Welcome to the ultimate guide to the best pizza restaurants in New Orleans! If you’re a pizza lover seeking the most delightful and authentic pie experience, you’ve come to the right place. In a city renowned for its culinary prowess, New Orleans boasts an array of pizzerias that elevate the art of pizza-making. From traditional Neapolitan delights to creative and unique toppings, we’ll take you on a mouthwatering journey through the very best pizza restaurants in New Orleans. Get ready to indulge in the city’s pizza scene like never before!

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Louisiana Pizza Kitchen French Quarter

Address: 95 French Market Pl, New Orleans, LA 70116
Phone: +1 (504) 522-9500
Website: lpkfrenchquarter.com
Details: $$, Pizza restaurant

Louisiana Pizza Kitchen French Quarter is a top choice for late-night pizza cravings in the heart of the French Quarter. With a thin crust and freshly made pizzas, their offerings are undeniably delicious. The staff provides fabulous and friendly service, ensuring a memorable dining experience. From the perfectly blended flavors of their margherita pizza to the mouthwatering ciabatta garlic bread, every dish leaves a lasting impression. Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or meat lover, the menu caters to all preferences, with gluten-free options available. The Greek salad, along with the four cheese and meaty special pizzas, receive high praise. The restaurant’s lovely atmosphere, both indoors and outdoors, adds to the overall charm. Waiting for a table may be necessary, but it’s undoubtedly worth it. Located at the end of the French Market place, it’s a hidden gem that promises a delightful pizza dinner with a cute ambience.

This New Orleans pizza joint offers an exceptional dining experience that will satisfy even the most discerning pizza enthusiasts. The crab beignets and muffaletta pizza are highly recommended and deemed excellent by satisfied patrons. The diverse crust options, including gluten-free alternatives, cater to various dietary needs. The extensive menu provides ample choices, ensuring everyone finds a pizza that suits their taste. The location is perfect for people-watching, away from the noise of the French Quarter. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing vacation dinner or simply want to grab a truly delicious pizza, Louisiana Pizza Kitchen French Quarter is a fantastic choice. The staff is friendly and attentive, and the homemade lemonade is a must-try.

If you’re looking for a pizza place that goes above and beyond to accommodate dietary restrictions, look no further. Louisiana Pizza Kitchen French Quarter offers a plant-based menu for those with dairy allergies or following a vegan lifestyle. The vegan pasta with mushrooms receives rave reviews, scoring a perfect ten out of ten. The vegan pistachio cheesecake is another delectable treat that shouldn’t be missed. The indoor and outdoor seating options create a charming ambiance that complements the fantastic food. Additionally, the wood-fired pizzas are simply amazing, cooked to perfection in their oven. Fast and efficient service adds to the overall dining experience, ensuring a memorable visit. Don’t miss the opportunity to return on your next trip to New Orleans for another round of their incredible pizza.

Reginelli’s Pizzeria (poydras)

Address: 930 Poydras St, New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone: +1 (504) 586-0068
Website: reginellis.com
Details: $$, Pizza restaurant

Reginelli’s Pizzeria on Poydras Street is a culinary gem that offers an exceptional dining experience. The cheese bread with marinara sauce is an absolute delight and sets the tone for a memorable meal. Their Quattro Pizza, customized with sausage instead of Gorgonzola, is an absolute winner and comes highly recommended. The staff provides top-notch service, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable dining experience. The tiramisu is a must-try dessert that perfectly concludes a fantastic meal. With their warm and friendly service, Reginelli’s Pizzeria creates a welcoming atmosphere that keeps customers coming back.

This charming spot near our hotel offers a great selection of food that caters to diverse tastes. The crawfish pizza is a standout dish that impresses with its amazing flavors. The Mediterranean Gnocchi, chicken pesto tortellini, and cheese pizza are also highly satisfying, bursting with great flavor combinations. The staff, including our server Alan, provides excellent service and adds to the overall pleasant atmosphere. Despite the food taking a bit longer to arrive, the quality of the dishes makes up for the wait. Reginelli’s Pizzeria may have slightly higher prices for certain items, but the overall value and taste are well worth it.

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Visiting Reginelli’s Pizzeria is an absolute treat, even when arriving near closing time. The attentive service and warm atmosphere make it a standout choice for pizza lovers. Their garlic knot appetizer is a delightful surprise, and the chicken and spinach pizza with its superb dough and generous toppings is simply delicious. The variety of pizza styles, including the unique Detroit style, adds to the appeal. The staff is helpful, ensuring a pleasant experience, and the restaurant maintains a clean and inviting environment. Reginelli’s Pizzeria is a go-to spot for those seeking mouthwatering pizza in New Orleans, whether dining in or ordering delivery.

Pizza Domenica

Address: 4933 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone: +1 (504) 301-4978
Website: pizzadomenica.com
Details: $$, Pizza restaurant

Located in New Orleans, Pizza Domenica is a remarkable restaurant that offers an exceptional pizza dining experience. With a great variety of options on their menu, it’s hard to resist indulging in their mouthwatering dishes. The margarita pizza and garlic knots are standout favorites that impress with their flavors. The staff provides excellent service, ensuring a delightful dining experience. The atmosphere is lively, creating a vibrant and enjoyable setting for guests to savor their delicious meals. Whether you’re a fan of traditional or creative pizzas, Pizza Domenica has something for everyone. Their wood-fired thin crust pizzas are a standout feature, prepared to perfection and bursting with taste.

Pizza Domenica on Magazine Street is a must-visit when in New Orleans. The restaurant offers a tempting selection of appetizers, with the garlic knots stealing the show. Served with a delectable cheese fonduta dip, it’s an irresistible combination. The white pizza, featuring a thin crust and an abundance of flavors, is a definite highlight. Pizza Domenica is not only known for its fantastic pizzas but also for its well-curated drinks menu, including local beers and delightful cocktails. Located in a residential neighborhood, the restaurant attracts a loyal local clientele, further adding to its appeal. The reasonable prices and family-friendly atmosphere make it a go-to spot for pizza enthusiasts.

For an outstanding pizza experience in New Orleans, Pizza Domenica is a top choice. With its inventive selection of pizzas and lively atmosphere, it offers a memorable dining experience. The menu showcases a wide range of options, including mouthwatering mushroom and caramelized onion pizza topped with a free-range chicken egg. The restaurant also boasts an impressive selection of wines and local beers to complement the flavors of their pizzas. Visitors rave about the exceptional quality of the pizzas, cooked to perfection in a wood-fired oven. The garlic knots appetizer is another crowd-pleaser, leaving guests craving more. With friendly service and a charming setting, Pizza Domenica is a true gem in the heart of New Orleans.

Magazine Pizza

Address: 1068 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: +1 (504) 568-0212
Website: facebook.com/MagazinePizza
Details: $$, Pizza restaurant

Magazine Pizza in New Orleans is a fantastic choice when you’re craving pizza. Recommended by locals and hotels alike, it promises a delightful dining experience. The delivery service stands out for its punctuality and excellent communication, ensuring a seamless experience. The pizza itself is simply delicious, with options like pepperoni and mushroom that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. The garlic cheese bread and jalapeno garlic cheese bread are exceptional additions to any order. For those with dietary restrictions, the restaurant offers gluten-free crust and vegan cheese options, catering to a wide range of preferences.

The quality of the pizza at Magazine Pizza is consistently praised by visitors. From the aphrodisiac pie to the Margherita pizza, each dish delivers on taste and quality. The pepper vinaigrette is a standout, offering a surprising burst of flavor. The calzone and Mediterranean salad are generously portioned, packed with fresh ingredients and a delightful dressing. With a variety of pizza flavors, salads, and sandwiches on the menu, there’s something to please every palate. The welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff contribute to the overall positive dining experience.

Magazine Pizza is highly recommended for its vegan pizza option, which is regarded as the best by those who have tried it. The supreme pizza and Mediterranean salad receive rave reviews, with generous portions that are perfect for sharing. The variety of options extends to the beverage menu, which includes wine and beer. While the pizza may take a little longer to prepare, the wait is well worth it. Whether you choose to dine in, order for delivery, or use a third-party service like Uber Eats, Magazine Pizza is sure to satisfy your pizza cravings with its mouthwatering flavors and excellent service.

Tavolino Pizza & Lounge

Address: 141 Delaronde St, New Orleans, LA 70114
Phone: +1 (504) 605-3365
Website: facebook.com/TavolinoLounge
Details: $$, Pizza restaurant

Located in Algiers Point, Tavolino Pizza & Lounge is a hidden gem that offers an exceptional dining experience. With its delicious pizza and appetizers, impressive cocktail selection, friendly service, and laid-back atmosphere, it has become a favorite among both locals and visitors. The convenient location, just a short ferry ride away from the French Quarter, makes it easily accessible for those looking to indulge in some mouthwatering pizza.

Tavolino Pizza & Lounge is known for its handmade thin crust pizza, which receives rave reviews for its delectable flavors. From the Red Goat pizza with its unique combination of marinara sauce, salami, garlic, mozzarella, and goat cheese, to the wide variety of topping options, the pizzas here are a culinary delight. The menu also features appetizers like the deep-fried kalamata olives stuffed with Gorgonzola cheese, creating a burst of flavors that will leave you craving for more. The cozy bar area offers a pleasant ambiance to enjoy their well-crafted cocktails, adding to the overall experience.

Visitors to Tavolino Pizza & Lounge appreciate the friendly and helpful staff, who contribute to the enjoyable dining experience. Whether you’re sitting on the patio, soaking in the cool evening breeze, or dining inside, you can expect prompt and attentive service. The menu extends beyond pizza, offering tasty pasta dishes and a great selection of drinks, including wine and beer. With its consistent quality, creative specials, and family-friendly environment, Tavolino Pizza & Lounge has become a beloved neighborhood spot that is definitely worth a visit when in New Orleans.


Address: 516 Julia St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: +1 (504) 322-3216
Website: sofianola.com
Details: $$, Italian restaurant

Sofia is an outstanding Italian restaurant located in the heart of New Orleans. With its exceptional food, friendly staff, and inviting atmosphere, it has become a go-to spot for both locals and visitors. The menu features a wide variety of delicious options, including wood-fired pizzas, homemade pastas, and mouthwatering appetizers. The brick oven-cooked pizzas are a highlight, perfectly done with generous toppings that satisfy every craving.

The staff at Sofia is known for their attentiveness and knowledge of the menu. From the helpful recommendations to the prompt service, they ensure that every guest has a memorable dining experience. The atmosphere is vibrant and energetic, with great music and a lively crowd that creates a fun and enjoyable ambiance. The restaurant offers various seating options, including outdoor seating, adding to the overall charm.

Whether you’re indulging in their signature Margherita pizza, savoring the rich flavors of the vodka pasta, or exploring the delectable appetizers like the house ricotta and meatballs, Sofia never fails to impress. The attention to detail and use of fresh ingredients are evident in every dish. The restaurant also offers a well-curated wine list and a selection of crafted cocktails that perfectly complement the meal. Sofia is a must-visit for anyone seeking an exceptional Italian dining experience in New Orleans.

Reginelli’s Pizzeria (garden District)

Address: 5961 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone: +1 (504) 895-7272
Website: reginellis.com
Details: $$, Pizza restaurant

Reginelli’s Pizzeria in the Garden District of New Orleans is a must-visit for pizza lovers. With their delicious Detroit-style pizza and thin crust artisanal varieties, they offer a range of mouthwatering options. In addition to their pizzas, they also serve a well-seasoned chicken sandwich and a variety of appetizers. The friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere make dining at Reginelli’s a delightful experience. They also have a nice wine selection to complement your meal.

Whether you choose to dine in or order takeout, Reginelli’s ensures that your order is prepared correctly and with care. The salads are particularly noteworthy, offering fresh and flavorful ingredients. The pizzas are delivered fresh and still warm, guaranteeing a tasty and satisfying experience. The prices are reasonable, making Reginelli’s an excellent choice for a casual and enjoyable meal.

Located near Audubon Park, Reginelli’s is an ideal spot for pizza and pasta lovers. Their fantastic spicy pasta, named “Shrimply Irresistible,” is a crowd favorite. The outdoor seating provides a pleasant setting to savor your meal. The service is friendly, and the prices are reasonable, making it a great choice for a meal in New Orleans.

Reginelli’s Pizzeria is a go-to place for delicious food, attentive service, and a casual dining experience. With their diverse menu, including pizzas, calzones, sandwiches, salads, and more, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The restaurant has a funky and inviting atmosphere, making it a perfect spot to relax and enjoy a frozen margarita or one of their well-crafted cocktails. Reginelli’s is highly recommended for anyone looking for a neighborhood pizzeria with outstanding food and a friendly ambiance.

The Midway On Freret Street

Address: 4725 Freret St, New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone: +1 (504) 322-2815
Website: midwaypizzanola.com
Details: $$, Pizza restaurant

Located in the heart of the Freret neighborhood, The Midway On Freret Street is a pizza lover’s paradise. The food is consistently good, and the staff provides efficient and pleasant service. The deep-dish pizza is a standout, with its delicious crust and generous toppings. The menu also offers a variety of other pizzas to choose from. Additionally, the salads are flavorful and well-prepared, making them a great option for those looking for lighter fare.

The atmosphere at The Midway is laid-back and welcoming. The friendly staff, including bartenders like Morgan, contribute to the enjoyable dining experience. With a selection of local brews on tap and a range of pizza options, this place is perfect for both pizza and beer enthusiasts. The establishment also offers the flexibility to customize your own pizza with a wide range of toppings.

The Midway is known for its fantastic deep-dish pizza, earning it a spot as a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The Natty E and Smoky Treat are highly recommended house specials. The restaurant also excels in providing great salads, such as the arugula salad with grapes, bacon, and goat cheese. Takeout is available for those who want to enjoy the delicious food at home, and the service is consistently quick and friendly. The Midway On Freret Street is a must-visit for those seeking a memorable pizza experience in a vibrant and friendly setting.

The Original Italian Pie

Address: 417 S Rampart St, New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone: +1 (504) 522-7552
Website: italianpie.com/pdfs/RampartMenu.pdf
Details: $, Italian restaurant

Located in New Orleans, The Original Italian Pie is a hidden gem that offers authentic and delicious Italian pizza. The restaurant prides itself on using fresh ingredients, reminiscent of those found at a local farmer’s market. The flavors of their pizza are exceptional, and their crust is a standout feature. Additionally, they serve a mouthwatering roast beef sandwich that rivals any in the city. With their late-night opening hours, you can satisfy your pizza cravings until 5 am.

Customers have praised the food and service at The Original Italian Pie. Whether it’s the flavorful pizzas or the delightful breakfast pizza, the food consistently receives high praise. The staff is known for being friendly and accommodating, ensuring a pleasant dining experience. The restaurant also offers takeout and delivery options, allowing you to enjoy their delicious food at your convenience.

The Original Italian Pie offers a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for customers. The interior is clean and welcoming, and the restaurant has received positive feedback for its cleanliness. The menu includes a range of options, from seafood lasagna to Italian salads, and even breadsticks with various toppings. The generous portions and reasonable prices make it an excellent choice for a satisfying meal. Whether you dine in or take your food to go, The Original Italian Pie promises a memorable experience with its flavorful pizzas and friendly service.

Reginelli’s Pizzeria (lakeview)

Address: 874 Harrison Ave, New Orleans, LA 70124
Phone: +1 (504) 488-0133
Website: reginellis.com
Details: $$, Pizza restaurant

Located in New Orleans, Reginelli’s Pizzeria (Lakeview) offers an excellent dining experience with its delicious pizza and friendly staff. As soon as you walk in, you’ll be greeted with a warm welcome and have the freedom to choose your seating. The service is exceptional, with attentive staff who promptly attend to your needs and ensure a pleasant dining experience. Bridgette, one of the servers, stands out for her helpfulness and welcoming demeanor.

The menu at Reginelli’s Pizzeria offers a wide variety of options to suit every taste. Their pizzas are a highlight, with each topping bursting with flavor and complemented by a flavorful sauce and tasty crust. The garlic knots are a must-try, and the King Cake Bread Pudding is a delightful treat, especially during the Mardi Gras season. The restaurant also caters to those seeking heart-healthy options, making it a versatile choice for diners.

The atmosphere at Reginelli’s Pizzeria is funky and inviting. The restaurant exudes a unique charm that adds to the overall dining experience. Families will appreciate the kid-friendly environment, while the easy access and friendly staff make it a great spot for a casual meal. Whether you’re craving pizza, salads, or sandwiches, Reginelli’s Pizzeria offers a range of options that are sure to please. Don’t miss the chance to try their specialized pizzas like the Shrimp Pesto Pizza or the Sun Pie, which showcase their commitment to unique flavors and quality ingredients.

In conclusion, New Orleans boasts a vibrant pizza scene with a variety of excellent options to satisfy any pizza lover’s cravings. From the authentic Italian flavors of Sofia to the old-school charm of The Midway on Freret Street, and the delicious creations of Reginelli’s Pizzeria in both Lakeview and Garden District, there is something for everyone. These pizza restaurants not only offer mouthwatering pies but also provide exceptional service, inviting atmospheres, and diverse menus that cater to different preferences. Whether you’re a local or a visitor to the city, exploring the best pizza restaurants in New Orleans is a culinary adventure not to be missed.