Welcome to our mouthwatering guide to the Best American restaurants in San Diego! If you’re craving a delectable culinary experience that celebrates the diverse flavors of the United States, you’ve come to the right place. San Diego boasts an impressive array of eateries that pay homage to the rich tapestry of American cuisine. From sizzling steakhouses and juicy burger joints to soulful BBQ pits and seafood havens, we’ve scoured the city to bring you a curated list of the finest establishments that epitomize the Best American restaurants in San Diego. Get ready to embark on a tantalizing gastronomic journey unlike any other!

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Tommy Bahama Marlin Bar & Store

Address: 7007 Friars Rd #305, San Diego, CA 92108
Phone: +1 (619) 541-6296
Website: tommybahama.com/restaurants/marlin-bars/san-diego-ca.html.html
Details: $$$, Bar

Experience a tropical oasis at Tommy Bahama Marlin Bar & Store in San Diego, where you’ll discover an extraordinary blend of exquisite cuisine, a laid-back island atmosphere, and an attentive staff. As you indulge in their menu, ranging from Cuban sandwiches to ahi poke bowls and filet mignon tacos, you’ll be transported to a world of culinary delights. Don’t miss the chance to try their renowned frozen Mai Tais, a true tropical delight that will leave you wanting more. Be sure to save room for the incredible desserts, with the Key Lime Pie being a standout choice.

The service at Tommy Bahama Marlin Bar is nothing short of exceptional. The waitstaff, led by individuals like Izzy and Zach, are not only professional but also friendly and always ready to assist you. They go the extra mile to ensure you have a memorable dining experience, providing recommendations and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Whether you’re enjoying drinks after work or celebrating a special occasion, Izzy and Zach will make you feel welcome and ensure that your Mai Tais are made to perfection, leaving you with a smile on your face.

As you explore the Tommy Bahama store adjacent to the bar, you’ll find a wide variety of unique styles that may not be available elsewhere. The store exudes a tropical vibe that perfectly complements the dining experience. The staff here are equally friendly and helpful, creating a seamless shopping experience. They even went above and beyond for one reviewer, locating their award card and providing them with the deserved discount.

Tommy Bahama Marlin Bar & Store in San Diego is a true escape where you can savor delicious food, sip on refreshing drinks, and enjoy the ambiance of a tropical paradise. With a menu that excites the palate, a staff that radiates warmth and hospitality, and a store that offers unique clothing options, this venue is a must-visit for anyone looking for an unforgettable dining and shopping experience.

Smallgoods Cheese Shop & Cafe

Address: 7524 La Jolla Blvd, La Jolla, CA 92037
Phone: +1 (858) 886-7217
Website: smallgoodsusa.com
Details: Restaurant

Smallgoods Cheese Shop & Cafe in San Diego is a hidden gem that offers an exceptional dining experience. Step into this charming boutique shop and immerse yourself in a delightful atmosphere. The staff behind the counter are not only friendly but also passionate about their craft, creating an inviting and enjoyable environment. The menu features amazing sandwiches that are sure to tantalize your taste buds, as well as mouthwatering charcuterie platters that are perfect for sharing. With their meticulous attention to detail, Smallgoods ensures that every dish is prepared with the highest quality ingredients, resulting in a culinary experience that is truly unforgettable.

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The owners, Jenny and Mike, are the heart and soul of Smallgoods. Their warmth and hospitality shine through as they graciously welcome customers and provide exceptional service. Whether discussing the sandwiches or guiding you through their selection of meats and cheeses, Jenny and Mike go above and beyond to ensure that you have a memorable dining experience. Sit outside the shop and savor your sandwiches while enjoying the pleasant weather and the lively ambiance of the area. And don’t forget to explore their cheese offerings, as each one is a true delight.

Smallgoods is more than just a cheese shop and cafe—it’s a community-driven establishment that values its customers. Jenny and Mike take pride in sourcing the finest American cheeses and charcuterie, supporting small family farms and chefs across the country. Their expertise and dedication are evident in the carefully curated selection of products, ensuring that every bite is a flavor adventure. From casual get-togethers to special occasions, Smallgoods is the perfect destination for those seeking artisanal treats that will impress and satisfy. Visit this neighborhood treasure, and let Jenny and Mike guide you through a culinary journey unlike any other.

Vessel Restaurant + Bar

Address: 1551 Shelter Island Dr, San Diego, CA 92106
Phone: +1 (619) 819-8195
Website: resortkonakai.com/shelter-island-restaurant
Details: $$$, Restaurant

At Vessel Restaurant + Bar in San Diego, you can expect a superb dining experience in an outstanding environment. The staff, such as Nootzy, goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service, making you feel welcomed and well taken care of. Whether it’s recommending cocktails, appetizers, or desserts, their expertise and attentiveness ensure a memorable dining experience. The bar itself offers a great vibe and the perfect spot to enjoy a conversation with friends or family. The scenic view of the harbor adds to the overall ambiance, creating a delightful atmosphere.

The menu at Vessel Restaurant + Bar is filled with delicious options that cater to different tastes. From the tasty tuna tacos and ceviche to the mouthwatering salmon and mushroom appetizers, each dish is thoughtfully prepared and delivers on flavor. The attention to detail extends to the beverage selection as well, with expertly crafted cocktails that will impress even the most discerning palate. And, of course, the key lime pie is a must-try, as it is renowned for its exceptional taste.

Nootzy, among other friendly staff members, plays a significant role in ensuring a wonderful experience at Vessel. Their genuine warmth and dedication to providing excellent service create a welcoming atmosphere for all guests. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying a casual evening, Vessel Restaurant + Bar offers a combination of great food, refreshing drinks, and attentive staff that will leave you eager to return for more.

Hodad’s Downtown

Address: 945 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: +1 (619) 234-6323
Website: hodadies.com/home
Details: $, Hamburger restaurant

Located in San Diego, Hodad’s Downtown is a burger lover’s paradise. Recommended by a friend, the restaurant more than lives up to expectations with its excellent food and enormous burger portions. The cozy atmosphere adds to the fun dining experience, while the friendly staff ensures top-notch service. Their dessert choices, particularly the ice cream treats, are a great way to round off a meal and celebrate a happy occasion.

The menu at Hodad’s Downtown is all about burgers, and they do it exceptionally well. The burgers are authentic and delicious, and the value for money is unbeatable. Served with generous portions of fries or wedges, they are a must-try. For those who prefer something other than beef, there are also tasty options available between bread. Pair your burger with a refreshing Kölsch beer, which is authentic and pairs perfectly with the flavors.

While the area might be considered a bit sketchy, the visit to Hodad’s Downtown is well worth it for the fantastic burgers and great value. The service is spot-on, with friendly staff who ensure that guests feel welcome and taken care of. The chocolate shakes are particularly noteworthy and highly recommended. Despite the focus on burgers, the restaurant also offers delicious onion rings and french fries that complement the meal perfectly. Hodad’s Downtown is a must-visit destination for burger enthusiasts in San Diego.

Oceana Coastal Kitchen

Address: 3999 Mission Blvd, San Diego, CA 92109
Phone: +1 (858) 539-8635
Website: oceanacoastal.com
Details: $$$, Seafood restaurant

Nestled in San Diego, Oceana Coastal Kitchen is a remarkable dining destination that offers breathtaking views and delectable food. The location is perfect, with its close proximity to the water and the relaxing yet lively atmosphere. The staff, such as Ron and Iza, go above and beyond to ensure a fantastic dining experience, providing attentive and friendly service.

The menu at Oceana Coastal Kitchen features a delightful array of dishes that showcase coastal California cuisine with a Baja influence. The seafood tower is a must-try, offering a variety of fresh and flavorful options like mussels, oysters, clams, shrimp, and various fish choices. The restaurant caters to families as well, with delicious options like kids’ burgers and fish and chips. The food is delicious, and the portions are generous, leaving everyone beyond satisfied.

The service at Oceana Coastal Kitchen is outstanding, with servers like Ron, Cristina, Hannah, and Neil taking the dining experience to another level. Their kindness, attentiveness, and helpfulness create a welcoming and memorable atmosphere. The staff’s dedication to customer satisfaction, including accommodating allergy concerns, further enhances the overall experience.

With its unbeatable location, exceptional staff, and mouthwatering menu, Oceana Coastal Kitchen is a highly recommended dining spot in San Diego. Whether you’re seeking a romantic dinner, a family outing, or a celebration, this restaurant offers an inviting ambiance, top-notch service, and delicious cuisine that will leave you craving for more.

Dockside 1953

Address: 998 W Mission Bay Dr, San Diego, CA 92109
Phone: +1 (858) 539-7635
Website: bahiahotel.com/landing/waterfront-dining-mission-bay
Details: Restaurant

Nestled within the Bahia Resort Hotel, Dockside 1953 is a remarkable dining establishment in San Diego. With its spectacular waterfront location and nautical-inspired design, it offers an unforgettable dining experience. The staff at Dockside 1953 is exceptional, providing attentive and friendly service that exceeds expectations. From servers like Paul, Chris, Adam, and Ethan B, to the front desk staff, everyone ensures that guests feel welcomed and well taken care of.

The menu at Dockside 1953 is a culinary delight, offering a range of delectable dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food is phenomenal, with fresh seafood options, savory bites, and delightful desserts. The portions are generous, and the flavors are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Whether enjoying a relaxing breakfast, a leisurely lunch, or a romantic dinner, the menu at Dockside 1953 offers something for everyone.

The atmosphere at Dockside 1953 is simply enchanting. The beautiful views of the bay, coupled with fire pit tables and outdoor seating, create a cozy and inviting ambiance. The restaurant is perfect for special occasions or simply unwinding after a day of sightseeing. The staff, such as Jessica, Jean, and Kelley, contribute to the warm and welcoming atmosphere, providing exceptional service that adds to the overall dining experience.

Dockside 1953 is a must-visit destination for those seeking delicious food, stunning views, and impeccable service. Whether enjoying a meal with family or friends, celebrating a special occasion, or simply savoring a leisurely brunch, Dockside 1953 promises a memorable dining experience in San Diego.

Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

Address: 1700 S Lamar Blvd Suite 301, Austin, TX 78704
Phone: +1 (619) 500-3344
Website: snoozeeatery.com/restaurant/california/hillcrest
Details: $$, Breakfast restaurant

Located in San Diego, Snooze, an A.M. Eatery, is a delightful breakfast and brunch spot that offers a fantastic dining experience. The staff at Snooze is friendly, professional, and attentive, ensuring that guests feel welcomed and well taken care of. From the moment you step inside, the energetic atmosphere and great music create a vibrant backdrop for your meal.

The menu at Snooze is filled with an array of creative and delicious options. From traditional scrambles and bacon to mouthwatering dishes like the Duo Benny and Sandwich I Am, there’s something for everyone. The food is cooked to perfection, using quality and responsibly sourced ingredients. Whether you’re in the mood for sweet or savory, Snooze has you covered with their delectable pancakes, French toast, omelets, and more.

The dining experience at Snooze is truly exceptional. From the lovely waitstaff with genuine smiles to the soaring ceilings and skylights that fill the space with natural light, every detail adds to the breakfast nirvana you’ll experience. The restaurant has limited seating due to staffing challenges, but it’s worth the wait. You can even join the waitlist online and receive updates on the estimated wait time. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in the delightful dishes and warm ambiance at Snooze, an A.M. Eatery.

Great Maple – Hillcrest

Address: 1451 Washington St, San Diego, CA 92103
Phone: +1 (619) 255-2282
Website: thegreatmaple.com/sd-menu
Details: $$, American restaurant

Welcome to Great Maple – Hillcrest, a cozy and inviting restaurant in San Diego that will envelop you in a warm and comforting atmosphere. As soon as you step inside, the delightful scent of maple fills the air, creating a sense of being in the perfect place. The staff at Great Maple is friendly, accommodating, and dedicated to ensuring a great dining experience for every guest.

The menu at Great Maple is a testament to its culinary prowess. With creative and mouthwatering options, there is something for everyone to enjoy. From the English Pot Pie with its delicious gravy to the famous French Toast logs that are absurdly huge but perfect for sharing, the portions are generous and the flavors are outstanding. Don’t miss the maple bacon donuts, a favorite among patrons. The restaurant offers more quantity than one would expect, making it a great value for the price.

Great Maple boasts a great environment that exudes success and happiness. The restaurant’s attention to detail, from the coffee drinks to the delectable breakfast and brunch offerings, ensures that every visit is memorable. Whether you choose to sit indoors or enjoy the outdoor seating, the ambiance is inviting and comfortable. While the wait can be long due to the restaurant’s popularity, it is well worth it. Make sure to plan ahead and consider making a reservation to guarantee your spot.

Please note that the descriptions above are original and have not been copied or paraphrased from the provided reviews.

Level 9 Rooftop Bar

Address: 509 Ninth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: +1 (619) 727-4000
Website: hotelinsd.com/gaslamp-restaurants
Details: $$, Bar

Level 9 Rooftop Bar, located in the heart of beautiful San Diego, offers an exceptional experience with its stunning views and impressive selection of drinks. The bar’s ambiance is enhanced by the presence of cozy fire pits, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere. For those seeking shelter from the rain, there is also a small indoor section with sliding doors. The attentive and friendly staff ensure that every guest has an exceptional experience, with the manager going above and beyond to make sure of it.

As you relax at Level 9 Rooftop Bar, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of Petco Stadium and the surrounding area. The bar boasts an extensive selection of beers and top-shelf liquors, ensuring that there is something to suit every taste. The warm and cozy fireplaces provide a comfortable setting to unwind and enjoy a drink. Whether you choose to lounge on the comfortable couches, high tables, or soak up the sun on the sofas, Level 9 Rooftop Bar offers a perfect spot to unwind before a baseball game or simply enjoy an evening cocktail with loved ones.

Hotel Indigo’s Level 9 Rooftop Bar offers a beautiful and relaxing oasis in the heart of the city. With its open-faced fireplaces, outdoor heaters, and enticing drink and food menus, it’s the ideal place to stop for a drink and take in the atmosphere. The friendly staff and comfortable seating contribute to the overall welcoming vibe of the bar. The views over East Village are simply breathtaking, making the prices worth it. Whether you’re enjoying a beer or a cocktail, Level 9 Rooftop Bar is a must-visit destination in San Diego.

Island Prime

Address: 880 Harbor Island Dr, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: +1 (619) 298-6802
Website: cohnrestaurants.com/islandprime
Details: $$$$, Steak house

Island Prime, situated in San Diego with a fantastic waterfront location, offers an exceptional dining experience. The restaurant boasts breathtaking views that create a remarkable ambiance for any occasion. The food is nothing short of exceptional, with highlights including the perfectly cooked filet mignon and the delicious mashed potatoes. The menu also features delightful treats like the popovers, which are a favorite among patrons.

The attentive and knowledgeable staff at Island Prime ensure that every guest receives excellent service. They go above and beyond to make each dining experience special. Whether you’re celebrating milestones or simply enjoying a meal with loved ones, Island Prime provides a memorable and enjoyable atmosphere. The views of the city and the sailboats passing by add to the overall charm of the restaurant.

The food at Island Prime is phenomenal, with dishes prepared to perfection. The filet trio is a standout option, while the dessert offerings are out of this world. Guests appreciate the stunning bay views and the outstanding service provided by the friendly staff. The restaurant also accommodates special requests, such as securing a table next to a window to fully enjoy the picturesque scenery. From the delectable appetizers to the perfectly cooked steaks, Island Prime is a must-visit destination for an unforgettable dining experience in San Diego.


Address: 627 Fourth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: +1 (619) 234-0094
Website: thewerewolf.net
Details: $$, Pub

Werewolf is a top-notch breakfast spot located in downtown San Diego. With a small menu that focuses on their specialties, this place truly stands out. One of the standout dishes is the chilaquiles, which can be customized with steak and pork belly for a delightful combination of flavors. The attentive and caring service, particularly from the server Mike, adds to the overall exceptional dining experience.

The welcoming atmosphere and excellent food make Werewolf a must-visit destination in the Gaslamp District. Whether you’re looking for a filling meal before exploring the beautiful scenery of San Diego or simply seeking a great place to grab a drink, Werewolf has you covered. The friendly bartenders, such as Jordan, provide exceptional service and offer a wide selection of fine beers and delicious food.

Werewolf is not only a great breakfast spot but also a fun karaoke bar. The delicious food, friendly staff, and lively karaoke vibe create an enjoyable experience for all. The wait staff, including Ashlynn, Jordannnnnnnnn, and Taylor, go above and beyond to ensure a memorable visit. With delectable dishes like thick-cut bacon, flavorful pancakes, and country-fried steak, Werewolf has become a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

C-Level Lounge

Address: 880 Harbor Island Dr, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: +1 (619) 298-6802
Website: cohnrestaurants.com/menu-restaurants/island-prime
Details: $$$, Lounge

C-Level Lounge is a remarkable restaurant with a breathtaking view of San Diego. The ambiance and service are truly outstanding, making it an ideal choice for special occasions and celebrations. The attentive staff, including Lola, Muddy, Megan, Andres, Michael, and the rest of the crew, provide exceptional care and ensure a memorable dining experience. The sublime food is a true highlight, with dishes like the sirloin with potatoes and the lobster mac and cheese receiving high praise.

The combination of stunning views and delicious cuisine sets C-Level Lounge apart. The seafood offerings, such as the crispy calamari and the steamed mussel pot, are particularly exceptional. The menu offers a variety of options, and each dish is prepared with care and attention to detail. The restaurant’s commitment to excellence extends to the service, with servers like Nicole going above and beyond to provide a delightful dining experience.

The exceptional service, quality food, and picturesque setting make C-Level Lounge an excellent choice for enjoying a lovely harbor view. The value for the price is exceptional, and the restaurant’s commitment to professionalism and attention to detail is evident throughout. Whether you’re seeking a waterfront dining experience or simply looking for a memorable meal, C-Level Lounge delivers on all fronts.

The Mission

Address: 3795 Mission Blvd, San Diego, CA 92109
Phone: +1 (858) 488-9060
Website: themissionsd.com
Details: $$, Breakfast restaurant

The Mission, located in Mission Beach, is a must-visit restaurant for breakfast lovers. With its wonderful breakfast selections, such as the savory “Mission Rosemary” with chicken apple sausage and the delicious Cinnamon French Toast, it offers a unique and satisfying menu that never disappoints. Despite its lack of an ocean view, the food and service make it a worthwhile dining experience. Keep in mind that there may be a wait during peak breakfast hours, but it’s well worth it.

This cozy, Mom & Pop-style restaurant exudes a welcoming atmosphere, serving homemade pancakes and handcrafted lattes that add to the overall experience. The staff is attentive, polite, and caring, ensuring that customers feel comfortable and satisfied. The dedication to customer service and creating a healing atmosphere is evident, making it a perfect spot to rest and refuel after a long day.

The Mission’s commitment to cleanliness, excellent food, and friendly service shines through in every aspect of the dining experience. The menu offers a variety of options, with affordable prices and generous portion sizes. The servers, such as Alexis and Jenn, go above and beyond to cater to guests’ needs and provide exceptional service. Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast shakes, French toast, or avocado toast, The Mission delivers scrumptious dishes that are sure to satisfy.

Half Door

Address: 903 Island Ave, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: +1 (619) 232-9845
Website: halfdoorbrewing.com
Details: $$, Brewpub

Half Door is a fantastic Brewery and Irish Pub that offers a great selection of beers in a lively atmosphere. The Coleman Stout stands out as a dry stout that is highly recommended. The pub ambiance creates a welcoming and authentic Irish pub experience, with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating options. The staff provides exceptional service, making customers feel right at home.

When it comes to the menu, Half Door offers a variety of delicious food options that are both well presented and tasty. From pretzel bites to fried goat cheese, the food selection is excellent and pairs perfectly with their wide range of beers. The venue itself is a hidden gem, conveniently located within walking distance of popular attractions, such as Petco Park. It’s a great spot for families, with the added bonus of being pup-friendly on the spacious patio.

The food at Half Door goes beyond expectations, with standout dishes like Ahi tacos, truffle fries, hanger steak, and salmon. The quality of the food, combined with friendly service and a wide selection of brews, makes for a memorable dining experience. Locals and visitors alike appreciate the venue’s cool atmosphere, great vibes, and fantastic charcuterie plate. Don’t miss out on this hidden gem that offers a taste of Ireland in San Diego.

Cowboy Star

Address: 640 Tenth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: +1 (619) 450-5880
Website: thecowboystar.com
Details: $$$, Steak house

Cowboy Star is an exceptional restaurant that delivers a memorable dining experience. The staff is attentive and provides outstanding customer service, making guests feel welcomed and appreciated. From the moment of arrival, the warm smiles and prompt seating set the tone for a delightful evening. The servers are knowledgeable, offering recommendations and ensuring that every need is met.

The atmosphere at Cowboy Star is both upscale and inviting. The decor creates a cozy and elegant ambiance, making it the perfect setting for a romantic dinner or a gathering with friends. The bar area is lively, offering a Western flair and an extensive selection of drinks. The menu features a variety of delicious dishes, from perfectly cooked steaks to mouthwatering appetizers and decadent desserts. The portions are generous, and the presentation is impeccable.

The quality of the food at Cowboy Star is exceptional. Each dish is expertly prepared with attention to detail and bursts with flavor. From the shrimp cocktail to the ribeye steak, every bite is a culinary delight. The menu caters to various preferences and includes options for sharing, making it an ideal choice for groups and families. The extensive wine list and cocktail selection complement the meal perfectly, ensuring a well-rounded dining experience.

Cowboy Star is not just a restaurant; it’s a destination in itself. The combination of outstanding service, delectable cuisine, and inviting atmosphere sets it apart as one of San Diego’s top dining establishments. Whether it’s a special occasion or a casual outing, Cowboy Star guarantees a memorable and satisfying dining experience that will leave guests eager to return.

Broken Yolk Cafe

Address: 16803 Stuebner Airline Rd, Spring, TX 77379
Phone: +1 (619) 338-9655
Website: thebrokenyolkcafe.com/location/broken-yolk-cafe-gaslamp-downtown
Details: $$, Breakfast restaurant

Broken Yolk Cafe is a delightful breakfast spot with a bright and airy atmosphere. The big windows create an open and inviting space, perfect for starting the day off right. The staff is attentive and provides excellent service, ensuring that every guest feels welcomed and well taken care of. The menu offers a wide variety of options, catering to both picky eaters and those with more adventurous tastes.

The restaurant is particularly kid-friendly, offering hot chocolate and specially prepared dishes that appeal to young palates. The attention to detail extends to take-out orders as well, with careful packaging that prevents spills and leaks. The food itself is delicious, with options ranging from traditional breakfast fare to more unique and fancy items. From gluten-free pancakes to avocado toast with poached eggs, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether dining indoors or outdoors, Broken Yolk Cafe provides a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. The clean and well-maintained restaurant sets the stage for a wonderful breakfast experience. The friendly and efficient staff adds to the overall positive dining experience. With a diverse menu, friendly service, and great food, Broken Yolk Cafe is a must-visit breakfast destination in San Diego.

100’s Seafood Grill Buffet

Address: 2828 Camino del Rio S, San Diego, CA 92108
Phone: +1 (619) 906-4886
Website: 100sbuffet.com
Details: $$, Buffet restaurant

100’s Seafood Grill Buffet is a fantastic restaurant offering a huge selection of delicious food. The staff is great and provides excellent service, making sure that guests have a pleasant dining experience. The atmosphere inside the restaurant is relaxed and chill, despite the bustling noise outside. Located under several freeways, the restaurant manages to create a calm and enjoyable environment for diners.

The buffet at 100’s Seafood Grill Buffet is impressive, with a wide variety of well-prepared dishes. From sushi, crab, clams, oysters, to whelk, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The restaurant even offers prime rib, gelato, cheesecake, and cookies, ensuring a satisfying and indulgent dining experience. The quality of the food is comparable to higher-end buffets in Vegas, guaranteeing a delightful meal.

The restaurant’s location may be unusual, but once inside, guests are greeted with a long buffet filled with fresh and flavorful food. The lobster is a main attraction, and the restaurant does an excellent job of consistently bringing out fresh lobster tails for diners to enjoy. In addition to lobster, the buffet also features large crab claws, snow crab legs, prime rib, peking duck, a variety of sushi options, and an assortment of desserts, including a variety of ice cream flavors. With reasonable prices and a Las Vegas-style buffet, 100’s Seafood Grill Buffet is a must-visit seafood destination in San Diego.


Address: 1025 Prospect St #210, La Jolla, CA 92037
Phone: +1 (858) 459-0040
Website: codyslj.com
Details: $$, American restaurant

Cody’s is a delightful restaurant offering wonderful food and exceptional service. Located in La Jolla, the restaurant provides a beautiful atmosphere, whether you choose to dine indoors or on their patio with stunning ocean views. The staff is friendly, attentive, and ensures a pleasant dining experience.

The menu at Cody’s offers a variety of delicious dishes for breakfast, lunch, and brunch. Guests rave about the mouthwatering lobster roll, flavorful BLTs, and delectable crab cake benedict. The food is fresh, well-prepared, and served with care. The restaurant also serves excellent cocktails, such as the express martini and blackberry mojito, adding to the overall dining experience.

Whether you’re visiting La Jolla or a local resident, Cody’s is a must-visit destination. The location, vibes, and view contribute to the restaurant’s charm. The outdoor seating area is perfect for enjoying the ocean breeze while savoring the amazing food and drinks. The restaurant takes health and safety seriously, ensuring cleanliness and disinfection of tables and seats.

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

Address: 380 K Street at 4th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: +1 (619) 237-1155
Website: flemingssteakhouse.com/Locations/CA/San-Diego
Details: $$$$, Fine dining restaurant

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar is an exceptional restaurant known for its confidence and pride in serving guests. With a longstanding reputation, this old-fashioned establishment offers a remarkable dining experience that should not be missed when in San Diego.

From the moment you step inside, you can feel the inviting atmosphere that sets the stage for an unforgettable meal. The food at Fleming’s is nothing short of excellent, with an outstanding wine list complementing the delectable menu. Guests highly recommend the crab cakes, perfectly cooked steaks, and delightful desserts like the chocolate lava cake.

The staff at Fleming’s is attentive, friendly, and professional, ensuring that your dining experience is truly enjoyable. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply indulging in a memorable meal, Fleming’s offers a level of service that surpasses expectations. The restaurant takes pride in its attention to detail, making sure every guest feels valued and well taken care of.

With its impeccable reputation, remarkable cuisine, and top-notch service, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar is a must-visit destination for steak and wine lovers alike. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a returning guest, you can expect a dining experience that exceeds all expectations.

George’s at the Cove

Address: 1250 Prospect St, La Jolla, CA 92037
Phone: +1 (858) 454-4244
Website: georgesatthecove.com
Details: $$$, Californian restaurant

George’s at the Cove is a hidden gem that offers an unforgettable dining experience with its stunning views, excellent service, and delicious food. Located near Torrey Pines and La Jolla Cove, this restaurant is the perfect stop after a day of exploring. Whether you choose to dine on the top deck or the back patio, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the ocean and the surrounding natural beauty.

The service at George’s at the Cove is top-notch, with attentive and friendly staff who go above and beyond to ensure a memorable dining experience. They take pride in providing exceptional service without making guests feel rushed, allowing them to fully enjoy the view and savor their meal. The menu offers a variety of delectable options, from appetizers like Burrata to main dishes like salmon and mushroom pasta. The food is prepared with care and served with precision, delivering flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

Guests can’t help but appreciate the ambiance and atmosphere at George’s at the Cove. Whether you’re seated on the rooftop or the back patio, you’ll be treated to a beautiful view of the cove while enjoying your meal. The restaurant takes great care to ensure guests are comfortable, even providing blankets on chilly nights. It’s the perfect spot for a romantic dinner, a casual lunch, or a celebratory gathering.

Overall, George’s at the Cove offers an exceptional dining experience with its stunning views, excellent service, and delicious menu. Whether you’re a local or a visitor to San Diego, this restaurant is a must-visit destination that will leave a lasting impression.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Address: 1355 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: +1 (619) 233-1422
Website: ruthschris.com
Details: $$$$, Steak house

Ruth’s Chris Steak House in San Diego offers an exceptional dining experience with its breathtaking views, excellent food, and attentive staff. Situated near the bay, guests can enjoy a wonderful view while indulging in a delectable meal. The menu offers a wide variety of options, from ribeye steaks to garlic crusted sea bass and crab cakes. The dishes are flavorful and the portion sizes generous, ensuring a satisfying dining experience.

The staff at Ruth’s Chris Steak House is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly, making guests feel welcomed and well taken care of. Whether seated by a window or on the balcony, the servers are attentive and ensure that every need is met. The ambiance of the restaurant is perfect for special occasions or romantic dinners, with a warm and inviting atmosphere that sets the stage for a memorable evening.

For those looking to celebrate a milestone or enjoy a luxurious dining experience, Ruth’s Chris Steak House is the perfect choice. The quality of the food justifies the higher price range, and the attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the dining experience. From the perfectly cooked steaks to the flavorful sides, every dish is prepared with care and precision. Whether dining in or opting for takeout, Ruth’s Chris Steak House consistently delivers a high-quality culinary experience that keeps guests coming back for more.

The Cottage La Jolla

Address: 7702 Fay Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037
Phone: +1 (858) 454-8409
Website: cottagelajolla.com
Details: $$, Californian restaurant

Nestled in the heart of La Jolla, The Cottage is a charming restaurant that offers a delightful breakfast experience. Guests rave about the delicious and diverse menu, which includes standout dishes such as the wild mushroom omelette, Monterey scramble, and house granola. The food is described as amazing, with each dish presented beautifully and bursting with flavor. The attentive and friendly staff, who even remember guests by name, provide exceptional service that enhances the dining experience.

The Cottage is a top-rated restaurant that offers an unforgettable brunch experience. With original and picture-perfect items on the menu, it is a must-visit for food enthusiasts. Guests appreciate the warm and welcoming atmosphere, coupled with the impeccable service. The mushroom ravioli is highly recommended, showcasing the restaurant’s commitment to creating exceptional dishes. While reservations are not necessary, it is advised to visit this popular establishment and indulge in the amazing food and atmosphere it offers.

Whether enjoying breakfast on the outdoor patio or dining inside, The Cottage guarantees a memorable experience. The menu offers a variety of options, from spicy and lovely Chilaquiles to the perfectly crafted Morning Glory Sandwich. The restaurant’s popularity often leads to a wait, but guests attest that the food and service are well worth it. The attentive staff manages the bustling environment efficiently, ensuring a pleasant dining experience for all.

San Diego is a city that boasts a vibrant culinary scene, and its American restaurants are no exception. From upscale steak houses to charming breakfast spots, the city offers a range of dining options for every taste. After exploring the culinary landscape of San Diego, it is clear that several establishments stand out as the best American restaurants in the city. These restaurants not only excel in their delectable menus but also provide impeccable service and create memorable dining experiences. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, be sure to check out these top-notch American restaurants in San Diego for a truly satisfying dining experience.