Welcome to our culinary journey through the Best Steakhouses in Omaha! When it comes to sizzling cuts of prime beef, this vibrant Nebraska city has no shortage of exceptional dining options. Omaha is renowned for its rich steakhouse culture, where quality meats are expertly prepared and served with mouthwatering perfection. Join us as we explore the top establishments that have captured the hearts and palates of locals and visitors alike. From traditional classics to innovative interpretations, get ready to indulge in the finest steakhouses Omaha has to offer.

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801 Chophouse At The Paxton

Phone: +1 (402) 341-1222
Details: $$$$, American, Steakhouse, Gluten Free Options

801 Chophouse At The Paxton in Omaha is a remarkable steakhouse that continues to impress diners with its exceptional staff, inviting atmosphere, and delectable menu. It is a popular choice for special occasions or a romantic evening, ensuring a memorable dining experience. The extensive wine list, curated by a knowledgeable sommelier, adds to the overall charm of this establishment.

The quality and precision with which the steaks are cooked make them a highlight of every visit. Guests have consistently praised the perfectly cooked steaks, which are complemented by generous portion sizes. While the prices may be slightly higher compared to other steakhouses in Omaha, the superior quality of the dishes, portion sizes, and overall ambience make it well worth the extra investment.

The dining experience at 801 Chophouse is elevated by the exceptional service provided by the friendly and attentive staff. With a complete selection of dishes and sides available on the menu, including tempting daily specials, guests can explore a variety of flavors. The bone-in filet has been hailed as a standout item, described by some as the best they’ve ever had. The impressive wine list and well-crafted cocktails further enhance the overall dining experience.

801 Chophouse At The Paxton offers a dining experience that surpasses expectations. From fresh oysters to succulent steaks, the menu caters to discerning palates. The attention to detail extends to the presentation of dishes, which are visually appealing and tantalizing. With impeccable service and a warm atmosphere, this high-end restaurant has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the best in Omaha.

Spencer’s For Steaks & Chops

Phone: +1 (402) 280-8888
Details: $$$$, American, Steakhouse, Wine Bar

Spencer’s For Steaks & Chops, located in the heart of downtown Omaha, offers an exceptional dining experience characterized by attentive staff, a pleasant atmosphere, and a mouthwatering menu. From the moment you arrive, the wait staff is attentive, ensuring that your needs are met throughout your visit. The steaks are a standout, cooked to perfection and seasoned to enhance their flavor. The desserts are also a highlight, leaving a lasting impression on diners.

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One aspect that sets Spencer’s apart is the exceptional service provided by the wait staff, who are not only attentive but also knowledgeable about the menu. They take the time to guide guests through the highlights of the menu and offer excellent recommendations. The attention to detail and professionalism of the staff contribute to an outstanding dining experience.

In addition to the remarkable service, the menu at Spencer’s is diverse and offers something for everyone. Whether you choose the signature steaks or opt for seafood options like salmon or tuna, the quality and taste are consistently outstanding. The side dishes, served family-style, are equally delightful. The atmosphere at Spencer’s adds to the overall enjoyment of the dining experience, with ample parking and a convenient location in the downtown area.

Spencer’s For Steaks & Chops lives up to its reputation as one of the best steak houses in Omaha. With its attentive and personable wait staff, delicious food, and pleasant atmosphere, it exceeds expectations. While it’s advisable to make reservations in advance, the exceptional dining experience and friendly service make it worth the visit. Whether you’re looking for a special occasion celebration or a memorable night out, Spencer’s For Steaks & Chops is an excellent choice.

Sullivan’s Steakhouse

Phone: +14023420077
Details: $$$$, American, Steakhouse, Seafood

Located in Omaha, Sullivan’s Steakhouse offers a remarkable dining experience with its attentive staff, inviting atmosphere, and an impressive menu. The wait staff is consistently praised for their wonderful service, going above and beyond to ensure a memorable dining experience. From the moment guests arrive, they are greeted with warmth and professionalism.

The menu at Sullivan’s Steakhouse is diverse and caters to all palates. The steaks, in particular, are highlighted as being delicious, cooked to perfection, and leaving a lasting impression on diners. The restaurant also offers a wide selection of appetizers and desserts that receive high praise. The attention to detail and quality of the food contribute to an exceptional dining experience.

The atmosphere at Sullivan’s Steakhouse adds to the overall enjoyment of the visit. The interior is well-appointed, spacious, and comfortable. The ambiance sets the stage for a delightful evening, whether it’s a special occasion or a casual dinner. The attentive and accommodating service, paired with the delectable menu options, make Sullivan’s Steakhouse a top choice for those seeking a memorable dining experience in Omaha.

J. Gilbert’s Wood-fired Steaks & Seafood

Phone: +1 (531) 222-9218
Details: $$$$, American, Steakhouse, Gluten Free Options

J. Gilbert’s Wood-fired Steaks & Seafood, located in Omaha, Nebraska, offers an exceptional dining experience characterized by top-notch service, a pleasant atmosphere, and an impressive menu. This fine dining establishment, rated as the No. 1 in town, lives up to its reputation with its dedication to quality and exceptional cuisine. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive, ensuring that guests feel well taken care of from start to finish.

The menu at J. Gilbert’s Wood-fired Steaks & Seafood is extensive and features a range of delicious options. The steaks, in particular, receive high praise for their tenderness and flavor. The seafood is equally impressive, with fresh catches flown in daily. The attention to detail in every dish, from appetizers to desserts, is evident. The restaurant’s wood-fired grill adds a unique and enticing flavor to the dishes.

The atmosphere at J. Gilbert’s sets the stage for a sophisticated and enjoyable dining experience. Located in the Omaha Marriott Downtown Hotel at the Capitol District, it offers a chic and comfortable ambiance. The attentive staff goes the extra mile to ensure guest satisfaction, providing a five-star dining experience. Whether it’s a special occasion or a casual dinner, J. Gilbert’s Wood-fired Steaks & Seafood is a top choice for those seeking outstanding food and exceptional service in Omaha.

Kobe Steakhouse Of Japan

Phone: +1 (402) 391-1755
Details: $$ – $$$, Japanese, Steakhouse, Asian

Kobe Steakhouse Of Japan in Omaha offers a delightful dining experience characterized by excellent service, a fun and lively atmosphere, and a delectable menu. Whether it’s a special occasion or a casual night out, Kobe provides a memorable experience for all guests. The steak is highly recommended, with the Filet Minion melting in your mouth and leaving a lasting impression. The chefs not only prepare delicious food but also entertain guests with tricks and interactions, creating an enjoyable and engaging dining experience.

The menu at Kobe Steakhouse Of Japan offers a variety of options to cater to different preferences. From the house special featuring chicken, steak, and shrimp to the flavorful marinated and perfectly seasoned steak, every dish is prepared to perfection. The portions are generous, ensuring that guests leave satisfied and even with leftovers to enjoy later. The restaurant also provides vegetarian offerings and an array of fresh vegetables, showcasing their commitment to accommodating different dietary preferences.

The ambiance at Kobe is family-friendly and inviting. The restaurant is known for its welcoming and hospitable staff who go above and beyond to ensure a pleasant dining experience. The atmosphere is perfect for a fun birthday celebration, with the chefs adding entertainment to the meal preparation. The bar offers excellent drinks to complement the flavorful food, and the lighting sets a romantic mood for those seeking a special evening.

Mahogany Prime Steakhouse

Phone: +1 (402) 445-4380
Details: $$$$, American, Steakhouse, Seafood

Mahogany Prime Steakhouse in Omaha is a luxurious dining destination known for its exceptional food, attentive service, and inviting atmosphere. The staff provides top-notch service, ensuring that guests always have a full glass and catering to their every need. The appetizer sampler is a great way to start the meal before indulging in the perfectly cooked steaks. Whether it’s a retirement celebration or a family outing, Mahogany offers non-pretentious, expertly prepared food that pleases all palates.

The menu at Mahogany Prime Steakhouse is diverse and offers more than just steak. Seafood, salads, and appetizers are also highly recommended, showcasing the restaurant’s commitment to offering a well-rounded culinary experience. The ambiance is cozy and welcoming, creating a comfortable setting for diners to enjoy their meals. While the dining experience at Mahogany may come at a higher price, guests can be assured that they are getting what they pay for in terms of quality and excellence.

Visiting Mahogany is a memorable experience, with patrons raving about the outstanding steaks and delicious sides such as the au gratin potatoes and asparagus with hollandaise sauce. The extensive wine list and expert recommendations from the knowledgeable staff add to the overall dining experience. Guests celebrating special occasions receive extra attention and personalized touches, making them feel valued and appreciated.

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

Phone: +1 (402) 393-0811
Details: $$$$, American, Steakhouse, Gluten Free Options

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar in Omaha is a top-notch dining establishment known for its exceptional staff, inviting atmosphere, and impressive menu. The service provided is attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable, ensuring that guests have a delightful experience. The steaks are cooked to perfection, flavorful, and generously portioned, satisfying even the most discerning steak lovers. The menu also offers a variety of seafood, salads, and appetizers, all expertly prepared and delicious.

The atmosphere at Fleming’s is relaxed and comfortable, making it an ideal setting for a romantic dinner or special occasion. The staff pays attention to detail and creates a memorable dining experience. The restaurant is also mindful of current circumstances, implementing COVID-conscious measures to ensure the safety and well-being of guests. The wine list is extensive, with knowledgeable staff available to provide recommendations and enhance the dining experience.

While the prices at Fleming’s may be on the higher end, guests can be assured that they are getting what they pay for in terms of quality and excellence. The restaurant offers both à la carte and prix fixe options, allowing guests to customize their meals. The portions are generous, and the sides are large enough for sharing. Fleming’s is a go-to destination for those seeking an unforgettable dining experience in Omaha, whether it’s a special celebration or a desire for a perfectly cooked steak paired with outstanding service.

Gorats Steak House

Address: 4917 Center St, Omaha, NE 68106
Phone: +1 (402) 819-4073
Website: goratsomaha.com
Details: $$, Steak house

Gorat’s Steak House in Omaha is a beloved steakhouse known for its great food and friendly staff. The casual atmosphere adds to the enjoyable dining experience. The steak is excellent, cooked to perfection, and highly recommended by patrons. The restaurant is well-established and has a rich history, attracting both locals and visitors alike.

The service at Gorat’s is exceptional, with servers who are attentive and knowledgeable. They provide helpful descriptions and recommendations, ensuring that guests have a memorable dining experience. The staff members are accommodating and create a welcoming environment for all diners. Live music adds to the ambiance, creating a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy a delicious meal.

In addition to the steaks, Gorat’s offers a variety of sides and appetizers that complement the main course. Dishes like hand-dipped onion rings, toasted ravioli, and sautéed button mushrooms receive high praise from guests. The menu also includes options for those with different preferences, such as seafood and pasta. The restaurant’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the quality of the food, the attentive service, and the warm hospitality.

Johnny’s Cafe

Address: 4702 S 27th St, Omaha, NE 68107
Phone: +1 (402) 731-4774
Website: johnnyscafe.com
Details: $$, Steak house

Johnny’s Cafe in Omaha is a legendary steakhouse that has been serving delicious food for over 100 years. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, providing a glimpse into the history of Omaha. The staff is friendly and attentive, ensuring that every guest feels welcome and taken care of.

The menu at Johnny’s offers a variety of steak options that are cooked to perfection. From ribeye to T-bone steaks, each cut is flavorful and tender. The prime rib and filet mignon are also highly recommended. Accompanying the steaks are delectable sides like onion rings, au gratin potatoes, and green beans. The portions are generous, leaving guests satisfied and craving more.

The service at Johnny’s is excellent, with attentive servers who make dining a pleasant experience. The staff is knowledgeable about the menu and provides efficient and friendly service. The restaurant’s commitment to quality and tradition is evident in every aspect, from the delicious food to the inviting ambiance.

Jerico’s Restaurant & Banquet

Address: 11732 W Dodge Rd, Omaha, NE 68154
Phone: +1 (402) 496-0222
Website: jericosomaha.com
Details: $$, Steak house

Jerico’s Restaurant & Banquet in Omaha is a hidden gem that offers a memorable dining experience. The staff is attentive and goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. In case of any issues, they handle them with professionalism and efficiency, making guests feel valued and appreciated.

The atmosphere at Jerico’s is reminiscent of a classic steakhouse, with a touch of nostalgia. The interior may not be modern, but it adds to the charm and character of the place. The restaurant is spacious and offers various rooms for private events and gatherings. It’s a great venue for special occasions and celebrations.

The menu at Jerico’s is diverse and features a range of delectable options. Their prime rib is renowned and comes in three different cuts, perfect for any appetite. The steaks are cooked to perfection, and the flavors are exceptional. The sides, such as potato dishes and salads, complement the main courses perfectly. Don’t miss out on their homemade pies, especially the banana cream pie, a true delight.


Address: 316 S 15th St, Omaha, NE 68102
Phone: +1 (402) 933-7437
Website: omahahoteldeco.com/monarch-restaurant
Details: American restaurant

Monarch in Omaha is a remarkable steakhouse that offers an exceptional dining experience. The staff is knowledgeable, attentive, and goes above and beyond to ensure guests have a memorable time. The atmosphere is inviting, and the restaurant offers prompt seating even without reservations. The servers are well-versed in the menu and provide detailed descriptions of dishes, helping guests make informed choices.

The menu at Monarch is diverse and caters to different preferences. From tartare to steak and frites, each dish is prepared to perfection and delivers mouthwatering flavors. The presentation is remarkable, showcasing the attention to detail and culinary expertise of the chefs. The restaurant also offers a range of options beyond steaks, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

The quality of the steaks at Monarch is truly exceptional. They are cooked to perfection and rival some of the best steaks found in renowned steakhouse destinations. The flavors are outstanding, surpassing expectations and leaving a lasting impression. The service is respectful and attentive, ensuring that guests feel valued and appreciated throughout their dining experience.

Dynamite Woodfire Grill

Address: 1200 Landmark Center, 1299 Farnam St, Omaha, NE 68102
Phone: +1 (402) 915-4900
Website: dynamitewoodfiregrill.com
Details: Restaurant

Dynamite Woodfire Grill in Omaha is a steakhouse that impresses with its outstanding menu, attentive staff, and inviting atmosphere. Guests rave about the delicious food and highly recommend trying the appetizers, such as the cauliflower steak and corn soup, which are described as must-try dishes. The seafood options, including the crispy-crusted fish in a flavorful broth, receive high praise. The wine selection is outstanding, with knowledgeable staff providing excellent recommendations.

The steaks at Dynamite Woodfire Grill are described as perfect, accompanied by great sides and starters. Guests appreciate the unique and flavorful sides that complement the steak dishes. The attentive and kind servers and staff create a welcoming and enjoyable dining experience. The truffle Mac and cheese is also highly recommended. The restaurant’s commitment to providing an exceptional experience is acknowledged, and the owner is praised for bringing everything together.

Families visiting Dynamite Woodfire Grill have a fantastic time enjoying the delicious steaks and seafood options. The attentive service and helpful electronic menu add to the overall enjoyment. The extensive wine list adds to the dining experience, ensuring that there is something to suit everyone’s taste. The flat iron steak, sourced locally from Omaha beef, is a standout dish, impeccably seasoned and cooked to perfection. The accompanying brussels sprouts receive high praise, and the apple tart dessert is a delightful way to end the meal.

Charleston’s Restaurant

Address: 13851 FNB Pkwy, Omaha, NE 68154
Phone: +1 (402) 431-0023
Website: charlestons.com/locations/charlestons-omaha-140th-dodge-2
Details: $$, American restaurant

Charleston’s Restaurant in Omaha offers a delightful dining experience with its attentive staff, inviting atmosphere, and diverse menu. The restaurant is praised for its consistency and has become a favorite spot for many. While Charleston’s is known as a steakhouse, guests appreciate the variety of options available, including excellent alternatives to burgers.

The food at Charleston’s receives high praise, with dishes such as pork chops and chicken fried chicken described as delicious and enjoyable. Guests appreciate the attention to detail in the preparation of their meals and the flavorful combinations of ingredients. The desserts, like the upside-down pineapple cake and key lime pie, are also highly recommended and add a sweet touch to the dining experience.

The service at Charleston’s is consistently excellent, with attentive servers who ensure that guests feel well taken care of throughout their meal. The restaurant’s warm and cozy atmosphere, with its comfortable booths and tables, creates a pleasant environment for diners. Guests also appreciate the well-stocked bar, which offers a great selection of drinks.

Charleston’s is a go-to destination for steak lovers, with perfectly cooked and mouth-watering steaks that impress every time. The menu offers a diverse range of options beyond steaks, including seafood, ribs, and chicken dishes. The Baked Potato Soup and house salad are favorites among guests. Despite the occasional minor issue, such as a forgotten drink, the overall experience at Charleston’s is highly recommended, with guests often returning for the delicious food, excellent service, and enjoyable atmosphere.

Clancy’s Pub

Address: 2905 S 168th St, Omaha, NE 68130
Phone: +1 (402) 505-4400
Website: clancyspubomaha.com
Details: $, Bar & grill

Clancy’s Pub in Omaha is a cool sports bar with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. It offers a great selection of local beers and features sports on TV, creating an enjoyable environment for sports enthusiasts. The bar also provides games to play, adding to the overall entertainment value. Guests appreciate the unique touch of serving pickle back shots with real pickle juice, adding to the bar’s charm.

Considered by some as the closest thing to “Cheers,” Clancy’s Pub stands out for its good food and fabulous staff. The friendly and accommodating nature of the staff contributes to the warm and inviting atmosphere that keeps guests coming back. Whether new to town or a regular patron, visitors quickly feel acquainted and at ease at Clancy’s Pub. It has become a beloved hangout spot for many locals and visitors alike, making it a must-visit destination when in town.

Clancy’s Pub offers more than just a welcoming atmosphere—it also serves tasty food and drinks. The Clancy burger is highly recommended, and the bar has a good beer selection to accompany your meal. The reasonable prices make it an attractive option for casual dining. Additionally, the bar’s Wednesday Steak Day special has become a tradition, providing a quality sirloin steak, choice of potato, and salad at an affordable price. While service may vary, the overall experience at Clancy’s Pub is positive, with guests appreciating the good food, friendly staff, and the opportunity to enjoy their favorite sports games in a relaxed setting.

In conclusion, Omaha is a city renowned for its exceptional steakhouses, offering a culinary experience that is truly unparalleled. From the mouthwatering cuts of meat cooked to perfection to the warm and inviting atmospheres, these steakhouses have captured the hearts and palates of locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic steakhouse experience or seeking a modern twist on traditional favorites, Omaha has something to satisfy every steak lover’s cravings. So, next time you find yourself in this vibrant city, be sure to indulge in the unforgettable flavors and hospitality offered by the best steakhouses in Omaha.