drinks or savoring the delicious bar food, HQ Gastropub delivers both quality and friendly service.

Step inside and you’ll be greeted by a superbly designed interior, seamlessly blending traditional and modern elements. The friendly staff adds to the welcoming atmosphere, ensuring your visit is enjoyable from start to finish. The impressive selection of drinks, including craft beers and cocktails, will satisfy even the most discerning palate.

When it comes to the food, HQ Gastropub doesn’t disappoint. From the mouthwatering burgers to the Oaxaquen rib sandwich and chicken tenders, the menu offers a diverse range of delectable options. Whether you’re in the mood for sushi burritos, pasta, salads, or lettuce wraps, each dish is prepared with care and boasts delicious flavors.

The location of HQ Gastropub is perfect, with panoramic views of the beach, pier, and ocean. Open windows provide a refreshing breeze and an excellent spot to soak in the sunset while enjoying your meal. The casual and lively atmosphere, coupled with attentive service, makes HQ Gastropub a standout choice for beachside dining. Don’t forget to explore their wide selection of craft beers and signature cocktails while taking in the captivating vibe and eye-catching guitars adorning the walls.

In downtown Huntington Beach, the recently opened HQ Gastropub has quickly become a favorite among locals and visitors alike. With its generous portions and excellent food quality, it’s an ideal spot to share a meal with friends or family. The tables offer a picturesque view of the Pacific Coast Highway and the beach beyond, making it a perfect setting to enjoy their enticing appetizers and sip on your choice of refreshing cocktails. The modern ambiance, complemented by numerous large TVs, adds to the overall appeal of HQ Gastropub, making it a must-visit destination in Orange County.


Address: 4143 Campus Dr, Irvine, CA 92612
Phone: +1 (949) 596-8881
Website: eurekarestaurantgroup.com/blog/locations/irvine
Details: $$, Restaurant

Nestled in Orange County, Eureka! is a standout bar that offers a memorable dining experience. The staff is friendly, courteous, and always willing to assist, making you feel welcomed from the moment you step in. The menu boasts a range of delectable options, and the food is consistently delicious, with generous portion sizes perfect for a satisfying lunch. Don’t forget to try their mouthwatering burgers and appetizers like the flavorful Brussels sprouts and cauliflower.

The atmosphere at Eureka! is inviting and relaxed, making it an ideal spot for casual dining. The well-appointed interior, with its distressed wood decor, adds a touch of rustic charm. You can choose between indoor and outdoor seating, and the sophisticated fire pit creates an interesting focal point. The bar scene is vibrant, and the restaurant provides a great setting to enjoy drinks and share small plates with friends. The friendly staff members are knowledgeable and offer helpful suggestions to enhance your dining experience.

Conveniently located near the University of California, Irvine, Eureka! offers a respite from mall dining with its high-quality cuisine. The restaurant’s food quality is superb, and the service and ambiance are outstanding. Their selection of burgers and whiskeys is impressive, catering to various tastes. Whether you’re craving a steak salad or want to try their delectable street tacos, Eureka! delivers fresh flavors and excellent service. The spacious interior, comfortable seating, and efficient service ensure an enjoyable time for all.

Eureka! is a popular destination, and for good reason. With its delicious food, extensive drink menu, and friendly staff, it’s a great place to gather with friends or celebrate special occasions. From the Bison Burger to the Shishito pepper appetizer, the flavors are fresh and enticing. The casual and inviting atmosphere, coupled with attentive service, make Eureka! a go-to spot in Orange County. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience their unique blend of great food, friendly staff, and enjoyable ambiance.

Golden Road Anaheim

Address: 2210 E Orangewood Ave, Anaheim, CA 92806
Phone: +1 (714) 912-4015
Website: goldenroad.la
Details: Brewery

Golden Road Anaheim is a premier bar located in Orange County, offering an excellent venue for pre or post-game gatherings. Situated across from the Angel Stadium, it boasts a great selection of beers, delicious food, and an inviting atmosphere. The staff is friendly, responsive, and ensures a pleasant experience for guests. Whether you’re waiting for the gates to open at the ballpark or simply looking for a place to relax, Golden Road Anaheim is the perfect spot.

The facility itself is outstanding, featuring one of the largest beer gardens in the area. The service is top-notch, and the beers on offer are excellent across the board. This dog-friendly establishment provides a fun outdoor area for kids, making it a family-friendly destination. The food selection is varied and offers something for everyone, with standout items such as avocado tacos, calamari, and sliders. The atmosphere is enjoyable, with an outdoor seating area that allows you to soak up the lively ambiance.

Golden Road Anaheim is a gem near the Angel Stadium, providing an exceptional dining experience. The spacious brewery/restaurant resembles a Bavarian beer hall, complete with picnic tables and a bustling atmosphere. The service is outstanding, with attentive and knowledgeable waitstaff offering great recommendations. The food is flavorful and well-prepared, while the beer selection is extensive, catering to beer enthusiasts. It’s a must-visit spot for anyone in Orange County who appreciates amazing beer and delicious food.

The Golden Road Anaheim is a fantastic place to visit, especially for those attending games or concerts in the area. The Avocado Tacos are a must-try, and the food, in general, is amazing. The wide selection of beers caters to different tastes, and the mango beer is particularly noteworthy. The spacious setting, both indoors and outdoors, allows for a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience. It’s the perfect place to gather with friends or family, offering a fun and friendly atmosphere. The Golden Road Anaheim is a destination that guarantees a memorable time for all, and it’s definitely worth a visit.

Killarney Pub & Grill

Address: 209 Main St, Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Phone: +1 (714) 536-7887
Website: killarneypubandgrill.com
Details: $$, Irish pub

Killarney Pub & Grill is a hidden gem in Huntington Beach, known for its excellent food, friendly staff, and inviting atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a brunch spot, a place to grab a beer, or a classic Irish pub experience, Killarney has it all. The meat lovers omelette with hollandaise sauce is a standout dish, and the $5 mimosa is a delightful addition to any meal. The service is top-notch, ensuring that guests have a memorable dining experience.

The portion sizes at Killarney are perfect, unlike many other restaurants in the area. The Buffalo wings are a must-try, and dishes like cottage pie, steak pie, and fish and chips are all excellent choices. The salads are fresh and flavorful, and the drink selection is varied and reasonably priced. Whether you choose to dine inside or at one of the outside tables, you’ll be in the heart of the action on Main Street.

Killarney Pub & Grill is a local favorite, frequented by both residents and visitors alike. The recently remodeled pub maintains its cozy and friendly atmosphere, making it the perfect spot to gather with friends or watch sports. The daily specials and happy hours offer great value for money, and the attentive staff, including the bartender Ron, ensure that customers are always satisfied. If you’re in Huntington Beach, don’t miss the chance to visit this local gem.

In a town with many restaurants catering to tourists, Killarney stands out with its delicious food and laid-back HB vibe. The happy hour is a great opportunity to sample their appetizers at half price, with options like coconut shrimp and wings that won’t disappoint. The service is efficient and friendly, and the servers, like Dominique, go above and beyond to make your visit enjoyable. With Guinness on draft and a menu that delivers, Killarney is a must-visit location.

Killarney Pub & Grill is not only a great place to enjoy food and drinks but also a hub for live music and entertainment. The Raiders Bar atmosphere adds to the charm, and the Monday night games are a highlight for football fans. The friendly and relaxed atmosphere, along with fair prices, makes it a popular choice among locals and visitors alike. The abundance of TVs ensures that you won’t miss any games, and the staff keeps the game sound on, creating an enjoyable sports-watching experience.

For those looking for a quality dining experience in Huntington Beach, Killarney Pub & Grill is a must-visit. The delicious food, reasonable prices, and friendly service make it a standout establishment. From their chorizo crusted fish to their flavorful wings, the menu offers something for everyone. The laid-back atmosphere and attentive staff create a welcoming environment. Whether you’re a local resident or a tourist, Killarney Pub & Grill is a reliable choice for a satisfying meal.

The Longboard Restaurant & Pub On Springdale

Address: 14892 Springdale St, Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Phone: +1 (714) 896-8700
Website: longboardrestaurant.com
Details: $$, New American restaurant

The Longboard Restaurant & Pub On Springdale is a must-visit spot in Huntington Beach, known for its incredible food, friendly staff, and vibrant atmosphere. The menu offers a variety of delicious dishes, from the cheesy lobster roll to the steak sandwich and wings, all of which receive rave reviews from customers. The prices are reasonable, making it an accessible option for both locals and visitors. The attentive and friendly staff provide excellent service, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

The Longboard is not only a great place to enjoy a meal but also a hub for sports enthusiasts. With walls full of TV screens, guests can watch a wide range of sporting events while savoring their food and drinks. The Prime Rib Special on Fridays is a standout, and the bartenders are skilled at mixing up delicious drinks. The casual ambiance and the presence of surf culture make this a true beachside hangout.

The Longboard’s reputation as a seafood and steak restaurant is well-deserved, with patrons praising the quality of the dishes. The extensive menu offers something for everyone, from lobster to burgers, and the prices are reasonable. The atmosphere is relaxed, with boards hanging from the roof adding a unique touch. The staff is friendly and efficient, ensuring a pleasant dining experience. Whether you’re looking to people-watch or enjoy some trivia, The Longboard is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy good food and drinks.

The Point Restaurant And Bar

Address: 34085 CA-1, Dana Point, CA 92629
Phone: +1 (949) 464-5700
Website: thepointrestaurantandbar.com
Details: $$, American restaurant

The Point Restaurant And Bar in Dana Point is a fantastic sports bar that offers a great dining experience. The food is surprisingly good, going beyond the typical sports bar fare. Customers recommend the wings with Thai sauce, chicken sliders with buffalo sauce, and the Doherty salad. The dishes are well-prepared, with the chicken sliders and sweet potato fries standing out as highlights. The service is friendly and attentive, ensuring that guests feel well taken care of during their visit. The sports bar atmosphere, complete with numerous TVs, creates an exciting and enjoyable environment for watching games.

The Point is not just a sports bar, but also a popular spot for brunch and happy hour. The Filipino breakfast with garlic fried rice is highly recommended, and the happy hour specials are a great value. The ambiance is lively, with a fun surfer band and a packed crowd adding to the energetic atmosphere. The outdoor patio is a great option for enjoying the music and mingling with locals, some of whom bring their dogs along. The Point also offers a diverse menu with options like pizza, burgers, and ribs for those looking for a satisfying meal.

The Point stands out as the go-to restaurant in Dana Point, offering delicious food, a pleasant atmosphere, and attentive service. Whether it’s enjoying a drink before dinner, watching open mic performances, or indulging in homemade pizza, guests can expect a memorable experience. The servers, like Colleen, are known for their kindness and attentiveness, ensuring that every visit is enjoyable. With its beautiful ocean view and excellent menu, The Point is a must-visit destination in Dana Point for locals and visitors alike.

Sunsets Bar

Address: 34700 E Pacific Coast Hwy, Capistrano Beach, CA 92624
Phone: +1 (949) 276-8880
Website: sunsetsbar.com
Details: $$, Bar & grill

Sunsets Bar in Orange County is a beloved establishment that offers an unforgettable experience. With its close proximity to the hotel and welcoming staff, guests are immediately drawn to this bar. The beautiful view of the ocean enhances the atmosphere, creating a perfect backdrop for enjoying the very good drinks served. The quality of the food is exceptional, as each dish is expertly prepared and presented. Visitors find themselves returning multiple times to savor the delectable offerings. The casual beach ambiance of Sunsets Bar attracts a diverse crowd, making it an ideal spot for singles, dates, and those looking to have a great time.

Situated next to a hotel, Sunsets Bar becomes a convenient and inviting destination for guests. The manager and staff consistently provide fantastic service, ensuring that customers have a memorable experience. The bar’s reputation for serving good food and offering a great atmosphere is well-deserved. Families may find other options more suitable, but for singles and couples, Sunsets Bar is a haven for relaxation and fun. The bar’s strategic location provides breathtaking views of the ocean, especially during spectacular sunsets. Patrons can indulge in delicious drinks, such as the refreshing Cucumber-Jalapeno Margarita, and enjoy mouthwatering dishes like the Loco Moco.

Sunsets Bar lives up to its name by providing a truly spectacular setting to witness the beauty of sunsets over Doheny State Beach. The friendly atmosphere and incredible views captivate guests, making them feel welcome and immersed in the experience. Happy hour becomes an even more delightful affair as visitors enjoy discounted prices while savoring the stunning scenery. Whether one chooses to relax on the patio, engage in a friendly game of pool, or watch sports inside, Sunsets Bar offers something for everyone. It is the perfect place to unwind, appreciate the beauty of nature, and create lasting memories with friends or loved ones.

Stag Bar + Kitchen

Address: 121 Mc Fadden Pl, Newport Beach, CA 92663
Phone: +1 (949) 673-4470
Website: stagbar.com
Details: $$, Bar

Located in Orange County, Stag Bar + Kitchen is a fantastic destination for both drinks and delicious food. As one of the oldest bars in the area, it offers a unique and charming atmosphere. The staff is known for their exceptional service, creating a welcoming and friendly environment for all patrons. Whether you’re enjoying a refreshing mimosa or indulging in mouthwatering pancakes, the bar delivers an amazing dining experience. The menu features solid bar food with creative twists, ensuring there’s something to satisfy every palate.

Taco Tuesday at Stag Bar is a must-try, as the tacos are truly impressive. The bartenders are skilled mixologists, crafting outstanding old-fashioned cocktails that leave a lasting impression. With a diverse selection of drinks and delectable dishes like meatballs and pizza, the bar offers a culinary experience that deserves high praise. Visitors often find themselves returning to sample more of the exceptional food.

Stag Bar + Kitchen is a hidden gem in Newport Beach, perfect for a memorable evening out. From the incredible pizza with its thin, crispy crust to the flavorful meatballs, every dish is prepared to perfection. The bar’s energetic and youthful atmosphere draws in a vibrant crowd, creating a fun-filled ambiance. Whether you’re enjoying a drink by the Newport pier, cheering on your favorite team, or simply soaking in the lively atmosphere, Stag Bar + Kitchen is a must-visit destination for those seeking great food and an unforgettable time.

Wild Goose Tavern

Address: 436 E 17th St, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Phone: +1 (949) 722-9453
Website: goosebar.com
Details: $$, American restaurant

Wild Goose Tavern is a lively bar and restaurant located in Orange County, offering an inviting atmosphere and an outdoor patio. Despite its popularity, the line moves quickly, and there is ample parking available. Whether you’re stopping by after a long hike or looking for a casual evening drink, Wild Goose Tavern delivers both exceptional beverages and delicious food. From the flavorful Veggie Sandwich to the mouthwatering Boar and Kobe beef sausages, the menu offers a variety of enticing options that exceed expectations.

The Taco Tuesday special at Wild Goose Tavern is a must-try, featuring unique flavors at an affordable price. The tavern also impresses with its Friday night drinks and Saturday morning brunch, where the food surpasses expectations. Indulge in the Stone IPA Bratwurst, complete with a crusty roll, tangy cabbage, and proper mustard, satisfying even the heartiest appetites. While the bar scene may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the tavern provides a warm and welcoming environment, drawing in a diverse and laid-back crowd.

With its friendly service and fun decor, Wild Goose Tavern is a favorite spot on 17th Street in Costa Mesa. The venue boasts a mix of locals and visitors, creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. Enjoy the numerous TVs and relax on the inviting patio, especially on sunny days. The selection of sausages, including unique options like alligator sausage, is a standout feature, and the sloppy fries are a crowd-pleasing side dish. Additionally, the artisanal cocktails showcase the creativity and skill of the bartenders, while the tavern food exceeds expectations, making Wild Goose Tavern a memorable destination for both food and drinks.

In conclusion, Orange County offers a vibrant and diverse bar scene that caters to all tastes and preferences. From trendy cocktail lounges to laid-back neighborhood taverns, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re seeking a beachfront hangout, a sports bar to catch the game, or a cozy spot for a date night, Orange County has it all. With its friendly staff, inviting atmospheres, and impressive menus, the best bars in Orange County provide memorable experiences and ensure that visitors and locals alike can enjoy a great night out. Cheers to the thriving bar culture in Orange County!