Welcome to our guide on the best seafood restaurants in Phoenix! If you’re a seafood lover in search of exquisite flavors and oceanic delights, you’ve come to the right place. Phoenix boasts a vibrant culinary scene, and we’ve handpicked the crème de la crème when it comes to seafood. From fresh catches to delectable seafood dishes, these restaurants have it all. Get ready to embark on a mouthwatering journey as we explore the best seafood restaurants in Phoenix. Prepare to indulge in unforgettable dining experiences that will leave you craving for more.

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Bluewater Grill

Address: 1525 E Bethany Home Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85014
Phone: +1 (602) 277-3474
Website: bluewatergrill.com/locations
Details: $$, Seafood restaurant

Bluewater Grill, a seafood restaurant located in Phoenix, offers an exceptional dining experience that will leave you craving more. Their friendly and attentive staff provides impeccable service, ensuring a memorable visit. The restaurant’s atmosphere is inviting, with nautical artwork and tasteful decor that exudes a coastal charm.

The menu at Bluewater Grill is a seafood lover’s dream, featuring an impressive variety of fresh and delectable dishes. Indulge in their mouthwatering Oysters, flavorful Clam Chowder, and perfectly Seared Scallops with Roasted Jalapeno Aioli. Don’t miss out on their tantalizing options such as the Wedge Salad with Bacon, Bluewater Roll, Senorita Roll, and Gemelli Pasta with Shrimp & Scallops.

The culinary delights continue with dishes like the French bouillabaisse, a savory medley of mussels, shrimp, scallops, clams, and fish in a hearty saffron seafood broth. For a delightful twist, try the pan-grilled Rainbow Trout from Idaho, accompanied by the house scalloped potatoes. The restaurant’s attention to detail and excellent preparation make each dish a true delight.

Bluewater Grill stands out among seafood restaurants in the area, offering a remarkable combination of value, quality, and flavor. With an extensive menu, knowledgeable wait staff, and a welcoming ambiance, this restaurant is a must-visit for seafood enthusiasts. Whether you’re seeking fresh sushi, classic seafood favorites, or unique creations, Bluewater Grill will exceed your expectations and leave you planning your next visit.

Buck & Rider

Address: 4225 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018
Phone: +1 (602) 346-0110
Website: buckandrider.com
Details: $$$, Seafood restaurant

Buck & Rider, a seafood restaurant located in Phoenix, offers an outstanding dining experience that is sure to please seafood enthusiasts. The atmosphere is vibrant and welcoming, providing a lively and energetic setting for patrons. The waitstaff at Buck & Rider is attentive and professional, ensuring that guests feel well taken care of throughout their visit.

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The menu at Buck & Rider features an array of fresh and delicious seafood options. Start your culinary journey with the mouthwatering mussels and the flavorful Papago appetizer, a delightful seafood medley. Indulge in the shrimp risotto, a dish that will take your taste buds on a tantalizing journey. The restaurant also offers a variety of cocktails and wines to complement your meal.

With a focus on quality and freshness, Buck & Rider delivers exceptional seafood dishes that will exceed your expectations. The crab, both snow crab and dungeness, is simply fantastic, while the oysters are fresh and varied. The menu also includes delectable options like the fried rice with a unique and spicy flavor, perfectly cooked scallops, and plump, flavorful shrimp. The restaurant’s attention to detail and commitment to providing an enjoyable dining experience shines through in every aspect.

Buck & Rider is a go-to destination for seafood lovers in Phoenix. Whether you’re seeking an enjoyable happy hour experience with fresh oysters or a memorable dinner with exceptional service and ambiance, this restaurant has it all. Make sure to plan ahead and reserve a table, as Buck & Rider’s popularity is a testament to its incredible offerings.

Angry Crab And Bbq

Address: 2808 E Indian School Rd D110, Phoenix, AZ 85016
Phone: +16029563088
Website: angrycrabshack.com/indian-school-rd-phoenix-az
Details: $$, Seafood restaurant

Angry Crab And BBQ is a seafood and BBQ restaurant in Phoenix that offers a unique and enjoyable dining experience. The staff at Angry Crab And BBQ are excellent, providing friendly and attentive service to enhance your visit. The atmosphere is lively and fun, creating a welcoming environment for guests to indulge in delicious seafood and BBQ dishes.

The menu at Angry Crab And BBQ is a seafood lover’s dream. You have the option to choose your seafood, seasonings, and sauce, which are then boiled together in a heavy bag, creating a flavorful and hands-on experience. The shrimp, snow crab, and other seafood options are fresh and delicious, while the BBQ platter is also highly recommended. The restaurant offers a range of spice levels to suit your preference, ensuring that every bite is packed with flavor.

Angry Crab And BBQ is known for its exceptional food quality and service. The fried catfish, deep-fried cod, and crab legs are all cooked to perfection, satisfying even the most discerning seafood lovers. The menu has a wide variety of options, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. The restaurant’s commitment to providing an enjoyable dining experience is evident through their warm and friendly faces, knowledgeable waitstaff, and delicious food.

When you visit Angry Crab And BBQ, be prepared to get a little messy as you dig into the steamed bags filled with seafood goodness. The fun and vibrant atmosphere, combined with the delectable food, make it a must-visit restaurant in Phoenix. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast or looking for a BBQ feast, Angry Crab And BBQ will exceed your expectations and leave you wanting to come back for more.

Ocean Prime

Address: 5455 E High St #115, Phoenix, AZ 85054
Phone: +1 (480) 347-1313
Website: ocean-prime.com/locations-menus/phoenix
Details: $$$$, Seafood restaurant

Ocean Prime is a fine dining seafood and steak restaurant in Phoenix that offers a fantastic culinary experience. The staff at Ocean Prime is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable, providing excellent service throughout your meal. The atmosphere is upscale yet inviting, creating a sophisticated yet comfortable ambiance for guests to enjoy.

The menu at Ocean Prime is diverse, featuring a range of seafood and steak options to satisfy every palate. From perfectly cooked ribeye steaks to blackened grouper and crab cakes, each dish is prepared with precision and attention to detail. The seafood is fresh and flavorful, while the steaks are cooked to perfection. The menu may be on the pricier side, but the quality of the food and the dining experience make it well worth it.

Ocean Prime is the ideal choice for special occasions or when you want to impress clients or loved ones. The attentive service, combined with the exquisite food, creates a memorable dining experience. From the delicious appetizers, such as shrimp cocktails and goat cheese ravioli, to the mouthwatering entrees like ahi tuna and filet mignon, every dish is crafted with care. The restaurant also offers delectable desserts, including butter cake and crème brulee, to complete your meal on a sweet note.

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, hosting a business dinner, or simply craving a high-quality dining experience, Ocean Prime is the perfect destination. The attentive staff, elegant atmosphere, and exceptional menu make it a top choice for seafood and steak lovers in Phoenix.

Playa Hermosa

Address: 1605 E Garfield St, Phoenix, AZ 85006
Phone: +16024621563
Website: mariscosplayahermosa.com
Details: $$, Seafood restaurant

Playa Hermosa is a Mexican seafood restaurant in Phoenix that offers a memorable dining experience with its delicious and unique dishes. The staff at Playa Hermosa is friendly and accommodating, providing excellent service to enhance your visit. The atmosphere is vibrant and welcoming, with colorful decor that adds to the overall dining experience.

When it comes to the menu, Playa Hermosa excels in serving quality Mexican seafood dishes. From the pescado empanizado to the molcajete with a variety of seafood and meats, each dish is prepared with care and bursts with flavor. The restaurant also offers complimentary appetizers, such as ceviche tostadas, adding to the overall dining pleasure.

Visiting Playa Hermosa is a must for seafood lovers and those looking to experience authentic Mexican cuisine. The portions are generous, the prices are reasonable, and the food is delicious. Whether you’re enjoying shrimp cocktails, seafood soups, or grilled fish, every dish showcases the freshness and quality of the ingredients. The attentive service and family-friendly atmosphere make Playa Hermosa a go-to spot for satisfying your Mexican seafood cravings.

Overall, Playa Hermosa is a hidden gem for seafood enthusiasts, offering a wide range of flavorful dishes in a welcoming environment. The combination of excellent service, vibrant atmosphere, and delectable menu options makes Playa Hermosa a must-visit restaurant in Phoenix for those seeking an authentic Mexican seafood dining experience.

Taylor’s Chowder House

Address: 3538 W Calavar Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85053
Phone: +1 (602) 978-1815
Website: chowderhead.com
Details: $$, Seafood restaurant

Taylor’s Chowder House in Phoenix is a seafood restaurant that offers a truly authentic dining experience. While the exterior may seem unassuming, the restaurant’s interior exudes a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The menu is focused on seafood, with the exception of a burger option, and features a variety of delectable dishes.

One highlight is the seafood alfredo, which allows customization of the seafood selection and is made with a homemade alfredo sauce. The Olde English Fish & Chips are another crowd favorite, with a light and crispy batter and a flavorful dill tartar sauce. The combo platter offers a delightful combination of cod, scallops, and shrimp, while the stuffed flounder is smothered in creamy alfredo sauce.

The quality of the food at Taylor’s Chowder House is consistently outstanding. The dishes are not overly seasoned, allowing the natural flavors of the seafood to shine through. The servers provide attentive and friendly service, and the owner personally cooks lunch each day. The restaurant’s dated decor adds to its charm, creating a unique and nostalgic dining experience.

For seafood enthusiasts seeking a genuine and flavorful seafood feast, Taylor’s Chowder House is a must-visit destination. From the succulent oysters to the creamy clam chowder, the menu offers a range of tantalizing options. Whether you’re a fan of deep-fried clams, fish and chips, or raw oysters, this restaurant promises a memorable and delicious dining experience.

Chula Seafood

Address: 100 E Camelback Rd #172, Phoenix, AZ 85012
Phone: +1 (602) 354-3599
Website: chulaseafood.com/phoenix
Details: Seafood restaurant

Chula Seafood in Phoenix offers a delightful seafood dining experience. The casual restaurant impresses with its fresh and flavorful Peruvian-inspired meals. While seafood takes the spotlight on the menu, there are also options available for beef, chicken, and vegetarian dishes. The staff and fellow customers create a friendly and helpful atmosphere. The ceviche, in particular, looks amazing and is a must-try. While front parking is limited, there is additional parking available in the back.

The restaurant at Chula Seafood exudes excellence in both ambiance and food quality. The clean and well-spaced tables create a pleasant and upbeat vibe. The oysters, sourced from Boston, are perfectly shucked and served with a delightful horseradish-infused cocktail sauce. The swordfish, cooked to perfection and paired with the fragrant and slightly tangy Juan sauce, surpasses expectations. The side dishes, such as the grilled broccolini and clam chowder, showcase skilled preparation and generous portions of fresh ingredients. The friendly service further enhances the dining experience.

Chula Seafood stands out as an amazing gem in the heart of the desert. The accommodating staff readily caters to customers with allergies, ensuring everyone can enjoy the fresh and delicious seafood. The restaurant’s unique setup as both a seafood market and a restaurant adds a touch of novelty. The selection of fresh fish available for purchase is extensive, and the quality is exceptional. With a wide range of mouthwatering dishes, Chula Seafood offers an ideal destination for seafood lovers seeking high-quality and reasonably priced options.

Angry Crab Shack

Address: 2501 W Happy Valley Rd Building #48, Phoenix, AZ 85085
Phone: +16232268880
Website: angrycrabshack.com/happy-valley-rd-phoenix-az
Details: $$, Seafood restaurant

Angry Crab Shack in Phoenix offers a vibrant and bustling atmosphere where you can indulge in delicious seafood. From boils to Po Boys, Gumbo to Gator bites, the menu offers a variety of mouthwatering options that are sure to please. While the prices may be on the higher side, the taste and quality of the food make it worth it. As a crab and seafood boil establishment, the shells may be slightly softer than expected, but the experience is made fun with gloves, bibs, and scissors provided at your table. The mussels are big, tasty, and tender, while the king crab is great despite the softer shells. The shrimp is always a hit, and don’t forget to savor the boil by dipping bread into the flavorful sauce. The staff goes the extra mile to make your visit special, such as performing a lively birthday song for celebratory occasions.

Visiting Angry Crab Shack promises a delightful experience with its friendly staff and inviting ambiance. Despite the anticipation of a long wait, the wait time was surprisingly short, and the service was warm and welcoming. It’s a perfect place to enjoy awesome seafood in a cool environment, making it a must-visit spot.

For seafood lovers, Angry Crab Shack is an authentic destination where messy boil bags create a memorable dining adventure. Alongside traditional baskets, bowls, and sandwiches, the menu offers a variety of choices to suit everyone’s taste. The service is top-notch, with attentive staff ensuring quick and delicious meals. If you’re up for a spicy challenge, don’t miss out on the Ghost Pepper sauce. The overall experience, coupled with the excellent service, makes Angry Crab Shack a standout choice in North Phoenix. From their great clam chowder to the Cod basket and calamari, accompanied by friendly service, it’s a restaurant worth returning to for a satisfying fish food experience.


Address: 1024 E Buckeye Rd suite 180, Phoenix, AZ 85034
Phone: +1 (602) 595-6666
Website: wtfexp.com
Details: $$, Food court

Wtfexp, located in Phoenix, is a restaurant that offers a diverse and extensive menu to cater to every craving. Whether you’re in the mood for a cheesesteak, fresh seafood, burgers, falafel, or poke bowls, this place has something for everyone. The cheesesteak, ordered Mom’s Way, was fantastic, and the combo with fries and a drink was a satisfying choice. With reasonable prices, friendly staff, and quick service, it’s no wonder that this restaurant is popular among locals.

The variety of options at Wtfexp is truly impressive, making it an ideal destination for groups with different preferences. From sushi to Italian sandwiches, every palate will find something to enjoy. The Italian sausage sandwich was a flavorful choice that did not disappoint. The restaurant aims to be the one-stop-shop for all your cravings, ensuring that you’ll find a dish to satisfy your appetite.

The positive reviews highlight the restaurant’s commitment to providing a wide range of culinary choices and ensuring customer satisfaction. With fresh fish, friendly service, and an extensive menu, Wtfexp offers a memorable dining experience. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or a family outing, this restaurant is a great choice that promises to leave you wanting to return for more delicious options.

In conclusion, Phoenix boasts a vibrant seafood scene with several standout restaurants that offer a delightful culinary experience. From Taylor’s Chowder House and Chula Seafood to Angry Crab Shack and Wtfexp, seafood enthusiasts have a variety of options to choose from. These restaurants impress with their fresh seafood, flavorful dishes, and attentive staff. Whether you’re craving classic seafood favorites like clam chowder and fish and chips or seeking unique seafood boils and innovative seafood creations, Phoenix’s best seafood restaurants deliver. Embark on a culinary adventure and indulge in the finest seafood Phoenix has to offer.