Welcome to the vibrant culinary scene of New Orleans, where a rich blend of flavors and cultures can be found on every street corner. If you’re a fan of Mexican cuisine, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll take you on a mouthwatering journey through the best Mexican restaurants in New Orleans. From traditional taquerias serving authentic street tacos to upscale eateries redefining Mexican gastronomy, these establishments offer a delightful fusion of flavors that will leave you craving for more. Get ready to indulge in the Best Mexican restaurants in New Orleans!

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Juan’s Flying Burrito

Address: 2018 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: +1 (504) 569-0000
Website: juansflyingburrito.com
Details: $, Mexican restaurant

Juan’s Flying Burrito is a hidden gem among the culinary offerings of New Orleans. Tucked away in the garden district, this small Mexican restaurant boasts an incredible atmosphere and friendly staff that make you feel right at home. As you step inside, you’ll be greeted by interesting artwork adorning the walls and a warm, inviting ambiance that sets the stage for a memorable dining experience.

The menu at Juan’s Flying Burrito is a testament to their dedication to quality and flavor. From the moment you taste their homemade guacamole and enjoy the super light tortillas, you know you’re in for a treat. The portions are generous, and the food is always fresh. Whether you’re savoring the delectable tofu or indulging in their scrumptious black beans, every dish is a delightful blend of authentic Mexican flavors.

Not only does Juan’s Flying Burrito impress with its food, but their bartenders also know their craft. The margaritas here are legendary, earning the restaurant a reputation as the crack spot for margarita enthusiasts. With each sip, you’ll understand why they’re considered one of the best in town. And if you’re in the mood for something healthy, their spinach and shrimp salad is a refreshing option that won’t disappoint.

In a city known for its diverse culinary scene, Juan’s Flying Burrito stands out as a haven for Mexican cuisine lovers. With its friendly staff, vibrant atmosphere, and mouthwatering menu, this restaurant has everything you need for an unforgettable dining experience. So, whether you’re a local or just visiting, don’t miss the chance to savor the flavors of Juan’s Flying Burrito in the heart of New Orleans.

Johnny Sanchez

Address: 930 Poydras St Suite 101, New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone: +1 (504) 304-6615
Website: johnnysancheznola.com
Details: $$, Mexican restaurant

Johnny Sanchez is a Mexican restaurant in New Orleans that offers an exceptional dining experience. Located conveniently across the street from a hotel, this spacious establishment boasts excellent decor and a warm ambiance. The friendly and professional staff go above and beyond to ensure that guests have a memorable evening.

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The menu at Johnny Sanchez is a true delight, with an array of amazing tacos to choose from. The cauliflower, meatball, and carnitas tacos are absolute must-tries. The restaurant also offers a great happy hour with cold beer and an impressive drink selection. While the prices may be slightly higher, it’s worth it for the high-quality Mexican cuisine that you won’t find anywhere else in the city.

The atmosphere at Johnny Sanchez is enhanced by its charming decor, including beautiful Chihuly glass. While some minor details like setups and water out in the restaurant may detract from the overall ambiance, the overall experience is still fantastic. The attentive and friendly service provided by the staff contributes to the inviting atmosphere, making it a perfect spot to enjoy an authentic Latin meal.

If you’re looking for the best Mexican food in New Orleans, Johnny Sanchez is the place to go. With delicious dishes like pollo y arroz and carne asada, every bite is a burst of flavor. The menu also offers delightful options such as guacamole, queso, and street corn. The reasonable prices make it even more appealing, and the attentive waitstaff add to the enjoyable dining experience. Whether you stumble upon it by accident or plan your visit, Johnny Sanchez is a must-visit destination for Mexican cuisine enthusiasts.

El Gato Negro Mexican Restaurant

Address: 81 French Market Pl, New Orleans, LA 70116
Phone: +1 (504) 525-9752
Website: el-gato-negro9834.mycloveronline.com
Details: $$, Mexican restaurant

El Gato Negro Mexican Restaurant in New Orleans is a must-visit dining spot that offers an amazing culinary experience. While the food may be a little pricey, it is definitely worth it. The friendly staff provides exceptional service, ensuring that guests have a memorable dining experience.

The menu at El Gato Negro Mexican Restaurant is filled with delicious options. From the outstanding beef fajitas to the mouthwatering shrimp quesadilla and beef burrito, every dish is prepared with fresh ingredients and bursts with authentic flavors. The house-blend queso dip, thin crispy chips with salsa, and stuffed avocados are also highly recommended.

The restaurant’s vibrant atmosphere and attentive service make it a popular choice among both locals and visitors. The knowledgeable staff is always ready to offer recommendations and provide exceptional customer service. The creative and flavorful signature margaritas add an extra touch to the dining experience, ensuring that every visit to El Gato Negro is unforgettable. Whether you’re enjoying a meal indoors or sitting at one of the few tables out front, the welcoming ambiance makes you feel like a regular customer.

For an authentic Mexican dining experience in New Orleans, El Gato Negro Mexican Restaurant is the place to be. With its exceptional food, attentive service, and inviting atmosphere, it’s no wonder that this establishment has garnered such rave reviews. Whether you’re a tequila fan or simply craving some delicious Mexican cuisine, El Gato Negro is sure to satisfy your taste buds and leave you wanting to return for more.

Superior Bar & Grill

Address: 3636 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone: +1 (504) 899-4200
Website: neworleans.superiorgrill.com
Details: $$, Mexican restaurant

Superior Bar & Grill is a Mexican restaurant in New Orleans that promises an exceptional dining experience. From the moment you walk in, you’re greeted with warm smiles and attentive service. The friendly staff ensures that you are seated promptly and takes the time to explain unfamiliar menu items. The food is delivered in a timely manner, hot and delicious, leaving you craving for more.

The menu at Superior Bar & Grill is a culinary delight, offering a variety of flavorful dishes. The Tex-Mex queso is a must-try, with its divine taste that will leave you wanting the recipe. Whether you choose the steak fajitas, shrimp quesadilla, or pulled pork and chicken fajitas, every bite is a burst of freshness and quality. The portions are generous, making it ideal for sharing or satisfying a hearty appetite.

The atmosphere at Superior Bar & Grill is inviting and lively. The outdoor seating provides a pleasant dining experience, while the inside exudes the classic New Orleans style. The staff, including the managers, go above and beyond to ensure a great visit. With excellent service, superb margaritas, and a wide selection of dishes, Superior Bar & Grill is the perfect spot to enjoy a memorable Mexican meal in New Orleans.

When you’re in the mood for delicious Mexican fare in New Orleans, look no further than Superior Bar & Grill. From the extensive menu to the friendly staff and vibrant atmosphere, this neighborhood restaurant delivers an unforgettable dining experience. Whether you’re a Tex-Mex enthusiast or simply seeking a break from the ordinary, Superior Bar & Grill offers outstanding food, attentive service, and an ambiance that captures the essence of the city.

Felipe’s Mexican Taqueria

Address: 301 N Peters St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: +1 (504) 267-4406
Website: felipestaqueria.com/locations/louisiana/new-orleans-french-quarter
Details: $, Mexican restaurant

Felipe’s Mexican Taqueria in New Orleans is a beloved dining spot that offers an authentic Mexican experience. The fresh lime margaritas are a favorite among customers, perfectly complementing the delicious and flavorful dishes. The staff is attentive and provides excellent service, ensuring a memorable dining experience for guests. From the avocado fries to the shrimp tacos, every bite is a delight.

The atmosphere at Felipe’s Mexican Taqueria is inviting and lively. Whether you choose to dine in or take out, the restaurant offers a welcoming environment. The staff, including the manager who is on the ball, ensures that the restaurant is clean and well-maintained. With a wide range of Tex-Mex options available, families and groups can find something to suit their taste buds without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for reasonably priced and great Mexican food in New Orleans, Felipe’s Mexican Taqueria is the place to be. From the flavorful taco salad to the mouthwatering fish tacos, the menu offers a variety of options that will satisfy any craving. The friendly staff, including the bartender who provides great service, adds to the overall positive dining experience. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this local gem is a must-try destination for delicious food, refreshing drinks, and a warm and friendly atmosphere.


Address: 833 Conti St, New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone: +1 (504) 525-9200
Website: cunadanola.com
Details: $$, Mexican restaurant

Cuñada is a Mexican restaurant in New Orleans that offers a delightful dining experience. The staff is friendly and attentive, ensuring that guests feel welcome and comfortable. Although there may be occasional language barriers, the service remains top-notch. The menu is filled with a variety of tasty and fresh options, providing a wide range of choices for every palate. With a selection of both local and imported beers, diners can find the perfect beverage to accompany their meal.

The restaurant itself may not look extraordinary from the outside, but once inside, guests are treated to a wonderful culinary adventure. The focus is on simplicity and authenticity, with a selection of real Mexican dishes that are simple yet delicious. From the queso appetizer served in an iron pan with crispy chips to the refreshing frozen fruit margaritas, every bite and sip is a delight. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, making it a great place to take a break from the bustling streets of New Orleans.

Cuñada stands out as a casual dining option in the midst of upscale restaurants. It offers great food at reasonable prices, making it an excellent choice for a satisfying and affordable meal. The guacamole and chips are particularly exceptional, and the menu also includes vegan options. Whether dining in or taking out, guests can enjoy the flavorful and authentic Mexican cuisine. With its friendly ambiance and fantastic menu, Cuñada is a must-visit for anyone seeking a memorable Mexican dining experience in New Orleans.

Santa Fe Restaurant

Address: 3201 Esplanade Ave, New Orleans, LA 70119
Phone: +1 (504) 948-0077
Website: santafenola.com
Details: $$, Mexican restaurant

Santa Fe Restaurant in New Orleans offers a delightful dining experience with its charming atmosphere and friendly staff. The exterior and interior decor of the restaurant, coupled with the ample outdoor seating, create a vibrant and inviting ambiance. Live music adds to the lively atmosphere, setting the stage for a great time. Located between the French Quarter and Jazz Fest, it’s an ideal spot for tourists to enjoy a delicious meal. The food at Santa Fe is truly phenomenal, and guests are encouraged to try the homemade desserts prepared by one of the owners. The tres leches dessert comes highly recommended and never fails to impress. The owners themselves are warm and accommodating, providing exceptional service to guests.

Dining at Santa Fe is not only enjoyable but also safe, as the outdoor brunch option provides a sense of security. Guests can savor dishes like bolino de cangrejo, Caesar salad with fried soft shell crab, and the delectable tres leches ice cream. The restaurant offers a variety of drinks, including mimosas and extra spicy bloodies, both of which are delightful choices. Located in the Faubourg St. Jean neighborhood, Santa Fe is a comfortable and welcoming place to enjoy a meal with friends. The staff is friendly, attentive, and patient, ensuring that guests have a pleasant experience. The menu boasts excellent options, such as nachos, steak burritos, and margaritas, guaranteeing a memorable culinary journey.

Santa Fe stands out for its authentic Mexican cuisine and enjoyable dining experience. Situated on a quiet street away from the bustling crowds, it offers a peaceful setting to indulge in great food. The atmosphere is lively, and the service is quick and efficient. The restaurant’s outdoor area provides a perfect view of Esplanade, creating a European vibe. The fried calamari is a standout dish, and the servers are kind and attentive. Visitors from Texas were pleasantly surprised by the food, particularly the fresh seafood and flavorful margaritas. Santa Fe’s dedication to customer service sets it apart, ensuring a wonderful meal for everyone.

The Velvet Cactus

Address: 6300 Argonne Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70124
Phone: +1 (504) 301-2083
Website: thevelvetcactus.com/contact
Details: $$, Mexican restaurant

The Velvet Cactus in New Orleans is a must-visit Mexican restaurant, offering a delightful dining experience. The staff members are friendly and attentive, ensuring that guests feel welcomed and comfortable. The atmosphere is lively and enjoyable, with great music and a vibrant ambiance. The restaurant’s manager, known for his incredible personality, adds to the overall positive experience. The food at The Velvet Cactus is simply fantastic, bursting with flavor. Guests rave about the salsa and chips, as well as the fajitas with warm tortillas and the creamy and flavorful refried beans. The extensive menu offers a variety of appetizers, drinks, and main dishes to satisfy every palate.

The Velvet Cactus stands out not only for its delicious food but also for its unique atmosphere. Even with a 45-minute wait, guests are entertained in the creatively decorated parking lot, adorned with flags, lights, rugs, and plants. The margaritas are excellent, and the crispy chips, great salsa, and guacamole make for a delightful start to the meal. Whether dining inside or outside, the atmosphere is unparalleled, and the fresh tacos and quesadillas never disappoint. Located near City Park, a short drive from the French Quarter, The Velvet Cactus offers a dining experience worth the trip.

Customers praise The Velvet Cactus for its outstanding service and knowledgeable staff. The restaurant accommodates both indoor and outdoor seating, providing a comfortable and enjoyable environment. The menu boasts a wide selection of dishes and drink options, including vegan choices. The ambiance is conducive to pleasant conversations, and parking is conveniently located across the street. With consistently excellent food and a welcoming atmosphere, The Velvet Cactus is a top choice for a memorable dining experience in New Orleans.


Address: 520 Capdeville St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: +1 (504) 267-4975
Website: espiritunola.com
Details: $, Mexican restaurant

Espiritu is a hidden gem located slightly away from the bustling French Quarter in New Orleans. The small and charming restaurant offers a delightful atmosphere that sets the stage for a fantastic dining experience. The menu, though not extensive, boasts flavorful tacos, salsa, and margaritas that leave a lasting impression. Guests highly recommend the mango habanero salsa for its smooth and unexpected consistency. The chicken adobo and crispy shrimp tacos are among the favorites, while the elote street corn stands out as an absolute delight. The food at Espiritu is described as authentic and high-end Mexican cuisine.

The staff at Espiritu is commended for their top-notch service and knowledge about the menu. The friendly and attentive staff, including the owner, ensure that guests feel welcome and enjoy their dining experience. The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating options, providing a relaxed and enjoyable ambiance. Espiritu’s happy hour is highly recommended, featuring delicious tacos, homemade chips, and three salsas. Guests appreciate the expertise of the bartenders, especially when it comes to mezcal, and the creative cocktail list that features freshly prepared ingredients.

Espiritu is a must-visit Mexican restaurant, loved by both tourists and locals alike. With its authentic flavors and extensive mezcal selection, it offers a unique and enjoyable dining experience. The restaurant’s knowledgeable staff, fresh and natural ingredients, and family-style dining options make it a standout choice. Located within walking distance of the French Quarter and the central business district, Espiritu is a destination worth exploring for those seeking genuine Mexican cuisine in a relaxed and inviting setting.

In conclusion, New Orleans is home to a vibrant and diverse culinary scene, and its Mexican restaurants certainly do not disappoint. From hidden gems like Espiritu, with its authentic flavors and extensive mezcal selection, to the lively atmosphere and exceptional food at The Velvet Cactus, these Mexican eateries offer a range of experiences for locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re craving tacos, salsas, or mouthwatering margaritas, these establishments have you covered. With friendly staff, cozy atmospheres, and menus that showcase the best of Mexican cuisine, these Mexican restaurants in New Orleans are definitely worth a visit for any food lover.