Welcome to our culinary journey through the Best Italian restaurants in Memphis! If you’re craving authentic flavors and a taste of Italy right here in Tennessee, you’ve come to the right place. Memphis boasts a vibrant Italian dining scene, with a range of restaurants that excel in delivering delicious pasta, mouthwatering pizzas, and delectable seafood dishes. Whether you’re a local looking for a new spot or a visitor seeking culinary delights, join us as we explore the finest Italian eateries that Memphis has to offer.

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Aldo’s Pizza Pies – Downtown

Address: 100 S Main St Suite 101, Memphis, TN 38103
Phone: +1 (901) 577-7743
Website: aldospizzapies.com
Details: $$, Pizza restaurant

Aldo’s Pizza Pies – Downtown is a lively and inviting Italian restaurant in Memphis that guarantees a fantastic time with friends or family. The friendly service and excellent pizza make it a must-visit spot. The menu offers a great variety of pizzas and other delectable dishes, all of which are prepared with authenticity and care. From the homemade and fresh flavors to the laid-back yet enjoyable atmosphere, this restaurant creates a memorable dining experience. Whether you’re indulging in their delightful garlic knots or savoring their incredible pizza, every bite will leave you wanting more.

The combination of quality toppings, a great crust, and generous portions make Aldo’s Pizza Pies a standout choice. The Memphis pizza, in particular, receives high praise for its deliciousness. The meatballs and garlic knots also impress with their flavors. The restaurant’s attention to detail extends to the service, where staff members go above and beyond to ensure a pleasant visit. The inviting atmosphere, both inside and outside seating options, adds to the overall appeal, making it a perfect place to enjoy a meal while watching the vibrant street life.

Visitors often stumble upon Aldo’s Pizza Pies and feel lucky to have found such a gem. The Vodka cream pizza receives rave reviews for its phenomenal taste, while the restaurant’s neat decor adds to the dining experience. Families are especially delighted as the staff provides entertainment for children, bringing balls of dough for them to play with while waiting for their food. The generous portions and great value make it an ideal choice for families or groups.

Whether you choose to dine in or opt for delivery, Aldo’s Pizza Pies ensures a memorable experience. The pizzas, with their cheesy goodness and delicious flavors, are highly recommended. For those dining in, the outdoor seating allows you to soak in the pleasant atmosphere while enjoying your meal. The reasonable prices make the experience even more enjoyable. From the trolleys passing by to the horse-drawn carriages, the restaurant’s location on a quiet street adds to the overall charm of the experience. Aldo’s Pizza Pies – Downtown has rightfully earned its place among the best Italian restaurants in Memphis.

Hog And Hominy

Address: 707 W Brookhaven Cir, Memphis, TN 38117
Phone: +1 (901) 207-7396
Website: hogandhominy.com
Details: $$, Italian restaurant

Hog And Hominy is a remarkable restaurant in Memphis that provides top-notch service and a delightful atmosphere. The staff is known for their politeness, friendliness, and warm welcome, ensuring a memorable dining experience. The menu offers a range of dishes that are thoughtfully prepared with unique flavors, catering to those seeking a different culinary experience. The assortment of beers and wines at affordable prices adds to the overall appeal. Whether you choose to dine inside or outside, reservations are possible, allowing you to enjoy the trendy vibe of the restaurant.

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The pizzas at Hog And Hominy are highly recommended, with the Shrooms pizza receiving particular praise. However, it’s not just the pizzas that shine here; the salads, such as the Baby Kale and Brussels salad with pancetta vinaigrette and peanut panna gratta, are also incredible. The food is accompanied by amazing cocktails that complement the flavors perfectly. The restaurant’s lively atmosphere may be bustling, but it adds to the overall experience.

With a comfortable and quirky decor, Hog And Hominy creates a welcoming environment. The friendly and attentive servers, like Sloan, go the extra mile to ensure a pleasant dining experience. From the appetizing smoked catfish with homemade crackers to the mouthwatering burger, each dish is expertly prepared and satisfying. The restaurant’s popularity often results in a wait, so reservations are highly recommended, especially on weekends. Whether you’re seeking a unique twist on pizza or a memorable small plate experience, Hog And Hominy is a must-visit restaurant in Memphis.

Amerigo Italian Restaurant

Address: 1239 Ridgeway Rd, Memphis, TN 38119
Phone: +1 (901) 761-4000
Website: amerigo.net/memphis
Details: $$, Italian restaurant

Amerigo Italian Restaurant in Memphis offers a remarkable dining experience with its excellent service, inviting atmosphere, and delectable menu. The hostess is known for her kindness and willingness to accommodate guests, even without reservations. The servers are attentive and responsive, ensuring that every need is met. The food is wonderful, served hot and fresh, and the restaurant is even accommodating to food allergies. It’s an all-around great experience.

Amerigo is a go-to restaurant for many visitors to Memphis, who consistently find the food delicious and the service excellent. The relaxing and quiet atmosphere adds to the overall enjoyment of the dining experience. The menu offers a variety of options, with generous portions and reasonable prices. The restaurant also offers enticing luncheon specials throughout the week, providing a great opportunity to try different dishes.

The restaurant staff, such as waitress Sarah W., receives high praise for their helpfulness and attentiveness. The wood-fired pizzas are particularly recommended, along with other dishes like the mushroom ravioli. The desserts are equally delicious and shouldn’t be missed. Amerigo provides a comfortable and enjoyable setting, perfect for conversations without the need to raise your voice. Whether you’re looking for a nice dinner, a lunch spot, or a place to celebrate special occasions, Amerigo is a fantastic choice in Memphis.

Ciao Bella Italian And Greek Restaurant

Address: 5101 Sanderlin Ave #100, Memphis, TN 38117
Phone: +1 (901) 205-2500
Website: ciaobellamemphis.com
Details: $$, Italian restaurant

Ciao Bella Italian And Greek Restaurant in Memphis offers a fantastic dining experience with its excellent customer service, inviting atmosphere, and mouthwatering menu. The restaurant has received high praise as an underrated gem in Memphis, consistently delivering great food and service at a reasonable price. The menu offers a wide variety of delicious options that cater to different tastes, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The new location also adds to the excitement and anticipation for future visits.

The restaurant stands out not only for its delectable food but also for its great cocktails and outdoor seating area, perfect for enjoying sunny days. Whether you’re dining with family, friends, or colleagues, the warm and friendly atmosphere creates a welcoming environment. The attentive waitstaff, such as April, contributes to the overall positive experience, making guests feel at home.

Ciao Bella’s dedication to quality shines through in each dish. From the chicken piccata and pasta with roasted vegetables to the manicotti and Caesar salad, every bite is exceptional. The desserts, including the chocolate cake, gelato, and tiramisu, provide a delightful end to the meal. The restaurant’s popularity is evident by its packed Thursday nights, attracting both locals and visitors who appreciate its authentic Italian vibe and reasonable prices. Ciao Bella’s commitment to serving delicious food with friendly service has earned it a loyal following and a well-deserved reputation as a neighborhood gem.

Frank Grisanti’s

Address: 1022 S Shady Grove Rd, Memphis, TN 38120
Phone: +1 (901) 761-9462
Website: frankgrisanti.com
Details: $$, Northern Italian restaurant

Frank Grisanti’s is a delightful Italian restaurant in Memphis that offers a great dining experience with its top-notch service, inviting atmosphere, and appetizing menu. The staff ensures that guests are well taken care of, providing professional and friendly service. The meal specials, such as the salmon with salad and dessert, are truly spectacular, leaving a lasting impression. While the prices may be slightly higher, the overall experience is worth it.

The spaghetti sauce at Frank Grisanti’s is renowned for being the best in town, making every meal a treat. The lunch options are also highly recommended, especially the vegetable plate choices. The staff goes above and beyond to create a welcoming and enjoyable dining experience for everyone, ensuring that customers leave happy and satisfied.

This hidden gem in east Memphis offers excellent Italian cuisine and consistently delivers delicious meals. The ambiance adds to the overall enjoyment, making guests feel right at home. The wait staff, such as Leanna, provides exceptional service, guiding guests through the menu and creating a memorable dining experience. The menu features a variety of delectable dishes, from veal piccata to chicken Parmesan, each prepared to perfection.

Though we didn’t have the opportunity to try the food, the drinks at Frank Grisanti’s were enjoyable, and the sight of the enticing dishes being served left a positive impression. The blackened salmon on a bed of spinach is a highly recommended dish that will transport your taste buds to heaven. The bacon-wrapped livers and lasagna are also noteworthy options that shouldn’t be missed. With friendly management and good service, Frank Grisanti’s is a place worth returning to for a delightful dining experience.

Ronnie Grisanti’s

Address: 6150 Poplar Ave #122, Memphis, TN 38119
Phone: +1 (901) 850-0191
Website: ronniegrisanti.com
Details: Northern Italian restaurant

Ronnie Grisanti’s is a spectacular Italian restaurant in Memphis that offers an exceptional dining experience. Located in a great area and beautifully presented, the restaurant provides a wonderful atmosphere for guests. The staff is attentive and provides top-notch service, ensuring that every aspect of the dining experience is enjoyable. From the moment of arrival, the friendly and efficient service sets the tone for a memorable meal.

The menu at Ronnie Grisanti’s is filled with delectable options that cater to every taste. Dishes such as the Elfo Special, manicotti, and ravioli are outstanding and leave a lasting impression. The food is prepared with fresh ingredients and authentic flavors, making each bite a delight. The restaurant offers a variety of options, from appetizers like Tuscan butter to entrees like Gorgonzola stuffed filet and chicken parmigiana. The extensive wine list provides the perfect complement to the delicious food.

The overall experience at Ronnie Grisanti’s is truly delightful. The inviting ambiance, attentive service, and exceptional cuisine make it a go-to destination for Italian food in Memphis. Whether it’s a special occasion or a casual lunch, the restaurant provides a memorable dining experience. With a rich family legacy and a commitment to quality, Ronnie Grisanti’s continues to exceed expectations and satisfy guests with its warm hospitality and delectable dishes.

Carrabba’s Italian Grill

Address: 5110 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN 38117
Phone: +1 (901) 685-9900
Website: locations.carrabbas.com/tennessee/memphis/5110-poplar-ave
Details: $$, Italian restaurant

Carrabba’s Italian Grill in Memphis offers a remarkable dining experience that should not be missed. From the moment of arrival, the staff provides warm and welcoming service, making guests feel right at home. The attentive wait staff is knowledgeable about the menu and specials, ensuring a pleasant and informed dining experience. The restaurant’s atmosphere is inviting and comfortable, creating the perfect setting for a memorable meal.

The menu at Carrabba’s Italian Grill is filled with a wide variety of delectable dishes that cater to every palate. From perfectly cooked steaks to flavorful pasta dishes, the food is nothing short of exceptional. The house salad is a standout, with fresh and crisp ingredients. The flavorful sauces, such as the spaghetti with meat sauce and the linguini pescatore, showcase the restaurant’s commitment to authentic Italian flavors. The portion sizes are generous, allowing for leftovers to be enjoyed the next day. For dessert, the tiramisu and chocolate dream are the perfect sweet endings to a satisfying meal.

Carrabba’s Italian Grill stands out for its excellent food, friendly service, and affordable prices. Whether it’s a special occasion or a casual dinner, the restaurant provides a wonderful dining experience. The quality and freshness of the ingredients, combined with the attentive service and inviting atmosphere, make Carrabba’s Italian Grill a top choice for Italian cuisine in Memphis. With a focus on delivering exceptional flavors and a memorable dining experience, Carrabba’s Italian Grill is a must-visit destination for Italian food lovers.

Pete & Sam’s Restaurant

Address: 3886 Park Ave, Memphis, TN 38111
Phone: +1 (901) 458-0694
Website: peteandsamsrestaurant.com
Details: $$, Italian restaurant

Pete & Sam’s Restaurant in Memphis is a delightful dining establishment that offers a truly exceptional experience. From the moment of arrival, the staff provides attentive and friendly service, ensuring that guests feel welcome and well taken care of. The atmosphere exudes a cozy and comfortable vibe, reminiscent of an old-school Italian supper club, setting the perfect backdrop for a memorable meal.

The menu at Pete & Sam’s Restaurant is a culinary delight, offering a wide array of delicious dishes that cater to all tastes. From the mouthwatering steaks to the flavorful pasta options, every item on the menu is crafted with care and precision. The toasted ravioli and cheese bread appetizers are simply outstanding, whetting the appetite for the main course. Traditional favorites like lasagna and cannoli are executed with zeal and flair, while the Beacon salad stands out as a must-try. The restaurant also offers a range of Mediterranean-inspired dishes that showcase the heritage of the owners. The portions are generous, ensuring that guests leave satisfied and often with leftovers to enjoy later.

Pete & Sam’s Restaurant is not only known for its fabulous menu but also for its excellent service. The attentive servers go above and beyond to ensure that every diner’s needs are met, creating a pleasant and enjoyable dining experience. The restaurant’s commitment to quality, both in terms of food and service, is evident in every aspect of the dining experience. Whether you’re visiting for a special occasion or a casual night out, Pete & Sam’s Restaurant is a must-visit destination for Italian cuisine in Memphis.

Lucchesi’s Ravioli And Pasta Company

Address: 540 S Mendenhall Rd Suite 3, Memphis, TN 38117
Phone: +1 (901) 766-9922
Website: lucchesis.com
Details: $$, Italian restaurant

Lucchesi’s Ravioli And Pasta Company is a hidden gem in Memphis, offering exceptional food and service. Located centrally in the metro area, it is a must-visit for any Italian food enthusiast. The menu is extensive, featuring homemade dishes that are simply outstanding. Whether you choose the Ravolini with Marinara Sauce or opt for a mouthwatering meatball sub, every item is made with care and expertise.

The staff at Lucchesi’s is friendly, helpful, and attentive, making each dining experience enjoyable. They are always ready to offer recommendations and assist with any inquiries. The store itself is a haven for food lovers, with shelves stocked full of high-quality ingredients and specialty brands that Italian cooks swear by. From fresh-made pastas and sauces to deli products and desserts, the selection is impressive.

In addition to dine-in options, Lucchesi’s offers take-out and even shipping services, allowing customers to enjoy their delicious meals at home. The frozen ravioli and sauce selections are a hit, making it convenient to have a fantastic dinner without the hassle of cooking. Whether you’re in the mood for quick lunch or seeking ingredients for a special meal, Lucchesi’s is the go-to place. With its friendly atmosphere, homemade offerings, and fast service, it is no wonder that locals and visitors alike rave about their experiences at Lucchesi’s Ravioli And Pasta Company.

In conclusion, Memphis is home to some of the best Italian restaurants that offer a delightful culinary experience. From traditional family-owned establishments to hidden gems and innovative dining concepts, the city has something to satisfy every Italian food lover. Whether you’re craving homemade pasta, wood-fired pizza, or mouthwatering seafood dishes, these restaurants deliver exceptional flavors and warm hospitality. So, the next time you find yourself in Memphis, be sure to explore these Italian dining destinations and indulge in the rich and diverse flavors that make them stand out among the best in the city. Buon appetito!