Welcome to a tantalizing culinary journey through the vibrant city of Providence! If you’re craving the flavors of India, you’re in for a treat. In this article, we will explore the Best Indian restaurants in Providence, where aromatic spices, rich curries, and mouthwatering delicacies await you. From traditional tandoori dishes to delectable vegetarian options, these establishments bring the authentic taste of India to your plate. Get ready to embark on a gastronomic adventure as we unveil the top-notch Indian eateries that will surely leave you craving for more.

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Kabob And Curry

Address: 261 Thayer St, Providence, RI 02906
Phone: +1 (401) 273-8844
Website: kabobandcurry.com
Details: $$, Indian restaurant

Kabob And Curry in Providence is a remarkable Indian restaurant that caters to a variety of dietary preferences, making it a haven for those with food allergies or intolerances. With a delectable menu featuring dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan options, this place ensures that everyone can indulge in the flavors of India. The food itself is consistently delicious, showcasing the restaurant’s commitment to quality. The staff at Kabob And Curry treat their patrons like family, providing exceptional service and creating a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you choose to dine in the cozy ambiance, complete with candlelit tables for a romantic date night, or opt for takeout, their friendly service will never disappoint. The restaurant offers a diverse menu, including must-try dishes like veggie samosas, chicken tikka masala, and chicken korma, all paired perfectly with their flavorful naan bread. Kabob And Curry is a popular spot for friends and families to gather, offering spacious seating arrangements that accommodate groups of any size. It’s evident that the staff takes pride in their work and goes the extra mile to ensure a memorable dining experience for every customer. For an exceptional Indian culinary adventure in Providence, be sure to visit Kabob And Curry.

India Restaurant

Address: 1060 Hope St, Providence, RI 02906
Phone: +1 (401) 421-2600
Website: indiarestaurant.com
Details: $$, Indian restaurant

India Restaurant in Providence offers an exceptional dining experience in a neighborhood setting with a picturesque view of the park. The staff members are personable and attentive, providing fantastic service without being intrusive. The menu boasts a delightful selection of dishes, including a vegetarian appetizer platter, saag paneer, and a basket of assorted naan that are simply delicious. Guests have raved about the flavors and quality of the food, considering it some of the best Indian cuisine they have ever had.

The ambiance of India Restaurant is equally impressive, with a stunning exterior and a charming patio overlooking Lippett Park. The atmosphere sets the stage for a memorable evening, accompanied by impeccable service. The curries offered at the restaurant are flavorful and perfectly spiced, creating a delightful dining experience. Guests have praised the beautiful decor and the warm, inviting atmosphere that the restaurant exudes.

India Restaurant goes beyond expectations to cater to a diverse range of tastes and preferences. Their extensive menu offers unique and mouthwatering dishes that are not commonly found elsewhere. From the tantalizing white sangria to the delectable vegetable appetizer platter and the flavorful chicken korma with garlic naan, every item is prepared with skill and authenticity. The staff’s friendliness and efficiency add to the overall exceptional experience, making India Restaurant a top choice for those seeking quality Indian cuisine.

Overall, India Restaurant in Providence offers an enchanting dining experience with its gorgeous ambiance, delectable menu, and attentive staff. Whether you choose to dine indoors or on the stunning patio, you can expect a delightful journey of flavors that will leave you wanting more. This restaurant is a gem that has captured the hearts of patrons seeking traditional and authentic Indian cuisine served in a beautiful and welcoming environment.

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Rasoi Restaurant

Address: 727 East Ave, Pawtucket, RI 02860
Phone: +1 (401) 728-5500
Website: rasoirestaurant.com
Details: $$, Indian restaurant

Rasoi Restaurant in Providence offers a remarkable dining experience with its friendly staff, inviting atmosphere, and diverse menu. The restaurant provides numerous gluten-free options, ensuring a pleasant experience for all guests. They frequently introduce specials that are highly recommended by patrons. The non-alcoholic drinks are particularly noteworthy, adding to the overall enjoyment of the dining experience.

Known for their excellent catering services, Rasoi Restaurant has garnered praise for their exceptional food quality and customization options. Guests have raved about the outstanding flavors, considering it the best wedding and Indian food they have ever had. The restaurant’s smooth process and willingness to accommodate specific menu preferences make them an excellent choice for events. For those who prefer dining in, Rasoi Restaurant offers a delightful selection of dishes that never fail to impress.

The restaurant’s ambiance adds to its charm, with a stunning exterior and a relaxing patio area. The attentive and non-intrusive service enhances the overall dining experience. The menu at Rasoi Restaurant boasts an array of mouthwatering dishes that cater to both vegan and non-vegan preferences. From the outstanding special dal and okra dishes to the spectacular chicken lababdar, every item is prepared with precision and flavor. The cauliflower dish has become a favorite among guests, solidifying its reputation as a must-try. With friendly staff, a beautiful atmosphere, and a wide range of delicious options, Rasoi Restaurant stands out as a top choice for Indian cuisine enthusiasts in Providence.

Embarking on a culinary exploration of Providence’s Indian restaurants has undoubtedly been a treat for the taste buds. From the tantalizing flavors to the warm hospitality, these establishments have left an indelible impression on both locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re seeking traditional dishes or innovative creations, Providence has a diverse range of Indian eateries to satisfy your cravings. So, the next time you find yourself in the city, be sure to indulge in the culinary delights offered by these Best Indian restaurants in Providence. Your taste buds will thank you for the unforgettable experience!