Welcome to our culinary journey through the vibrant city of New Orleans, where we explore the culinary delights of one of the most unexpected cuisines: sushi. In this article, we dive into the world of raw fish, delicate flavors, and exquisite presentation as we unveil the best sushi restaurants in New Orleans. From traditional establishments that honor centuries-old techniques to innovative fusion spots pushing the boundaries of creativity, join us as we uncover the hidden gems that make up the best sushi scene in the Big Easy.

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Tsunami Sushi

Address: Pan American – 601 Poydras Street Ste B St. Charles & Poydras (enter on, St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: +1 (504) 608-3474
Website: servingsushi.com
Details: $$, Sushi restaurant

Tsunami Sushi in New Orleans is a fantastic restaurant that offers a memorable dining experience. The staff at the front hostess desk are described as sweet and adorable, providing a warm welcome. The waitstaff and sushi chefs also receive high praise, with compliments given to their expertise and presentation. The atmosphere is vibrant, with a cool and hip ambiance that adds to the overall enjoyment of the dining experience.

The menu at Tsunami Sushi is diverse and offers a wide variety of sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese dishes. Guests highly recommend the sashimi platter, pork dumplings, pork tonkatsu, and chicken fried rice, all of which are described as delicious. The freshness of the sushi is highlighted, and the sushi rolls receive special mention, with the Crunchy Roll being a standout favorite.

The exceptional service at Tsunami Sushi is consistently praised by customers. From the hosts to the bartenders and servers, the staff is described as attentive and knowledgeable. Guests appreciate their friendly and accommodating nature, making the dining experience even more enjoyable. The restaurant’s convenient location near the Intercontinental New Orleans Hotel adds to its appeal.

Tsunami Sushi offers not only outstanding sushi but also a selection of wine and sake. The attentive service and good pricing are highlighted, making it an excellent choice for both locals and tourists. The restaurant’s modern vibe, open kitchen style, and small plate options provide a unique and delightful dining experience. Guests particularly recommend trying the Sea Bass dish and saving room for the delectable desserts, including the highly recommended bread pudding.

In summary, Tsunami Sushi is one of the best sushi restaurants in New Orleans, offering an unforgettable dining experience. The welcoming staff, vibrant atmosphere, and diverse menu create a remarkable culinary journey for sushi enthusiasts and those seeking a change from traditional Louisiana fare. Whether you’re a sushi lover or looking for a unique dining experience, Tsunami Sushi is a must-visit destination in the city.

Rock-n-saké Bar & Sushi

Address: 823 Fulton St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: +1 (504) 581-7253
Website: rocknsake.com
Details: $$, Japanese restaurant

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Rock-n-saké Bar & Sushi in New Orleans offers a unique and delicious dining experience. The atmosphere is described as nice and fun, with a lively vibe that adds to the overall enjoyment. The focus is on specialty rolls, which are praised for being very good and delicious. The staff is friendly and provides excellent service, ensuring a pleasant dining experience.

Guests highly recommend trying the tuna nachos and various rolls, which are described as fantastic and made with top-quality ingredients. The restaurant offers great deals on select rolls and drink specials on certain days, making it an attractive option for sushi enthusiasts. The music adds to the lively atmosphere, creating a perfect evening for diners.

The sushi at Rock-n-saké Bar & Sushi is widely regarded as the best in New Orleans. The chef, staff, and top-quality ingredients contribute to the exceptional dining experience. Guests appreciate the curated menu, which offers a selection of delicious rolls, small plates, and sashimi options. Despite the limited selection, the food is deemed delicious and worth the trip.

Overall, Rock-n-saké Bar & Sushi is a must-visit sushi spot in New Orleans. With its great food, friendly staff, and vibrant atmosphere, it provides an enjoyable dining experience for both locals and tourists. The restaurant’s location away from the bustling Bourbon Street adds to its appeal, making it a hidden gem in the low-key warehouse district area near the convention center.

Sushi Brothers

Address: 1612 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: +1 (504) 581-4449
Website: ordersushibrothers.com
Details: $$, Japanese restaurant

Sushi Brothers, located on Saint Charles Avenue in New Orleans, offers an excellent dining experience. The staff is praised for their nice service and the restaurant is described as a charming small establishment. Customers recommend trying the excellent combination box, which offers a delightful assortment of flavors. The quality and abundance of sushi make it the best in the city, and guests have been loyal patrons for years, never once being disappointed.

The reasonable prices and amazing food make Sushi Brothers a must-visit destination. The variety of rolls and entrees, with over a hundred options to choose from, ensures there’s something to suit every appetite and preference. From sushi bar selections to traditional Japanese fare, the menu leaves guests satisfied and impressed. The Japanese beers served at Sushi Brothers are ice-cold and come with chilled glasses, adding to the overall experience.

The consistent excellence of the food and service at Sushi Brothers is highly appreciated by customers. The staff goes above and beyond to make occasions special, and the quick and friendly service is a standout. Visitors from out of town make it a point to dine at Sushi Brothers during their trips to New Orleans, noting the excellent sushi, attentive staff, and convenient location. The prices for the sushi rolls are considered good, and the overall experience is highly recommended.

With its nice setting on Saint Charles Avenue, Sushi Brothers provides a great ambiance for enjoying delicious sushi. The combination boxes offer a great deal, including soup and salad, making it a satisfying and value-packed meal. The variety of rolls and fresh ingredients, along with the attentive service, ensure a memorable dining experience. Sushi Brothers is a top choice for sushi lovers in New Orleans and continues to impress with its quality and reasonable prices.

Ikura Hibachi And Sushi

Address: 310 N Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, LA 70119
Phone: +1 (504) 485-5658
Website: ikuranola.net
Details: $$, Japanese restaurant

Ikura Hibachi And Sushi in New Orleans offers a delightful dining experience with its skilled hibachi chefs and entertaining shows. Guests enjoy the tasty food and appreciate the attentive and friendly wait staff, including the bartender who provides excellent service. The restaurant accommodates larger parties with spacious tables, ensuring a comfortable dining experience. Whether sitting at the sushi bar or ordering from the regular menu, guests find the staff helpful and welcoming.

Ikura Hibachi And Sushi is a go-to destination for sushi lovers, offering reliable and satisfying meals. The convenient location and consistently positive experiences keep customers coming back for their sushi fix. The staff at the sushi bar is particularly helpful, providing assistance and guidance when needed. The menu offers a wide variety of options to cater to different dietary preferences, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

With its recent opening, Ikura Hibachi And Sushi has quickly become a popular spot for locals. The restaurant boasts a pleasant ambiance, good food, and friendly service. Guests appreciate the value for money, with delicious options such as chicken teriyaki and various sushi rolls available at reasonable prices. The convenient location adds to the restaurant’s appeal, making it a convenient choice for those seeking a satisfying dining experience close to home.

In summary, Ikura Hibachi And Sushi is a delightful restaurant in New Orleans, known for its skilled hibachi chefs, tasty food, and attentive service. Whether enjoying the entertaining hibachi shows or ordering from the sushi and rolls menu, guests are in for a treat. With its convenient location and friendly staff, Ikura Hibachi And Sushi provides a welcoming atmosphere for a memorable dining experience.

Exploring the best sushi restaurants in New Orleans is a culinary adventure that should not be missed. From the traditional to the innovative, these establishments offer an array of flavors and experiences that cater to sushi lovers and food enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re seeking impeccable presentation, fresh ingredients, or a vibrant atmosphere, the sushi scene in the Big Easy has it all. So, embark on this gastronomic journey and indulge in the exquisite sushi offerings that New Orleans has to offer. Prepare to be delighted by the skilled chefs, attentive staff, and delectable creations that make these sushi restaurants the finest in the city.