Welcome to our guide on the Best Indian Restaurants in Seattle! Seattle, known for its vibrant culinary scene, offers a plethora of options when it comes to Indian cuisine. Whether you’re craving classic dishes like butter chicken and biryani or seeking innovative and modern interpretations of Indian flavors, this city has it all. In this article, we will take you on a mouthwatering journey, highlighting the top Indian restaurants that Seattle has to offer. Get ready to indulge in the rich and diverse flavors of the Best Indian Restaurants in Seattle!

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Saffron Grill

Address: 2132 N Northgate Way, Seattle, WA 98133
Phone: +1 (206) 417-0707
Website: saffrongrilltogo.com
Details: $$, Indian restaurant

Saffron Grill, a popular Indian restaurant in Seattle, offers an exceptional dining experience that has left customers raving about their incredible food. With an extensive menu boasting a variety of Indian and Mediterranean dishes, this place truly has something for everyone.

Step inside the restaurant and you’ll be greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere. The upscale decor adds a touch of elegance to the dining experience, making it perfect for any occasion. Whether you visit for lunch or dinner, the attentive staff will ensure that your needs are met, providing excellent service throughout your meal.

When it comes to the menu, Saffron Grill doesn’t disappoint. From their mouthwatering naan, which is both delicious and generously portioned, to their flavorful tikka masala and butter special, every dish is crafted with care and expertise. They also offer a range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, catering to different dietary preferences.

Customers have praised the restaurant for its outstanding food and wide selection. The expertly cooked dishes, such as the perfectly tender Curry Specialty Chicken and the flavorful Tikka Masala with prawns, have delighted taste buds and left patrons craving more. Whether you’re a fan of Indian cuisine or new to it, Saffron Grill has the power to change minds and win over even the most skeptical diners.

With its convenient location and accommodating atmosphere, Saffron Grill is an ideal choice for both intimate gatherings and larger groups. During happy hour, patrons can indulge in small bites like Baba ganouj, Saffron salad, and Samosas, creating a delightful culinary experience. So, if you’re in the mood for exceptional Indian and Mediterranean cuisine served with warm hospitality, Saffron Grill is the place to be.


Address: 106 Occidental Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: +1 (206) 683-9701
Website: nirmalseattle.com
Details: $$, Indian restaurant

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Located in downtown Seattle, Nirmal’s is a remarkable Indian restaurant that promises an exceptional dining experience. From the moment you step inside, the friendly and attentive staff will ensure your visit is memorable. Whether it’s your first time or a return visit, they go above and beyond to provide excellent service.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is inviting, with high ceilings, large windows, and a stylish bar at the back. The space exudes a chic and romantic vibe, featuring red brick, metal accents, and natural wood elements. The ambiance sets the stage for a truly unforgettable meal.

Nirmal’s is renowned for its delectable and flavorful food. The menu offers a fresh take on Indian cuisine, incorporating unique and innovative dishes that go beyond the ordinary. With a focus on quality and taste, each bite is a culinary delight. From the aromatic spices to the carefully curated flavors, every dish is crafted to perfection.

Reservations are highly recommended at Nirmal’s, as its popularity continues to grow. The restaurant attracts both locals and visitors alike, who appreciate the extensive menu and the impeccable service. Whether you’re a vegetarian or a meat lover, there is a wide range of options to suit every palate. Prepare yourself for a dining experience that will leave you eagerly anticipating your next visit to Nirmal’s.

Kastoori Grill

Address: 94 Stewart St, Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: +1 (206) 441-5456
Website: kastoorigrill.com
Details: $$, Indian restaurant

Located in Seattle, Kastoori Grill is a hidden gem that promises an amazing culinary experience. Step inside and be prepared to be impressed by the incredible flavors and delightful aromas that emanate from the kitchen. Despite its unassuming decor, the food at Kastoori Grill is simply outstanding.

The attentive and friendly service provided by the staff adds to the overall dining experience. They are polite, accommodating, and ensure that every guest feels welcome. Whether you opt for the menu options or indulge in their buffet-style dining, you won’t be disappointed by the delicious offerings.

The menu at Kastoori Grill showcases a range of Nepali, Tibetan, and Indian cuisine. From the mouthwatering samosas to the flavorsome butter chicken and garlic naan, each dish is bursting with authentic flavors. The baingan bharta is particularly noteworthy, with customers raving about its amazing taste. Portions are generous, and the freshness of the naan adds to the overall dining pleasure.

While the interiors might benefit from renovations, the focus at Kastoori Grill is on serving exceptional food. Located close to Pike Place Market, this restaurant is a must-visit for those craving a delectable Indian, Nepali, or Tibetan meal. Whether you choose the buffet or order from the menu, Kastoori Grill guarantees a memorable dining experience that will leave you craving more.

Annapurna Cafe & Yeti Bar

Address: 1833 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122
Phone: +1 (206) 320-7770
Website: annapurnacafe.com
Details: Bar

Nestled in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Annapurna Cafe & Yeti Bar offers a delightful dining experience with its authentic Nepalese and Indian cuisine. The restaurant’s staff is known for their warm hospitality, ensuring that every guest feels welcomed and attended to. The cozy and intimate atmosphere adds to the overall charm of the place.

When it comes to the menu, Annapurna Cafe & Yeti Bar impresses with a wide variety of flavorful dishes. From the aromatic Annapurna Curry to the delectable Dal Bhat and perfectly prepared naan bread, every bite is a taste of culinary excellence. Whether you’re a vegetarian or a meat lover, there are plenty of options to satisfy your palate.

The restaurant’s popularity can lead to a wait, but many diners find it well worth it. While waiting, you can enjoy a beverage at the Yeti Bar located upstairs, where you’ll find a selection of favorites from Nepal and India. Once seated, the tantalizing aromas and delicious flavors will transport you to the vibrant streets of India and Nepal.

If you’re searching for an exceptional Indian restaurant in Capitol Hill, look no further than Annapurna Cafe & Yeti Bar. The combination of amazing food, enjoyable atmosphere, and friendly staff make it a must-visit for anyone craving an authentic taste of Nepalese and Indian cuisine.

Daawat Indian Grill

Address: 820 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: +1 (206) 467-7272
Website: daawatgrillbar.com/
Details: $$, Indian restaurant

Nestled on Pike Street in Seattle, Daawat Indian Grill is a delightful restaurant that offers a fusion of Indian and Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant’s well-spaced tables provide a comfortable and socially distanced dining experience. The staff is friendly and courteous, ensuring that guests feel welcomed and taken care of.

Daawat Indian Grill is renowned for its delectable food and offers both buffet and à la carte options. The buffet is a great value for lunch or dinner, featuring a wide variety of flavorful dishes at an affordable price. The menu offers an extensive selection of Indian favorites, with options for both vegetarians and meat lovers. The Butter Chicken and Butter Lamb are particularly noteworthy, showcasing the perfect balance of flavors.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is classic and inviting, accompanied by the soothing sounds of Indian music. The aroma of the delicious food fills the air, creating an appetizing dining experience. The dining area is clean and well-maintained, providing a pleasant setting to enjoy your meal.

Whether you’re seeking a quick lunch, a romantic dinner, or a meal after a day of exploring Seattle, Daawat Indian Grill is a fantastic choice. With its authentic and flavorful cuisine, friendly staff, and reasonable prices, it’s no wonder that both locals and visitors find themselves returning to this gem of a restaurant time and time again.

Roti Cuisine of India

Address: 530 Queen Anne Ave N #4520, Seattle, WA 98109
Phone: +1 (206) 216-7684
Website: rotirestaurantseattle.com
Details: $$, Indian restaurant

Nestled in Seattle’s Queen Anne District, Roti Cuisine of India offers an exceptional dining experience with its delectable Indian cuisine. The staff provides excellent service, ensuring that guests feel welcomed and taken care of. The atmosphere is inviting, with soft lighting, beautiful decor, and Indian-inspired artwork that enhances the overall dining experience.

The menu at Roti Cuisine of India boasts a wide range of flavorful dishes that cater to all tastes. From the perfectly prepared vegetable samosas to the mouthwatering lamb Rogan josh and vegetable biryani, each dish is a testament to the culinary expertise of the restaurant. The generous portions and attention to detail make every meal memorable.

The restaurant’s commitment to quality extends to its vegetarian options, providing authentic Indian flavors for those seeking meat-free meals. The coconut prawns and paneer tikka masala are particularly delightful, showcasing the rich and diverse flavors of Indian cuisine. The attentive service and prompt delivery of food add to the overall dining satisfaction.

Whether you stumble upon Roti Cuisine of India or purposely seek it out, you’re in for a treat. The friendly staff, delicious food, and beautiful surroundings make it an ideal choice for a memorable dining experience in Seattle.

Cedars Restaurant on Brooklyn

Address: 4759 Brooklyn Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105
Phone: +1 (206) 527-4000
Website: cedarsseattle.com
Details: $$, Indian restaurant

Nestled in Seattle’s University District, Cedars Restaurant on Brooklyn offers a delightful dining experience with its delicious Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. The staff is known for their friendliness and efficiency, providing attentive service to ensure a pleasant visit. The atmosphere is welcoming, creating a peaceful environment for guests to enjoy their meals.

The menu at Cedars Restaurant on Brooklyn boasts a wide variety of flavorful dishes, with generous portions that leave guests satisfied. From the tender and aromatic lamb mango curry to the perfectly baked naan, each dish is crafted with care and attention to detail. Vegetarians will also find an array of tasty options to choose from. The garlic naan is a must-try, and guests often enjoy exploring the diverse menu to try new dishes.

Whether you’re craving Indian or Middle Eastern cuisine, Cedars Restaurant on Brooklyn offers a diverse selection that caters to various tastes. The quality of the food is consistently excellent, with well-seasoned dishes that satisfy even the most discerning palates. The unlimited chai is a delightful addition to the dining experience, allowing guests to indulge in this aromatic and comforting beverage.

For those seeking a memorable dining experience in Seattle, Cedars Restaurant on Brooklyn is a top choice. With its delicious food, friendly staff, and welcoming atmosphere, it continues to be a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Bengal Tiger Cuisine Of India

Address: 6509 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115
Phone: +1 (206) 985-0041
Website: bengaltigerwa.com
Details: $$, Restaurant

Nestled in the heart of Seattle, Bengal Tiger Cuisine Of India offers a delightful culinary experience with its delicious Indian cuisine. The staff at Bengal Tiger provides excellent and fast service, ensuring a pleasant dining experience. The restaurant’s inviting atmosphere creates a warm and welcoming ambiance for guests to enjoy their meals.

The menu at Bengal Tiger Cuisine Of India is a culinary delight, offering a wide range of flavorful dishes prepared by talented chefs. The food is delicious, diverse, and bursting with authentic Indian flavors. From vegetarian delights to succulent meat dishes like the lamb chops tandoori, there is something to satisfy every palate. The restaurant also offers a fantastic lunch buffet, featuring a variety of Indian delicacies and other delectable options.

Customers rave about the quality and taste of the food at Bengal Tiger Cuisine Of India. The dishes are prepared with care and precision, resulting in flavors that are rich, aromatic, and balanced. The restaurant’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their attentive service and welcoming hospitality. Whether you’re dining in or opting for takeout, Bengal Tiger Cuisine Of India guarantees a memorable dining experience.

If you’re in Seattle and craving authentic Indian cuisine, look no further than Bengal Tiger Cuisine Of India. With its delightful menu, friendly staff, and inviting atmosphere, this restaurant is a must-visit for Indian food enthusiasts and those looking to explore the flavors of India.

Far Eats

Address: 400 2nd Ave W suite 100, Seattle, WA 98119
Phone: +1 (206) 770-3287
Website: fareatscafe.com/
Details: Indian restaurant

Far Eats, located in downtown Seattle, is a hidden gem that offers a delightful dining experience for Indian food lovers. The staff at Far Eats provides warm and attentive service, making guests feel welcome and well taken care of. The restaurant has a warm and inviting atmosphere, creating the perfect setting for a memorable meal.

The menu at Far Eats showcases a wide variety of flavorful Indian dishes that are prepared to perfection. From the perfectly spiced Kerela fried fish to the creamy and aromatic Saffron chicken, each dish is a culinary delight. The vegetarian options are equally impressive, with the paneer and rotis receiving high praise from customers. The flavorful and authentic cuisine at Far Eats truly stands out from the crowd.

Guests rave about the excellent food and pleasant dining experience at Far Eats. Whether enjoying the lunch buffet or ordering from the menu, the flavors are bold, delicious, and leave a lasting impression. The attentive and friendly wait staff add to the overall positive experience, making every visit to Far Eats a memorable one.

If you’re looking for a truly authentic and enjoyable Indian dining experience in Seattle, look no further than Far Eats. With its delectable menu, warm atmosphere, and attentive staff, this restaurant is a must-visit for anyone craving flavorful and satisfying Indian cuisine.

India Bistro

Address: 2301 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107
Phone: +1 (206) 783-5080
Website: seattleindiabistro.com
Details: $$, Indian restaurant

India Bistro, located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere with friendly staff and a great view of Market Street. The restaurant has been a staple in the community for over 20 years, consistently delivering authentic and flavorful Indian cuisine. The portions are generous, and customers rave about the Punjabi curry and the must-try naan.

Whether you opt for the buffet or order from the menu, India Bistro showcases the nuances and richness of Indian flavors. The lamb dishes receive high praise, and the garlic naan is a crowd favorite. The restaurant caters to special requests and is known for its attentive service, making each dining experience enjoyable and memorable.

India Bistro has become a go-to spot for Indian food enthusiasts in Seattle. With its well-prepared and authentic dishes, it has garnered a loyal following over the years. The restaurant offers a diverse menu, including favorites like Malai Kofta and Fish Goa Curry. The attentive wait staff is always ready to assist, providing recommendations and ensuring that each dish is prepared to the desired level of spiciness.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of Indian cuisine or looking to explore new flavors, India Bistro is the place to be. Its commitment to quality, warm ambiance, and family-friendly atmosphere make it a top choice for both locals and visitors alike. Don’t miss out on the delightful buffet and the opportunity to savor the delicious flavors of India at India Bistro.

Chutneys Bistro – Wallingford Center

Address: 1815 N 45th St, Seattle, WA 98103
Phone: +1 (206) 634-1000
Website: chutneysbistro.com
Details: $$, Indian restaurant

Chutneys Bistro, located in Wallingford Center, offers a delightful dining experience with its welcoming staff, inviting atmosphere, and flavorful menu. Whether you’re visiting with a large group or enjoying a quiet meal for two, the restaurant caters to all, including families with young children. The food is praised for its perfect spice levels, appealing to both adults and kids alike. Chutneys Bistro provides a warm and accommodating environment, making it a favorite among locals and visitors.

The brunch at Chutneys Bistro is a treat for the senses. Served on elegant silver platters and buffalo china, the exquisite selection and vibrant display of Indian fare create an unforgettable dining experience. The buffet is highly recommended, offering a variety of dishes featuring chicken, lamb, and vegetarian options. The quality and presentation of the food are exceptional, with attention given to every detail.

Chutneys Bistro also receives accolades for its lunch buffet, often regarded as one of the best in the area. The buffet offers a wide array of fresh and flavorful options, including perfectly spiced roasted vegetables, lentils, and naan bread. The inclusion of unique items like fried eggs adds to the overall appeal. The restaurant’s location in Wallingford Center provides a convenient and charming backdrop for a satisfying meal.

If you’re in search of great Indian cuisine in Seattle, Chutneys Bistro is a must-visit destination. The delicious flavors, attentive service, and pleasant surroundings make it a top choice for Indian food enthusiasts. Whether you’re indulging in their signature Chicken Tikka Masala or exploring other dishes on the menu, you’ll find that Chutneys Bistro consistently delivers a memorable dining experience.


Address: 519 1st Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109
Phone: +1 (206) 284-6799
Website: mealhi5.com/chutneys-queen-anne
Details: $$, Indian restaurant

Chutney’s is a renowned Indian restaurant in Seattle that consistently impresses its patrons with its flavorful cuisine and welcoming atmosphere. The staff at Chutney’s are friendly and helpful, ensuring a pleasant dining experience for all guests. Whether you’re a seasoned Indian food enthusiast or new to the cuisine, the restaurant’s staff is knowledgeable and ready to assist in selecting the perfect dishes.

The ambiance at Chutney’s is comfortable and inviting, with intriguing photos adorning the walls and a clean and well-maintained interior. The restaurant’s atmosphere sets the stage for a delightful meal and an enjoyable dining experience. Whether you’re visiting with friends, family, or on a special occasion, Chutney’s offers a relaxed and pleasant environment.

The menu at Chutney’s is extensive, featuring a variety of savory and delectable dishes that cater to different tastes and preferences. From classics like Chicken Tikka Masala to vegetarian options like Eggplant Bharta, the menu offers something for everyone. The naan bread and mulligatawny soup receive special mentions for their exceptional taste and quality. Each dish is prepared with care and expertise, ensuring a memorable culinary journey.

Chutney’s is a place where Indian food lovers and newcomers to the cuisine can indulge in a satisfying meal. With its warm and friendly staff, inviting atmosphere, and an extensive menu of delicious offerings, Chutney’s is a destination worth visiting for an authentic and enjoyable Indian dining experience.


Address: 473 N 36th St, Seattle, WA 98103
Phone: +1 (206) 632-3575
Website: qazisindiancurry.com
Details: $$, Indian restaurant

Qazis, a celebrated Indian restaurant in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, offers a delightful dining experience with its attentive staff, pleasant atmosphere, and flavorful menu. The staff at Qazis ensures that guests feel welcomed and well taken care of, delivering superb service throughout the meal. The restaurant exudes a family-friendly atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a memorable dining experience.

The ambiance at Qazis is inviting, whether you choose to dine indoors or on their charming patio. The restaurant creates a cozy and relaxed setting, allowing guests to unwind and savor their culinary journey. With its intimate and comfortable environment, Qazis provides an ideal backdrop for a gathering with friends or a romantic evening.

Qazis boasts a menu that showcases a range of mouthwatering dishes. From the aromatic chicken masala to the delectable garlic naan and refreshing cucumber raita, each bite at Qazis is a delight for the senses. The restaurant’s offerings cater to various preferences and dietary requirements, ensuring that every guest can find something to satisfy their cravings. The combination of flavors, quality ingredients, and skillful preparation make Qazis a must-visit for anyone seeking an authentic taste of Indian cuisine.

Qazis is a gem in Fremont, offering exceptional service, a welcoming atmosphere, and a menu filled with delectable dishes. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this Indian restaurant provides a culinary experience that will leave you longing to return for more.

Masala of India Cuisine

Address: 507 NE Northgate Way Building G, Seattle, WA 98125
Phone: +1 (206) 417-1118
Website: masalaofindia.com
Details: $$, Indian restaurant

Masala of India Cuisine, located in Seattle, offers an exquisite dining experience with its inviting atmosphere, exceptional service, and delectable menu. The restaurant’s ambiance creates a welcoming and enjoyable environment for guests. Whether you’re a regular customer or a first-time visitor, the warm and inviting atmosphere of Masala of India Cuisine ensures a pleasant dining experience.

The staff at Masala of India Cuisine goes above and beyond to provide phenomenal service. Their attentiveness and friendly demeanor contribute to the overall positive dining experience. Whether you have dietary restrictions or specific preferences, the staff is accommodating and strives to meet your needs, ensuring a memorable meal.

The menu at Masala of India Cuisine is a culinary delight, offering a wide variety of flavorful Indian dishes. From the delectable butter chicken to the aromatic coconut curry, each dish is prepared with care and expertise. The menu showcases a diverse range of options, including vegetarian, seafood, and lamb dishes, satisfying a variety of palates. Additionally, the restaurant offers a lunch buffet with a variety of tasty Indian delicacies, providing an opportunity to sample a wide array of dishes.

Masala of India Cuisine is a go-to destination for Indian food lovers, consistently delivering exceptional quality and flavor. With its pleasant ambiance, exceptional service, and an extensive menu, this restaurant offers an unforgettable dining experience for anyone seeking authentic and delicious Indian cuisine.

In conclusion, Seattle boasts a vibrant culinary scene with a wide array of Indian restaurants that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. From the cozy ambiance of Roti Cuisine of India to the authentic flavors of Bengal Tiger Cuisine Of India, these establishments have consistently impressed diners with their exceptional staff, inviting atmospheres, and tantalizing menus. Whether you’re a fan of classic favorites like butter chicken or eager to explore regional specialties, the Indian restaurants in Seattle offer a culinary journey through the vibrant flavors of India. With their commitment to quality and authenticity, these establishments have truly earned their place among the best Indian restaurants in Seattle.