Welcome to the ultimate guide to the Best Chinese restaurants in Orlando! If you’re a fan of the rich flavors, vibrant colors, and diverse culinary traditions of Chinese cuisine, you’re in for a treat. Orlando is home to a plethora of exceptional Chinese eateries that will tantalize your taste buds and transport you to the heart of China. Whether you’re craving authentic dim sum, sizzling stir-fries, or mouthwatering Peking duck, this article will unveil the top-notch Chinese restaurants that Orlando has to offer. Get ready to embark on a delectable culinary journey!

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China Tea

Address: 9924 Universal Blvd #208, Orlando, FL 32819
Phone: +1 (407) 226-6757
Website: chinateafl8.com
Details: $, Chinese restaurant

China Tea, a Chinese restaurant in Orlando, is a hidden gem that will surpass your expectations. Despite its takeaway-style setup with limited seating, the food is undeniably exceptional. The staff creates a warm and friendly atmosphere, ensuring a memorable dining experience. With a menu that boasts authentic flavors and generous portions, you’ll be in for a treat.

Their wide range of dishes is a testament to their dedication to quality. From perfectly cooked meats and tender shrimp to delicious vegetable spring rolls, Moo Shoo Chicken, and Shrimp Lo Mein, every bite is a burst of flavor. The Pad Thai is particularly noteworthy, leaving you craving more. Their commitment to using fresh ingredients adds a delightful touch to each dish.

The attentive service provided by the owner and staff is commendable. From helpful suggestions to answering any queries, their friendly demeanor enhances the overall experience. Whether you choose to dine in or opt for takeout, the food remains consistently outstanding.

Located near Vista Cay, this restaurant is conveniently situated for locals and visitors alike. Despite its unassuming exterior, China Tea is a culinary gem worth exploring. Don’t let the simple decor deter you, as the food speaks for itself. Whether you’re seeking a comforting meal or a flavorful adventure, this place delivers. Remember to savor their mouthwatering Krab Rangoons and don’t miss out on their unbeatable combination platters. China Tea is a must-visit for anyone craving authentic Chinese cuisine in Orlando.

P.f. Chang’s

Address: 436 N Orlando Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789
Phone: +1 (407) 622-0188
Website: pfchangs.com/locations/us/fl/winter-park/436-north-orlando-ave/5000-winterpark.html
Details: $$, Chinese restaurant

P.F. Chang’s in Orlando offers a delightful dining experience that will leave you satisfied. The atmosphere is pleasant and welcoming, making it a perfect place for both casual meals and special occasions. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure excellent service, accommodating large groups and handling requests with ease.

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When it comes to the menu, P.F. Chang’s impresses with a wide selection of delectable dishes. From the flavorful shrimp dumplings served on a hot iron plate to the Kung Pao chicken with fried rice, every bite is a burst of deliciousness. The portions are generous, guaranteeing a fulfilling dining experience. Their attention to detail and commitment to using fresh ingredients shines through in every dish.

The restaurant takes pride in its exceptional service. Whether you choose to sit at the bar or at a table, the staff is friendly, professional, and attentive. From accommodating special requests to extending the happy hour menu, they go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Don’t miss out on their hand-folded crab wontons, Chang’s BBQ spareribs, and the mouthwatering Dragon Roll.

P.F. Chang’s is well-known for its well-prepared food and prompt service. The orange shrimp and fried rice are flavorful and satisfying, while the spicy Dragon Roll and lettuce wraps are always a hit. The staff’s positive attitude and excellent customer service contribute to a memorable dining experience. Whether you’re visiting for a family dinner or a night out with friends, P.F. Chang’s is sure to exceed your expectations.

Ming Bistro

Address: 1212 Woodward St #6, Orlando, FL 32803
Phone: +1 (407) 898-9672
Website: mingsbistro.net
Details: $, Dim sum restaurant

Ming Bistro in Orlando is a hidden gem for those seeking authentic dim sum. The bustling atmosphere and fast, friendly service create an inviting dining experience. The restaurant’s popularity among locals is a testament to its exceptional quality and taste. Whether you’re a dim sum enthusiast or simply looking for an authentic Chinese dining experience, Ming Bistro comes highly recommended.

The dim sum offerings at Ming Bistro are a culinary delight. From shrimp balls and sticky rice to pineapple buns and taro root dumplings, every bite is a symphony of flavors. The dishes are expertly prepared and served piping hot, ensuring a satisfying meal. The prices are reasonable, making it an affordable option for a delightful dim sum feast.

The attentive wait staff adds to the overall dining experience at Ming Bistro. While not overly friendly, they are competent and ensure that your dining needs are met promptly. The restaurant’s decor is simple yet pleasant, providing a comfortable setting for enjoying your meal. The clean tables and small fish tank add to the ambiance. Located in Orlando’s Little Saigon neighborhood, the surrounding Vietnamese conversations add an extra touch of authenticity.

Whether you’re a dim sum aficionado or simply curious about exploring this delightful cuisine, Ming Bistro is a must-visit in Orlando. Its fresh and authentic dim sum offerings, combined with efficient service and reasonable prices, create an unforgettable dining experience. From the moment you step through the doors, you’ll be transported to a world of tantalizing flavors and satisfying dishes. Don’t miss out on this culinary gem during your visit to Orlando.

Run & Run Chinese Delivery

Address: 8560 Palm Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32836
Phone: +1 (407) 238-0888
Website: runrunorlando.com
Details: $$, Chinese restaurant

Run & Run Chinese Delivery in Orlando offers a fantastic dining experience with its delicious food and superb service. Whether you choose delivery or takeout, the food arrives promptly and hot, ensuring a satisfying meal. The portions are generous, providing great value for money. It’s a convenient option for those looking for a quick and delicious Chinese meal.

The menu at Run & Run is extensive, offering a wide variety of options to suit every palate. From the flavorful shrimp Ho Fun and crispy Crab Rangoon to the satisfying Szechuan chicken and General Tso’s chicken, each dish is packed with delightful flavors. The restaurant pays attention to detail and ensures that the food is prepared just as you order it.

The service at Run & Run is commendable, with prompt delivery and friendly staff. The fortune cookies add a lovely touch to the dining experience. The portions are large, and the flavors are delicious. Whether you’re dining in or ordering takeaway, Run & Run delivers consistently enjoyable meals.

For a convenient and delicious Chinese meal, Run & Run Chinese Delivery is a great choice. The food is flavorful, the service is superb, and the portions are generous. Whether you’re in the mood for fried rice, hot and sour soup, or a variety of Chinese dishes, Run & Run has you covered. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor their delicious offerings during your visit to Orlando.

Summer Palace

Address: 588 S Alafaya Trail #40, Orlando, FL 32828
Phone: +1 (407) 281-8222
Website: mysummerpalace.com
Details: $, Chinese restaurant

Located in Orlando, Summer Palace is a Chinese restaurant that offers a delightful dining experience. The staff provides fast and friendly service, ensuring a pleasant visit. The atmosphere is inviting, making it an ideal spot for dining in. The portions are large, offering great value for money. The food is served hot, fresh, and delicious, making it a top choice for Chinese cuisine.

The menu at Summer Palace is diverse, featuring a variety of dishes that cater to different preferences. From Sweet & Sour Chicken to Spicy Kung Pao Chicken, each dish is beautifully presented in Bento boxes, adding an extra touch of elegance. The lunch specials, with their affordable prices and generous portions, are highly recommended. The quality of the food and the attention to detail make Summer Palace stand out among other Chinese restaurants.

The restaurant’s reputation for excellent Chinese cuisine is well-deserved. Diners can enjoy a range of dishes, including General Tso’s chicken, Mongolian beef, and Kung Pao shrimp. The food is flavorful, and the portions are substantial, ensuring a satisfying meal. Whether you choose to dine in or order takeout, Summer Palace is a go-to destination for delicious Chinese food in Orlando.

Summer Palace is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The attentive service, tasty dishes, and reasonable prices make it a top choice for those craving authentic Chinese flavors. Whether you’re in the mood for classic favorites like egg rolls and dumplings or more adventurous dishes, Summer Palace delivers a memorable dining experience. Don’t miss the chance to savor their delectable offerings during your time in Orlando.

China In College Park

Address: 2122 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL 32804
Phone: +1 (407) 839-8869
Website: chinahutcollegeparkfl.com
Details: $$, Chinese restaurant

China In College Park is a hidden gem in Orlando, offering a comfortable and clean atmosphere along with a friendly staff. The menu is extensive, featuring a variety of reasonably priced items to suit every taste. The service is attentive, friendly, and efficient, ensuring a pleasant dining experience. The food at China In College Park is excellent, with generous portions that leave diners satisfied and impressed. The restaurant offers both dine-in and takeout options, catering to different preferences.

For those who enjoy sushi, China In College Park is a must-visit. The restaurant serves great sushi at affordable prices, making it a popular choice among locals. The owner, Isabella, goes above and beyond to ensure a pleasant dining experience for her guests. Whether you’re looking for a cozy spot for dinner or convenient takeout, China In College Park is the place to go.

The small and tidy dining room adds to the cozy environment, making guests feel welcomed and comfortable. The staff is friendly and the food is fresh, offering great value for the price. While the restaurant’s size may not be suitable for large parties or intimate celebrations, it is the perfect spot for a satisfying meal. Whether you’re a local or visiting from out of town, China In College Park is a top choice for authentic Chinese cuisine in Orlando.

In conclusion, Orlando is home to a diverse array of Chinese restaurants that offer delicious cuisine and memorable dining experiences. From the authentic flavors of Ming Bistro and Summer Palace to the hidden gems like China In College Park and Noodles And Rice Cafe, there is something for every palate. These restaurants stand out for their attentive staff, inviting atmospheres, and mouthwatering menus. Whether you’re in the mood for dim sum, hot pot, or classic Chinese dishes, these establishments deliver on taste, quality, and service. Explore the vibrant Chinese food scene in Orlando and discover your new favorite dining spot.