Welcome to our latest culinary adventure, where we dive into the tantalizing world of seafood. If you’re a seafood aficionado and find yourself in Milwaukee, you’re in for a treat! In this blog article, we’ll unveil the absolute crème de la crème of the culinary scene in the city – the Best Seafood Restaurants in Milwaukee. Get ready to embark on a delectable journey as we explore the finest establishments that serve up oceanic delights, leaving your taste buds wanting more. Let’s dive in!

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St. Paul Fish Company

Address: Milwaukee Public Market, 400 N Water St, Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone: +1 (414) 220-8383
Website: stpaulfish.com
Details: $$, Seafood restaurant

Nestled within the bustling Milwaukee Public Market, St. Paul Fish Company stands as a beacon of exceptional seafood. As you step into this seafood shop, you’ll find yourself greeted by a lively and inviting atmosphere. With both casual oyster bar seating and cozy table options available, the restaurant offers a comfortable dining experience.

The menu at St. Paul Fish Company boasts an impressive selection of fresh fish and seafood, ensuring that every dish is a delightful culinary adventure. Whether you’re indulging in their mouthwatering fried calamari, savoring the wild-caught Atlantic salmon with grilled veggies and rice, or relishing the flavors of their seafood bouillabaisse, each bite is a testament to their commitment to excellence. The quality of the food is consistently superb, leaving no room for disappointment.

The staff at St. Paul Fish Company deserves accolades for their top-notch service. Friendly and attentive, they enhance the overall dining experience, making you feel welcomed and well-cared for. The combination of their quick service and warm hospitality creates a pleasant and memorable visit.

Located in the heart of the Milwaukee Public Market, St. Paul Fish Company is far from a tourist trap. With well-prepared seafood dishes at reasonable prices, it stands as a testament to their commitment to providing a remarkable dining experience. From the excellent bouillabaisse, boasting a rich and tangy broth, to the delectable blackened sea bass, every dish showcases the freshness and mastery of their culinary offerings. Their dedication to quality and affordability makes St. Paul Fish Company a highly recommended destination for seafood lovers.

In summary, St. Paul Fish Company offers a truly exceptional seafood experience. With a lively atmosphere, attentive staff, and a menu filled with mouthwatering delights, this seafood haven within the Milwaukee Public Market captivates diners with its remarkable offerings. Whether you’re seeking a quick bite or a leisurely meal, St. Paul Fish Company is a must-visit destination that will leave you longing to return for more.

Harbor House

Address: 550 N Harbor Dr, Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone: +1 (414) 395-4900
Website: bartolottas.com/harbor-house
Details: $$$, Seafood restaurant

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Nestled by the scenic Lake Michigan, Harbor House is a culinary gem that offers a memorable seafood dining experience. Recommended by our hotel, this restaurant exceeded our expectations. With both indoor and outdoor seating options, including a picturesque patio, guests can indulge in the stunning lake views while savoring their meals. The service at Harbor House is impeccable, with attentive and friendly staff ensuring a delightful dining experience from the moment you step in. The menu boasts a diverse selection of seafood and steaks, each dish prepared to perfection. The filet and halibut we ordered were served promptly, accompanied by flavorful sides. The steak, in particular, was a culinary masterpiece, perfectly seasoned and complemented by a medley of potatoes, spinach, and shrimp.

At Harbor House, the combination of outstanding food and service never fails to impress. The seafood dishes, such as the calamari, scallops, and seafood bisque, are all prepared with finesse, leaving a lasting impression on your taste buds. The staff’s attention to detail is commendable, offering excellent wine recommendations and even recreating a classic cocktail upon request. Whether dining indoors or enjoying the sunset views on the patio, Harbor House provides a captivating atmosphere that enhances your dining experience. With a fantastic lakeside location and a menu that showcases the freshest seafood, this restaurant is a must-visit for seafood lovers.

Situated in a prime location near popular attractions like the art museum and the lakefront walk, Harbor House combines excellent food, stunning views, and attentive service. The restaurant’s commitment to quality is evident in their dishes, such as the lobster tails, sea bass, swordfish, and clam chowder, all of which boast exceptional flavors. The well-trained staff, from the hostess to the servers, ensure guests feel welcomed and well taken care of throughout their visit. Harbor House offers a casual ambiance during lunch hours, while dinner brings a more formal and elegant atmosphere. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply craving exceptional seafood, Harbor House is the perfect destination in Milwaukee.

With its breathtaking views, superb cuisine, and warm hospitality, Harbor House stands as a testament to the best that seafood dining has to offer. The combination of fresh ingredients, well-executed dishes, and a dedicated staff creates an unforgettable experience for every visitor. The restaurant’s central location, surrounded by notable landmarks, makes it an ideal choice for both locals and tourists alike. If you find yourself in Milwaukee, a visit to Harbor House is a must. Indulge in their delectable seafood creations, soak in the picturesque views, and allow yourself to be transported to a culinary paradise that embodies the essence of excellence.

Third Coast Provisions

Address: 724 N Milwaukee St, Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone: +1 (414) 323-7434
Website: thirdcoastprovisions.com
Details: $$$, American restaurant

Indulge in an exceptional dining experience at Third Coast Provisions, a restaurant that has mastered the art of creating a welcoming ambiance, providing attentive service, and curating an impressive menu. With a focus on seafood, this establishment consistently delivers outstanding dishes that will keep you coming back for more. From the perfectly executed Ahi Tuna Crudo with Aji Amarillo to the mouthwatering salmon and the delicately balanced flavors of the Lobster Pot Pie, every dish at Third Coast Provisions is a culinary delight that leaves a lasting impression.

The seafood offerings at Third Coast Provisions are unparalleled. The crab cakes, in particular, stand out, bursting with generous portions of crab and irresistible flavors. The restaurant’s cocktails are equally delightful, complementing the seafood dishes impeccably. The staff at Third Coast Provisions ensures attentive and personalized service, even during inclement weather when we dined. The elegant decor adds to the overall appeal, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere that invites you to return for another memorable meal.

Whether you’re in the mood for steak tartare, crudo tastings, or an array of small plates, Third Coast Provisions offers a culinary adventure that tantalizes the taste buds. Each dish is thoughtfully prepared, with highlights including the chargrilled Oysters Rockefeller and the perfectly cooked striped bass, salmon, and scallops. The extensive wine list, particularly the selection of whites, adds to the dining experience. Additionally, the option to bring your own wine for a corkage fee allows for a more personalized touch. With its outstanding food, attentive service, and inviting atmosphere, Third Coast Provisions is a seafood lover’s paradise that is not to be missed.

Prepare for an unforgettable dining experience at Third Coast Provisions, where exceptional seafood, friendly staff, and a chic atmosphere await. With dishes such as Ahi tuna crudo, oysters Rockefeller, and Chilean sea bass, each bite is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to culinary excellence. The knowledgeable and friendly wait staff guides you through the menu, ensuring a memorable dining experience. The restaurant’s elegant decor and thoughtful table arrangements create a relaxed yet sophisticated setting. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply craving exceptional seafood, Third Coast Provisions is a must-visit destination in Milwaukee.

Sail Loft

Address: 649 E Erie St, Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone: +1 (414) 223-0100
Website: milwaukeesailloft.com
Details: $$, Seafood restaurant

Located in Milwaukee, Sail Loft is a hidden gem that promises an unforgettable seafood dining experience. Despite the inclement weather, the restaurant’s attentive staff ensured a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience. The service was top-notch, with servers going above and beyond to keep drinks filled and cater to every need. The menu offers a delectable selection of seafood dishes, including the mouthwatering Seafood Diablo and the highly recommended Maine Lobster Roll. The prices may be slightly higher, but the quality and taste of the food are well worth it, especially when enjoyed on the sunny patio. Whether you’re a local or a visitor to Milwaukee, Sail Loft is a must-visit destination.

The combination of exceptional service and delicious food at Sail Loft makes it a standout seafood restaurant. The friendly and efficient servers, such as Blake, ensure a memorable dining experience. The Maine Lobster Roll and Key Lime Pie are standout dishes that come highly recommended. The overall atmosphere is casual, creating a relaxed and enjoyable ambiance. Sail Loft is the perfect place to satisfy seafood cravings and indulge in fresh and flavorful dishes. The oysters, Maine Lobster Roll, and sweet potato fries are among the highlights that showcase the restaurant’s commitment to quality. With reasonable prices and attentive servers, Sail Loft offers a fantastic dining option for those seeking excellent seafood in a laid-back setting.

With its ideal location and waterfront views, Sail Loft is a seafood lover’s paradise. The menu is seafood-oriented and offers a variety of options to suit all tastes. From the Seafood Diablo to the meatloaf and lobster ravioli, each dish is expertly prepared and satisfying. The restaurant’s attentive staff, including the friendly owner, create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The Sail Loft’s spacious interior can accommodate larger groups, making it an excellent choice for special occasions or gatherings. The stunning views of the boats and the sunset over Milwaukee add to the overall dining experience. For a memorable seafood feast in a festive setting, Sail Loft is the perfect choice.

Screaming Tuna Milwaukee

Address: 106 W Seeboth St, Milwaukee, WI 53204
Phone: +1 (414) 763-1637
Website: screamingtuna.com
Details: $$, Sushi restaurant

Nestled in Milwaukee, Screaming Tuna is a sushi haven that never fails to impress. With its interesting rolls, extensive wine list, and picturesque waterfront location, it offers an unforgettable dining experience. The staff goes above and beyond to accommodate guests, exemplified by their willingness to accommodate seating preferences and the exceptional service provided by servers like Austin K. The sushi menu may not be the most extensive, but it delivers in taste and quality. Outdoor seating provides a beautiful view of the river, enhancing the dining experience.

Screaming Tuna is a must-visit for sushi enthusiasts. The restaurant boasts a friendly and knowledgeable staff, ensuring a delightful dining experience. Their local sushi creations are a testament to their expertise, with each dish prepared to perfection. The riverside setting adds to the ambiance, especially during sunset. With great sushi, a beautiful location, and a warm and welcoming staff, it’s no wonder visitors plan on returning to this gem in Milwaukee.

Screaming Tuna combines delectable sushi with a stunning riverside view. The sushi is fresh, offering a wide variety of flavors and presentation styles. Although the prices may be slightly higher, the culinary artistry and taste are well worth it. The outdoor seating option provides a serene atmosphere, perfect for enjoying the picturesque river scenery. With a creative cocktail menu and gluten-free options available, Screaming Tuna caters to a wide range of preferences. Whether it’s a date night, a group outing, or any other occasion, this restaurant promises an unforgettable experience.

Twisted Fisherman Crab Shack

Address: 1200 W Canal St, Milwaukee, WI 53233
Phone: +1 (414) 384-2722
Website: twistedfisherman.com
Details: $$, Seafood restaurant

Nestled along the Milwaukee River, Twisted Fisherman Crab Shack offers a casual and inviting atmosphere that captures the essence of a wharf-themed dining experience. Despite the snowstorm, the restaurant remained open, and the friendly staff provided excellent service to guests. With the option of outdoor seating during the summer months, patrons can enjoy the terrific weather while indulging in the delectable seafood offerings. The menu showcases high-quality fish and seafood, demonstrating that this is no ordinary seafood joint.

After a visit to the Mitchell Park Domes, guests found their way to Twisted Fisherman and were warmly greeted by the bartender, who also served as their waiter. The cozy booths, adorned with casual seafood décor, provided a comfortable setting to enjoy the Friday fish fry. Generous portions of cod and perch delighted the taste buds, while the coconut shrimp appetizer set the stage for a memorable meal. The atmosphere was enhanced by the lively music, creating a relaxed and enjoyable dining experience. The apple cobbler dessert served as a delightful finale to the meal, leaving guests eager to return, especially during the summer season.

For boating enthusiasts exploring the Milwaukee River, Twisted Fisherman serves as a favorite stop for friends and family. The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor dining options, with picnic tables and sand creating a beach-like ambiance. The attentive service, delicious food, and a variety of drinks cater to every preference. The chef, Armand, goes the extra mile to accommodate food allergies and creates a warm and welcoming environment for all guests. Whether enjoying a signature drink, indulging in fried fish dishes, or savoring the fresh seafood offerings, Twisted Fisherman promises a memorable dining experience along the river in Milwaukee’s Menominee River Valley.


Address: 6732 W Fairview Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53213
Phone: +1 (414) 292-3969
Website: maxiesmke.com
Details: $$, Southern restaurant (US)

Located in Milwaukee, Maxie’s is a seafood and southern cuisine restaurant that impresses diners with its generous portions, fresh seafood, and perfectly cooked dishes. The friendly and attentive staff provide excellent service, making each visit enjoyable. Whether seated inside or outside on the patio, guests can indulge in a wide variety of flavorful menu options.

The food proved to be amazing, and the service matched the high standards. The pork cheeks and halibut cheeks were standout dishes, showcasing tender textures and impeccable seasoning. The appetizer, pine bark stew, featuring clams, was a hit, especially among younger diners. The menu offers a range of choices, from shrimp and grits to pine bark mussels, ensuring there is something to satisfy every palate. The cocktail selection is also impressive, with classic favorites and unique concoctions available.

Guests appreciate the warm and inviting atmosphere at Maxie’s. The restaurant offers comfortable seating, including high top tables and cozy booths, along with a southern flair in both its decor and menu. The Friday fish fry, featuring cod and perch, is a popular choice. Live music adds to the ambiance, providing an enjoyable backdrop to the dining experience. The outstanding service provided by knowledgeable and friendly staff members further enhances the overall dining experience at Maxie’s.

Overall, Maxie’s offers a memorable dining experience with its delectable seafood dishes, authentic southern cooking, and diverse menu options. From the Catfish Po’Boy to the fried green tomatoes, each dish is prepared with care and attention to detail. Whether seeking comfort food or exploring vegan and vegetarian options, Maxie’s caters to a variety of tastes. With its inviting atmosphere, great food, and attentive service, Maxie’s is a recommended choice for those looking to enjoy a satisfying meal in Milwaukee.

Carini’s La Conca D’oro

Address: 3468 N Oakland Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53211
Phone: +1 (414) 963-9623
Website: atouchofsicily.com
Details: $$, Sicilian restaurant

Carini’s La Conca D’oro in Milwaukee is a highly acclaimed Italian/Sicilian restaurant that offers exceptional food and top-notch service. The friendly and attentive staff, including the renowned server HAPPY, ensure a memorable dining experience. The menu features a variety of delectable options, from the popular fish fry to the mouthwatering Chicken Marsala. For dessert, the Tartufo is a fantastic choice that leaves a lasting impression. The owners of Carini’s are highly regarded, and their dedication to excellence shines through in every aspect of the restaurant.

Gluten-free diners will find Carini’s to be a safe and delicious haven. With the addition of gluten-free pasta and a willingness to adapt meals to accommodate dietary needs, Carini’s ensures that everyone can enjoy their Sicilian-style cuisine. The atmosphere at Carini’s is warm and inviting, with beautiful painted frescoes and comfortable seating that adds to the overall dining experience.

Whether it’s a short drive or a healthy walk away, patrons consider themselves fortunate to have Carini’s as a reliable dining option close to home. The Spiedini is always a phenomenal choice, and the calamari steak is a personal favorite. The fish fry is excellent, and the finely tuned flavors of each dish make dining at Carini’s a special and memorable occasion. The lunch buffet is also highly recommended, providing an outstanding deal that guarantees a satisfying meal.

Carini’s La Conca D’oro has earned a reputation as the best Italian/Sicilian restaurant in the area. With a versatile menu that accommodates special requests, fresh and delicious seafood, and a welcoming atmosphere, Carini’s provides an exceptional dining experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

The Pasta Tree Restaurant & Wine Bar

Address: 1503 N Farwell Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone: +1 (414) 276-8867
Website: pastatreemilwaukee.com
Details: $$, Italian restaurant

The Pasta Tree Restaurant & Wine Bar in Milwaukee is a special and highly regarded Italian restaurant that offers an exceptional dining experience. Known for its superb food and excellent service, it has become a favorite spot for both locals and visitors alike. The menu features a wide range of Italian dishes that are prepared with great care and attention to detail. From the breaded zucchini flowers stuffed with mozzarella cheese to the delicious pasta selections, every dish at The Pasta Tree is an absolute delight. The restaurant also offers a wonderful wine selection, including some notable choices from Tuscany.

The atmosphere at The Pasta Tree is cozy and inviting, making it the perfect place for a romantic dinner or a special celebration. The friendly and knowledgeable staff, such as the gracious server Kyle, contribute to the overall positive experience. They go above and beyond to ensure that guests feel comfortable and well taken care of. Even during challenging times like the Covid pandemic, The Pasta Tree has taken extra precautions to protect their environment and make customers feel at ease.

The reasonable prices at The Pasta Tree are another highlight, proving that fine dining can be affordable. The restaurant’s commitment to using fresh ingredients and preparing everything from scratch contributes to the exceptional quality of each dish. Whether it’s a wine tasting event, a family gathering, or a date night, The Pasta Tree provides a memorable dining experience with its authentic Italian cuisine, attentive service, and cozy ambiance.

In conclusion, Milwaukee offers a vibrant seafood dining scene with a variety of excellent restaurants to choose from. Whether you’re a seafood aficionado or just looking to try something new, these top seafood establishments in Milwaukee are sure to satisfy your cravings. From the fresh and flavorful dishes at Screaming Tuna Milwaukee to the casual yet delectable seafood options at Twisted Fisherman Crab Shack, each restaurant offers its own unique atmosphere and menu. With their dedicated staff, inviting ambiance, and mouthwatering seafood creations, these restaurants truly stand out as the best seafood spots in Milwaukee. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in the ocean’s bounty right here in the heart of the Midwest.